Saturday 25 February 2017

Rocky's fault

Yup, I'm blaming my blogging captain Rocky for this latest outburst against him


excerpts :

Rokcybru bukan sahaja mempunyai kepakaran kewartawanan dari segi membaling batu sembunyi tangan dengan mendakwa fikirannnya sebagai datang dari  orang lain tetapi juga dari segi kejuaraan makan dedak  keperingkat mentahkedarah sehingga busuk muntahnya menyebabkan orang  menjauhkan diri darinya.

Judging by the choice of words, there's no doubt that former information minister TS Zainuddin Maidin (Zam), who is also a Tokoh Wartawan Negara is very angry with Rocky.

Better days

In my opinion, Rocky should know Zam better not to make him angry like that when he posted this,

Why I didn't blog about Zam's tweets on the JB cycling tragedy

excerpts :

Then a reporter from the news portal Malaysian Digest called me up for my comments. Damn. I was hoping I didn't have to comment on what Zam had written on his Twitter but  a fellow journalist is asking me what I thought of Zam's tweets?
Well, to put it simply, and speaking as journalist, I was ashamed. 
This is the recipient of the 2006 Tokoh Wartawan Negara (Eminent Journalist) award that we are talking about, I told the Digest.

Rocky should know that Zam doesn't take that kind of criticism very well.

And Rocky should also know that it's not out of the ordinary for the guy to tweet such as this,

Rocky should just let Zam be the way he is.

I know that it's not nice to link the JB bicycle tragedy which killed eight kids with the agenda to topple PM DS Najib Razak, but that's just typical of things these days.

Well, maybe Rocky sorts of lost his cool when he saw that tweet by Zam.

After all, he tends to overly care about that sorts of things.

Everyone who really knows Rocky would agree that the guy almost never lose his temper or say/write something in anger.

The guy also never impose his opinion on others, as far as I'm concerned.

I really owe him a lot, yet he never asked me to write anything that I disagree with, let alone angry if I say or write something contrary to his opinions.

See, I'm not even afraid to put such a headline for this post which blame him for the whole thing.

I know he would be cool about it.

Well, whatever it is, I don't think Rocky was being too harsh that Zam had to respond the way he did.

I mean, the words that Zam used was rather extreme.

Still, as I said, Zam is Zam.

Rocky should just let him be and let the public decide what to make of his tweets and blog postings.

The whole thing actually reminds me of a quarrel I had with a very famous blogger sometimes back.

It went something like this:

Annie : Sis, you shouldn't say Umno members who disagree with the party leadership must be expelled. That's because they are still loyal to Umno itself and will vote for BN in the election.

Very famous blogger : You are stupid. You are a Trojan Horse. You are a paid DAP cybertrooper. I'm going to expose you. You bitch.

Annie : Okay lah, at least I'm not smelly.

Isn't it a bit similar to this Rocky versus Zam thing?

A bit cute eh :)

Anyway, personally, I think what really made Zam very angry was the part where Rocky mentioned his 2006 Tokoh Wartawan Negara award.

At first I didn't get it because Rocky seemed to be holding back something, which is typical of him about being proper and not rude.

But  Big Dog in his latest posting went all out as usual and made it plain what it was all about,

The Five Million Ringgit Anti-Murtad Fee

excerpts :

If memory serves us right, he received the MPI award in 2006 when he was still serving as the Cabinet Minister in charge of information, where media and press are answerable to him. It is irony for the statement he was quoted by Bernama against his gutter tweets, upon the tragedy for the teenagers cycling at Mahmoodiah, Johor Bahru a week ago. It is also believed that the Information Ministry then provided the organisation which gave him the award a substantial grant. The fact that as a serving Minister, he was willing to receive an award for an industry he had power of supervision and control itself demonstrated his moral values.

Of course Zam hit back at Big Dog in his latest posting,


excerpts :

Big Dog kalau nak makan dedak pun janganlah makan dedak dari muntah Rokcybru seorang yang telah diiktiraf murtadnya oleh para wartawan yang bermaruah.

I was like...Aiyo, Big Dog, don't be so blunt la. Now you also make the guy angry. Don't make old people angry, can or not?

Okay la, to be fair, Big Dog is Big Dog. Nothing can be done to make him less blunt.

What to do....if it's me, I'll be very polite.

In fact I believe I was very polite with Zam in this instance when he once accused me of something which I'm not,

OMG, Zam angry with Annie...I think

If I remember correctly, Zam later apologised to me.

See, be nice and we may achieve something and peace would prevail.

Okay, hopefully the fighting will not drag on.

It's depressing lah seeing all these seniors of mine like that.


