Sunday 10 December 2017

Media Prima after the civil war

There were a few of these sort of comments which landed at this blog over the past few days;


Heheheh, power beb!

"MEDIA Prima Berhad, konglomerat media terbesar di Malaysia yang memiliki antaranya TV3 dan New Straits Times, menawarkan kakitangannya pilihan untuk rehat sementara tanpa gaji, bagi mengurangkan tekanan kewangan syarikat.

Media Prima beberapa bulan lalu melaksanakan skim pemisahan sukarela melibatkan kakitangannya yang berumur lebih 50 tahun sebagai sebahagian langkah mengurangkan kos operasi.

Tawaran terbaru ini dimaklumkan kepada kakitangannya pada satu taklimat di ibu pejabat Media Prima di Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur semalam.

Mereka diberikan dua pilihan sukarela: cuti antara enam bulan hingga setahun tanpa gaji, atau kerja setengah bulan dengan separuh gaji."

Padan muka...

I believe the commentators were referring to this piece of news;

After voluntary separation scheme, 

Media Prima offers workers "career break"


At a town hall meeting yesterday at the Media Prima head office in Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur, employees were encouraged to go on unpaid "career break leave" of six months to a year, or work half a month for half pay.
Various sources told The Malaysian Insight that employees who had served the group for at least three years could apply to do one or the other immediately. Those seeking a career break will be able to commence leave next month.
Earlier this year, the media conglomerate introduced a voluntary separation scheme for employees above the age of 50 to cut operational costs.
Sources said the management spent the minutes in the townhall  talking about the challenge new media presented to traditional media.
They urged the employees to cooperate in the company's transformation plan to adapt in the internet era.
Well, I guess this is partly the outcome of the

Since then, that guy FD Iskandar, the then chairman who tried to steer the media group to safer water and was mercilessly whacked for his effort had left.

Well, I guess that's the way it is at Media Prima.

A few days ago I received this screenshot of a WhatsApp message which I believe tells something about the Media Prima's newspapers ;

So, "no longer NST, BH or Metro", just NSTP.

Well, I guess it's something like a three-in-one newspaper....or is it one-in-three newspapers?

Never mind.

Anyway, it may be a brilliant move.

If we look at this daily newspapers circulation figures from end of last year, those Media Prima newspapers were suffering;

Now that they have combined the newspapers, the daily circulation figures should be like this,

New Straits Times (54,490) + Berita Harian (91,229) + Harian Metro (142,262) = NSTP (287,981)

Not bad isn't it ;-)

It's more than The Star's 220,972.

Still, this new NSTP newspaper need to push more to catch up with Sin Chew Daily's 316, 564.

Sometimes it puzzles me why the Chinese newspapers are doing relatively well compared to the others.

Chinese made up at most just 30 percent of Malaysians, and I think less than half of them can read Chinese.

Yet, their newspapers are not doing so badly.

The only answer I can think of is that the Chinese read more than Malaysians of other races.

Or maybe their newspapers don't have too much politics, back stabbing and such.


  1. Most Chinese coffee shops subscribed to Chinese news dailies
    Patrons can read it for free,is an attraction
    You will have to be patient waiting your turn


  2. Annie,

    "Now that they have combined the newspapers, the daily circulation figures should be like this,

    New Straits Times (54,490) + Berita Harian (91,229) + Harian Metro (142,262) = NSTP (287,981)"

    No, it may not work that way in practice.

    The reason for the decline (actually, death - because the govt pumps in money to keep these outlets alive, it's technically in ICU on ventilator) of the titles is that people are sick of being force-fed govt propaganda.

    Hence to condense 3 things with unpopular ingredients into one thing with concentrated unpopular ingredients does not mean it will maintain the sales of the original.

    Unless of course the govt FORCES govt departments to buy extra copies, just like it forces them to buy Utusan and NST now.

    PS: The online versions of those are very weak, too. The MCA mouthpiece is still top:

    Based on data from comScore Me­­dia Metrix, the report showed that The Star Online ranked ninth among the top 20 local web domains most visited on desktop computers in Malaysia, with 705,000 visitors.

