Friday 3 March 2017

The need for more rational opposition and government (updated)

(Updates at the bottom)

An uncle (my father's younger brother) sent me this Wassap message earlier this morning,

"Petronas jual kat Saudi royals, proton jual kat china man. Apa lagi yg boleh jual ek?"

I actually sighed when I read it.

I believe my uncle who hardly used to care about politics asked those questions after reading or hearing stuff written or said by pro-opposition people.

I know my uncle has lots of complaints about the government (as so do I) but he really needs to get his facts right.

In reply I forwarded him the link to this commentary,

Good that opposition’s Pengerang pledge remains an empty promise

Hopefully my uncle, who is highly educated and I always respect will read it.

Really, it's not about selling Petronas to the Arabs.

I was in the thick of things in Johor when the Petronas' Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex project was started in 2010.

It's really a good project as pointed out in the commentary.

excerpts :

The PIPC project, which is the brainchild of former Johor menteri besar Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Othman is one of the largest industrial developments in the region as well as Petronas’ largest downstream investment on a single site.
It was estimated to generate RM18.3 billion Gross National Income (GNI) by the year 2020 and help to create 8,600 high-income and high-skilled jobs.
I hope the opposition will find better targets than this project.

Honestly, it makes them look stupid whenever they tried to attack it.

I also noted that even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad doesn't seems to think too badly of the project as he hardly criticise it unlike the other projects in Johor such as Forest City.

As for selling off Proton to the Chinese, in the first place, I don't think it's going to be so.

I forwarded my uncle the link to this story;

Maker of Peugeot, Citroen eager to partner Proton

Yup, I think it's going to be the French.

I told my uncle that I think it's not such a bad move too and forwarded the link to this previous post of mine,

Maybe Dr Mahathir wouldn't mind the Japanese too much


Of course the potential foreign partner will want some control over Proton to make things work, thus that 51 per cent stake.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

It's better that way than letting Proton suffer the way it is now.

I think a reliable foreign partner will do good for the company, particularly in correcting the bad practices currently plaguing the company which brought down the Proton badge in the eyes of even Malaysians.

For example, a foreign partner with controlling power can get rid of vendors who supply substandard parts for the Proton cars.

I was made to understand that many of these vendors got their work with Proton via political connections and no matter how bad they performed in supplying parts for the cars, they were always retained.

Proton people can't get rid of them because they would pull their "cables" to stay on the job.

That's how Proton cars became famous for their faulty power windows, cheap plastic interior, making funny noises just weeks after purchase, etc.

I was informed that Suzuki, which is Proton's first choice for the partnership had declined the tie-up and now it's going to be the French company which is going to get it.

Well, maybe the French are not as good as the Japanese, but I think they will not be too bad either.

All in all, I believe the opposition can do better than harping on Petronas and Proton.

They should find real issues which directly affect the rakyat and argue them based on facts instead of just playing on sentiments.

For example, I think this one by Johor Amanah is a reasonably good effort,


3 Februari 2017

1. Semalam YAB MB Johor membuat penjelasan terhadap bayaran pelepasan status bumiputera kepada bukan bumiputera yang dibayar oleh pemaju perumahan sebenarnya membantu bumiputera.

2. Ini adalah kerana setiap lot perumahan bumiputera yang ditukar, pihak pemaju akan dikenakan bayaran 7.5% dari harga jualan. Bayaran ini akan dimasukan dalam Tabung Perumahan Bumiputera. Jumlah terkumpul dalam tabung ini sejak 2013 adalah RM600 juta.

3. Beliau juga menjelaskan kelonggaran proses penukaran status lot bumiputera kepada bukan bumiputera tidak melibatkan kuota Rumah Mampu Milik Johor (RMMJ) tetapi hanya 'rumah-rumah mewah'.

4. Kenyataan YAB MB seolah-olah kelonggaran kepada pemaju untuk menukar status kuota lot bumiputera kepada bukan bumiputera adalah perkara biasa dan hanya melibatkan rumah-rumah mewah. Bahkan sebaliknya akan  menguntungkan bumiputera kerana bayaran akan dikenakan kepada pemaju bagi setiap lot yang diluluskan.

5. Hakikatnya dalam polisi perumahan Johor berkaitan kuota lot bumiputera dinyatakan 40% daripada harga rumah dibawah RM200,000 hendaklah diletakan dibawah kuota lot bumiputera, 30% daripada harga rumah antara RM200,000 - RM300,000 hendaklah diletakan dibawah kuota lot bumiputera dan 20% daripada harga rumah melebihi RM300,000 hendaklah diletakan dibawah kuota lot bumiputera.Bermakna rumah teres 1 tingkat dan rumah teres 2 tingkat yang berharga dibawah RM450.000 adalah termasuk dalam ketogeri harga tersebut. Ianya bukanlah merupakan jenis rumah mewah seperti yang disebut oleh YAB MB. 