  1. "The whole thing actually reminds me of a quarrel I had with a very famous blogger sometimes back."


    I have figured out why Ustazah Blobby (who was never very famous, let's be real) has vanished into fat air (cannot be thin air, obviously.)

    Someone has cut off her dedak supply.


    Because the Chief Thief, Najis al-Songlap, loves the China Chinese so much that he can no longer pay this fat failed whore to write anti-Cinapek articles. So the PMO have been told to cut off the money.

    Notice that the other Novelty Cinapek, Leeluan Tee Abdoorah, has also vanished, for the very same reason.

    So why don’t these two mercenaries do it for free?

    Aiyaaaa, where can do free one??? We biznizman, maaaa…

    Anyway, that’s my theory on Ustazah Blobby’s disappearance. Either that, or she simply had a menopausal hot flash and her whole 1,000 kg of fat caught fire and exploded.

    Like those whales left on beaches, after a few days in the hot sun.

    1. How on earth this guy named Zam could be appointed as a Minister of Information when he is confused between 'election' and 'erection'? When he was the Information Minister he did say "Malaysia is a Democratic country because we have erection every 5 years". Zam alkazam is just like Mr Hello, Hello Mahfudz Omar, a court jester or a clown , cannot take his words seriously!

    2. 'Leeluan Tee Abdoorah' is needed for 'Lang Udang Udang 355' mah. Should join PAS and get free Audi SUV or Porsche as present......PAS is now more materialistic than Umno :)

    3. Pokjib have erection when he think of election

      five more years to songlap our money!


    4. rang "udang-udang"......yes correct

      "Seorang pakar syariah yang pernah berkhidmat sebagai penyemak penerbitan Islam dan penulis fatwa Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) mempertikaikan cadangan PAS mengenakan hukuman lebih berat ke atas pesalah syariah, menyifatkan ia “produk politik” untuk meraih sokongan umat Islam.

      Nurul Haq Shahrir, kini sebahagian panel Transformasi Undang-Undang Islam di bawah Majlis Dakwah Negara, menepis dakwaan kononnya cadangan pindaan Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) 1965, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Akta 355, bertujuan menegakkan syiar Islam.

      “Malah, ia bertentangan dengan Islam dan tidak ada kena mengena dengan syariah,” kata pakar fiqh Islam yang juga menguasai bidang perbandingan antara agama.

      Hakikatnya, kata Nurul, usul Hadi yang bertujuan membenarkan mahkamah syariah menjatuhkan hukuman lebih berat ke atas pesalah Islam bertentangan dengan roh syarak seperti yang termaktub dalam Al-Quran dan Sunnah."

    5. mdzfrs,

      //I have figured out why Ustazah Blobby (who was never very famous, let's be real) has vanished into fat air (cannot be thin air, obviously.)//

      Fat air??


      How do you come up with these?

      Anyway, I had a look at her Alexa stats the other day and I noticed that all those Canadian walruses had also disappeared!!

      She's probably had to eat them as well :)


    6. very high calorie count, walruses!

  2. Zam should not react to your so-called "captain" because your captain is actually quite irrelevant. All he does is cut & paste articles from other sources once every week or two and then writes a few lines of his own. He rarely even gets comments. What's the point?

    Don't know about Bigdog but I tried reading his blog once or twice, and the broken "Ingrish" was so atrocious I just gave up.

    Anyway, English is not the right language.

    Zam writes in BM.

    The future of the nation is going to be decided by BM speakers.

    The PMO is wasting our money if they think paying mediocre bloggers to write in Bahasa Omputih has any effect.

    1. The bulk of traffic for this blog came from Rockybru. So, actually Rocky is still quite relevant. Thank you.

    2. "So, actually Rocky is still quite relevant."

      To you, yes : )

    3. I think to you too. Otherwise you wouldn't comment. Thank you.

    4. "Zam writes in BM. The future of the nation is going to be decided by BM speakers."

      Yep true.


    5. Dedek sutak makan maa aa , apa-apa pon bolih jadi lea aa .

      Makan dedak tatak salah maa aa ,kalau culi manyak salah .

    6. Rocky bru n big dog. If they are so stupid to believed that the 2.6b was a donation then both of them should go to the dog. What an asshole. How are they relevant Annie. They are not relevant even to any human beings. Are they relevant to u?

  3. mdzfrs wrote:-

    "Because the Chief Thief, Najis al-Songlap, loves the China Chinese so much that he can no longer pay this fat failed whore to write anti-Cinapek articles. So the PMO have been told to cut off the money."

    No wonder, BigDog had ceased writing anti-China article, especially about its belligerence in South China Seas.

