Saturday 11 March 2017

Understanding delinquents

Somewhere in the east coast. Drove here last night.

Just relaxing, watching some old movies on this laptop.

Been doing it in my free time over the past few days.

I love old movies, especially those good ones from the 1950's.

Yul Brynner was fabulous as Rameses II in the 1956's The Ten Commandments
Very stylish and beautifully done.

The acting was also very good.

So unlike movies these days.

Nowadays people only watch superheroes movies, reboots and remakes.

Well, never mind.

Just finished watching the 1955's

Rebel Without a Cause 

I watched it before but don't mind watching it again.

James Dean was so cool and Natalie Wood so beautiful.

It's a teen movie but made with substance in mind.

Watching it reminds me of the eight kids who died in the recent JB cycling tragedy which made me asked

Who were these poor kids? 

Maybe I should have also asked why the kids do those sorts of crazy stuff too?

I don't really have an answer,

I bet the poor kids wouldn't know the answer either.

Maybe they would have said as the kids in the old movie said, "I don't know....but we have to do something".

Honestly, I don't blame them.

I also don't really have an answer back then as to why I jumped over the fence of my boarding school for a night out and doing other stupid things such as smoking, trying to look cool.

And I don't think most of the other adults have the answer too.

They may pretend to know everything, but actually they don't know shit.

They just want to blame the kids and not bothered to understand, let alone help them.

They got no time for it.

And I'm not talking just about the parents.

Actually, I have given up hoping for our society to understand these sorts of things.

Everyone just preach these and that, and that's about it.

They can't be bothered to really care.

They actually care only about themselves.

Must make money....the rest don't really matter to them.

Bad kids - throw them in jail.

Dead bad kids - they deserve it. They are bad kids what.

Then they say something for the kids, which they don't really mean or even believe.

Said them to just score some political points or show off how moral and nice they were.

Selfish adult bastards.

They don't really care, and that's the truth.

They failed to realise that those eight poor dead kids are better and loved more by Allah than the other JB kids who grew up to become thieves such as in these stories,

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar - Part 2 

If those pricks were not caught, they would look up to them with admiration.

Oh, they are so successful.

Oh, their cars are so big, so beautiful.

Oh, their big bikes are so glamourous, so powerful.

Oh, their clothes, watches, shoes etc are so stylish, so expensive.

Oh, they have so much money, they are so successful.

The guys will get envious, the girls get orgasmic, the parents would want to marry off their daughters to them etc.

Ya ya ya...I know you all will say I'm going overboard....but do I? Really?

Okay, that's all for the day.

I better stop before I too become a nag like those other adult bastards.

Need to go to town now.

Something to do at an education fare.

You all have a good weekend, okay.

Here's a bit from Rebel Without A Cause,


  1. Everybody has been telling that Umno is a corrupt party and you were admiring Johor MB as clean..And now it looks he's dirty as well. Never trust them.

  2. Bila anak Melayu tidak perlu berusaha dan cukup sekadar menatang tangan dan minta dan atas alasan dia adalah Bumiputra dan berhak mendapat lebih dan tanpa sebarang pengorbanan, inilah akibatnya.

    Disekolah, apa perlu orang Melayu belajar, dengan markah rendah boleh masuk Universiti, bayar yuran tak perlu kerana biasiswa sudah sedia, keluar Universiti kerja dalam perkhidmatan awam dah ada, kemudian beli rumah dapat diskaun, bila kahwin dan anak sudah ada tak perlu tabung untuk masa depan, kan kerajaan ada. Nak cepat Jaya masuk politik, masuk UMMO berlimpah kontrak, buat Ali-baba, goyang kaki ambil untung tambah reban. Apa susah untuk Melayu? Dari buaian ke kubur, Melanie ada masalah?

    1. Alhamdulillah memang dah sepatut nya lah melayu tak susah di bumi melayu! Yang menjadi susah sebab ada yang susah hati sampai tak dpt tidur malam memikirkan bila nak campak orang melayu ni ke dalam gaung! Mereka ini sedang berstrateji dan mengintai ngintai peluang untuk bertindak demikian.

    2. The poor should be help...and the RICH should help!

    3. Siapa kata anak melayu tak perlu berusaha? Dah dah la dengan doktrin melayu layu ni.


    4. Ulamak yang khair dia akan mencegah kemungkaran pemimpin. Ularmak rosak hanya terima RM 93,000,000 BR1M dok syubahat dengan Taigor 1MDB.

      "Sokmo UMNO kafir!!!" kata dia Sang Takfir Rusila. Kononnya hehehe...

    5. Fucking Melayu @16:00 has got no self-respect. He needs UMNO to wipe his ass for him too.

    6. Bulan December suratkhabar Khaleej Times mengiklankan untuk orang gaji (amah) dari Indonesia dan MALAYSIA. Tidak lama lagi, generasi seterusnya, mungkin menyeberang Indonesia kerja orang gaji disana.