    The report also showed that The Star’s website ranked ahead of other news portals including Malaysiakini (ranked 10th) and Harian Metro (19th).

    The overall decline in papers can only be understood by seeing where their readers have migrated to.

    The NST and Utusan have very bad websites (just try NST online - terrible lack of content, bad layout, etc) so they are not picking up "leavers" from print.

    Utusan online's rank in Malaysia is 110, NST online is 286.

    Not good signs for the future.

  3. I believe many people still like to read newspaper, but the problem with those low circulation papers is because they are used for propaganda with many lies and untruth news.

    When these newspapers start to be brave and report the truth without bias, i believe their circulation will jump. until such time, these papers will slowly dies down, mark my word they will eventually close shop.

  4. Annie,

    The simple fact is that they are incompetent.

    EVERY SINGLE ENTERPRISE that these morons run is a failure.

    Even Petronas would probably have been a disaster if not for the fact that oil is an essential commodity and oil is basically free money - ask the Arabs.

    But then we all know that the money from Petronas has been pissed up the wall, so at least, in that sense, this govt is keeping true to form.

    There is no regard for quality, no regard for standards, no regard for anything.

    Why should they?

    They know the dummies out there will keep voting them back in - ketuanan Melayu, untuk agama, bangsa dan negara, affirmative action, gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua.

    Yup, the natives are easily pleased with bright sparkling coloured glass beads.

    Guess who gets to keep the real stuff? The diamonds, the rubies, the sapphires?

    Well, looks like we are in for tough times ahead.

    I read somewhere that Petronas is shutting down 50% of its drilling rigs.

    Go ask anybody in the O & G industry about how Petronas has been doing in the last few years.

    Preferably, ask someone who is relatively senior in Petronas, OK? Even better, if you can ask them during a nice and relaxed family event over some kuih-muih, OK?

    To paraphrase what someone else said, "They will keep driving their cars until they run out of petrol, then they will get out, stand by the roadside, scratching their heads and wondering what to do next".

    Well, the Media Prima car is running out of petrol, and passengers are being told to get out of the car.

    I have a feeling we will be seeing many people standing by the side of the road, scratching their heads, looking up to the sky, looking up the road, looking down the road, etc.


  5. Annie,

    Back in October 2017 media prima was just voted as one of the best companies to work in, the entire Asia.

    In light of this honorific title, perhaps the company couldn't thank the staff enough so they are given holidays to have fun etc.? After all it's becoming clearer now that najib will win election because :

    1. The question is whether 2/3 or 3/4 majority;

    2. Najib backed by all people sitting in high places ;

    3. US of A not arresting najib, and is going to return all 1MDB money to najib led government soon;

    4. Tuan haji ibn hanadzlah said that najib will leave behind a corruption free Malaysia ;

    5. Prof Kangkung certified that najib will win big, and he had indeed repeated that often enough and it has become a truth.

    So there's not much to report in newspapers and TV etc.

    1. Re: najib backed by those sitting in high places.

      The Nazguls.

    2. 'Prof Kangkung certified that najib will win big, and he had indeed repeated that often enough and it has become a truth.'

      That is because Kangkang is a trained parrot.

      RM15 of parrot food a day is all that is required.

      Prof Sawi

  6. People don't trust these mainstream newspapers because they are seen being on the beck and call of one party and is blatantly used as propaganda purpose - which is kind of self defeating now. Some of the subscribers probably still need the newspapers for wrapping purpose. SinChew atleast try to be a little bit more unbias. It is no surprise most folks will rely on the internet for better news coverage until the mainstream can become more independent and willing to publish news people want to read about and less rhetoric for only one party use.

  7. Anonymous @ 11 December 2017 at 09:56,

    //The Star Online ranked ninth among the top 20 local web domains most visited on desktop computers in Malaysia,//

    Hmmm... why the qualifier "desktop computers"?

    This makes me a bit suspicious.

    You see, most click-bots tend to live on desktop computers.

    But looking up comScore Me­­dia Metrix indicates that it seems to be a reputable site.

    I recall a website which claimed millions of hits on Alexa until it was pointed out that 90+% of those clicks were coming from walruses in Canada.

    It was the only explanation that was possible - walruses were visiting her website.