    Thank you, mdzfrs.

    On bloggers' feud...

    I usually don't get involved in people's quarrel, especially between those whose blogs I frequent... but this an exception since Annie mentioned BigDog.

    As you might have already knew, I've been blocked by BigDog, though he admitted, me being his an ardent fan, since the outset of Pak Lah' ouster... almost as long as I'm with Annie's.

    Well, to me the fued is inevitable. When the Political environment is inflicted with 'Cash is King' plague... where some people are dependent on it for a living... I can understand why pro-Najib's bloggers took the stance they did. i.e to defend the indefensible. And that is why, BigDog blocked me from commenting. He must have had enough of me

    The solution is in-fact very simple. Chuck away Najib from the equation, everything would be fine and dandy. However, pro-Najib's reputation would surely be tainted and that's very sad.

    1. That bigdog guy is one syiok sendiri fella. To him, only his opinion matters. If you dare to disagree with him, your comments will not going see the light of the day. So why bother going there. There's lot of good sopo blogs you could visit and have a good time.

    2. Bigdog needs English lessons.

      He is illiterate.

      One two mistakes OK lah, but not 30-40.

      Why not just write in BM if English is not natural?

    3. My English not good also 😢

    4. Yes he is really shiok sendiri fella.

      Once he asked me to go read 1MDB's financial statement, before making accusation, forgetting the facts, its reporting had been delayed many times. What more amusing is that.. BigDog seems to forget... the delayed 2013/14 Account Statement have been practically... disowned or rendered... could no longer be relied upon, by both ... their own BOD and Auditor, Deloitte... days after DoJ filed civil complaint.

      However, I respect his anti-China stance in South China Seas. i learned a lot from him about... e.g China's aggression & occupation of Paracel and its chain of Island... Hainan ...etc.
      But now, due to Najib's love for China, he had to show his 'love' for China too.

    5. Annie your English is way better than his lah!

    6. "Once he asked me to go read 1MDB's financial statement, before making accusation, forgetting the facts, its reporting had been delayed many times."

      In fact any accounts filed by any of 1mdb's 3 auditors are inaccurate.

      The audit conducted by TS Ambrin Buang shows a total of 7 billion USD in 1MDB missing.

      That's why kena OSA.

      After this with Kepong KBU makcik, everything will be "dijamin halal".

      Najib & UMNO can steal more money beyond wildest dreams.

      The makcik Umno auditor will never be another Ambrin.


    7. Haiyah yo all take a back seat can? Let Harith show the big dog how to lap it up in English lah

    8. Big dog needs training. Bcoz thats what human required from dog.

  4. To me, anyone that support najib is a worthless animal.. You should know why.

    1. "To me, anyone that support najib is a worthless animal.. You should know why."

      Is the answer.....


      Last time these Anjing Besaq and BatuBru sokong Madey......

      I guess they follow money

      No prinsip

    2. Too many bloggers and media are willing to support corruption just to earn money.

      Media Prima are the worst.

      They are enemies of the Malaysian people.


    3. Wang kuasa ,wang kuasa maa aa . Wang besat .Wang besat.

  5. Annie,

    Rocky/Big Dog (.. or whatever) has become a laughing stock

    Percaya la..bukan aku sorang jer yg cakap macam ni



    "The Big Dog blogger anak buah Rockybru menuduh saya dianugerahkan Tokoh Wartawan Negara 2006 mendapat anugerah dengan diberikan Substantial Grant dari Kementerian Penerangan sendiri yang ketika itu saya sebagai menterinya.

    Ini adalah tuduhan yang sangat berat kerana kurniaan Anugerah Tokoh Wartawan Negara pada masa itu dan sebelumnya oleh MPI adalah tanpa sebarang grant atau wang. Saya mendapat sebuah trofi kristal yang tertulis di atasnya Tokoh Wartawan Negara 9 November 2006.

    Hal ini boleh disahkan oleh MPI dan juga Tan Sri Azman Ujang Pengerusi Bernama yang juga bertanggungjawab dalam mencadangkan anugerah itu.

    Saya merasa berhak untuk mendapat anugerah itu kerana beberapa buah buku yang saya tulis telah mendapat pengiktirafan terutama Tun Razak Jejak Bertapak Seorang Patriot dan juga Mahathir Di Sebalik Tabir yang menjadi The Best Seller.

    Yayasan Tun Abdul Razak telah membayar saya RM100,000 bagi penulisan buku Tun Razak itu yang dijadikannya hadiah tahunan kepada pelajar terbaik setiap tahun hingga sekarang. Kedua buku itu telah diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

    Big Dog kalau nak makan dedak pun janganlah makan dedak dari muntah Rockybru seorang yang telah diiktiraf murtadnya oleh para wartawan yang bermaruah."

