Thursday 21 December 2017

Wang Kelian, waiting for Zahid and IGP

This NST story actually makes our police and other security agencies look bad;

The secrets of Wang Kelian exposed

These last few paragraphs suggested that the so-called cover-up went all the way to the top;


Trying a different tack, the team sent a number of text messages to the then inspector-general of police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar. They, too, went unanswered.
Finally, the team managed to track Khalid down at an event at a bowling alley in the capital, and asked him about Wang Kelian.
After listening to us, Khalid finally relented and agreed to talk, but on one condition — that the conversation not be recorded. His ADC made sure of it.
The team had a number of burning questions, not least of which was why had the discovery of the death camps been kept a secret. What was the overwhelming justification in allowing the slaughter of scores of innocents, including women and children, to continue unabated?
Khalid was visibly apprehensive when confronted with these questions. It took a while before he finally spoke.
And when he did, his voice betrayed the enormity of what he was about to tell us.
The NST Special Probes Team is bound by journalistic ethics in honouring the condition Khalid imposed, which was not to publish what he had told us.
If the former IGP himself was not willing to come out in the open about the supposed mystery, then the alleged cover-up must have gone further up than him.

At least that's how I understand it.

Bear in mind that despite the title of the article, all that were written in the report had never been confirmed.

They were all coming from unnamed sources.
Khalid being "visibly apprehensive" and "his voice betrayed the enormity" of what supposedly happened in Wang Kelian were the closest the report came to properly exposing the secrets.

By the way, who is higher than an IGP when it comes to this matter?

Well, his immediate superior I believe is the Home Minister.

That should be DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

By right Zahid should have said something about it today.

I was informed by a journalist friend that Zahid had a function today at the place where they produced our passports.

However, he told me that journalists attending the event were not allowed to ask questions about Wang Kelian.

That's weird.

The pro-Pakatan people are already saying that the NST report is part of a plan to get rid of Zahid.

You can check it out in some of their prominent blogs.

They said the report was purposely made not to only make the police look bad, but also to undermine Zahid.

Well, I think Zahid should better come up with some answers as soon as possible.

Anyway, how about the current IGP?

Hopefully some of the clever journalists have already got to him on this supposed "Wang Kelian cover-up".

By the way, why the report didn't get him to say something in the first place ya?

This almost made it as if the current IGP is also involved in the "cover up".

If there's no cover-up, then he would have said something, right?

Don't tell me NST doesn't have access to the current IGP.

Personally, I don't believe our police and other security agencies are that bad.

I'm convinced there must be some right answers coming out soon.

Guess we have to just wait then.

By the way, I don't think this report answer the real question here,

Wang Kelian case still open, Nur Jazlan says

That's a standard PR answer of "Kita akan siasat".

Again, the real question is;

Is it true that there had been a cover-up by police or anyone?


  1. annie

    in this beloved country, the elite get away with everything.

    if MO1 can still be dancing around, whts the point of uncovering the truths?

    as far as Im concerned all of them are one and the same. selfish bunches who place themselves before the nation and the people.

    its all about money with these elites

    us rakyat shouldnt be caught in all this. its their game, we have no bearing in this matters. certainly this isnt about Malaysia"s security

  2. ' Senior news people say the sudden exposure about the Wang Klian murders and massacres is designed to embarrass Zahid Hamidi the Minister of Home Affairs under whose watch the Wang Klian story first broke.

    First some 'slow learner' issues to sort out.

    The NST says : 'NST Special Probes Team is bound by journalistic ethics in honouring the condition Khalid imposed, which was not to publish what he had told us'

    Tiu n_a ma journalistic ethics.

    Over 130 people have been tortured, murdered and buried in unmarked graves. This is mass murder. This is a crime. Not revealing information or evidence makes you accesssory to this murder. Especially after the NST (not anyone else) has already accused the Police of destroying evidence and a massive cover up.

    If the NST probe team has heard anything new or different from the former IGP that implicates anyone or anything over this mass murder, then they should make a Police Report. Otherwise you are using your "journalistic ethics' to play politics. This is mass murder.

    police had cleared the campsite where the mass graves were discovered, destroying potential evidences at the crime scenes
    Wang Kelian may have been part of a “massive, coordinated cover up”.
    discovered the first 30 graves. Jan 19, 2015 was when the Wang Kelian tragedy and the mass graves were discovered; not on May 25, as we were led to believe
    already known about the mass graves at the campsite in a dense part of a jungle on the Thailand-Malaysian borders as early as January 2015.

    Meantime Home Minister Zahid Hamidi has said that the file on this case is not closed yet. He has congratulated the NST Team and has said that he hopes their investigations will reveal the truth about Wang Klian.'

