Tuesday 19 December 2017

Pakatan needs credible people too

So, Rafizi's think tank says

Pakatan expected to win GE14 even with 3-cornered fights

Fine, I don't want to dispute that possibility.

But, in my opinion, there are glaring flaws in the findings of that report,

excerpts 1;

Invoke projects that in such a scenario, BN would win 107 parliamentary seats, while PAS would be left with no seats at all. A political party needs control of 112 seats in the Dewan Rakyat to form the government.
In Peninsular Malaysia, PH is projected to win 102 out of 165 parliamentary seats, while BN is expected to take 63.
PH is expected to capture eight and five parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak, respectively, while BN would be left with 14 and 26 seats, respectively.
Currently, BN holds 132 parliamentary seats, PH (70), PAS (15) and Parti Warisan Sabah (two).
Annie's comment : I think that is being a bit too optimistic.Get real la. For one thing, I'm quite sure Pas will not be left with no seat at all.
excerpts 2;

Invoke said voter support for Umno was lower in key battleground states, such as Kedah and Johor.
Only 31% of Malay voters in the Kulim Bandar Baharu and Merbok parliamentary seats, for instance, would vote for Umno in a three-cornered contest.
“This signals that support for Umno in Kedah is lower than it is nationally.”
In Johor Baru, only 30% of voters would choose Umno in a three-cornered fight, the survey revealed.
“This figure is in keeping with a study by the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Centre of the National University of Singapore, which found that Umno’s support level among Malays is 35% throughout Johor.
Annie's comment; I don't think the Malay support for Umno in those two states is as bad as that. Citing the Singapore's study which says only 35 per cent of Johorean Malays are still supporting Umno was not a very clever move. The Singaporeans don't know much about Johor even though they were next door neighbours, okay.  I do believe that the figure could go down but not from the 83 per cent in 2013 to just 35 now no matter how bad Umno has been performing in that state the past five years. 
excerpts 3;

Meanwhile, Chinese voter support for PH has returned to its 2013 level of more than 80%, with the same occurring with Indian voters.
“Likewise, Indian voting preference mirrors the pre-2013 level at 60% for BN and 40% for PH.” 
Annie's comment; Cannot be. For one thing I know that most Malaysian Chinese living overseas are not coming back to vote this time. I believe the level of political enthusiasm among the Chinese now is much lesser than in the run up to GE13. 
Well, if the survey had been done by a more credible and independent organisation, then I would be more inclined to believe it.

But not this one. Furthermore, it's unrealistic.

Rafizi actually doesn't have a very good track record when it comes to refraining from exaggerating things.

His "findings" had put Pakatan in a spot a number of times. The latest is that Rahman Dahalan's brother claim.

Actually, if this survey had been done even by an Azmin Ali's outfit, then I would have taken it more seriously.

Sorry to say la, I think Pakatan needs a more credible spokesperson for these sort of things than Rafizi.

This kind of survey is actually best done by DAP. Theirs tend to be more realistic and factual.


  1. “Sorry to say la, I think Pakatan needs a more credible spokesperson for these sort of things than Rafizi.“

    - I think you haven’t read his rather impressive resumè. From his time at MCKK right until his stint at Petronas. Amazingly exceptional. No political leaders, BN or PH have had such an outstanding and a terrific CV before they entered politics.

    What even more remarkable is that he doesn’t come from well connected political family. Raised in a rather poor family from sleepy backwater in Terengganu. What he has made himself now is quite an achievement. What he has had achieved so far is all self-made. He’s done it all by himself. Without any help from anyone. A self-made politician. Like Dr. Mahathir.

    Can you say the same about other politicians? From both political divide? A lot of them began their political career by being hangers-on and bag-carriers. Baiting their time to make the next move; often by being cunning opportunists.

    Some of them got it even more easier. Born into political family or being politically well-connected. Breezing through political ladder like a duck takes to water. These people always had it easy. Often by trampling other people’s head. But they made a lousy leader. Always detached and out of touch with reality.