    Those walruses are most likely, using desktop computers as well.

    Please don't ask me how that website owner managed to get real walruses to click on her website, OK?

    Mutual admiration for someone who looks like a walrus? I dunno.

    So, when I am told that The Star has got X number of clicks from "desktop computers", it makes me wonder.

    BTW, I just checked the Alexa stats for that website which was so admired by those Canadian walruses.

    Where the owner was bragging that her website was in the top 10 or top 20 or top whatever in Malaysia, her website is now ranked at 54,056th in Malaysia :)

    I guess that means, she is in the top 55,000.

    And she seems to have lost all her Canadian walrus admirers.

    I did the same for and their results seem rather normal and within the realms of reality .... hmmmmmm...

    Look for yourself,


    1. "I recall a website which claimed millions of hits on Alexa until it was pointed out that 90+% of those clicks were coming from walruses in Canada."

      Ha ha, I think you are referring to the fat Ah Soh whose name cannot be mentioned?

      Yes, what happened to her?

      I guess someone cut off her dedak supply so she had to find a real job?

      Maybe cleaning out the walrus pool at the zoo...

    2. Aiyo, why you want to go cucuk and poke the sleeping Jabba? Nanti annie pulak kena bamboo.

      Fat Soh fallen out of favour already lor. Pity her....

      As for H2O's attack israel proposal, just shows that go study in england pun slow learner. That guy's a moron.

      As for Tun M, I deeply respect him. Great great man.

      Anyway my husband is from johor and has bugis blood. He says "memang lanun pun." So why deny history?

    3. 15:56

      Jabba actually out of business.

      No post since Sept.

      Nobody links her blog.

      No friends.

      Blog sudah meninggal dunia.

      Soon her Alexa traffic will be 1 person - her, talking to herself late at night while pounding keyboard.

      Needs psychiatrist ASAP.

  8. 'The only answer I can think of is that the Chinese read more than Malaysians of other races."

    I think its mainly because there is a lack of online Chinese news portals. Also I think Chinese also love to read what those Chinese newspapers are bullshitting.

  9. Hi Annie,
    Tun Dr Mahathir telah memulangkan semua pingat kebesaran negeri selangor yg telah di anugerahkan kepada beliau. Ini adalah tindakan yg first class from the grand oldman.
    Dr Mahathir tidak menghina keturunan bugis secara keseluruhannya. Seperti juga apabila Wak Zahid menghina Tun dgn memanggil beliau sebagai anak kutty saya percaya Wak Zahid tidak menghina irwan serigar, Ali hamsa Nor Yakob dan lain lain. Tun mahathir cuma berkata bahawasanya Najib yg sering mengakui dirinya bugis sebagai pencuri. Betul lah tu. Kalau nak murka, murka lah dgn Najib. Seorang manusia lemah yg cuba menutup kelemahan dirinya dgn mengaku sebagai seorang pahlawan bugis itu sudah cukup menghina bangsa dan keturunan bugis itu sendiri. Tetapi kenapa tidak murka kepada Najib yg secara terang terangan menghina bangsa itu dgn kelemahan pentadbirannya yg cukup ketara, kes 1MDB dan sebagainya.. Adakah org2 keturunan bugis bangga dgn beliau yg dikenali sebagai pencuri? Adakah keturunan bugis membenarkan cakap cakap dari dahulu bahawa bangsa bugis ini sememangnya dari keturunan lanun? Adakah ini yg dimahukan?
    Saya tidak fikir org2 bugis ini lanun akan tetapi apakah pilihan yg saya ada kerana bangsa bugis sendiri mengiakannya. Mereka sendiri seperti membiarkan seorang pahlawan bugis terus menerus melakukan kerosakan terhadap negara ini. Mereka langsung tidak merasa malu apabila seorang pondan bugis telah mengakui bahawa beliau adalah seorang pahlawan dari keturunan mereka dan pahlawan ciplak ini mencuri wang rakyat melalui urus niaga yg cukup mengelirukan org org bugis tidak berkata apa apa. Sekarang siapa yg menghina keturunan bugis yg kamu banggakan sangat itu? Siapakah yg telah melumur taik ke muka keturunan bugis? Adakah Mahathir atau Jibby the pinky???? Jika kamu sendiri membiarkan beliau menjadi penyamun dan menghina bangsa kamu sendiri jadi jgn lah nak salah kan org bila ada yg menegur pahlwan ponen tersebut.