      Hari ini yang paling banyak menggangur orang Melayu. Yang paling ramai hilang jerks orang Melayu. Kilang elektronik sanggup bayar RM1,500 hingga RM2,000 kepada orang Indonesia daripada mengambil orang Melayu yang menganggur. Mengapa.

    7. "... berstrategi dan mengintai-intai...."

      Tak perlu, selagi Melayu dalam keadaan ini dan tidak berubah ( tidak dijangka berubah), Mudah untuk yang lain untuk mengambil peluang

    8. Smelly ass @ 2041.We don't wipe...we clean our ass!

    9. ... and maybe that is why there is rape, incest, bohsia, drug taking, baby dumping.... No point cleaning your arse but not your mind and heart. The filth is there in your case.

    10. Yuuup...very true and it is because of your kind at the top of the chain! Towkey dadah...towkey ahlong...towkey judi haram...towkey pelacuran...towkey rumah urut...big time corrupters...and whatever syndicates you name it!

  3. So are u saying.

    When i make do'a to be "successful" like those "successful" people, basically i make do'a to become a prick? No wonder im not "successful".

    Huhu. Its okay.

    Thanks annie for speaking up for the poor.

  4. Annie, I adore those black and white classics as well. My fav is Anastasia with Yul Brynner and Ingrid Bergman. The women were gorgeous, not like today's plastic ones. Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, to kill a mockingbird, Gone with the wind, Sabrina, lots more.

  5. They are both gone now. Those rebels without a cause. Yes life was and will always be like that. We did the things because just. Against the wind. Mindlessly.

    "They failed to realise that those eight poor dead kids are better and loved more by Allah than the other JB kids who grew up to become thieves such as in these stories ..."

    Yes Annie. Deep in my heart I am with you there. May the Mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala with the children who have passed on. Ameen Ya Rabb.


  6. "Who are those poor kid's"

    Annie , bila lu kasi ingat ,Wa hati balik panas lagi maa aa , Wa ingat sikalang semua oalang sutak lupa maa aa ,pasat itu semua miskin punya olang leaa aa .

    Tapi Wa cekap atak betut lea aa ,itu miskin punya olang tatak bolih buat apa-apa maa aa .

    Sikalang Wa ingat lia olang bapak & mak sutak "ledha" itu lia olang punya nasib maa aa , mau buat apa-apa pon tatak bolih lea aa ,wang tatak maa aa .

    Miskin punya olang memang itu macam maa aa.

  7. At the rate they are reproducing, I wouldn't be too worried about losing a few. Natural selection mah.

    1. 20:57. You are sick. Hope someone would be kind enough to help you.

  8. Not in context with your posting probably. But this is tragic. Men and women in the real world.

  9. “O you faithful! Ward off from yourselves and your families the Fire (of Hell) whose fuel is made up of humans and stones, over which are Angels stern and severe, who never sway from the commands of the Lord, but will execute their duties.”
    (Quran 66:6)

    Whatever things and money they steal from the people they will be punished for it on the Day of Retribution.

    1. Hmm. 'They' are not taking people money technically. 'They' just defy the rights of Malaysian Citizen to obtain a property by manipulating the state law and make the $$$ out of it.

      Thats how i understand it so far.

      It against the Malaysian Constitution. By defying the rights of Citizen to be where he/she to be/move/live by hiding the status of the properties.


      Sami Yusuf: Forgotten Promises

  10. When a pemimpin tersohor is accused of wrongdoing, doctrines like innocent until proven otherwise would apply.

    Then we were told to look at the brave side of a giant leader, a walking tall nothing to hyde who defied diplomatic courtesy to f**king demonstrate against the Myanmar government. Then one who would go to war with Kim jong un accusing Pyongyang of defying diplomatic norms?

    And now because of the hatred against current johor administration mouthful of venomous vx can wipe on the budak hitam? Annie you want to eat their flesh also?

    Idiots only would call a subversive operative like you as moderate. They are blind.

    1. Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse (in aims and purposes)
      As for him who gives (in charity) and guards his obligations to Allah in awe of Him,
      And holds firm to truth and beauty (al-Husna)
      We will make smooth for him the path of ease (goodness).

      But for the greedy miser who thinks he is self-sufficient, and denies Al-Husna; for him
      We will make smooth for him the path of evil;

      And how shall his wealth and power benefit him when he goes down (in destruction)?

      Truly! it is Us who bestow guidance,
      And truly, unto Us belongs the last (Hereafter) and the first (creation).

      from Quran, al-Layl ch.