6. Secara amnya rumah mewah adalah rumah daripada jenis rumah kluster, rumah berkembar, rumah banglo dan kondomium yang berharga melebihi RM500,000. Oleh itu jelas kenyataan YAB MB sangat mengelirukan rakyat.

7. Isunya bukan bayaran 7.5% yang dimasukan dalam Tabung Perumahan Bumiputera tetapi setiap rumah yang diletakan dibawah kuota lot bumiputera dengan harga jualan 15% lebih rendah daripada harga pasaran seharusnya dijual kepada pembeli bumiputera kecuali setelah memenuhi syarat seperti 50% projek perumahan sudah siap atau 90 hari dari tarikh jualan masih ada lot bumiputera yang tidak laku barulah dibenarkan pemaju membuat permohonan untuk pertukarsn status. Tetapi dalam kes rasuah yang berlaku sekarang pihak pemaju telah melakukan penipuan dengan menyatakan semua lot telah habis dijual sedangkan pihak pemaju meletakan nama pekerjanya yang berstatus bumiputera sebagai pembeli.

8. Amanah Negeri Johor mencadangkan supaya lot-lot kuota bumiputera ini hendaklah diuruskan oleh SUK (Bhg Perumahan) sepenuhnya tanpa campurtangan daripada pihak pemaju perumahan. Ini sama seperti yang dilakukan kepada RMMJ (dahulunya kuota kos rendah) yang diuruskan sepenuhnya oleh SUK (Bhg Perumahan) tanpa campurtangan daripada pihak ketiga.


Timbalan Pengerusi
Parti Amanah Negara
Negeri Johor Darul Takzim

It sounds proper and even have a suggestion on how to make things better.

I also think this got something to do with all those luxurious condominiums being built around JB.

I contacted my friend in Kota Iskandar about it and she said the state government will answer the Amanah's statement in details based on facts and statistics as soon as possible.

Well, that's good opposition work on one side and good issue management by the other.

I think most of us want that, instead of all the usual nonsense we have to put up with from both sides these days.

I will publish the state government's reply once I get it.


I think this is the state government's reply,

3,000 units of Bumiputera quota in Johor converted to international lots


  1. What ever you say Ann, Najib still a thief..I don't like Umno anymore..ABUP.

    1. They display arrogance throughout the land and work evil plots, but none will be vanquished except by their own evil schemes. So are they unaware how those people before were finally dealt with?

      If God were to punish men as they deserve it, hardly a creature will be left but the Lord gives them respite for a determined period; and when their term expires, verily each and everyone of them is under His dominion.

      surah Fatir v.43,45

    2. Corruption is a is like termite that can cause the structure to collapse.
      I am a staunch supporter of UMNO but I hate corruption like any othe people.As I said before everbody hates corruption except those who corrupt themselves.
      I have worked in a university for almost 30 years and manage to live a decent life.Just imagine how we the honest man on the street feel when we see young a man in his 20s living his life like a son of a billionaire
      Prof Kangkung

    3. riza aziz is son of stolen - yes STOLEN - billionaires. One female one male

    4. A damned jibby virus prof. ... he's damaged the youth culture to hell.

    5. Satu undi kita penting untuk masa hadapan agama yang kurang corruption, bangsa yang kurang corruption dan negara yang kurang corruption
      Please enlighten me if im wrong?


  2. "Petronas jual kat Saudi Royal,Proton jual kat Cina" apalagi yang bolih jual.

    Annie ,

    You punya uncle tatak salah maa aa ,cekap itu macam lea aa . Sikalang eaa aa ,semua olang pon pikir itu macam maa aa n semua olang pikir atak apa-apa lagi bolih juat Najib akan juat juga lor rr.

    Bulayu punya lot lumah pon bolih tukak ,apa lagi yang Bulayu ada maa aa .

    Wa tengok pon manyak kesian maa aa ,apa lah nasib hali lepan kalau semua habit juat kali lain olang .