    1. Anon 1830.
      Here is the list of UMNO leaders with humble background
      1.Zaid Hamidi
      2.Mustaffa Mohamed
      3.Datuk Awang Adik
      4. Ahmad Maslan
      5.Datuk Razali Ibrahim
      and so many others
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Were any of those you mentioned attended MCKK? Studied overseas on gomen’s scholarship? British trained and internationally charted accountant? Using connection to get a job at GLC?

    3. Zahid Hamidi coming from humble background? In the 70’s, he went to class at UM riding a superbike!..

    4. Comforting enough that Rapiji have a blue ribbon educational background but it would be more comforting if at times his mouth is stuffed by that ribbon!

    5. Prof the Joker,

      Your humble background nominees have transformed into monstrous dedak eating species...

      Just like you and your so called humble beginnings morphing into a RM 15 pay per read cyber jerk.

    6. What's so great about mckk? In the early years maybe it was a prestigous school since there were not many such schools unlike today. During rafizi's time,there were smart students from other institutions. Out of 6 prime ministers, only 1 studied in mckk. And 1 ex-deputy pm currently serving time in prison for sodomy. Mckk should be ashamed of their old boys' mates for being lousy performers. Really should kick out the outdated mentality!

    7. Ayooo...you must be living under a coconut shell or what ...or u went to lousy/ordinary school...MCKK and other elite SBPs have been producing leaders in ALL sectors la...don't need to be TOP public figure to be a great leader

    8. What a joke. Accept the fact that Rafizi is the product of NEP. He has everything serves to him in silver plate because he happened to be at the right time and right place (and also the right race). Saying Rafizi being exceptional is like saying Halim Saad and Tajuddin Ramli are exceptional businessmen.

      Well I am not against NEP, I know there are many who are the product of NEP who have achieved success despite their humble background, but the successes of Rafizi in such a short span of time is indeed questionable.

      He was born in 1977, completed his study in 1999 and by 2003 he already "claimed" to be pengurus kanan. Who in the world with only 3 years of working experience already a pengurus kanan? I am not saying he is lying about his resume, but as we know, back in those days, GLC has been the ground to push young Malay up in the corporate hierarchy and it seems like he was those lucky ones.

      By 2009 he was already full time into politic. That went to show that his life as corporate manager only lasted for 6 years. A good corporate manager will usually last very long, but it seems like he only managed to last for 6 years and in that 6 years, he hopped 3 companies. Again, this give us doubt on his corporate ability.

      Putting his fast track career aside, look at Rafizi so call achievements. He only knows how to sensationalize issues, but most of his exposes end up as either a lie or he is being sued for good. He can't even verify people's name correctly and it was not once, but twice.

      Some people they look great on the outside because they know how to market themselve. But in actual fact they are dumb inside. So don't put too much praise to what is on the surface.

      I want to keep his analysis and wait until GE14 is over and then show how skewed this Rafizi Analysis is.

    9. Pro Kangkang,
      Umno leaders with humble background listed by you maybe true but they are not as smart as Rafizi. They are all tongkoi,bodek,liers. To add insult to injuries they have no intergrity. They and many more as you mentioned are there just to make up numbers. They are actually kangkung just like you. Tin kosong. Nothing to be proud of compared to Rafizi.

    10. “What a joke. Accept the fact that Rafizi is the product of NEP. He has everything serves to him in silver plate because he happened to be at the right time and right place (and also the right race)..”

      - It is not a joke. You’re the joke. It’s a fact. I’m not sure what do you mean by he’s a product of NEP. He got accepted into MCKK not a MARA junior college. And he got accepted PURELY on merit.

      At that time, you have got to pass your primary school exam certificate with flying colour if you wish to go to MCKK. (90 marks and above of all subjects). He clearly had passed this hurdle thus got to study at MCKK. After all, he was best student and an all rounder at his former school.

      It didn’t come easy for him. He worked hard for it. That clearly not being at the right place and the right time. He earn it. He didn’t get anything serve on silver plate like you said since he’s coming from a rather humble background.