  3. 'There are more powerful people involved. To me the most damaging portion of the NST Report is the following :

    police on May 25 said camps operating since 2013.
    syndicates running illicit business virtually unmolested
    greased palms of border security agencies to continue unmolested
    Many agencies highly involved in human trafficking
    serious trans-border crime cannot be eliminated by arresting illegals
    authorities working hand-in-glove with these syndicates
    eradicating problem will be uphill battle,” document stated.

    document copied to state police, state National Security Council, Perlis and Kedah Border Intelligence Unit, 3rd Battalion GOF, among others.

    This human trafficking had been going on since 2013, with the knowledge of Perlis Police, state Majlis Keselamatan Negara or MKN and other agencies entrusted with security.

    This looks a little too complicated for Zahid Hamidi to get too involved with. If this is an attempt to tarnish the image of Zahid Hamidi, I dont think it will stick.

    The Majlis Keselamatan Negara is a private domain of the moron at the PMO. It is NOT under Home Affairs.

    Yet this is what it appears to be. There is a power struggle and fight for survival going on within UMNO. The 2nd liners who are looking beyond Najib and taking uo positions see Zahid Hamidi as a major obstacle in their path. Zahid has to be taken out.

    UMNO is really getting desperate.

    The party has factions. Some factions are plotting a 'post MOI' scenarion.
    Intensive back stabbing and sudden "exposes" are popping up.

    Expect to see more Wang Klian type stories pop up.

    If there are culprits who need to be investigated, please investigatev the Majlis Keselamatan Negara, the Border Control Agencies, the local Police and other local authorities.

    Will they be investigated? Not likely. So what 'case solving' are you talking about?

    This is a hatchet job. Target is Zahid Hamidi.'

    I think OSTB is right.

  4. 'But this is where MOI is really losing his cool and going off his rocker.

    If none of the Ministers support Najib anymore, then how is he going to declare an emergency?

    Zahid Hamidi is not with Najib.
    ALL the Sabah and Sarawak Ministers are NOT with Najib.
    UMNO ministers are NOT with Najib.
    MIC, MCA and other BN components do not have the STUPIDITY to help Najib commit any crime.



    Even his own cousin Hishamuddin is not 100% with Najib.

    So how is Najib even going to think about declaring an Emergency?

    I don't think so.'

    1. Sesungguhnya Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala tidak redhai orang yang sombong dan membanggakan diri.
      (surah an-Nisa ayat 36)

  5. As the elections looming, a much needed distraction after Imams debacle. Stay tuned..

  6. No point speculating. Hopefully with the expose, proper investigation will take place, maybe an RCI to ensure integrity of the investigation? NST punn pandai, while they didn't reveal what the ex IGP said, they did reveal he said something eyebrow raising. He can't stay quiet if an rci is held.

    On separate topic, it is becoming obvious now that the public listing of felda is just an elaborate scam to rob felda of its prized assets. To quote Shahrir, "rasa terpegun begitu mudah dipindah milik tanah sebuah institusi k'jaan", and yet the chairman who probably facilitated this is given another govn agency to manage. Go figure.

    1. 'On separate topic, it is becoming obvious now that the public listing of felda is just an elaborate scam to rob felda of its prized assets.'

      You think Isa Samad will ever do jail time for his scandal in the hotel buying for FELDA?

      Annuar Musang lagi pandai.

      Jilat Jibbi so hard, he will never even be arrested for stealing MAEA money.

  7. This Wang Klian story is being put away and closed for sometimes and out of the blue being brought back into the open after 2 years. What even more strange is that the outfit whose being at it.

    Being at the forefront digging up and expose it bit after bit is none other than the gomen controlled media. How strange. There’s something fishy going on. I smell burning flesh. Someone is about to get cooked and nailed big time. Pass the popcorn..

    1. Wang seKalian dah di songlap oleh tuan Bangsatwan Negara iaitu sanrabone mappadulung anak si fulan

  8. Annie,

    Personally, I feel this Wang Kelian business is all going to fizzle out because those who died are mostly Rohingyas.

    We know that many Malaysians care about Rohingyas only when there is a need to show what good Muslims they are.

    All those rallies, all those shiploads of goodies sent to Myanmar, all the column inches, are NOT to show sympathy for the plight of the Rohingyas - it's to show the world how good Malaysian Muslims are when it comes to helping other Muslims in need.

    Palestine is probably another good example of the very same principle at work.

    Most Malaysians know nuts about the Palestinian issue other then that it is a fight between Muslims and the evil greedy Jews (which, incidentally, it is not).

    So, this Wang Kelian case?