  3. Agree wit u annie.
    Proton ade kena mengena ngan gomen ke?

    1. Why Proton cars was successful back then
      (1)Proton's core activity is to design/manufacture cars
      (2)Edaran Otomobil National is the marketing arm owned by UMW
      Not yet a PNB subsidiary,its owner TS Eric Chia
      Its core activity is to sale,sale and sale cars only
      (3)EON was laughing all the way to the bank
      (4)EON's business was viable,they operated the three S centre
      (5)Sales/Service//Spare parts
      (6)Their service centre in Glenmarie was openned 24 hrs
      Just like 7/11 outlets
      (7)Return on selling car diminishes when competitions heighten
      (8)The short fall can be compensated by income from periodically
      schecule maintenance of cars
      (9)The success of EON was short-live,when they mooted that they
      some of the R&D cost
      (10)Since then on,the vicious slide
      (11)The huge volume of Proton cars on the road today
      justify/demand rebranding of their spare parts sales
      (12)Proton sells car someone else monopolised
      the spatr parts industry
      (13)Proton must re-invent itself by sharing same
      platform eg Preve/Exora
      (14)Take the cue from Pollo,its chassis is as old
      as the dinosaur,still top-seller

  4. "I hope the opposition will find better targets than this project.
    Honestly, it makes them look stupid whenever they tried to attack it."

    Well... Dear Annie.

    To begin with.. I was never a part of those stupid opposition, back then. In-fact I had been wasting my time, voluntarily supporting UMNO, defending Najib against RPK's SD (implying that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed)... RM20 million ring etc. Then... PAS supporters even slept on the road to obstruct Police car.

    At that time too, Najib & Jho Low's 1MDB haven't hit the fan. As you said, its Ghani's idea and if its Ghani's, it must be good for the Rakyat especially Johorians.
    Correct... 'Dr Mahathir Mohamad doesn't seems to think too badly of the project as he hardly criticise it'... then.
    We have never heard about that foolish Bangsa-Johore thing, either.
    Amanah & Bersatu too, was not yet in our political equation, then.

    You know why... the opposition not just look stupid but dumb too, then? Yes... minus PAS from the equation, the opposition seems clever now.

    Yours example on Amanah's views about "STATUS RUMAH MEWAH : MB JOHOR MENGELIRUKAN" is sure proof, the opposition is becoming intelligent, minus PAS.

    Unfortunately... its UMNO-Najib's time to be in the dumpster by being friendly with those stupid Pak Lebais, this time around.

    1. Can i ask u one question sdr RD,

      If the opposition win the next GE, what do u suggest that opposition planning to do revive the economy, pay our high debt?

      Thank You.

    2. It doesn't matter what opposition will do anymore as long as no BN..By the way, what's so bad about opposition running Selangor and Penang?

    3. Nothing wrong. In fact, please take over if u got a good main plan, exit plan, back up plan, contigency plan. Please for years and years opposition try to take over but dont the opposition once plan anything? Its not a new agenda sir/mdm.

      Sorry, im a builder, and i cant build anything if i got no plan in hand. Just typical builder problem. I can imagine in my head what im trying to build but when the heavy work(reality) hits. Damn, my imagination just turn into nightmare.

    4. Anon 1022
      What is so bad about opposition running Selangor and Penang.
      First ,in penang lim guan eng is doing Khir Toyo thing
      Second, in Selangor Khalid Ibrahim the honest MB was oustd due to some political agenda.That is bad

      Prof Kangkung

    5. vote opposition as najib umno plans are all devious and swindling in nature
      Overpriced railway hah!


  5. Beza nya zaman sekarang ni apa projek baru semua nya maha mega besar besar belaka. Dulu dulu zaman Malaysia gembira mana ada asal projek aje nilai berbilion bilion ringgit. Memang la RAPID ni sebenarnya bagus. Forrest City ni projek untuk perumahan bakal pekerja pekerja RAPID nanti kot ? He he
    Tapi berjuta juta pulak. Tak ada ke nanti pekerja RAPID yang tak mampu beli rumah di Forrest City ni ?

    Yang tak disebut tetap menimbulkan keraguan.

    Clever without PAS is a good thing going with the opponent parties. Then they all can become rational again. Let the irrational be with the dungu mengaku pandai pendekar pekan gang.

    Lagi senang nak tewas.


  6. BR1M dapat RM400 akhir Februari 2017, awal Mac 2017 Kerajaan naikkan harga beras, diesel dan gula.

    Jangan lupa dengan GST yang dikenakan di semua peringkat pengeluaran produk juga perkhidmatan.

    Gaji tak naik atau naikpon amatlah kecil, bonus tak semua dapat, BR1M tak semua dapat TETAPI GST semua peringkat rakyat terpaksa menyumbang. segala bentuk barang keperluan harian naik dan makin ramai orang2 besar dan orang kenamaan bikin dan makan rasuah.dari duit itulah hidup mereka mewah keretanya besar dan berpuluh - beratus juta dirampas SPRM.

    Ini yang diamalkan oleh Najib menjadi ikutan dan menyusahkan rakyat- INIKALILAH...

    Satu undi untuk umno bn satu galakan rasuah kita buka untuk mereka itu...

