Monday 25 December 2017

A less political Christmas, probably

It's Christmas day, so, merry Christmas.

That goes to not only Christians but also others who celebrate the occasion.

I know of some non-Christians, including Muslims who celebrate Christmas. Used to cringe at it but nowadays  I have no problem with what people want to do with their life.

It's up to them lah.

Maybe they are just being fashionable.

Anyway, if we look at the origin of it, Christmas is actually a celebration of the winter solstice, which is not really a religious celebration.

If I'm not mistaken, Jesus was not even born on Dec 25.

This year , things have quite down a lot.

I hardly heard complaints of pro-opposition political sermons in churches anymore.

Very much difference compared to before the last general election in 2013.

At that time even Christmas messages turned into political speeches.

I feel that it's better this time.

Never like it when people used religion as a political tool.

Back then it was DAP which used Christianity to its advantage.

It probably still does but not as blatant as it used to be.

I think DAP learnt to manipulate religion for its interest from Pas when they were friends in the now deceased Pakatan Rakyat .

Of course those two are bitter enemies now.

Personally, I'll just cancel out those who preach religion to tell people how good they are and their piousness should  be why they must be supported.

The whole concept of religious self promotion is repulsive.

It's just another con job, if you ask me.

At least, that's to me lah.

If you all still want to support people for their supposed closeness to their gods, then it's up to you all.

I just think that you are silly. That's all.


  1. special X'mas gift in the socks from santa tangan ghaib. O mymy

  2. less political churches, mosques, temples, etc may this christmas wish come true...

  3. felda isa's christmas wish is not to be indicted, well he can learn from 1mdb jho low on how not to be indicted hohoho

    1. Isa learned only from Jibby al-Songlap.

      As seen in Scorpene and 1MDB and SRC.

      Just sell at lower than real price to crony / proxy company, mark-up, steal the difference.

      Standard way of doing things.

  4. X'mas without santa tangan ghaib you're lonesome. O lala 1O1

  5. Hi Annie,

    Just came back from Christmas invitations.
    Sad nowadays it is hard to get tradisional rice wine these days. I miss my late grandmothers authentic rice wine.

    1. Hi Tukang Kebun
      You are right.
      Hard to get good traditional stuff these days.
      Cheers anyway ;)

  6. Annie,

    //I know of some non-Christians, including Muslims who celebrate Christmas//

    Yupe, my Malay Muslim friend posted her Christmas celebrations on her FB account but then she is seriously rich and she's in the UK.

    And did I mention she is also seriously connected with ppl in UMNO? :)

    //Christmas is actually a celebration of the winter solstice//

    Most of our religious festivals, including Muslim festivals, tend to have pagan roots, if I am not mistaken.

    //If I'm not mistaken, Jesus was not even born on Dec 25.//

    I read somewhere that he was borned around May, I think.

    //Back then it was DAP which used Christianity to its advantage.//

    To be honest, every time I come across this, I have a little chuckle.

    I don't know how it is in other places but if anybody in DAP tried to even hint at Christianity in my kampung, they would be laughed out of town - simple as that.

    ALL the DAP leaders in my kampung are Taoists or Buddhists.

    There is one Indian guy, a relatively minor player, who doesn't really belong to the local kampung group, and I think he is Anglican but I am not sure.

    I guess the myth started because some of the high profile DAP people are Christians and it is really easy to exploit that Christian angle simply due to you-know-why :)

    //If you all still want to support people for their supposed closeness to their gods, then it's up to you all//

    Nup, don't need nobody in turbans wagging their finger at me, don't need nobody haranguing me from the pulpit.

    All I need to get closer to god is a pretty gal and the following song, "Closer", by Nine Inch Nails, cranked up to the max.

    You may need to google up the lyrics to fully appreciate the song :)

    If nothing else, the lyrics will help you sing along to the song :)


  7. bring the wine and dine the night away with santa tangan ghaib. Zzzzzz

  8. Tukang Kebun,

    //Sad nowadays it is hard to get tradisional rice wine these days//


    Don't be sad lah.

    I am sure there are lots of people willing to share their recipes, eg relatives, friends, the internet.

    Or even start your own traditional recipe - I have a feeling you have the skills and the knowledge :)

    Your only difficulty is probably finding the right yeast OR the right rice species or the right sugar or the right water or your own demanding standards :)

    The right yeast can be quite easy - the yeast spores just float in the air, unique and available only in your environment.