  11. Dia masuk ke laluan kereta
    Jumaat, 10 Mac 2017 @ 7:08 PM

    Johor Bahru: Kanak-kanak lelaki berusia 12 tahun cedera di kepala selepas terbabit dalam kemalangan ketika berbasikal secara berkumpulan dari arah Kong-Kong menghala ke Masai, dekat sini, pagi tadi.

    Dalam kemalangan jam 9.40 pagi itu, pelajar tahun enam sebuah sekolah kebangsaan dekat Pasir Gudang itu terpaksa dikejarkan ke Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), di sini, untuk mendapatkan rawatan lanjut.

    Ketua Polis Daerah Seri Alam Superintendan Jokhiri Abd Aziz berkata, kemalangan dipercayai berlaku apabila mangsa menunggang basikal secara berkumpulan antara tujuh hingga lapan orang secara melawan arus sebelum dilanggar sebuah kereta.

    "Seorang penunggang basikal masuk ke laluan kereta menyebabkan pemandu yang dalam perjalanan pulang ke rumah di Kampung Sentosa, di sini, tidak sempat mengelak dan melanggar mangsa," katanya.

    Beliau berkata, kemalangan itu menyebabkan penunggang basikal tercampak ke kiri jalan dan dibawa ke HSA untuk rawatan lanjut oleh orang awam.

    Manakala, katanya, pemandu kereta tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan.

    "Siasatan dijalankan mengikut Seksyen 43(1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 dan siasatan lanjut masih diteruskan," katanya.

    NOW, WHO IS THE DRIVER.......?????
    Kenapa dirahsiakan......mesti dah beri polis 100 juta!
    Don't U want to know Annie....????
    POOR BOY.....tak patut dilanggar siang-siang buta.
    Was the driver drunk?
    Main hanpon.......>
    Tak reti dive dan tekan brake...???
    They say, the car's driver is a MALAY.
    So, the case is closed!......Alfatehah.

    1. Alhamdulillah. The bad kid was only injured and not dead. Hopefully he learnt his lesson. Hopefully he grows up to become a good humane person.


    2. Chik Minah ,

      Lu pikir apa macam mau buat maa aa , Lu mesti manyak lojik punya idea maa aa .

    3. Cik Minah... Ma'am.

      Why must road accidents be associated with race, race and more race?

      Where 8 boys were fatally mowed... it was the Police who reiterated the fact that the driver was not drunk and not preoccupied with her hand-phone. Why they're too quick to place great emphasis on it is anybody's guess.

      Its not about the driver competency either. A driving license certified by RTD, whether expired or not, is good enough a proof that she is capable... but that doesn't mean she is immune to major mistakes such as stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

      Nonetheless, an unselfish and a considerate driver (to other road-users) would have immediately slowed-down when approaching groups of young children riding bicycles. (or playing by the side of the road). More so, if they're riding against the flow of traffic. In-fact, a responsible adult driver would have choose to stop the car and give-way to the youngsters.

      Its a fact that juveniles are not liable to any offense in the court of law.... i.e below the age at which ordinary criminal prosecution is possible (18 in most countries).

    4. " BUKIT MERTAJAM: A woman, believed to be drunk and high on meth, drove her car against the flow of traffic along the North-South Expressway (NSE) after the Sungai Dua toll, and triggered a fatal accident this morning following a multiple vehicle collision.

      One person was killed in the 7.50am accident, which involved six vehicles.

      The accident took place at KM 134 of the NSE, from Seberang Jaya heading towards Kepala Batas.

      It is learnt that the 19-year-old woman, driving a Proton Gen 2, was earlier involved in another accident with an MPV at the Sungai Dua toll. In her bid to escape, she then entered the opposite lane and sped off. "

      Cik Minah: Pray tell us what sort of punishment should be meted to this teenager? How come muka tak keluar dalam paper???

    5. The good...the bad...and the ugly.To be drunk and high on meth! Any similarity where eight boys were fatally mawed! What a karma...

    6. Lufang cakap ala butut. Ala luit punya olang, apa salah bikin pun bole kaowtim punya lo.

      "Miskin punya olang memang itu macam maa aa. Mau buat apa-apa pon tatak bolih lea aa, wang tatak maa aa. Redha saja lea."

  12. Pejabat Tanah Johor dan galian adalah hantu iblis yang paling besar

    Melayu kencing melayu

  13. Annie. I think communities need to organise more of these running events to encourage children to run off their steam safely.

    Hear what this mother said.

    "Ibu Mohd Faizal, Zaleha Yusof, 41, ditemui Sinar Harian selepas anaknya
    Ibu Mohd Faizal, Zaleha Yusof, 41, ditemui Sinar Harian selepas anaknya meraih kejayaan itu memaklumkan anak lelakinya suka berlari sehingga ia menjadi rutin anak lelakinya itu berlari di tepi pantai setiap petang dan ketika cuti sekolah."

    In addition to the school fanning the student's motivation.

    Read more here: