Tuesday 21 March 2017

The thing about Guan Eng now

I have not been writing about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for quite a long while.

Used to tease him quite a lot, but at one point I think I got a bit bored of him.

Furthermore, the guy has been relatively quiet ever since he was charged with corruption.

Not so gung ho anymore.

So, nothing much I can kacau him these past months.

Anyway, so many others were writing things about him, that I don't feel the need to add more to them.

However, Guan Eng seemed to be in the spot light a bit again over the past week.

I first noticed it here,

Guang Ming reporter sues Guan Eng for defamation

I believe this is a significant development because it's not everyday that a member of the Chinese media going around suing people, let alone a DAP politician of Guan Eng's stature.

The Chinese media, as everyone knows, was largely pro-DAP prior to the last general election.

Things appeared to be a bit different now.

I guess the relationship has not been so cosy anymore.

Maybe Guan Eng and DAP went a bit too much on the arrogant part after their Chinese tsunami of 2013.

It's after all not the first time Guan Eng got into a quarrel with the Chinese media since the last general election.

Nobody really like arrogant people, notwithstanding they are from which side of the political divide.

To get the Chinese media people angry is not something good for a Chinese dominated party like DAP.

Chinese journalists are after all still among the most respected people in their community, perhaps second only to Chinese school teachers.

These are the noble professions among the Chinese. No money to them, but they were respected for upholding the ideals of working for the betterment of their community.

If people such as these are angry with Guan Eng, then he may very well be under pressure from the rest of the community.  

I also think that Guan Eng is quite stressed because of the corruption charge.

He may after all be found guilty of it and that would surely be a big blow for DAP.

Guan Eng may claim that it's just a political prosecution but once all the sordid details of the case are presented in court, things can get quite tough for him and his party.

His defense team surely know this and that's likely why they need to avoid the trial till after the next general election.

Everything now indicates that they may likely manage to do that.

This is from yesterday,

Guan Eng corruption trial postponed pending appeal

And after that, if Guan Eng still lose at the Court of Appeal, they can go for Federal Court.

That will take more time, and the likelihood is that, it will go beyond the GE14's final deadline in August next year.

Even if the court dates are to be pushed as early as possible, it would be nearer to the GE14 deadline, which is also not really a good thing for BN.

This is so because once the heat of campaigning is on, people tend to believe more that it's a political prosecution, just as what Guan Eng and DAP want to portray the whole thing.

Guan Eng may be knocked out and ends up in jail, but the opposition will win a lot of sympathy votes, if that happens too near the election.

In a way it's better for BN if the case is to be decided after GE14.

Guan Eng would be tied down quite a lot that way as it's just not right for a person waiting for a corruption trial like him to talk about corruption, which is  the opposition's primary weapon against BN.

At the same time, Guan Eng can't also claim to be a martyr of a political prosecution.

So, I think it should be left at that.

In my opinion, it goes both ways.

Guan Eng don't have to go to jail too early while BN can enjoy him shutting up quite a bit.

So, good for everyone.

More importantly - less aggravation, so we can do other things other than worrying about politics.


  1. debate Tun n PPR dah tak jadi ....aler utoh....

    1. Knape pondan Bugis bibir pink tu x turun padang?

      Xde teloq ke?


  2. Lim Guan Eng a.k.a Khalifah Omar Abd Aziz...the thing about him...once upon a time far...far...away in the universe in a place call Dreamland!


  3. Ai..Yaa hhhh !!!, Wa manyak ingat Bulayu atak manyak corruptiom maa aaa , Wa manyak salah lea aa , ma'af ,ma'af ,ma'af.

    Ma'af sama Wa lor rr.

    Tapi atak pangkat punya olang contek meati banyak maa aa.

  4. When MO1 and hippo return the 3.5 billion they stole, we can talk lah.

    1. yeah.

      Bloody worst klepet couple........ever!

    2. dont judge if u dont know anything

  5. Annie,

    //I have not been writing about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for quite a long while.//

    Gosh, just for a split second there, I thought you had changed your mind about him and found him too handsome to criticise :)

    //Furthermore, the guy has been relatively quiet ever since he was charged with corruption.//

    Well, I think LGE has realised he is a mere mortal after all.

    //Guan Eng seemed to be in the spot light a bit again over the past week.//

    Maybe he thinks he can whack journalists from the Chinese press because they are supposed to be bowing to him and writing wonderful stuff about him.

    //He may after all be found guilty of it and that would surely be a big blow for DAP.//

    Actually, I don't think he will be found guilty because he does have a very good legal team behind him.

    But the very fact that he has been charged is a big enough blow to the squeaky clean image which DAP has been promoting.

    //This is so because once the heat of campaigning is on, people tend to believe more that it's a political prosecution//

    *Ahem* The majority of prosecution against opposition politicians are political in nature.

    LGE will milk this prosecution for everything it can give.

    Maybe all that milking may get him some sympathy votes from some quarters but for me he is an arrogant dickhead who thinks the sun shines out from his arsehole.

    Don't get me wrong, I think he is quite capable as an administrator but he is an extremely poor people-person.

    And if LGE was not with the DAP, I would be saying nastier things about him.


  6. PETALING JAYA: A mufti today zeroed in on the religious view of opposite sexes sharing an Uber or GrabCar ride, saying it could come under the definition of “khalwat” or close proximity, an offence under Malaysian shariah laws.

    Federal Territories Mufti, Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri said the definition of khalwat, or close proximity between a man and a woman without marital ties, was also applicable when they travelled together in the same vehicle.

    “It does not matter if khalwat takes place at parks, lakes, or in a room or hotel. Likewise in a vehicle used for as taxi, Uber or Grab,” he said, writing on the official website of the FT Mufti.

    But Zulkifli said circumstances dictated that the rule on khalwat could be suspended in an Uber or Grab setting provided the passenger, upon knowing that the driver was from the opposite sex, is seated at the back.

    In addition, he said the passenger should also not engage in a conversation with the driver “unless it is really needed”.


  7. "He may after all be found guilty "

    Kita selalu nampak maa aa , kuat punya olang ,atak kuasa ,atak banyak wang manyak selalu dilapati tatak bersalah maa aa .

    Cash is a King maa aa.

    1. I dont think he had the guilty feeling in him.Because he think that he is greater than tokong!