Thursday 9 March 2017

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar - Part 2 (updated)

I've just been told that the MACC raided Latif Bandi's house tonight and seized RM41k in cash, 150 of his wife's expensive handbags, and a Vellfire MPV. He will be taken to the JB Session Court tomorrow morning.

Some of the seized handbags


Received this from my source before lunch just now -


Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah menangkap ahli Exco Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan Negeri Johor, Datuk Abd. Latif Bandi bagi membantu siasatan berhubung penglibatannya dalam isu hartanah di Johor Bahru.

Beliau ditangkap di Pejabat SPRM Negeri Johor kira-kira jam 10.50 pagi hari ini.

Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 17 (a) Akta SPRM dan Seksyen 4  Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram, Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan dan Hasil daripada Aktiviti Haram (AMLATFPUAA) 2001.

SPRM meminta semua pihak agar tidak membuat sebarang spekulasi dan memberi jaminan siasatan akan dijalankan dengan telus.


9 MAC 2017

The story actually first appeared a few minutes earlier at Star Online -

Johor exco member arrested over land scandal 

PETALING JAYA: Johor executive councillor Datuk Abdul Latif Bandi has been arrested over the controversial massive housing and land scandal in the state.  
Abdul Latif was detained at about 11am on Thursday at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office in Johor Baru when he was summoned there for questioning. 
MACC chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad confirmed the arrest at Menara Star here. 
He was here with a team of senior MACC officers for a courtesy visit as part of an engagement programme with the media.
Abdul Latif was the Johor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman and had opted to go on leave pending an investigation into the case.
Last week, the state exco member's son and his special officer were detained by the MACC in a swoop.
Abdul Latif had kept mum on the matter and had not been seen in public since then.  
About RM15mil in more than 45 accounts had been frozen as part of the probe.  
Also seized were 21 luxury cars and five high-powered motorcycles.
A lawyer, two developers and another suspect were also arrested in a series of raids that day.  
They were all released from remand.  
MACC has so far called in 15 people to have their statements recorded.

This is actually a continuation of what I wrote about

at the end of last month.

The beautiful Kota Iskandar

As I mentioned in that post, I have been bitching about the whole thing since the early days of the current administration in Johor.

In fact, I even warned of what's coming even before the last general election in 2013.

I wrote this just days before polling day,

A gentle reminder for Khaled

I believe that the ongoing crackdown is because some of the bad people have of late became too blatant.

They thought they could get away with it forever and started to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth.

Very expensive cars, bikes, overseas holidays, wives, girlfriends etc.

Many people in Johor know about all these nonsense but prefer to keep quiet about them because the culprits are powerful people.

They don't want to get in trouble.

They just keep it in their heart, hoping that the time will come when all these bad people will be punished.

Well, it's starting now. 

I guess the authorities know about the simmering anger of the people and decided to stop the nonsense now before the whole thing boils over.

I believe that this crackdown is for real and more will be scooped up in the dragnet.

My sources said the authorities are checking on all the people in Kota Iskandar who seemed to live a lifestyle beyond their supposed means.

People such as those who drive a half million ringgit car but only earn less than RM10k per month as a state government officer.

Also heard that all children of exco members have been ordered to declare their assets and barred from going on overseas holidays for the time being, pending the investigations. Not very sure if this is true, but if it's indeed so, then the crackdown is really going to net a lot of bad people. 

Well, these are all actually good development for my home state.

They really need to clean up the place.

I wish MACC all the best and hopefully they can continue to remain steadfast and professional in executing their duties.  


  1. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth9 March 2017 at 13:59

    I believe Donald Trump called it "draining the swamp"?

    Of course he wasn't referring to Malaysia. How could he?


  2. This was already expected, since the arrest of his son and special officer and four others.What is more interesting is this..
    Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Johor membayangkan akan ada perkembangan menarik di Johor dalam tempoh sehari dua ini.

    Pengarahnya, Datuk Azmi Alias, berkata langkah itu diambil demi kepentingan masyarakat dan komitmen badan itu membebaskan negeri berkenaan daripada rasuah.

    Kata Azmi, tindakan itu juga mendapat sokongan daripada pelbagai pihak termasuk istana dan Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

    “Malah Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar turut bertitah meminta bersihkan Johor daripada rasuah.