      I don’t understand why you’re trying so hard to discredit Rafizi. Probably you’re under achiever yourself. A mediocre student who got jealous of other people achievement. A guy who who didn’t get straight As’ got jelalous with the ones who did. I understand that. It happens all the time. Even now.

    11. “By 2009 he was already full time into politic. That went to show that his life as corporate manager only lasted for 6 years. A good corporate manager will usually last very long, but it seems like he only managed to last for 6 years and in that 6 years, he hopped 3 companies. Again, this give us doubt on his corporate ability.”

      - That’s because his political career kickstarted early. If he didn’t quit his job as corporate accountant and joining PKR, he could have had long career in corporate world. He joined politics in his 30’s. Of course he would had had a short resume pre political career. What do you expect?

      But that is purely his choice. Nobody forced him to resign his job. He took a risk. He took a gamble. A big gamble and it pays. Handsomely. Got elected as an MP in his first attempt not long after that. Pretty impressive.

      His clearly not the product of circumstances. He made it happened. It’s all boiled down to his own effort. His grit and determination. He didn’t being lured or enticed into politics for position and money like the other side. He’s in politics because he wants to contribute. He’s got something to offer. For better Malaysia.

    12. Facts about YB Rafizi
      1. 1998 -Graduate as an Engineer
      2. 2001-Qualified as a Chartered Accountant
      3. 2003-Appointed Special Officer to a Chinese Vice President of Petronas with Senior Manager
      4. 1998 -2009 -Work experinace, a good 11 years , 3 years as Audit Trainees and rest serving his bond with his employer.
      5. 2009- Full time Politicians

      Please fill the blanks , those are the facts.

    13. Pros Kangkang,

      Please note that you spelled all three of the first names in your list wrong.

      "1.Zaid Hamidi
      2.Mustaffa Mohamed
      3.Datuk Awang Adik"

      Correct spelling:

      1. Zahid Hamidi
      2. Mustapa Mohamed
      3. Datuk Awang Adek

      It is very rube to spell people's names wrong when they are paying you daily money to make a complete fool of yourself online.

      I think your pay may be reduced to RM14.99 daily as a punishment.

      Prof Sawi

    14. Anon 726
      My son is a chartered accountant too but he is not that smart.No big deal being a chartered accountant.
      Prof Kangkung

    15. Prof Kangkung ooh Prof Kangkung ..sanggup kau merendah kan anak kau sendiri. Kalo anak kau baca ni kan kecil hati dia. . Ada bapak macam kau ni la orang macam grandmarquis sampai kiamat pon tak akan terima orang Melayu boleh capai kecermalangan melalu merit sendiri..semata2 kerana dia seorang Melayu.Apa punya Melayu la kau ni.

    16. Prof kankung & grandmarquis,

      Rafizi was the best student (in m'sia) for his srp & spm. He was also the best student for his A levels in scotland. He graduated in electrical engr and yet became a chartered accountant while working in an accountancy firm in the UK.

      I am no fan but give credit where credit is due. He was an over achiever; too bad his EQ doesn't match his IQ.

    17. Anonymous20 December 2017 at 19:31,

      Yes, but does he have CGPA 3.85 like Mat Setan?

    18. Anon 1619
      Do you know that things like ACCA (my son has one) CIMA etc are simply overrated.
      Nonbumis consists of less than 10 percent of the chartered accountants(akauntan bertauliah).It is not that bumis are stupid,but they are less exposed to the field of accountancy.Just like medics 30 years ago.
      My son might have better knowledge than me in accountancy but I am sure with experience I am smarter than my son and Rafizi.
      Prof Kangkung

    19. YB Rafizi in his political forcasting is based on a model called 'Prediction Markets'
      He has conducted/completed a live-run on this project
      Targetting the marginal-voters in areas where PH loses was minimal
      These small resistanit groups are much more easier to convince to vote for PH
      Voters sentiments are gathered thru crowd sourcing/questionaire are assigned with weightage/result are aggregated
      Used in the US and the accuracy is high
      Thumbs up YB


    20. Anon (who posted many replies as Anon. You could just use a nick name so we can address you easily),

      Joining MCKK is not a big deal. I am also the product of SBP and a bit more senior than his age. My school is also in Perak, in fact MCKK is the next nearest competitor to my school and we often play rugby together although they could never beat my school (yes, MCKK rugby was overrated).