    Or you can get excellent yeasts off the net - wine yeasts of cos, not beer yeasts.

    The right rice species?

    Well, you are a tukang kebun.

    Gua jaga kebun aje :)

    The right sugar?

    Hm.. I guess this could be difficult if you decided to use honey.

    Those jungle bees dont always like ppl raiding their honeycombs and can give painful stings :)

    The right water?


    Balik kampung with a big tong and fill up from the mountain spring lah.


    Problem solved :)

    I might even try making some for myself now :)


  9. "Personally, I'll just cancel out those who preach religion to tell people how good they are and their piousness should be why they must be supported."

    HA HA HA!!!

    Yes, please tell Jibby al-Songlap, defender of Jerusalem and the guy who paid millions to get a photo op with Trump.


    The biggest religious hypocrites are in UMNO, receiving stolen money very happily and knowing it.

  10. Really, it is only those in politics who find religion and race a sensitive issue, since both serve as tools for Prime Minister Najib Razak to gain political mileage and to character-assassinate political rivals.

    One good example of an Umno stirred-up spat is between JAIS and the Christian community. It has allowed Umno and its supporters to claim that Muslims are being turned away from their faith by Christians groups.

    And this is the state of affairs in Malaysia. Accusations are hurled by top level government officers. Najib himself has led the charge in insinuating a real threat from the Christians – and this directly after an official visit to the Vatican to create diplomatic ties.

    To draw the Sultan of Selangor into the fray was a sad attempt at hiding the ulterior motives of Umno to wrest back Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat’s rule. Umno knows, in a straight fight, it is doomed to lose at the ballot boxes.

    So it plays up the fears of the Malays by telling them that Islam was being trampled on and that they were losing ground because the Christians were proselytizing Muslims in the country.

    The use of religion, as a tool to scare the electorate into voting BN, will surely be used with full effect in GE14.

  11. Anonymous @ 26 December 2017 at 10:31,

    //So it plays up the fears of the Malays by telling them that Islam was being trampled on and that they were losing ground because the Christians were proselytizing Muslims in the country.//

    The simole fact is that Islamic authorities have done a lousy job in making Islam attractive to the masses.

    Let's be honest here, OK?

    Given a free choice, how many Malaysian Muslims would want to be the type of Muslim Hadi Awang and JAKIM want?

    We are not even talking about leaving Islam here, OK?

    We are saying that a Muslim stays a Muslim but not a Hadi Awang Muslim or a JAKIM Muslim, OK?

    Well, at the moment, most Malaysian Muslims have no choice but to show a public face of Islam and discreetly and secretly, a private personal face of Islam.

    This two-faced approach to Islam makes others suspicious of Muslims.


    1. we only obedience to Allah n d teaching of prophets. hj hadi is nothing near into tat metaphors. in fact, he is a political religion dogmatist. his conflicting religious beliefs and practices do not support political allegiance in many ways….unless we see politic in vicious way.

      there is a long list of his philosophical problems elevated by the various ways in which religion and politic intersect. even liberal opinions n d demands on private self-understandings r deemed adversaries. wat is central to pas is everything must conferral to it religious coerciveness.

      hj hadi does not show wat tok guru nik aziz did….a subtle, tolerance n rightful politician. a contemporary philosophical….d outright Islamic way. no wonder he was loved by many.

      but for all tat doubtful qualities pas hv, they keep changing their scripture to d worst. their current enticement n support d criminal n immoral behaviours show how toxic they r.

      its pity tat some village ustazs r seemed hard to breeze d reality. only those brains addled by overexposure to d mephitic busuk leaders ‘ll deny n raving to defend it.

      in kelantan pas hv lost big time d effectiveness of d late tok guru nik aziz.
      d man replaced him is grievingly not popular, especially among youth. ask them his name u may surprise at d ans.

      i dun think I can recognise his face either. I dun see he is championing anything except his swearing to retain kelantan which I read it somewhere.

      of all his lacking, at least he can make kota bharu a freshen n clean Islamic town as a much clamoured bfore. d town once did hv some spots for resting n relaxing, which were so cool, had long gone. wat left is a boorish, clumsy n dirty town.

      well…with an ill feeling at national level i hope d anxiety to break dis vicious cycle of bad politic ‘ll come into light.