    1. Anonymous 11 December 2017 at 12:45,

      I 100% agree with your comments, all of them.

      His Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor should also be very careful of being "used" by certain parties. Daulat Tuanku.

      And Tun Dr M does not need "decorations", 22 years of service is enough. At least he did not ruin Malaysia like Jibby the Pinky is doing.

    2. 14:27

      Thank you!

    3. Ini lah PM paling gila glamour tapi negara tak maju mana pun. Nah, tengok jer cara si lanun ni buat bisnes:

      Dengan modal seciput,
      Buat hutang 42,000 kali ganda
      Modal permulaan kena sengat
      Tambah dan Jamin rembat duit dari KWSP
      Ambil hutang lagi
      Jual tanah ‘prime land’ earmarked for bumiputera harga kelong pasar-gelap!
      Jadi aset mahal beli IPP dan tanah di Penang harga pasaran
      Hutang dah menimbun
      Bunga hutang pun tak leh bayar
      Siap berani kata 1MDB tak rugi?
      Jual Asset EDRA hutang kurang Asset Hangus
      Hutang masih lagi banyak berbaki.....

      Rasionalisasi apa ke benda kalau mula buat bisnes pun tak ada Perancangan Rasional?

      So jangan ingat orang kampung pun tak reti, bab duit ni, 2.6 billion pun orang tahu 2,600,000,000 bersamaan 2 Ribu, 600 Juta! Nak kelentong macam mana pun orang tahu mana ada dalam dunia derma banyak tuh masuk akaun peribadi bukan RASUAH?

      Aku nak belanja Pegawai Trafik ayer batu cendol pun boleh ditakrif rasuah, apa lagi billion?

      Gila ke apa pemimpin Tanah Melayu sekarang?

    4. i dun really understand d gist of dis murka thing.

  10. Kepada Tuanku Sultan Selangor yg berjiwa rakyat dan cukup mengambil berat tentang keluh kesah rakyat, patik sebagai rakyat negeri tuanku cukup terbeban dgn keadaan kos sara hidup yg tinggi dilembah kelang ini. Patik memohon kiranya Tuanku benar benar perihatin terhadap rakyat, Tuanku tolong lah nasihatkan perdana menteri yg berketurin bugis itu supaya melepaskan jawan beliau. Nasihatilah beliau supaya rakyat tidak lagi terseksa dan terbeban dgn keadaan yg begitu menekan sekarang ini. Kami Rakyat jelata amat mengharap agat tuanku dapat membantu kami dalam menghadapi tekanan ekonomi akibat dari kegagalan perdana menteri berketurunan bugis mentadbir ekonomi negara dgn baik.

    1. Nasib kau lah umno, makin sehari semakin hilang nilai moral hingga tiba pru nanti dacing kau tak ada orang nak naik...

  11. Media prima as a group is not doing too bad.I still watch buletin utama on tv3 if time permits.I still listen to on my morning drive to work.The geng pagi hot are hilarious especially shuk.
    The print medium are suffering.That is a worldwide phenomenon.Well, that is business.Change is the only constant in the world.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Slow learner memang kena mula dengan tv3 dan hiburan pagi..

  12. Side note:

    Most crazy statement from PAU was from Hisham.

    "We are ready for orders from Agong Hishammuddin said (to send troops to Jerusalem). 

    in his winding-up speech at 71st Umno general assembly 

    "IF the Agong orders" ??  Ok so the declaration comes with a 'subject to"   -  a deft "taichi"  to the Agong.    I think the YDP Agong may be surprised as well. 

    This tantamounts to a declaration of war against another country. It is certainly a declaration of hostile intent. And not just any country but Israel.

    Most certainly this is grandstanding by Hisham in front of the UMNO General Assembly. It was not a serious threat against Israel. 

    Bro, you should not have said such things.

    Saudi Arabia will not be happy either. 