    “Saya terharu dengan titah Tuanku Sultan Johor itu sehingga mahu menitiskan air mata dengan komitmen yang ditunjukkan baginda serta kepimpinan negeri yang mahu Johor bebas dari rasuah,” katanya dipeti BH Online hari ini.
    Report supposedly from BH Online.
    Such emotional words from the SPRM director. Surely all the rakyat is also 'terharu'.

  3. It's a joke lah.

    Mael Sabri and Annuar Musa, both 100% corrupt, now trying to undermine each other by being "less corrupt".

    Laaaaaa...tak payah lah.



    Blame Malaysians for being stupid.

  4. has anyone noticed how diligent they are in Johor and Sabah after moo and apdal got the marching orders?
    could this be the realignment of high powered cables underground or rearranging turf in a golf course
    nay, I doubt it, not in the job scope


  5. Wa manyak ingat lulu -lulu itu Tun M kasi introduced "kepimpinan melaluai tuladan " , Wa manyak ingat lia olang masik ikut itu macam punya cara maa aa .

    Apa itu pimpin tinggi buat ,lia olang ikut saja maa aa .

    Ini lasuah sutak sampai satu masa, manyak susah mau kasi belisih maa aa ,sikalang sutak sampai satu tahap jual bangsa dan negala maa aa , itu macam stak manyak sakit lorr rr.

    Wa pikir balik , lulu - lulu lia olang tatak sumpah kaa ?. Wa ingat kalau semua olang atak sumpah tentu tatak jadi lea aa .

    1. Wa manyak lisau kalau lu olang ta tak makan lasuah lo...kalau lu olang ala makan lasuah wa ala sinang hati lo.Wa meniaga pun bulih manyak untung maaa...

    2. Haiyah, itu hong kong lulu macam itu jugak. Lasuah sumer pelingkat. Kaum cina golongan niaga dan lakyat biasa aler kasi lasuah sama olang kelajaan kaum cina juga. Meniaga manyak senang kalu ala makan lasuah. Pastu kelajaan hapuskan lasuah di sumer bahagian sampei belesih. Sikalang hong kong meniaga lagi manyak baguih tak aler lasuah punya. Olang cina tatak lagi kasi lasuah sama org cina.


    3. Anon 18:23 n 18:56,

      Lu olang cekap atak manyak betut maa aa ,meniaga punya olang atak susah lea aa ,kalau itu lasuah tatak lor rr , tapi eaa aa ,kalau atak lasuah , balang semua lagi mahat maa aa ,itu lasuah kena kila sama cost maa aa .
      Sikalang balang manyak mahat lea aa ,biasa punya olang lagi susah lor rr .

      Lasuah punya olang ,lua-lua pihak kaya maa aa ,tatak bolih lasuah punya olang apa-apa pon tatak bolih lapat lor rr.

      Wa manyak takut nanti satu hali ,mau beli itu belas pon kena kasi juga maa aa ,apa macam ?.

  6. One more big fish ....standby.


  7. This are all lies.
    Can't they see these are donations for their diligent fight to uphold Islam in the land?
    Some are just money that somehow got into their bank account and did not realise where it was from.
    Salah kah?

    1. Ah, Confusion says:
      "Don't be houlian, don't be housiao, and don't hutang your friend or even your enemy."

  8. Saya org Johor. Almarhum dan almarhumah ibu bapa saya pun org Johor. Dulu, ibu bapa saya berpesan dgn saya, biar miskin jangan sesekali mencuri. Saya di ajar seperti ini,

    Di rumah, kau anakku, terpulang pada aku mendidikmu. Kalau ada salah, terpulang aku menghukummu.

    Di sekolah, kau anak guru, terpulang pada guru mendidikmu. kalau ada salah, terpulang pada gurumu menghukum, asal tak sampai cacat atau buta.

    Almarhum ibubapa saya tak sekolah tinggi, orang biasa, rakyat kebanyakan.

    Soalan saya, adakah org2 Johor, atau org2 di negeri lain, yg berpendidikan tinggi dan berjawatan tinggi sekarang, mengajar dan berpakat dengan anak2nya untuk mencuri?

    1. Hmm.. Kalau nak bongkar setiap negeri. Tak de pilihan raya kita.

      Dah tiba masa kot, anggota-anggota pentadbiran kita ada klausa "pengisytiharan harta" supaya tak menimbulkan fitnah dan syak.

      Kalau negeri lain tak nak buat. Biarlah Johor start dulu sebagai negeri contoh.

      Biar data tu disimpan di MACC, SSM dan JAN. Kepada kontraktor yang dapat projek kerajaan pun perlulah ada pengishtaran yang perlu/sekadarnya sebelum projek kerajaan diserahkan.