    Well, it's about a bunch of Rohingyas, exploited and killed by human traffickers - how very sad, how very terrible, how very tragic and btw, can I order my teh tarik now?

    //Khalid being "visibly apprehensive" and "his voice betrayed the enormity" of what supposedly happened in Wang Kelian//

    Khalid was probably feeling a bit uncomfortable because he knows that nothing could have been done to solve the Wang Kelian case.

    PDRM does not have the capability to conduct the investigations needed for something as big as Wang Kelian.

    PDRM is only good when it comes to harassing Opposition politicians and supporters.

    //The pro-Pakatan people are already saying that the NST report is part of a plan to get rid of Zahid.//

    Well, it is true, I can 100% confirm to you that there is a plan to get rid of Zahid Hamidi but it is a Pakatan plan :)

    And to be honest, it is a good plan because Malaysians are prone to believe in dumb ideas.

    How else does one explain the success of all those Ponzi schemes, the Nigerian scams, the Macau scams, etc etc?

    Hell, PAS believes Hadi Awang has a good chance of becoming PM after GE14, OK?

    I have forgotten the phrase PAS used but it was something to the effect that the miracle of PM Hadi Awang will be due to circumstances beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.

    //Well, I think Zahid should better come up with some answers as soon as possible//

    Nup, Zahid Hamidi will take his own sweet time with any statements related to this.

    It is not like anybody can do anything whether Zahid Hamidi decides to make a statement or not, right?

    //Anyway, how about the current IGP?//

    Oh, the current IGP is probably still in Special Branch mode.

    Special Branch people are very secretive by nature and, generally, do not speak openly to others outside Special Branch.

    The current IGP probably does not realise that he needs to speak up and give the rakyat some confidence in the abilities of PDRM in solving this case.

    //Personally, I don't believe our police and other security agencies are that bad.//

    The rank and file in PDRM tend to be quite good.

    It is only when they start moving up the ladder of seniority that things begin to fall apart.

    I have a feeling that many of the higher-up PDRM officers are there only because of patronage - not merit.

    I, personally, know of one case involving an ex- classmate of mine ..... hhmmmm.... better not mention this or I might get into more trouble :)

    He is already not returning my phone calls :)

    //Wang Kelian case still open, Nur Jazlan says//

    Aiyah, of cos the case is still open, OK?

    They will keep it open until they solve it, maybe sometime in 3017.

    //Is it true that there had been a cover-up by police or anyone?//

    Nup, I don't think it is a cover-up.

    Just the usual incompetence, the usual lack of interest, the usual lack of case management, the usual lack of leadership which we have come to expect from the heads of various government departments.


    1. "We know that many Malaysians care about Rohingyas only when there is a need to show what good Muslims they are."

      Hadi Ah Wang and Jibbi will hold hands at their Made-for-TV rally, then Jibbi will invite Ah Wang to watch Wolf of Wall Street.

      "Eh, the same money I used to bribe you, my stepson used for this movie!"

  9. tunggu nak dekat PRU nanti, sama mcm PRU13 dulu. Berita sensasi kena keluar last-last minit, baru gempak!!


  10. You are getting awfully predictable Annie. MSM thinking must be making you not quite critical.

    Happened under TS Khalid watch. Director of Operations is DIG. Minister then was Hishamuddin!

    Target way off.

    Give IGP a break. The msn lost a son and hardly a week.he lost his wife.

    1. Didn't Zahid takes over Home Ministry from Hishammuddin in 2013? The mass graves were discovered in 2015, if I'm not mistaken. As for the IGP, the report was described as being an " exhaustive two years " investigative probe, surely a comment from the IGP could be gotten before his personal tragedies happened. After all the report actually accused the police of being tied to mass murders, among other things. At least that's my humble thoughts on the matter. Thank you.

  11. So, the Felda fiasco of losing its precious KL lands, was exposed to drag which UMNO minister now?

    Even Rocky didn’t mince his words when he blogged about the scandal.

    God really must help Malaysia!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sorry Anon. I have to remove your comment as it could be deemed as insulting Islam. Thank you.

    3. History has proven Tun M right again
      This is what he said after the demised of the state assembly member of Bagan Pinang passed away in the attempt to resurrect Isa's political career

      Tan Sri Isa was guilty of bribery
      If UMNO pick him as candidate then it would show UMNO takes bribery lightly
      Even if he win,we have to think how Malaysia would perceive UMNO
      If only they have listened
      Thumbs up TUN


  12. Melayu screw Melayu.
    Bagus la tu.

  13. annie too much watching star wars, she is rebelling against komedi (loki bro's boss) PS 'loyalty' in dumbo macam kaw po ji boleh dibuang wakakaka