Monday 27 February 2017

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar

This is the top story of SundayMail yesterday :

You can read the online version here,

Johor exco's son, special officer nabbed for graft 


At 25, Ahmad Fauzan Hatim Abd Latif led a lavish lifestyle. 
He owned a Nissan Skyline R35, Porsche Cayenne, a Mercedes-Benz CLA 200, loved motorsports and often travelled to Europe for holidays.
However, the eldest son of Johor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Abd Latif Bandi was among five individuals nabbed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on Friday over allegations of graft.
Also nabbed were Abd Latif’s special officer Muhammad Idzuan Jamalludin, also in his 20s, a lawyer, two businessmen and another individual.
More civil servants, including ranking officers, were expected to be picked up soon.

I'm glad that they are finally doing something about this whole nonsense in Kota Iskandar.

I have been bitching about it since those early days.

This is one of those bitching postings I wrote on Jan 17, 2014 -

Johor's Sepuluh Budak Hitam

I know that back then they laughed at me and said I knew nothing and simply wrote blindly.

Well, I now hope that the MACC will catch them all.

They did the right thing by sending a team from outside Johor to carry out the operation.

I was informed that the operation was supposed to be carried out today but had to be hastened because of possible "leakage".

A tip for the MACC guys :

Just check what car those suspects at Kota Iskandar drive and see whether they could really afford it.

You all would be amazed that they could afford such wheels at their gomen salaries.

Also, much credit to Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin for not interfering with the MACC's crackdown.'

If they can really clean up Kota Iskandar, I think Johor BN stands a better chance in the next general election.

That, and of course if they work hard on the ground from now till polling day.


  1. "If they can really clean up Kota Iskandar, I think Johor BN stands a better chance in the next general election.

    That, and of course if they work hard on the ground from now till polling day."

    Please clean up from the top, with that insanely greedy hippo and her crooked Bugis consort.

    The MACC can syiok sendiri all they want but the fact remains:

    The old MACC recommended that the Bugis thief should be charged.

    Only appointing the corrupt bootlicker Pandi Babi saved Ahjib.

    Since then we have been double charged for the ECRL just so he can cover his thefts.

    Catching ikan bilis impresses nobody, MACC.

    While you are in Johor please ask Shshrir where his 1 million from Pinklips was spent ya?

    Under MACC Act, that itself is corruption!

    1. Yes, correct. That's why najib 'donation' is are rite its macc under ts kassim who wanted to prosecute......shahrir is also belong in jail.......

    2. They twisted the Jews, Islam, Malay, Bumiputra and Nationalism to feed dusts and peanuts to the short-sighted masses and serve obscene amount of treasures to the elite few. Laughing all the way to the bank. They know of Malay weakness, they know the glitches, they know which blindspot to abuse and it works all the time. Everytime, all year, all decades and painfully all the time.


  2. "Just check what car those suspects at Kota Iskandar drive and see whether they could really afford it.

    You all would be amazed that they could afford such wheels at their gomen salaries."


    Also please check how two ularmaks in PAS were able to buy Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayman, OK?

    Maybe they can reach syurga faster at 250 km/h?

    1. Fitnah bro

      Prof Kangkung

    2. I can now see how people can invoke gods name to cover their crimes


  3. The rakyat especially the Malays has long been deprived from what they should have and should be their right to have .

    MACC shouldn't just stop there . Well done MACC .

    1. macc will not touch the biggest thief of all......female badak air & suami......real enemy of malay


    2. Let them start with small ,at least they are doing something good for the country .

      Hopefully they are doing a good job and each cases they brought in can really being proven and not being thrown out .

  4. Annie,

    MACC has certainly been working hard bringing case after case to court.

    I know that many people say that MACC should go after the big fish.

    As an ex-MACC fellow said to me a couple of years ago, "You understand we need evidence?"

    Given my lack of legal skills, I had no choice but to agree.

    Nowadays, I know that any evidence has to also get the tick from the Attorney-General as well.

    I suppose that in the 99% of the cases prosecuted by the MACC, the Attorney-General does tick the box but there is at least one case which did not get the tick.

    It does beg the question whether there are other cases which the MACC is unable to prosecute because the A-G refuses to tick the box AND we just don't know because any such case will never see the light of day.

