Wednesday 15 March 2017

Thanks Gamuda and others who care (updated)


Received this just now and think that it should go with this post.

A golden training opportunity for young adults with Autism that will lead to jobs within corporate offices. 

Details are ; 

Gamuda is setting up Enabling Academy, an employment transition programme for young adults with Autism.

After training, they will be placed in Gamuda's partner companies.

Checklist on eligibility to apply to Enabling Academy

Ö        21 years old and above

Ö        Has an official autism diagnosis or medical report from registered psychologist/psychiatrist

Ö        Has completed secondary school education (or equivalent), diploma or bachelor degree

Ö        Has vocational aptitude that is suitable for administrative or professional jobs in corporate setting

Ö        Independent in personal care, hygiene and grooming

Ö        Able to follow instruction from supervisors and colleagues at work

Ö        Able to observe basic work ethics such as punctuality, disciplined, responsible and team work.

Ö        Able to handle basic interpersonal skills

Ö        Able to arrange transportation to and from work

Ö        Interested in corporate employment and has the ability to work in an office environment

1 Enabling Academy will be located at Damansara Jaya - just beside Atria. 

2. This 3 months programme is fully sponsored. But meals, transport n accommodation not provided. 

3 After training, we will place them into employment at our partner companies.

4 Can email resume to


I was not in the mood to write in this blog these past few days.

Then someone whom I love very much sent me the link to an article earlier this evening which I think I should highlight here.

That someone knows I care about the subject matter immensely.

The article was actually published in August last year.

Nonetheless, I feel it's still worth reading.

Please click on this link to read the article in full,

Project provides gainful employment to those with autism 

excerpts :

Since engineering, property and infrastructure company Gamuda embarked on its Project Differently-Abled (DA) – aimed at creating employment opportunities for individuals with autism – 18 people with autism now have a brighter future. The project, initiated by Gamuda’s group managing director Datuk Lin Yun Ling, aims to harness autistic individuals’ skills and competence rather than highlighting their disability.

Congratulations to Gamuda and special thanks to Datuk Lin Yun Ling for such a noble initiative.

I hope more corporate bodies would do the same.

These efforts should also cater to the even less fortunate among those with autism such as the ones categorised as "low-functioning".

People with autism really need all the understanding and assistance society could offer.

The same goes with others with special needs and disabilities.

I believe that ours could be a better society if we are willing to do more for them.

It's better than for us to spend so much time and energy on other nonsense.

Politics do seem nonsensical to me if compared to efforts to improve ourselves as a society by means of caring for the less fortunate among us.

I rather care for campaigns to improve the care for people with autism than campaigns to support some politicians.

I know that what I write in this post is boring for many people, but that's what I feel like writing at the moment.

I'm really tired of the other nonsense for now.

Spent last Saturday at the beach with a beloved boy with autism.

Well, I will try to write again about those other more exciting stuff later.

Hopefully my mood for that will improve soon.



  1. Sikit olang kasi tolong , banyak olang kasi hantam . Tatak banyak untung banyak lagi lugi maa aa .

  2. For the past few days...politics of the oppo do seem non sensical to me too!!!

  3. Annie. 1991 was not too long ago. But this was the reality of life in the USA for those unique individuals such as those born autistics.

    Read more here:

  4. Opposition do not have money for building hospital

    Umno have the capital for building hospital, but instead busy enriching themselves by go to party telanjang di tanah suci amerika. They should have done that years ago
    Sekarang baru nak terhegeh hegeh nak buat baik
    Its too late already to gain a moral high ground