      I am not doubting that Rafizi is very polished from the outside. But the true intelligent is when a person is tested and push to the corner. He is a good orator, he certainly have some level of intelligent, otherwise he will not rise to top post. But does he live up to his polished resume? It is proven that he fumbled badly. His experience, corporate and accounting are indeed half baked. I am not surprise as he has only short stint in the corporate world and jumped too quick in the corporate ladder. He showed off his corporate and accounting competency by "exposing" high profile corporate mismanagement, but then the result is medicore as he lack the depth and the breath to bring anything substantial, except being sue for good or being charged for breaching corporate law.

      There are too many things which I can respond to regarding your claim about Rafizi, but to say that he joined politic because he has somthing to offer is indeed a bigger joke. He just hates certain people and he found politic as a platform where he can vent his hatred and he became very popular with all the praises and likes from the people who hate the same people. That is why he is so obsessed with his exposes because he will get more praises and likes for doing so.

      BTW, nobody is jealous of Rafizi polished resume. Discredit him will not affect the Malay race as there are way more Malays who are more sucessful than him. We do not need people like Rafizi to be the face of sucessful Malay la.

      And please ask him, what class did he graduate from Uni. Long time ago, I remember he wrote 2nd Class Lower. But now, it seems like that 2nd Class Lower has been blacken out. So go and ask him to show us his final CGPA.

    21. I pity you as to claim to be better than Rafizi but making all the presumptious assumptions about him . Read again what you have written. Padan pon sekolah sebelah .

    22. He is just jealous and hollow , what a pity

  2. Annie,

    //Pakatan expected to win GE14 even with 3-cornered fights//

    I think there was supposed to be a link there but I can't see it to click on it.

    Notwithstanding that, what would you expect a Pakatan think tank to say? :)

    Geez, look, the PAS think tank says that Hadi Awang can be PM of Malaysia after GE14, OK? :)

    No doubt the UMNO think tank is telling Najib Razak that all is well and he will be returned as PM in GE14.

    DAP think tank? Well, they are a bit coy and are not making any wild predictions.

    PPBM think tank? This one is easy - Mahatir Mohamad.

    Amanah? No think tank yet - too small.

    Hmm.. who else??

    Aaahhh... of cos, MIC think tank? That tank is filled with toddy and everything is fine.

    MCA think tank? They have to check with UMNO to see if they are allowed to think.

    I think that covers almost everybody, doesn't it? :)


  3. Hooray annie blog almost 1 article per day better than that loki bro. Hope annie blog meet BN social media KPI & be rewarded handsomely wink...

    1. Annie is neutral la haiyaa....Rocky and his fat cats KPI only to defend against oldman's tales, stories from the demented,senile, the frusted and the enviuos..Never mind la even if have to argue with artiste and slow learners.
      Annie is different. She got special skill one.Both sides read her blog. You think easy aah.. Her job also very special laa..haiya hooray..that also cannot see.

    2. ...ada udang di sebalik batu lah...haiya

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Please try not to be too disgusting. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous@ 19 December 2017 at 21:28,

    //Hope annie blog meet BN social media KPI & be rewarded handsomely wink//

    New reader here? :)


    1. Well annie should be rewarded better than that raja putar kelentong (RPK) & a piece of advice for annie - better get all your rewards (or dedak?) before BN demise in this GE14 right...

  6. Annie,

    "..Well, if the survey had been done by a more credible and independent organisation, then I would be more inclined to believe it.."

    Can you name me one??

    Since Rafizi are not credible enough (according to you), he do get your attention (his surveys) I guess..isn't it annie???..