      Dalam ekonomi yang slow, ketirisan ini amatlah mendukacitakan. Mohon sangatlah ada penggubalan klausa di masa bersidang. Lebih BAIK dari BURUKNYA.

  9. why kena tangkap ? no pay rasuah kah...if pay rasuah where can kena tangkap

    >james bond


    Chinese developer Country Garden Holdings has closed all sales centres in mainland China for its flagship Malaysian housing project amid Beijing’s intensified crackdown on capital flight.

    The Forest City project, covering 14 square kilometres of land on four artificial islands in Johor, Malaysia, was one of the best-known overseas properties among mainland Chinese residents due to Country Garden’s widespread promotion, including heavy advertising on state-owned television.

    The development had been successful in attracting Chinese buyers by offering affordable prices and access to Malaysia’s visa programme for long-term stays.

    To further curb capital outflows, the Chinese government in January banned its citizens from converting yuan into other currencies for overseas property purchases.

    Alan Ho, a former sales agent at Country Garden’s Malaysia company, said about 90 per cent of Forest City buyers were from China.

    Guangdong-based Country Garden, China’s second-largest developer, has four residential projects in Malaysia.

    Initiated in 2013, the Forest City project faced many challenges at the beginning. The proposed massive reclamation at the junction of Singapore and Malaysia raised concerns on both sides about its environmental impact, and work was suspended in 2014.

    Construction restarted in 2015 with an expected investment of 250 billion yuan (US$36.2 billion) over 20 years and pre-sales were launched in 2016.

    “We will develop apartments, villas as well as schools, hospitals, an exhibition centre and a financial special administrative region to achieve city-industry integration,” Country Garden president Mo Bin said at the time.

    Forest City has to date recorded contracted sales of about 20 billion yuan.- South China Morning Post

    More at

    -Why are these vital information about the project being kept away from the people of Johor? They deserve to know better. After all, it's their livelihood in their own backyards are in jeorpady. That grumpy old man is right all along. I thought he's just being nasty. Cooking up stories about the project.


      "We will develop apartments ,villas as well as schools,"

      Itu nanti apa sekolah maa aa ,pasti sekolah kebangsaan lea aa ,mesti semua bolih cekap Bulayu maa aa .

      Wa cekap Bulayu manyak sikit maa aa .

  11. 'Lead by example'... ma.

    Rosmah was once nominated as 'Lead by example' icon.

    I still believe.... all these 'cleansing' are wayang for GE14.

    1. Every good deed should be praised.wayang or not doesn't matter to me

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Pemberi rasuah sering dianggap bijak serta pandai dalam berniaga.Bijak dlam membuat untung berlipat kali ganda.Sentiasa mendapat pujian.Malah masyarakat dapat menerima norma ini...penerima rasuah dikejar hingga ke lubang cacing.Bagus.Namun dikaitkan dgn bangsa dan ugama.Dihina semuanya.Yang menghina adalah dari suku sakat pemberi rasuah!

    3. Why I said its 'wayang' or to pull wool overs Rakyats eyes that gomen under UMNO-Najib is Bersih:-

      1. Rasuah Sabah Water Dept RM 114 Million... Sept. 2016... had now been investigated under Money Laundering. So the Rakyat would not know who gave for what greasing purpose.

      2. Rasuah in KBS >RM 100 Million... Mac 2016... become money-laundering too.

      3. Rasuah DBKL... Aug.2016. 30 officers including 2 Datuk Seri\Dato and kondo developer, quizzed. Ku Nan said the Dato Seri was a good civil servant.

      4. Rasuah DBKL dan Bank Rakyat's Chairman... Aug 2016. (ehmm... Bank Rakyat was also very generous to Deepak Carpet)

      5. The mother of all money-launder... goes to untouchable Najib & Jho Low. Now it seems, nobody in Judiciary, Legislative and Executive dare to question 1MDB's monkey business.


    4. Kepimpinan melaluai tuladan maa aa ,atas bolih buat bawah bolih buat juga lor rr.

    5. some thugs raped your daughter and he managed to walk free, then you are obligated to kiss his hand
      Simply because he is a politician who give rm 1200 freebies to masses of Malay kampong?

  12. It's beginning to look like all kaya Malay young kids driving fancy cars and older makcik shopping for luxury bags are family members of corrupt senior government servants.

