Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Four years have passed

This blog is four years old today.

The following is for my record keeping purposes,

Posts : 1,350

Pageviews : 3,909,404  

All time page views chart

I would like to thank all who visited this blog, especially those who commented on the issues that I wrote.

I think I have slowed down quite a bit.

Last year I wrote 273 posts, compared to in 2015 (387), 2014 (308) and 2013 (347).

Getting disinterested, I guess.

Quite normal, actually.

So many sopo blogs, some even very famous ones had closed down.

Maybe it's just the routine which keeps me going.

The others were closed down probably because they were losing their audience.

Have to admit that people are getting fed-up with politics, which is the main staple of sopo blogs. 

As for this blog, I think the number of readers is still more or less the same.

Probably that's because I don't write politics as much as others.

Still, things are getting a bit boring with me.

Honestly, I don't know how much longer I could continue writing this blog.

It's not so fun anymore.

Less motivation too.

Or maybe I'm just tired of it all.

See lah how.

As usual, whenever I feel that I'm not writing something important, I put a music video to cheer up everyone and myself a bit,

Need to rest.

Take care.


  1. Happy Anniversary Dear Annie.

    Thank you for the opportunity to make a ripple.

    Albeit anonymously.


  2. Nearly 4 million page-views in 4 years. Wow... see, not bad at all. I don't know about other people but like the way you put your thoughts into writing. Kind of funny, no matter on what.

    Maybe... that 4 million hits would be handy when UMNO-Najib is out and gone. More opportunities to cari-makan with the 'new' gomen.

    If the 'NEW' gomen is really honest with Rakyat, the best way to proof their honesty, is to hire neutral bloggers like you. That would make, both the Gomen and blogger more popular. Tabloid Sinar is the best example. I'dont know about Chinese print media.

    Your captain and his ilks would still still be with UMNO/BN... Hj. Hadi's PAS maybe (PAS will split again, very severe this time & some BN component Parties might also lompat to New Gomen)... but the only disadvantage 'working' with the opposition... their pocket will not be very deep. With the gomen, they can afford with pocket full of holes.

  3. Oh... I mean... 'if the gomen is honest & sincere to the Rakyat,..."

    1. Dear RD,

      I enjoy all your writes and its hard bites. Your above take may be wishful for some, but I truly hope such dawn and blue skies will open up for us long suffering Malaysians.

      BTW, Congrats Annie! Attracting more than 4 million keyboards/pads is a great achievement.Keep it going.

      Rasta Rules.

  4. Tahniah!

    I think, you will keep on writing not because you are a journalist but because you are a writer who wants to write the truth.

    The problem with the sopo bloggers like Rocky Bru, Big Dog and others, they don't write the truth. In the end, they become sopo partisan bloggers, turned mediocre who tell their readers how they get sucked into pellets of Najib's bran.

    1. I appreciate the kind words but please note that the blogs of Rocky, Big Dog and many others have more page views than mine. Thank you.

  5. Annie,

    //This blog is four years old today.//

    Good god!!

    It's a Happy 4th anniversary to you and your blog.

    Has it been four years already?

    How time flies when you are having fun, eh? :)

    //I think I have slowed down quite a bit.//

    Yeah, that happens in old age, they tell me :)

    Then the memory goes, you get doddery and all the nice bits begin to sag :)

    //So many sopo blogs, some even very famous ones had closed down.//

    Or taking time out to digest all those Canadian walruses eaten.

    //Have to admit that people are getting fed-up with politics, which is the main staple of sopo blogs.//

    Maybe some people are fed-up of politics but I can assure you that there are many from both sides of politics who are still very committed.

    //Probably that's because I don't write politics as much as others.//

    Probably because you are not paid to write politics :)

    And probably because your style of writing is more relaxed, more in tune with what we, the common folk, really feel.

    I know I don't know everything, I know I am not perfect and worse still, I even support the wrong political party but you seem to accept me for some reason and allow me a voice to speak.

    To me, that makes you a billion billion times more worthy than those who pray 24 hours a day, who quote long phrases in Arabic and who demand that we punish sinners more harshly.

    //Honestly, I don't know how much longer I could continue writing this blog.//

    Annie, I hope you will continue writing but whether you do continue or not is up to you.

    I think there are very very very few people who can make you to do something you don't feel like doing, and I know I am NOT one of those privileged few. :)

    //It's not so fun anymore.//

    Whenever I feel that way, I curl up in bed, hug my teddy bear and tell him about all the bad people who have hurt me.

    I know he never answers and he never does anything - which may explain why he has a lot of knife wounds in his body and his head is hanging by barely a thread. :)

    Never mind, I'll patch him up one day and he will be good as new, ready to face new battles, just as we all do, every day of our lives.

    Happy 4th anniversary, Annie.


  6. Che Annie,

    "Knowing others is intelligence;
    knowing yourself is true wisdom.
    Mastering others is strength;
    mastering your own self is true power."
    -Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


  7. Sikalang manyak hat lalam Malaysia manyak sangat mebosankan maa aa n hilup sangat-sangat tambah membebankan lea aa.
    Tatak tau bila ini semua bolih kasi habit lor rr .

    Tatak jalan punya olang ,makin hali makin gelisah maa aa ,atak kuasa punya olang makin hali makin manyak megah ,mewah maa aa.

    Bila bolih habit ini macam punya hat lor rr ?.

  8. I am a bit naive on the blogging jargon.what is sopo blog?i guess sopo stands for socio politics?
    Congrats on your achievements
    Prof Kangkung

  9. Ur getting old babe... CheeeeeeeErs...

  10. Four years people have suffered since GE13 (eg barang naik, gst, 1mdb, banana ringgit, felda, etc, etc, etc) so this GE14 better say NO to BN!!!

  11. Yer.the prove of human suffering is when we have more than 2 million foreigners are working in Malaysia.
    Our people suffer on highways when all highways are jam packed with vehicles whenever a prolong holidays come around.
    People suffer when they have to pay road taxes as many of them have more than one car per family.
    People suffer when life style diseases such as heart attack and diabetes become an epdemic due to lack of exercise.Malaysians in yester years walk or cycle to works.Now they drive or use MRT to go to work.
    Yes,malaysians are suffering.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Wow. Big deal.

      If you want to talk materialism, then remember that all the nations who were on par with us in the 1980s now are miles ahead.

      Syukur Alhamdulillah ada kereta dan MRT.....

      If you want to talk materialism.

      If you want to talk about morality and integrity, we are filthier then a public toilet.

      That's "progress".

      Syukur Alhamdulillah.

    2. Not ALL the nations.Some of the nations are probably true.but do keep in mind some of the nations which were on par with us in the 80s are now way behind us

      Prof Kangkung

  12. look what you just made me do, you made me search for that David Soul song "don't give up on us"
    I hate that song but it brings back so much wonderful memories...duh

  13. You continue to blog.

    You discontinue to blog.

    Up to you laa.

    Bloggers come and go.

    Blog readers won't have problem finding blogs to follow.