    Kalo da tak credible, tak payah la ulas (kalo aku la)..


    1. Me. Sebab engko ulas tulisan aku, kira aku credible la...hahaha

    2. spot on Annie

    3. Annie,

      Kau da blunder (whether you accept it or not)..aku mengulas to highlight your blunder (again, you accept it or not itu kau punye pasal lar)

      About your credibility..well .. I would say a bit higher than your so called blogging captain ahirudin atan (jangan pulak kau sentap)..

    4. Kalau macam tu aku mengulas Rafizi punya blunder la pulak. Terimakasih

    5. Spot on Annie. Your blog your observations. Sape2 yg sentap tu dia punya pasal

    6. Annie,

      PRU 14 belum di umum lg..mcm mane pulak kau tau survey Rafizi tu blunder??!!..
      Cer bentang survey kau pulak..ader bran??..

    7. Engko kata kat aku jangan sentap, so sebab engko kata aku blunder, aku kata je la Rafizi pun blunder jugak. Tak boleh ke? Anyway, kalau engko nak tau apa aku pikir pasal GE14, engko check archive blog ni. Aku dah tulis banyak kali. Terimakasih.

  7. There is one thing people always forget:

    Umno controls the EC.

    In theory, the EC is independent.

    It is corrupt, just like MACC, the courts, and any other organ of govt that now exists only for the Hippo & Pinky to steal more money.

    Why is the PM's polsec even making comments on the EC?

    'Former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan has questioned the need for the executive to comment on the legal challenges against the Election Commission's redelineation exercise.

    “It does not bode well for the EC that the executive feels the need to defend them when the EC's independence requires them to be free of the executive and to perform its duties so as to inspire public confidence in their actions,” she said in a statement this evening.

    Ambiga, who is representing the Selangor government in its legal tussle with the EC, was responding to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's press aide Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad's comments on the matter.

    The former Bersih chairperson also criticised Tengku Sariffuddin for accusing the opposition of exploiting the legal system.

    “There appears to be a lack of appreciation for a cardinal principle of the rule of law that everyone is entitled to access to justice and equal access to the courts.

    “To thus describe the redelineation cases as an 'exploitation of the legal system' denigrates this cardinal principle and is a slur on the judiciary who are the ultimate guardians of the law, the legal process and its governing rules,” she said.

    Ambiga also pointed out that with two appeals in the Selangor case still pending, Tengku Sariffuddin's remarks could be viewed as direct interference by the executive in these cases.'

    In a civilised country, there is separation of powers.

    Thanks to Umno, Malaysia is a 3rd world, ultra-corrupt country that pretends to be Islamic but is run (literally) by thieves.

    1. Article by Strait Times Spore dated 27/9/2015
      Pollster Merdekacentre opined that:
      Malay approval for Najib's govt hit all-time low at 31%


  8. Rafizi indeed has impressive CV. However, there are different types of intelligence. To be an effective leader, his EQ needs to be on par with his IQ.

    In any case, aku gumbira the non malays are acknowledging that he got his leg up in life through sekolah berasrama & that there are (many) rural students over the yrs who got their leg up in life through such schools.

    Whether the nons are ready to acknowledge that these schools are the part & parcel of NEP implementation is secondary.

    (Before any one commented that mckk was set up by the british, yes, but those days it was truly for the elitist ruling class, not the plebs.)

  9. Grand Marquis.

    "He has everything serves to him in silver plate because he happened to be at the right time and right place (and also the right race)."

    Ehmm... no wonder the nons have been looking-down on the Malay, all this while.
    That UiTM is for Malays whose grade does not make the cut for entry into normal Universities?
    That the NEP was all about Ketuanan Melayu's agenda, albeit clamoring Bumiputra and equal distribution of wealth?
    Handicapped Malays, is it?

    So its true... without UMNO, the Malays will be left behind in every field of human endeavor.

    But hey, the Malays excel in selling land to foreigners... since Tumasek and Penang. And today, because of 1MDB's debt and its implication to the economy and the ringgit, assets and prime-land fell into the hands of yet another foreigners. This time the Mainland Chinese.