    Saudi Arabia (where you have sent our troops to "help" Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen) is now a close ally of Israel. 
    Israel is training Saudi troops on the Tiran and Sanafir Islands in the Red Sea. 
    Saudi airspace is now open to the Israeli airforce. 
    Saudi Arabia and Israel have exchanged IFF codes for their fighter aircraft. 
    IFF is 'Identification Friend or Foe'. 

    You will also be placing our troops unnecessarily in harm's way. 
    You have already created logistical and planning nightmares for the Armed Forces chiefs.  They will most certainly react to your speech.  You are the Defense Minister.

    Our Armed Forces are not equipped or trained to fight a land war or an air war in the Middle East, especially against Israel.   They will be decimated. Plus, where are you going to get the money to pay for such a misadventure."

    Now here is the problem with Najib:

    a) You want to jilat Trump to show DOJ not really chasing you

    b) Trump is best friend of Israel

    c) Your other BFF Saudi Arabia is now BFF of Israel

    See what happens when a leader does not THINK???

    1. Bro,

      Jibbi al-Songlap learning fast from Trump, bro....

      "The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) and Russia's Sputnik news agency today signed a memorandum of understanding on news exchange which open the opportunity for broader cooperation in the media sphere between the two countries.

      The signing of the MoU at Bernama's headquarters here, was witnessed by Russian Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Alexey Volin, who is on a three-day visit to Malaysia until Tuesday.

      Bernama editor-in-chief, Zakaria Abd Wahab and Rossiya Segodnya media group head of international projects centre, Vasily Pushkov, signed the MoU on behalf of their organisations."

      Russia Fake News ops helped Trump in 2016 elections, so maybe for PRU14.....?

      But Bernama already so fake cannot tambah fake lagi.....?

  13. Ampun Tuanku,
    Sebagai seorang sultan dan raja yg berdaulat, tuanku seharusnya melindungi setiap kaum dibawah pemerintahan tuanku.
    Tuanku dikenali sebagai seorang sultan dan raja yg amat perihatin terhadap nasib rakyat. Tuanku juga seorang sultan yg amat mementingkan perpaduan kaum. Oleh yg sedemikian adalah wajar bg Tuanku untuk tidak memilih keturunan dalam membela rakyat jelata yg bernaung dibawah payung pemerintahan tuanku.
    Adalah menjadi suatu yg amat janggal apabila tuanku memilih untuk terasa hati apabila bangsa keturunan bugis dicuit tetapi tuanku tidak berkata apa apa apabila kaum india muslim dihina dan dijadikan lawak umum oleh Timbalan perdana menteri. Patik memohon ampun dan maaf andai patik mengguris hati tuanku dgn coretan ini.
    Patik percaya bahawa sebagai seorang sultan dan raja yg adil tuanku akan menimbangkan permintaan patik yg kerdil ini untuk lebih terbuka dalam menerima keluh kesah rakyat.
    Patik juga amat berharap agar Kebawah Duli Tuanku tidak mencampuri urusan politik rakyat bawahan kerana Tuanku berada dikedudukan yg melebihi politik.
    Akhir kata patik mendoakan agar kebawah duli tuanku di limpahi rahmat dan hidayah dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah SWT.
    Daulat Tuanku!

    1. Sememangnya jasa umno memerdekakan dan membangunkan negara tidak dinafikan.

      Tetapi ia berlaku semasa dipimpin oleh presiden yang baik. Apabila organisasi berubah kepimpinan yang buruk, maka organisasi akan hancur.

      Kepercayaan dan kesetiaan kepada organisasi berubah. Islam pun sekiranya dipimpin oleh orang yg lemah dan sesat maka hancurlah kerajaan islam seperti sejarah islam. Mana mungkin kita mengikut islam yang sesat.

      Maka umno perlu menukar jiwanya dengan menukar pemimpin.

      Inilah yang diusahakan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir serta ahli lain.

      Sedarlah umno sekarang dipimpin oleh kumpulan individu yang mementingkan diri sendiri mengatasi kepentingan awam (rakyat).

      Kenapa pau 2017 tidak berbahas ttg 1mdb, felda, tabung haji, mara, kwsp, src dan lain² yg menghurungi kebusukan umno sekarang?