    So, is there any point in the MACC continuing their actions?

    I guess I would have to say yes.

    At least the MACC actions does give Malaysia an air of respectability and we can tell the world, "Look at how hard-working our MACC are, look at the number of corrupt people we have brought to justice."

    Yes, it will make Malaysia real good, wouldn't it? :)


    1. "It does beg the question whether there are other cases which the MACC is unable to prosecute because the A-G refuses to tick the box AND we just don't know because any such case will never see the light of day."

      The MACC wanted to prosecute the Bugis pirate.

      That's why they asked for a review of Pandi Babi's decision not to prosecute.

      The MACC review panel was disbanded as suddenly as Pandi Babi was appointed.

      Takes a scumbag to cover line for an even bigger scumbag.

    2. plus zeti wanted to prosecute 1mdb......pandi blok juga.
      Rajin la si Pandi tu.

  5. Dear Annie.

    That 'Johor's Sepuloh Budak Hitam' of your was written Jan. 17. 2014... just 7 month after GE13 and you have already knew about their looting.
    And... after 4 years... in preparation for GE14... they got busted!
    Just imagine how much they have robbed Rakyat's money since.

    But... I wonder if they would be hauled to court. That heist in Sabah's Water Dept., in excess of RM100 million... last heard it had been investigated as 'money-laundering not graft... so maybe we might not know who gave for what favors... ehmmm.

    KBS's RM110 million graft... no news, no outcome after more than a year now... WTF - World Tennis Federation):

    Rasuah DBKL - Bank Rakyat ... also quiet.

    1st. two month 2017 alone we heard of 2 or 3 high profile graft bust already. That would only means GE is drawing closer.

    History tells us... Just before GE13, we have Khir Toyo being dragged to court for graft to show the Rakyat that UMNO & BN was serious against rasuah. The scapegoat... Khir Toyo... as an exemplary gesture.

    People would say... see, UMNO/BN very-very good one... its own high ranking Party member also they drag to court & imprisoned him for a year.

    But immediately after winning GE13, the habitual looting started again. That's why, 7 month after GE13, Annie already noticed that Johor's 10 Budak Hitam.

    So don't be fooled by UMNO-Najib's wayang.


    1. Yaa lorr ,kalang pikir ini atak betut atau tatak betut ,tapi lea aa , manyak kesian itu lakyat "Bulayu" yang patut sutak atak lumah tapi tatak lapat .

      Mewah punya sutak pegi lain olang ,'Bulayu tatak mampu', super mewah pegi lain negala punya olang ,memang tatak chan maa aaa .

      Aiyooo ,manyak kesian maa aa Bulayu punya nasib ,sendili punya kolam tapi tatak lapat air minum maa aa.

      Wa telasa simpati lea aa .

  6. Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Leicester City after the club poor performance this season. After writing club history by winning first ever Premier League, he was sacked upon arriving at the airport.

    Sorry, out of topic, just disgusted with ungrateful people.


  7. Scumno elite are all bastards. Spending like theres no tomorrow. Its no wonder we are economically stunted

  8. Of all the freaking hypocrisies and damned fraudulence on the face of the earth oh macc, what are you guys doing with jibby?

  9. One down. Nine more to go.


  10. Siapa yang gadai tanah kerajaan kepada negara asing nak bayar hutang kalau bukan kerajaan Melayu Umno.

    Siapa yang jual rumah di atas tanah berstatus 'lease hold' kepada orang Melayu tetapi menjual rumah berstatus 'free hold' kepada warga asing kalau bukan kerajaan Melayu Umno.

    Siapa yang tukar status tanah bumiputra kepada non-bumiputra kalau bukan kerajaan Melayu Umno.

    Tiba Perhimpunan Agung Umno hujung tahun ini, Cina laknat DAP dituduh untuk merampas hak orang Melayu. Maka bertepuk tanganlah orang-orang Melayu Umno mengiyakan ucapan ketua mereka. Ketua yang memaku dulang, paku serpih. Mengata orang dia yang lebih. Ketua yang cakap tak serupa bikin. Ketua yang cakap lain, buat lain..

    1. Betul tu... Anon 10:06.

      Mereka pekik... HIDUP MELAYU, ada yang hunus Keris dalam PAU... sayangnya mereka tidak sedar bahawa President Party cuba lenyapkan identity atau ciri-ciri MELAYU apabila mencipta syiling-baru, sebaik saja menjadi PM dengan slogan... Satuuuuu-Malaysia.

      Jika dimansuhkan kegunaan syiling-lama nanti... mungkin sebelum TN50... maka pupuslah ciri-ciri Melayu seperti... Gasing, Congkak, Tapak-sireh & Wau-bulan yang sekian lama tersemai itu. Diganti dengan corak, seolah-olah Bintang-5 komunis & Bunga Teratai yang tampak lebih universal & liberal.

      Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

    2. Yang berlaku di Johor jangan salah kan UMNO sahaja .

    3. Anon 15:25.

      Tulis la panjang skit... supaya jelas.
      Apa yang Saudara maksudkan dengan:-

      "Yang berlaku di Johor jangan salah kan UMNO sahaja".

      8 Budak mati dilenyek kereta dari arah belakang mereka ke... Forest City atau kisah rasuah '10 Budak Hitam' yang Annie perkatakan tu ke?

      Negara... malah Johor, dibawah pemerintahan UMNO yang menjadi Ketua BN kan? Sepatutnya, kalau pihak Istana terlibat dengan perniagaan... Kerajaan BN dibawah UMNO-Najib... MESTI tegas menjalankan kewajiban demi masa-depan Rakyat tanpa mengira kaum, menasihati atau mecari jalan supaya tanah pusaka Rakyat tidak tergadai secara 'kekal' dan terlepas kepada Rakyat/Negara Asing... 100, 200 atau 1000 tahun akan datang.

      Saya bagi contoh... kata la... pada satu hari Guan Eng bangun dari tidor bersama isteri Betty Chew... dia teringat nak mencontohi... pembangunan hartanah sama seperti di Forest City.
      Maklumlah... Najib, malah hampir semua Menteri sokong Forset City. Ada yang berkata... Forest City bagus untuk ekonomi Negara dari segi pelaburan-Asing. Walaupun dijual secara Freehold, mereka bukan boleh bawa balik tanah/rumah yang dibina atas tanah-tambak tu... ke Negara asal mereka.

      Jadi Guan Eng pun... tambak lah tanah-laut di keliling Pulau Pinang, bina beratus-ribu Kondo mewah, RM1 Juta keatas dan jual kepada Warga-Asing, terutamanya dari Singapura, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan.

      Negara Tanah Besar China tak sokong DAP... kerana Guan Eng telah bina Tugu Chiang Kai-shek. Komunis China memang benci dengan Chiang Kai-shek. lagi pun China sudah ada kerjasama Politik dengan MCA aka BN. Najib telah hantar bekas President MCA, Ong Ka Ting sebagai Duta Khas. Baru-baru ni, Chew Mei Fun pulak.
      Harap Maklum.

      Soalan saya... Boleh tak Guan Eng jual kondo-atas tanah-tambak di Pulau Pinang secara Freehold kepada Warga-Asing?
      Jangan nanti... Jamal Ikan Tongkol atau Mat-Kipidap datang buat kecoh bawa keranda demo di depan Komtar... sudah la..

      Dulu Najib dah 'set-precedent'... derma dari Alab, masuk akaun peribadi untuk lawan DAP, Daesh....
      Sekarang ni, 'set precedent' di Forest City pulak.

    4. Maaf la saudara RD. Gua tak pandai mau tulis panjang2. Tu satu hal .Tak pandai juga nak kias2 . Silap2 kena panggil. Manyak takut lorr...
      I'm not a writer nor a fighter...


    5. Anon 15:25,

      Kalau itu UMNO tatak salah ,mau kasi salah itu Uncle Lim kaa aa ?.

      Sikalang siapa pelintah , Johor n Malaysia maa aa ?, hai yaa !,itu Bulayu punya lumah pon kasi juat lain olang ,manyak busuk itu macam maa aa.

    6. Apa nak ditakutkan... Saudara Anon 18:29.

      Dr.M yang secara terang-terangan tuduh Najib seorang pencuri dan songlap duit Rakyat melalui 1MDB... malah pernah mencabar Najib supaya mendakwa dan mengheret beliau ke Mahkamah... tak ada apa-apa pun berlaku. Najib bukan macam kita, perlu keluar duit sendiri, bayar lawyer.