    Spot on, TS Zam:

    "Big Dog kalau nak makan dedak pun janganlah makan dedak dari muntah Rockybru seorang yang telah diiktiraf murtadnya oleh para wartawan yang bermaruah."


    1. Links to Zam's postings and their excerpts were in my post. Please read carefully. Thank you.

    2. "yang telah diiktiraf murtadnya oleh para wartawan yang bermaruah."

      Siapa "wartawan yang bermaruah."

      Not in Utusan or TV3

      Sold soul to devil

  7. The facts do indeed speak for themselves Annie ... Ahjibgor Razak is a national jinx....... Malaysia has been politically scandalized globally like no other nation and people and airplanes have been lost to disastrous effects

    1. Actually Zam should have listed the REAL disasters under Ahjibgor Razak......

      Sky high debt

      Sky high prices





      TH......all stolen from

      Failure of institutions

      Failure of NEP

      Failure of education

      This idiot has been in power for less than 8 years and done more damage than ALL other PMs put together.

      But the Umngok Malays are so busuk hati and greedy that for a few million they will sell their souls to keep him in power.

    2. 'But the Umngok Malays are so busuk hati and greedy that for a few million they will sell their souls to keep him in power.'......yes but ditto with PAS leaders now

    3. Umngok, Pas pis pus they are all nothing. Jho low is something. Amazingly powerful. What can the do. Ketuanan my foot. Cina Jho Low lah yang jadi tuan. Anyone disagree?

  8. Singapore is heavily invested in manufacturing other wealth creation economic sectors. But in Malaysia, sometime we are doing the opposite.

    1. Bro. if u haven't heard Sinchiapor is also heavily invested in giant casinos legal gambling and mega crony capitalism. Occupies 154th place in the world Free Press Rankings

  9. If i remember correctly Zam is the one who called bloggers as gobloggers.goblog is a javanese word that means stupid/moron

    Prof Kangkung

    1. That was when PAS' Nik Aziz & Hadi Bawang was being chummy with DAP's Kit Siang and Karpal Singh... to topple UMNO's BN.
      PAS' supporters sleeping on the road during Bersih, carrying DAP's flags. Mat Sabu flanked by pretty Amois... etc etc.

      Now its UMNO's turn to 'memperkudakan' PAS.

    2. 'Now its UMNO's turn to 'memperkudakan' PAS'.....PAS thinks they are the rider and Umno is the kuda. But they are wrong.

    3. Hahaha TAHALUF SIYASI halalkan sokmo!
      Sial betui ular-mak tu!!!

      Sekare ular-mak suka sekutu dengen Taigor Umngok billion dollar man...ptuiii!!!

    4. In a bid to silence opposition, Muslims have been told to put their blind faith in RUU355, claiming it is a divine law that is “wajib”, or compulsory to be supported.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Hadi’s Bill has no semblance at all with the Quranic view of Shariah laws that must apply to all citizens regardless of religion. Even in its original form, it was already a bastardisation of the hudud that he wishes to implement in Kelantan, but now it is just a desperate attempt to save face after a massive failure to hastily push for the controversial penal law.

      Most importantly, as a Bill, the proposal is a secular document that must go through the secular democratic body of Parliament. And Islam, like it or not, just does not have a place in this decision making.

      Some of the punishments may be Quranic, but the Bill is not. Hadi is an MP answerable to voters, not simply a scholar and religionist only answerable to his god.

      To resist, oppose and question RU355 is no blasphemy, no insult to Islam. It is just exercising your rights as a citizen in a democracy.

      RU355 is Hadi's creation.

      Where did he get the figures from?

      His own head.

    5. Oh... Prof., I forgot...

      That was also when DAP's RBAs was abound in the cyber space.
      But now, thanks to Najib's 1MDB and Jho Low... there is no longer the need for the opposition to waste money on recruiting RBAs and rent office space at Wenworth Hotel or Komtar.

  10. Annie,

    Zam should have realised that it is difficult to convey much information in a twit.

    Attempting to link the Johor tragedy to Najib in 140 characters is quite a feat for anybody, even an award winning journalist.


  11. What TS Zam tweetted are the truth,not FAkE NEWs
    He said (1)Eight childrens mortalised during cycling
    misadventure in JB as aired by TV3
    (2)Hospital caught fire in JB as aired by TV3
    (3)During sitting PM''s watch
    Why take offense,search your imaginations


    1. Like BigDog... the truth hurts their conscience.
      That's just about it.