Tuesday 27 February 2018

Tae-yang, Hyo-won and Shila

Been neglecting this blog for quite a while.

No real reason, actually.

Just lazy...well, there was CNY for one thing.

I think I over-celebrated it a bit too much that day.

Otherwise, it's just the usual.

It's nice not to be bothered with the usual politics for a bit.


I think I spend more time these days watching Korean dramas than monitoring the Malaysian political scene.

Last night, I watched the final 54th episode of

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop

I like the moral lessons of this family drama.

A bit too long but it was fun to watch.

My favourite characters are the couple Kang Tae-yang (played by Hyun Woo) and Min Hyo-won (played by Lee Se-young).

They are not the main characters but I like them the most because they are so positive about life.

I wish I could be positive like them too.

Lots of mushy mushy moments in this drama but I don't mind them so much.

Better watching them than keeping track of the endless Malaysian political nonsense.

Other than watching Korean drama, I also realised these past weeks that I like Shila Amzah very much and I think she's the best Malaysian singer ever.

I know, a lot of people may disagree with me but that's what I think of her after watching almost every other of her videos at YouTube.

I don't think any other Malaysian artiste has such a global impact as her.

It's just too bad that she's under appreciated here.

This is her performance that gave me the goosebumps,

Well, that's one amazing performance.

Okay, just that for this post.

I'll try to write something more serious later as I get back to my usual blogging pace.



  1. Annie, Ghani tidaklah seindah gambaran you di mata Tuanku Sultan Johor..

    Itu juga satu petanda PH memang sudah mendapat tempat (terkesan) di seluruh negerii Johor.


    1. Yaa lor rr ,pasat itu Gahni n Mahyudin lebih lengar itu cekap lakyat maa aa.

      Tatak lengar cekap memang olang tatak suka maa aa.

  2. K drama is only for Korean high school students and they grew tired of it once they leave high school and get to work

    Only Malaysian still watch them even though they are still in their 30

    1. So said one ignoramus, this Anon at 09:35, hehehe. He (or she) knows not what's what and recklessly and sweepingly spill prejudicial one-sided narrow view which will only reflect back on oneself, huhu.

  3. I thought you were busy watching PeongChang Winter Olympics!

    I watched the women figure skating. The Russian ladies were superb.

  4. MALAS nonton drama Korea, apatah lagi drama TV3,
    SUAMIKU SWEETTTtttt.................(Muntah ijau)!!!

  5. I love Shila too. Watch her videos everyday.

  6. Swiss gov't seeks to pocket RM400m in 1MDB funds

    Prof bijak pandai, macai macai, prof babi sila jawab

    1. The thieves in government is deathly afraid to admit this money belongs to our country la...kalau mengaku, mampus la, nanti kena charged pula. The better strategy is to ignore and pretend la. Even when the loot is found, we the rakyat takde chance la ambik balik when our leader refused to admit ownership...apa bolih buat ?

  7. As she sang Listen, she seemed to be conveying a message from her heart.

    A yearning that the Malays of Malaysia accept her as she is.

    One needs only to pay attention to her China audience, to see how they appreciate her.

  8. Annie,

    //Last night, I watched the final 54th episode of//


    This suggests that you have probably watched Episode 1 to Episode 53 :)

    I am still puzzled at why Korean dramas command such dedication from a predominantly female audience.

    As you pointed out, maybe it is the mushy-mushy romantic scenes, I dunno.

    From what I can gather, the popularity of Korean dramas is a world-wide phenomena.

    Simply amazing.


    1. Gladiator...what is that popular phrase...belum rasa, belum tau, sudah rasa lagi mau...or something along that line, haha. I would recommend a few short, one and half hour korean movies and you will be hooked for life ( sudah rasa lagi mau, kakakaka ) :

      1. Confession of Murder
      2. Old Boy

      Nothing mushy at all for the above two. Once you are hooked, look out for Ghost...which is not on movie format but is a drama about 16 episodes long. All with superb English subtitles that convey more than just the gist. Open up your mind and let the sunshine in, hehehe

  9. Anonymous @ 27 February 2018 at 09:35,

    //Only Malaysian still watch them even though they are still in their 30//

    Let me guess.

    1/ You are male
    2/ You don't travel overseas a lot
    3/ If and when you are overseas, you do not get a chance to look inside many lounge rooms where the orang biasa live. :)

    K dramas are HUGE all over the world.

    I personally know of one overseas family where the wife is such an avid watcher that her husband does the cooking, washing up, cleaning up,looking after their 5y.o. daughter, etc.

    And yes, the wife has a network of female friends who have a similar interest in K dramas and they share/trade/distribute K dramas on USB sticks.

    I have turned up at their home a few times, and she is just lying there, sprawled out on the sofa, in her pyjamas, watching K dramas.

    She would just say "Hi" and then ignore me, her husband and her daughter for the rest of my visit!!

    I have not seen them for a few years but I don't think the situation would be very different other then the daughter is now grown up :)

    On another note, I recall reading somewhere that Bollywood movies are quite popular in Korea!! Go figure :)


    1. No need to go figure...leap in and get wet..then you would not be forever outside looking in...you ain't don't know what you are missing, hehehehe. I don't mean those endless mind numbing frivolous time-filling dramas meant as just chewing gums for the eyes...just as there are mountains of trashy films and dramas churned out by other countries, Korea too have their fair share. Choose the right ones and you will learn to appreciate, just as I appreciate Sci-fi efforts like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar etc.

  10. JJ,

    //I would recommend a few short, one and half hour korean movies and you will be hooked for life//

    Pls do not torture me so for the amusement of all the females here.

    //but is a drama about 16 episodes long.//

    Good grief!! 16 episodes @ 1.5 hrs each?

    Gua mati lah!!


    1. Never thought I would say this, but you are funny cute Gladiator, hehe

  11. JJ,

    //leap in and get wet..//

    The last time I leapt in, I nearly drowned!!

    This was at the river near my kampung - no lie.

    //you ain't don't know what you are missing,//

    I think I can put up with the pain of missing out on what K drama is all about.

    //just as I appreciate Sci-fi efforts like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar//


    Now you talking my language, girl :)


  12. Bullshit Nasional in serious shit, dumbo nazri turned DAP vigilante or supporter whacking MCA sigh Better annie stay away or boikot Bullshit Nasional...

  13. JJ,

    //Never thought I would say this, but you are funny cute//


    Pleading not to be tortured is funny cute??

    Just remind me never to get into a lift with you - who knows what could happen to me!!!