      Sebabnya mudah... berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

    7. Haiya... lufang aar.

      Luit punya bau... mana ala busuk ooo...
      Bikin taik sama bangsa sindili pun, ta lak busuk punya ooo...
      Olang pun ya taik, balu busuk.
      Sindili punya taik, talak busuk punya.

    8. Saudara RD kalau hal Johor bukan takat hal Mahadir atau Najib laa.. Forest City ,Dangga Bay, Princess Cove...Aiyoo manyak takut la takmo cakap lagi laa...

    9. Cowardice and spineless attitude is the reason top umno rape Malay wealth for several decades

    10. Anon 16:11 . So if you are not a coward and talking about raping of the Malay wealth. Is UMNO the only party or insititution guilty of this. Say it out loud.

    11. Well... Anon 10:47 & 22:47.

      Saya faham maksud Saudara/Saudari.

      Mungkin sebab itu Dr.M, dalam posting terbaru... menyindir...mungkin lebih elok kita masih colony kepada Penjajah-British.

      Jika cadangan Malayan Union tidak dibatalkan, Pihak Istana tiada kuasa dan tidak boleh campur-tangan dalam pentadbiran Negara. Sebagai Ketua Agama, Baginda sekalian hanya menguruskan adat-istiadat Melayu, bukan perniagaan.

      Jadinya... sejarah-silam tidak berulang dan tanah-pusaka Rakyat akan terpelihara & selamat, jika kita masih colony British. Mereka hanya 'tunduk' kepada orang-putih, tidak kepada Bangsa sendiri.

      Walaubagaimana pun, demi Bangsa, Agama & Negara, Pemimpin UMNO mesti tegas dan ada telor untuk menegur. Pemimpin mesti lebih utamakan kepentingan masa depan Rakyat & Negara.

    12. Thank You Tuan RD . Coming to this case of YB Latif Bandi and his son and others.Points for consideration. YB Latif sits as chairman of the commitee that approves all applications of related land and housing matters. So he is not alone.Secondly if the allegations of the scam are true than surely other parties are also involved mainly the developers.Tracing to 5-10 years back , we can identify the developers of mega housing projects. Are they also involved . At this juncture surely SPRM after 6 months of investigations have all the facts. We the rakyat will just have to wait until the case is brought to court.Meanwhile nobody can stop the public from speculating that this Johore case brought by SPRM only concur with all the so called 'lies and fitnah' being said by TDM and TSMY.
      Shall engage with you later on your review of TDM's cynical posting. A bit too heavy for my kampung mind to digest.

  11. Hye annie,

    Bila anak kecil yang susah, 'fly' di waktu malam hari, ramailah orang yang menyalahkan ibubapa tak pandai jaga anak, malahan ada yang 'gembira' bila sesuatu kecelakaan berlaku. Tak kurang juga ada komentor yang upload komen orang tempatan di blog u menyatakan rasa kesal terhadap ibubapa yang tak pandai jaga anak.

    Tapi dalam topik blog entry yang u bawa kali ini kelihatan 'tiada' wakil2 orang tempatan menempekkan komen atau video. Dahsyat sungguh hipokrasi double standard mereka ini ye.

    Salah ibubapa? Salah siapa? Ish ish. Mungkin juga didikan ibubapa mereka ada menerapkan sikap hipokrasi kalau ingin jadi senang seperti mereka.

    1. Bukan hipokrisi.

      Tiada yang komen pasal rasuah itu sudah jadi suatu cara hidup, a way of life, di Malaysia.

      Buat apa nak tengok kereta? Itu orang bodoh punya cakap.

  12. Hidup maju Bangsa Johor! Banyak lagi kekayyan yang boleh dikecapi! Syabas!

  13. Tu lah, kasi muka sangat pada UMNO. Asal UMNO semua boleh. Dari Menteri UMNO sampai ka anak2 orang Esko UMNO, kebanyakan nya perompak dan penipu. Bapak borek Anak rintek2. Apa punya orang, phuiii, tak amanah langsong, pengkianat bangsa...