    And... if its because of UMNO that churned-out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Malays... why not make use of them in government dealings instead of people like Jho Low and Deepak Carpet?
    Najib had lose confidence in the Malays after... Razak Baginda?

    Maybe that's why Arul Kanda Kandasamy attended UMNO's General Assembly recently, clad in Baju-Melayu with songkok on his head.

    1. Only Najib can save both the Malays an Islam...

      "Malaysia is expected to announce a resolution on the issue of Jerusalem at the “Save Jerusalem” solidarity rally to be held at the Putra Mosque here on Friday, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

      “Insyaallah (God willing), on the day of the rally, Prime Minister Najib Razak will announce it (the resolution),” he said.

      He also said that Malaysia was expected to discuss with other countries the matter of raising the issue of Jerusalem at an emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

      “But that will be discussed by Wisma Putra, especially the foreign minister,” he said to reporters after chairing a coordinating meeting on the “Save Jerusalem” solidarity rally.

      The issue of Jerusalem cropped up after US President Donald Trump announced that the country now considered Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel."

      Ha ha.

      First wants to kiss Trump's feet, then now trying to be hero.

      That's why many call him "the Bugis Jelly" = pink and no backbone.

    2. Islam is the basis of Malay survival , please stick to ot strongly .

  10. Annie, is Rafizi’s pic you put up here taken from his IC?

  11. AINTREP...
    DAP 40-50 seats
    PKR 30
    PAN 5
    PB 5
    PAS 10
    BN ...

  12. Hi `lifeofaannie`, you feeling the jitters already? I`m a Johorean and lives in JB and my line of works as a marketing consultant takes me to areas where it is said to be `UMNO` stronghold like Kota Tinggi, Penggerang, FELDA Air Tawar, Mersing. Macam biasa lah, when you do your work in these areas you can`t help prying your nose around about political issues among the locals. You should do this `lifeofaannie` and not just syok sendiri on your keyboard at the comfort of your home in KL or JB. You`d be amazed at what you`d find for yourself. Pendek cerita, orang2 kampung dah naik meluat dan menyampah dgn UMNO dan Najib. I`d say from my obesrvation, Rafizi is not far off from the mark regarding his analysis on the Johor`s political scenario. Like I said, kebanyakan orang2 UMNO di Johor tak `mau` menerima hakikat bahwa UMNO do Johor sedang nazak. Maka macai2 UMNO pon, utk `mententeramkan` keadaaan, mengeluarkan kenyataan syok sendiri mereka yg semuanya OK. Hahahaha kesian kau `lifeofaannie`.....

    1. Terimakasih la sebab kesian kat saya.

      Ya lah. Rafizi betul. Pakatan akan menang dan merampas Johor dari BN. Semua orang Melayu Johor memang dah benci Umno.

      Amacam? Okay tak?

    2. Relax, Annie.

      The gomen got a hundred ways to cheat, no worries.

      EC gerrymandering.

      Transferring voters to incomplete army camps.

      And why not just announce a fake number?

      After all Najis Tong Rosak is a liar, cheat and thief.

      Stealing an election is what compared to stealing US$4.5 billion?

      So...Johor is safe.

    3. You can feel the mood on the ground.All are pointing towards bigger BN win in the upcoming GE.
      Prof Kangkung

    4. My Dear Learned Prof Kangkung....

      Masses of Muslims keen to know what does your beloved PM Najib meant when he told Donald Trump recently which was recorded in You Tube,

      'Your enemy is my enemy'.

      The whole world knows of Donald Trump's inflammatory anti Islam attitude and regards Islam as enemy.

      Yet it puzzled us your beloved Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will lead Malaysians of different religious and ethnic backgrounds at the Putra Mosque on Dec 22 in a show of unity against the move by the United States to recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

      Care to give us this jigsaw puzzle playing in our mind.........?"