      Apakah sumbangan umno kepada pembangunan negara selepas Tun Dr Mahathir?

      Pembangunan yg dibuat hanyalah sambungan perancangan semasa Tun Dr Mahathir.

      Najib tiada apa yang baik hendak atau boleh dibanggakan.

      Akan kembali kepada umno jika najib bkn lg presiden. Sekarang terpaksa menyokong bersatu dan pakatan harapan.

  14. Anonymous @ 11 December 2017 at 14:24,

    // I think the YDP Agong may be surprised as well. //

    Maybe not.

    Hishammuddin seems to be saying that the Agung is considering going to war with Israel.

    BTW, Palestine belongs to the Palestinians - not to Muslims, as I have heard some people say.

    In addition to the Muslims, there is a sizable Palestinian Christian community as well.

    So, does this mean that Palestinian Christians will be driven out of Palestine to make ALL of Palestine Muslim?

    Wouldn't that be ironic, given that we are complaining that the Israelis are driving Palestinians out of their own land?


    1. Gladiator,

      Yep you are right, but of course the Palestine issue is treated as purely a Muslim issue.

      But YDPA was also caught out I'm sure, by Hisham's chest-thumping - Hisham's silly threat to send our troops to Jerusalam.

      "Can't expect much from a slow learner addressing other slow learners.

      ln boleh-land, Umno assembly can declare war against another country.
      Did he consult the military before declaring the war?
      Cant expect anything from an empty head.

      He was bluffing the Umno delegates
      MOl said M'sia-US ties not affected by Jerusalem issue.
      See how hypocrites talk.
      No wonder Allah warn us against the hypocrites and hates them.

      In front of MCA, MOl said DAP can't form government so vote for MCA.
      ln front of UMNO, MOI said DAP will take over govt and Kit Siang will be PM.
      Cowgate woman said same thing.

      MOl said if opposition wins then Mara, TH and other agencies will be gone.
      Sultan Selangor said Rulers and Constitution will protect Malays.
      We know who is lying.
      Selangor and Penang are under opposition and Malays there are doing fine.
      Only slow learners from Umno are complaining.
      And their "onion friends" from Kelantan support what MOl is saying.
      And we all know how Kelantan Malays are suffering.
      Hadi and MOl deserve each other.

      Sorry - on Jerusalem, if Umno and govt are serious then they should ask OlC to hold emergency meeting. Erdogan of Turkey is now chairman of OlC and has said Jerusalem is a "red line".

      And after Trump announcement he said "Hey Trump! What do you want to do?"

      What kind of approach is this?
      Political leaders do not stir things up if they seek to make peace.

      And what about our Bugis warrior ??

      Bugis Warrior should call for OIC emergency meeting and move a resolution that

      all members of OlC recall their ambassadors from Washington

      immediately stop all investments in America

      from now only trade with fellow OlC members, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

      This is real test if MOl is really a Bugis warrior and serious about Jerusalem.”

      But now the Bugis warrior does not know whether to kiss Trump's rear or kick it.

  15. Few months ago dumnos loved america so much (to the extent want to america great again) but now dumnos want to HANCUR america pulak wakakaka
    dumnos will lose this GE14, losers are losers enuf said...

    1. What happened to Boeing deal with USA?

      Conveniently forgotten.

  16. Maybe in the past, people buy newspaper to see the result of 4D and Sports Toto draw because that is the only truth in newspapers. But now people can see those results on their hand phone. So why buy newspaper any more.

    1. one equation I do think about is ….people who dun like pm dun read those paper. a corresponding fate it

  17. Why not just award a goverment projrk to media prima just like utusan awarded the supply of tablet to all school in peninsula msia kahkahkahkah bg najib semua boleh yg parah msia

  18. Anonymous @ 12 December 2017 at 03:12

    //Why not just award a goverment projrk to media prima just like utusan awarded the supply of tablet to all school in peninsula //

    Hmm... why not?

    Media Prima could go into building those mythical PR1MA houses.

    I mean, it already has "Prima" in its name, that should qualify it as having the necessary qualifications :)


  19. Whats happening?
    Access to Chedet's thru Annie's link is inabled