    I see many of these youngsters in bangsar, kiara areas, in fancy cars and clothes, boasting about holidays, golfing, horse riding etc. All chatting in english and being served by waiters who are poorer Malay kids who live around these areas in the lowcost flats.

    Maybe I should ask them, "your father work as what ah?"

    This huge wealth chasm between the malays is troubling and sad. The elite think tossing Brim will appease the masses. Dream on. As it is, loads of complaints now about cannot cash Brim vouchers, previous applicants dropped, money not paid in full.

    People are grumbling and seething, believe you me.

    1. Maybe you should ask their kids also...what kind of bisness are your father doing? You and your entire family members can become so filthy rich...ahlong ah...illegal gambling...prostitiution...blood sucking middle man...all the haram bisness meh! How come your father can do all this bisness.By corrupting people Sir!


    2. Bulayu kaya ,olang cekap manyak makan lasuah ,Cina kaya olang cekap manyak pandei tipu punya , Intia kaya olang cekap manyak pandei belit .

      Tatak kaya punya ,apa bolih buat maa aa ,selalu jadi mangsa maa aa .

  13. Annie,

    Officials and politicians like Abdul Latif Bandi infest every department in every level of government in every state in Malaysia.

    It is not really that hard to find any number of such officials/politicians who live way beyond their means or have family members who live way beyond their means.

    I don't really know Abdul Latif Bandi nor do I know what his political connections are.

    But being a cynical person, I suggest to you that those who have been caught so far MIGHT have allegiances which are not exactly in line with expectations in Putrajaya.

    For example, the fellows in the water scandal in Sabah MAY have had connections to Shafie Apdal and Abdul Latif MAY have had connections to Muhyddin.

    But not having the political experience and savvy as others, I guess I'll just have to wait for a while to see if the next fellow is arrested is from Kedah :)


  14. Mulayu manyak boloh. Luit manyak lapat itu mau bili bag. Itu motosikal. Itu bili keleta busat. Manyak luit latang lagi nanfi bili pelempuan. Manyak luit lagi mau bili lumah busat. Itu manyak luit lagi manyak mau bili pantat besat soli itu jali ketua besat itu macam loktor Mahathir. Mulayu busat pangkat kasi mulayu kecik boloh. Boloh.

    1. itu bag, perempuan dan rumah itu liability. ini semua hedonism

  15. Sadly corruption is the culture in Malaysia today!! If the government had seriously tackle corruption in the 80's, we would be quite clean today.
    I really wonder how many of those people charged will end up in jail.

    1. Anonymous @ 10 March 2017 at 23:53,

      //If the government had seriously tackle corruption in the 80's, we would be quite clean today.//

      In that case, using your logic, one could also argue that if the government had tackle corruption in the 60s, we would not have needed the government to tackle corruption in the 80s, right? :)


      I am just grateful that MACC is, at least, doing something.

      But here is something I came across when Xi Jinping was cutting a swathe thru Chinese officialdom with executions of clearly corrupt officials left and right.

      The question was asked whether Xi was getting rid of corruption or getting rid of competitors :)


    2. And bola sepak Malaysia keeps falling down the FIFA rankings macam dia tak kenal hoodood!!! (a.k.a. trashhold of kemaluan)

    3. Gladiator,
      The 80's were the period when we were developing. We should tackle corruption when the problem is getting serious and not on time period.

    4. Anonymous @ 11 March 2017 at 12:49,

      //We should tackle corruption when the problem is getting serious and not on time period.//

      You are right about time periods.

      But I feel we should have tackled corruption BEFORE it got serious.


  16. Another 'two-in-one' type of Rasuah is the sponsor of free Haj by 1MDB for 1,100 Muslims, who included imams, mosque committee members and village heads.

    1. Pull wool over peoples eyes that 1MDB is fine and dandy. Muslims would be proud of 1MDB's charitable gesture.

    2. Families of the recipients would be indebted and grateful to Najib's 1MDB and Jho Low.
    In-fact... a whole kampung applauded 1MDB. To them, Dr.M must have pakat-pakat with DAP-komunis and tali-barut-yahudi to fitnah Najib's 1MDB... so that his Boboi could be the next PM.

    1. 9 out of 10 richess person or billionaires in malaysia are non malay and non muslim...and i strongly believed they must got nothing to do with corruption...bribery...or haram bisness in this malay land! hey how come i see people rolling on the ground.

  17. Molayu kincing molayu. Bukan molayu main belakang taroh juga kat molayu