    5. Johor is umno bastion is an old story. New development is evolving now , new Sultan, New politics , New electroate , and what more , UMNO can loose Johor

  13. Anonymous @ 20 December 2017 at 18:25,

    //my line of works as a marketing consultant takes me to areas where it is said to be `UMNO` stronghold like Kota Tinggi, Penggerang, FELDA Air Tawar, Mersing.//

    I don't know if it was such a good idea to reveal which areas you visit in Johor for your job.

    UMNO now knows 4 areas in Johor which need immediate attention!!

    You have just ensured that UMNO will now redouble efforts in those areas.

    No doubt their GE14 budget allocations will also be doubled or tripled, additional resources will be chucked in, etc etc.

    I don't think Pakatan would be thanking you for revealing what you know in such a public forum as Annie's blog.


  14. Prof Kangkung,

    //You can feel the mood on the ground.//

    It all depends on where the ground is.

    In my kampung, it is Pakatan all the way but then that is in Selangor.

    In Kelantan, PAS is so confident of winning that Hadi Awang is already probably preparing his acceptance speech to be the next PM of Malaysia after GE14.

    In Sabah and Sarawak, aiyah, no need to say lah - there are seats where the BN candidate is the only name on the ticket because the opposition knows there is simply no point contesting that seat.

    So, the ground you refer to, is not necessarily as firm as you think.

    Some of that ground could turn into quicksand for BN.


  15. I am interested to observe that the four Chinese characters you put. As a newbie to your blog, I can be assured that you have achieved one of them, guess what?

    1. Thanks for visiting. Fyi those are the motto of my mother's university.

  16. So Bodoh Nasional or dumbo, H2O (scion of dumno) need to compete for PM with a komedi ponorogo from indon meh...

  17. impressive CV aside doesnt really speaks much from whether hes a good politician or not.

    every now and then he miss the target and his claim become bogus. but he consistently unlike most politician based his claim on data. very scientific in practice. we see this a lot with scientific background people.

    dr M was a doc. rafizis an engineer plus accountant. we are very much diff from those of social science. perhaps better when governing. personally i dont know. based on my observation maybe. we tend to get the job done and not waste time debating. rafizis debating a lot i know. but only because he doesnt have any ministry post.

    but i do see some weakness. hes a bit obsess with anwar i think. this is really a problem with our leader. politician should be obsess with rakyat not the other way around. who cares about anwar. he should care more about people.

    alas I aspect greater things from him. as far as i know hes not compromised unlike azmin. but he really has to free himself from anwars shadow. be your own man have your own idealogy.

    1. PKR is divided into 2 camps.Azmin versus Rafizi and Wan Azizah camp.May the best camp win so that your leader can become Ketua Pembangkang after GE14.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. lol kangkung,

      right back at ya:

    3. He is honest and with good intentions , some have succeessfully tainted him with manupulative spin , but the truth will eventually prevail . Please contunue supporting him .

  18. Salam dari seberang Annie:Ketokohan dalam berpolitik tidak selalunya dari 'resume'pendidikan dan pekerjaan yg pernah dilalui atau pernah di raih,yg hebat dan luar biasa dalam penilai sesuatu keadaan politik adalah pengalaman memahami politik(bukan semestinya jadi ahli politik),Sensitive pada scenario politik Tidak syok sendiri(jika seseorang individu dari satu parti politik beliau akan buat kajian pada parti lawannya berdasarkan kefahaman parti yg beliau sertai,begitu juga sebaliknya)Sebagai contoh Megawati tidaklah berpendidikan tinggi,tapi hingga ke hari ini beliau tetap punya perancangan kehadapan yg baik untuk Parti PDiP dan kader kader PDIP menguasai hampir dimana mana(DPRI atau DPRD)termasuk pusat.Untuk memenangi lebih kerusi di PRU 14,tidak boleh hanya 'on paper' berdasarkan survey 'syok sendiri'.Saya pernah beberapa kali di Undang Tun Mahathir utk terbang bertemu beliau di K.Lumpur and I did.PRU yg hampir menjelang tiba terlalu banyak kemungkinan.....