Saturday 4 March 2017

Maybe Malaysian football needs Taliban

I don't usually care about these sorts of things but this one is rather interesting because it's perhaps a new low for Malaysian football,

Afghanistan beat Malaysia in AFC Beach Soccer Championship


Afghanistan defeated hosts Malaysia 5-3 in their first match of 2017 AFC Beach Soccer Championship on Saturday.
The match was played in Pantai Batu Buruk beach resort of Kuala Terengganu.

Afghanistan doesn't even have a beach, for goodness sake.

It's a landlocked country.

On top of that they got the Talibans running around shooting people having fun.

How then can we be defeated by them at beach soccer at a beach in Kuala Terengganu?

It's embarrassing.

Seriously, I don't understand why there are people who still care about our local football.

Well, maybe the new people to be appointed soon at Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) could do something drastic to stop the sports from becoming just a joke in this country.

I think I read somewhere that the Tunku Mahkota Johor, who runs the famous JDT team may likely become FAM president.

Sorry, I don't really keep up with football news.

But I think if even TMJ can't turn around Malaysian football, then we should all just watch EPL instead of wasting time on local football and getting beaten by the likes of Afghanistan...Nepal, Timor-Leste etc.

Maybe can try playing the Afghanistan women football team. Better chance to win, eh.


  1. Annie,

    //Afghanistan doesn't even have a beach, for goodness sake.//

    That was exactly what I thought when I read the headline "Afghanistan beat Malaysia in AFC Beach Soccer Championship".

    I double checked in Google Maps just to be sure and indeed, Afghanistan is a landlocked country!

    //It's embarrassing.//

    It could have had been worse.

    Just imagine if the Malaysian side consisted of players from the normal national team!

    Oops!! Maybe it does, I don't know, but I really hope not!

    //The Tunku Mahkota Johor, who runs the famous JDT team may likely become FAM president.//

    There is some talk about it but I think TMJ is a bit hesistant.

    He has a successful team in JDT and maybe he does not want to jeopardise that success by taking his eye off JDT.

    But then, if anybody can turn Kucing Kurap(?) Malaysia back again into the mighty Harimau Malaysia, it would be TMJ.

    If TMJ cannot do it, maybe we should just tutup kedai on the football team and divert all resources to lawn bowls. BTW Malaysia has an awesome lawn bowls team.

    Maybe we should even consider starting a national team for quoits - can't be any worse :)


  2. football performance and corruption index often goes hand in hand. this affected their mental states as well. if they are not, then their friends and family will be affected as well. theyll just circle around-and-around to find a solution to the problem that is impossible to solve to begin with.
    the corrupt practices affected the mind

    1. The government of Najib is morally corrupt therefore there is no effective administration of anything - so how can there be excellence in any department of the country?

      "In football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigour and precision."
      - Lionel Messi

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    1. Sorry. Please don't be too vulgar. Thank you.

  4. Have you overlooked the fact that they have fine desert sand dunes to train on Annie? And apart from the Talibani whackos, the Afghan people were those who had the true grit to stand up to the Soviet communist invasion decades ago.

  5. Beach soccer is actually playing football on the sand and that does not necessarily be by the beach. It can be the desert too!

  6. Football players are overpaid


  7. Itu football apa ada hat punya , Malaysia sutak manyak famous dalam lain hat maa aa .

    Satu lunia tau malaysia bolih maa aa .

  8. Annie,

    Even the arrival of 10 TMJ's cannot do much to improve our reputation or standards.

    So long as they choose to ignore facts and history, we will continue to remain in the doldrums.

    Ola Bola, while it grossed in the money,fans and movie goers, it did not tell the true story.

    We qualified for the 1972 Munich Olympics and played the mighty West Germany in our opening match.We held them to a 0-0 score at half time before losing out 3-0.We played Morocco and lost 6-0 but in our last game we beat USA 3-0.
    We did play in the Olympics and earned lots of respect from others.
    Ola Bola merely showed our qualifications towards Moscow Olympics.

    The powers that be have deliberately chosen to ignore the bare facts and wants to loft the team that merely qualified.

    According respect and recognition is the least one can do to the heroes of 1972....but nobody seem to come to their senses.
    They even have the temerity to project the Moscow qualified team as the real heroes.

    Need we say more ?

    Rasta Rules.

  9. In Malaysia, selection to team sport - as in education or government employment - is by race and not merit.

    This has lowered the overall prowess of the nation - the growth from the previous 20 years has mainly been via debt, easy money from petroleum. This allowed this who are not very smart, to assume that they were very smart and were bringing results - these 'results' were built on paper stilts.

    Can Malaysia pivot? Let's see......

  10. A friend cheekly said that the Afghans had bigger betis than our football players, hence the loss.

    So, Iranians who later trashed our football players 14-0, must have betis bigger than the Afghans! hahahaha!