  12. Annie,

    "Back then it was DAP which used Christianity to its advantage. It probably still does but not as blatant as it used to be." you hentam Cinapek Teresa Kok.

    guess wat annie?

    You are turning into your fat Ah Soh friend : )

    Ya, this is all her rhetoric style, 100%

    now you need to gain 500 lbs weight, you can take over her blog also......

    ....gurau jer

    1. Aiyo...where got me hantam one...I just say only...anyway, true what

    2. Maybe Annie is missing HA the fat Canadian walrus : )

  13. All I want for christmas is a new HARAPAN govt wink

  14. Who owned Synergy Promenade?

    1. “I’m stunned as to how (the ownership of) an institutional government land can be so easily transferred," Shahrir said.

      When asked who was involved in the SPAs, he named Synergy Promenade as both the seller and buyer

      “Synergy Promenade has the PA and they sold the land to themselves,” he said.

      "Stunned" pale otak hang.

      When the lanun Bugis transferred 1 million from his Ambank account to yours secretly, knape x bising?

      Jgn harap sgt that Shahrir will get the truth about Felda.

    2. Datuk Seri Najib Razak perlu menyerahkan jawatan kepada timbalannya Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi menjelang pilihan raya umum (PRU) susulan pembongkaran pindah milik tanah Felda di Kuala Lumpur, kata seorang veteran PAS.

      “Biar TPM Zahid Hamidi teruskan pimpinan menghadapi PRU. Sekalian Melayu/Islam dan Malaysia sudah penat dengan politik kacau bilau PM Najib dan tipuan demi tipuan, skandal demi skandal,” tulis bekas pemimpin kanan PAS, Subky Latif dalam portal rasmi parti itu, Harakahdaily.

      Menurutnya, “timbunan skandal” sekarang merupakan alasan Umno untuk menggantikan Najib bagi menghadapi Pakatan Harapan yang dipengerusikan seteru kuatnya Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      “Tengok dulu apa Zahid boleh buat bagi menyelesaikan kecurian tanah Felda dan hadapi Dr Mahathir dalam PRU14,” kata Subky, yang pernah menjadi ketua Pemuda dan pesuruhjaya PAS Wilayah Persekutuan, di samping pengasas akhbar rasmi parti, Harakah.

      Minggu lalu, polis berkata pasukan khas sedang menyiasat kes Felda kehilangan hak ke atas tanahnya di Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, yang dipercayai mempunyai nilai pasaran beratus juta ringgit.

      Subky berkata Najib selaku “pegawai besar paling berkuasa” dalam Felda tidak mungkin tidak tahu mengenai transaksi itu.

      “Sebagai pemimpin berwibawa, perdana menteri dibekalkan dengan semua maklumat dan nasihat oleh sekalian pegawainya. Maka tiada sesuatu dirahsiakan kepadanya.

      “Jika mungkin PM ditipu seperti pencurian dalam 1MDB, maka amat rendah wibawanya unuk menjadi perdana menteri dan hilang kelayakan menjadi Raja Felda,” tulisnya.

  15. Looking forward to a 2018 dumbo blockbuster event - bugis vs ponorogo wink and it will be a happy 2018 for rest of msians...

  16. 1. felda settlers having a blue christmas with dumbos sigh...
    2. without dumbos sure felda settlers will have a merry christmas right...

  17. fatin,

    //we only obedience to Allah n d teaching of prophets.//

    Actually from what I can see, the only obedience many Malaysian Muslims have is directed towards JAKIM.

    Islam is no longer what you or I may believe - it is now what JAKIM says Islam is.

    //hj hadi does not show wat tok guru nik aziz did//

    Hadi Awang is not even fit to lick the soles of Nik Aziz's shoes.

    //d man replaced him is grievingly not popular//

    Hmm... I had to google up the name - Hashim Jasin.

    I got confused because, of cos, Harun Din chose to be buried in KafirLand where the Great Satan lives.

    //wat left is a boorish, clumsy n dirty town.//

    But that is the way PAS likes it - no laughing, no happy people, no nothing.

    But don't worry, there will be plenty of action once PAS can get hudud introduced.

    Then every Friday after prayers, there will whippings, chopping off hands and feet and heads, stoning of adulterers, etc - a great party atmosphere.

    //d anxiety to break dis vicious cycle of bad politic ‘ll come into light//

    You will not be the only one hoping for that to happen.