  7. The pathetic state of Felda is really appalling.
    Padan muka to the settlers.

    1. Knp padan muka dgn felda settlers?org felda dari x ada tanah diberi tanah.dari hidup susah dan melarat dah hidup agak senang

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Felda Global Ventures songlap dan corruption. bumiputra deserves better than being swindled at

    3. Please be specific in your allegations.There were some mismanagement issues on FGV plus some other factors beyond the control of FGV like the falling commodity prices.
      I am hopeful that FGV will recover soon.For those settlers most of them do not understand high finance.They will keep on supporting UMNO and BN because of rasa terhutang budi kepada UMNO.If not for UMNO they are probably in a much worst situation

      Prof Kangkung

  8. King Salman : "Najib, did I gave you a donation? I asked because I don't remember I did it. Did I?"
    Najib : " did, your majesty.."
    King Salman : "Is that so? Great. Can I have my money back because my country's economy is not doing good lately due to low oil price!"
    Najib thought to himself : "I'm screwed. The money were never from him. How do I repay him?"
    He turned to his aides : "Find another $700 million from the people to pay this king!"
    And here we are, coughing out another $700 million to pay what we never borrowed.'s simply a fiction. Any resemblence to any real people is totally accidental. Sort of....

  9. Annie,

    The fact that your uncle got it so wrong about Petronas is an example of how scared people are of regarding what is happening in our country.

    Perhaps he was mistaken in what he read, perhaps he was fed the wrong info, I don't know.

    The PIPC project was clearly reported in most news portals that I read as being a case where the Saudis were pulling out of the deal PLUS the fact that Petronas was comfortable with the Saudi pullout.

    As for the sellout of Proton, well, it is a sellout - no two ways about it, OK?

    51% equity means that Malaysians hold a minority share, albeit, a large minority share.

    But in the world of commerce, a 49% share means a minority shareholding.

    Who will get that 51%?

    I am inclined to think that Geely will win the bid.

    If I am not mistaken, they are China's biggest car manufacturer.

    They are cashed up and they need new markets for their cars.

    Buying Proton will give Geely a quick entry into the ASEAN market.

    The French and the Japanese are already in the ASEAN market.

    I have no doubt that Geely will be happy to do "business" in any way Proton stakeholders would like to have "business" done - if you know what I mean :)

    I don't think the French or the Japanese will be quite so accommodating.

    From what I understand, Proton has some substantial prime real estate and we know the appetite of the mainland Chinese for prime real estate.

    Just because Geely is an automotive manufacturer does not mean it does not know anything about real estate.

    The French and the Japanese manufacturers tend to be quite focused on their business.

    But after all is said and done, it doesn't really matter who buys Proton - it is bleeding cash and we need to cut our losses.

    Finally, the Amanah statement.

    Reserving housing for a segment of the population and providing a discount has always made me uncomfortable.

    There are many Malaysians, bumis and non-bumis, who are disadvantaged and simply cannot afford affordable housing.

    We speak of compassion and care but we don't seem to be too compassionate or too caring in some cases.

    I feel that in providing housing, Malaysia should be using a system based on income when determining who we should help and who should get special housing privileges.

    But I know my opinion will be unpopular and I make no apologies for it.

    In my opinion, it is just wrong that we have many Malaysians who live in squalid substandard conditions because they cannot afford anything else and they are locked out of the housing market.


    1. Tebing Tinggi XVII6 March 2017 at 16:11

      Hmm...Geely's boss was reported to have said he's no longer interested in Proton. Seems DRB people can't make up their mind about direction for Proton.

      Meanwhile, PSA Group is reported to be buying Opel from GM for a few billion US Dollars.

      So why would PSA Group still be interested in a pipsqueak like Proton?'s the "delusions of grandeur syndrome" all over again....

  10. 1. Memastikan tiada campurtangan politik dalam Syarikat Berkaitan Kerajaan (GLC), agensi pelaburan dan khazanah negara. Kesemua ini akan dibenarkan untuk membuat keputusan berdasarkan mandat pelaburan daripada mandat rakyat;
    2. Melantik seseorang yang berwibawa untuk menjadi peguam negara yang diberi kebebasan untuk menjalankan tugas-tugas siasatan terhadap sesiapa sahaja mengikut Perlembagaan; dan
    3. Memastikan kebebasan media, termasuk agensi-agensi berita dan penyiaran berita milik rakyat yang dibenarkan berfungsi secara bebas dan saksama.

  11. Apa yg baik kita sokong. Apa yg tak baik, bknnya kita kata mcm2 hingga melampaui batas.
    party telanjang dengan paris hilton itu adalah sesuatu yang salah. saya masih ingat lagi masa tadika bahawa mencuri RM 1 itu salah. dan mencuri RM1,000,000 lagi salah. itu namanya orang jahat.