Wednesday 8 March 2017

Kamsahamnida and remembering a patriotic DAP supporter

This is a good story,

South Koreans back our move, shocked that Malaysians do not


1. “Was it the smartest decision? Who knows? But to me it was the most patriotic decision that any sovereign country would have done if it was in Malaysia’s shoes,” remarked South Korean Yun Min-Woo
Yun was met by The Mole at an area known as Little Korea in Ampang today.
“I was shocked when I read some of the nasty comments written by my Malaysian friends towards the government,” he said.
The 36-year-old who works as a communication officer in Bangsar said that no self-respecting government should bow to the demands of North Korea as the country was never known for being fair and just.
“Kim Jong Un (North Korean leader) does not listen to other views aside from his. You give in to even one of his demands and he will keep asking for more,” said Yun, adding that he cheered for the Malaysian government when it expelled Kang Chol.
2. Despite some Malaysians arguing in social media that the government should have given in to North Korea’s demand to not do an autopsy and hand over Jong Nam’s remains, a South Korean housewife from Ampang begged to differ.
Ji Seul Ki, who used to be a history teacher in Seoul, contended that to simply hand over Jong Nam’s remains to North Korea would send a world-wide message that Malaysia is a weak country.
“Indeed Malaysia is a small country but does it want others to know that it can be bullied by bigger countries?” Ji rhetorically asked.
“Also, if it did what it was asked to do then the Malaysian government is indirectly telling the whole world that it is okay to assassinate a high-profile figure on Malaysian soil if you have a bigger army than us (Malaysia),” she added.
3. On whether or not North Korea will execute the stranded Malaysians if things go south, a petroleum engineering student Shin Min Seong thinks that when it comes to Jong Un, murder is always a possibility.
“The Malaysian government was very brave to say no to North Korea’s demands but if it really wants to save those stranded in North Korea, then they have to thoroughly plan their next move.
“Trust me. Jong Un has publicly executed other North Koreans and I assure you that he will have no qualms about killing foreigners,” said Shin.
Thanks South Koreans.
They should know better about these sorts of North Korean nonsense, as their country is under constant threat of war with their rouge brothers and sisters.
North and South Koreas are still technically at war.
Honestly, I'm also shocked that there are still some Malaysians out there who refuse to support what the government is doing in the dispute with North Korea.
Common la, for these sorts of external threats, we really need to be united.
Forget about politics for a while.
Those who want to hate Najib, Umno, BN and such can do it later.
Go ahead and continue the campaign against them all you want, but for this North Korea thing we must support our government.
It's still our government, elected by us, even if some of us didn't vote for it.
If it's doing the right thing like in this case, we should support it.
Later, during election, if we still hate it, then we can just vote the whole gang out. No one stopping us, okay.
Actually, when I read those negative comments by Malaysians on this North Korea issue, it reminds me of what happened during the MH370 tragedy and this post which I did at the height of that crisis on March 20 2014,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

I wish we learn something from all these.


  1. Annie, rakyat memang sudah lama bersatu untuk selamatkan negara.

    Krisis dengan Korea Utara sekadar satu lagi tambahan faktor ke arah itu.

  2. Being strong doesnt mean you have to fight or battle!!! And for annie - true strength is being strong enuf to walk away from this BN nonsense!!!

  3. you read a few negative comments on the social media and you think the world is against your umno gomen, but fret not, I can safely say that 90℅ of malaysians are with the gomen on this one, when push comes to shove, it will astound you how patriotic malaysians are, just your comrades that are trying to paint a different picture about the others

  4. Thats why sometimes i think ISA is important.

  5. When we decide to call back our envoy it was clear that diplomacy has failed. Our citizens in North Korea should have been evacuated together with the ambassador.Will this comment be considered negative or unpatriotic .


  6. Malaysian memang itu macam maa aa .

    Satu negala berbagai bangsa n bebagai bahasa ,pandangan mesti manyak bedza - bedza maa aa .

  7. Since you link this posting "Message from a patriotic DAP supporter", something interesting happened in parliment today. A DAP MP , I think from Selayang, posted a question about presence of China's navy ships and 'tugu'(in his own words) built by the Chinese on an island 80Km off Bintulu.The Minister who replied , Datuk Shahidin Kassim was clueless about this and pass on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reply.Lets see how many are patriotic and concern of our sovereignity.

  8. Annie...first time commenting here. Most of us are with the govt on the decision to do the autopsy. What we complaining about was the decision of not including the staff when the ambassador was recalled home

  9. There was a murder - the perpetrator(s) should be caught and held liable - most Malaysians will agree to this.

    The North Koreans are a country like no other - Malaysia has been gracious. A rational politician would have assumed that the North Koreans would want to find a best case pathway. The ambassador - probably fearful for his life and family - was less than diplomatic.

    It's a circumstance none could have foreseen.

    North Korea may have assumed - with the many unsolved high profile murders and abductions here - the Malaysians would have allowed this to pass. For whatever reasons, the government held firm - impasse ahead.

  10. Annie,

    It was always a case of "when" not "if" we would have problems in our relationship with North Korea.

    As it is, Kim Jongnam has paid the ultimate price for thinking that all was lovey-dovey between Malaysia and Nth Korea.

    From now until the mater is resolved, Malaysia will be on the back foot.

    After all, Nth Korea has already got what it wants - the death of Kim Jongnam.

    On top of Kim Jongnam's death, Nth Korea has been the primary benefactor in the Malaysia-Nth Korea relationship.

    Their citizens have been working here earning valuable foreign currency, they have set up businesses here to sell their arms, they have used our banking system to move their monies around the world, they have been able to access useful technology which they were otherwise banned from, etc etc.

    A reactive Malaysian foreign policy towards Nth Korea is the best we can do now - Nth Korea will act and we will react.

    Nth Korea holds all the cards.

    I have no doubt that the matter will be resolved eventually but I am quite certain that Malaysia will come out second best - well, as it is we are already coming out second best so far.


  11. Feel very worried for our people in pyongyang. That jho low lookalike will have no qualms to kill them. We should have evacuated them weeks back. Especially family members. We should prepare for the worst.

    Another thing, phone calls there definitely monitored. These north korean agents speak good bahasa or bahasa indonesia. I met two here decades ago at diplomatic function. They only spoke bahasa, not english.

    Suggest we speak in loghat. Remember that ww2 movie when the US used the Navajo lnguage as code?