Saturday 18 February 2017

Chingay and RUU355 - 200,000 each

Last night, the

Chingay parade in JB attracts 200,000 spectators

I was not there, but I do remember how exciting the whole thing was.

It's basically a procession of gods, for the Chinese community in JB.

You all can read more about it here

Chingay Festival in Johor Bahru 

I also remember that it got the national heritage status just before the last general election in 2013.

You can read about it here,

JB Chingay parade gazetted as heritage

As reported, it was announced by PM DS Najib Razak himself.

That was in 2012, the height of 1Malaysia.

It was quite obvious that the move was to appeal to the Chinese community's sensibilities so that they would be nicer to the establishment.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

The overwhelming majority of Chinese in JB, as elsewhere didn't vote for BN in 2013.

Nonetheless, last year, it was announced that the government will
seek world cultural heritage status for Chingay 

After national, they go for world pulak.

I was telling myself that it looks like the BN government has not given up on the Chinese.

Good lah that way.

I also almost gave up on them, but only later on realised that it's wrong to give up on those who are part of us.

For better or worse, people who disappoint us are still part of us.

We should not give up on them.

Just because the Chinese didn't support the government yesterday, doesn't mean they will not support the government tomorrow.

Kipidap, they say these days :)

You just can't throw the Chinese into the sea, okay.

They are Malaysians too.

Well, today there's the RUU355 gathering at Padang Merbok in KL.

It aims to gather 200,000 people, which is about the same size as the chingay event in JB last night.

It's supposed to menyatu padu kan umat Melayu dan Islam.

The agenda is to further empower the Syariah courts to the same level as the normal courts.

Though denied by the organisers, it's definitely a Pas' event.

If successful, I believe it will pave the way for bigger things than just empowering syariah courts.

I believe it will pave the way for the implementation of hudud in this country and Pas becoming the dominant political party representing the majority Malay Muslim community.

No need for Umno after this. Unlike Pas, Umno can't promise paradise.

That's why I can't help laughing when some Umno people said they support RUU355.

Well, if that happens, then good luck to the Malay Muslims and the rest of Malaysians.

I'm migrating to Japan, okay :)

Hey, you all can make the RUU355 gathering an annual event like the chingay procession and get it the national and world heritage status too.

That would be nice, eh.

Okay, this is a video of the Chingay procession in case you all are wondering what it was all about,


  1. Annie,
    slightly disappointed with you, the way you wrote seems to indicate that you are equating umno IS the gomen and should govern selama lamanya, get this, the Rakyat IS never against any gomen, they have the right to replace the ones that they deem unfit and lack the legitimacy to govern anymore especially one that is lead by a shameless but vainglorious moron

  2. Annie,

    The gods for the chinese aren't the same as the god for the melayu islam.

    The gods for the chinese are not god per se but they are normally referred to as deities. When there's a need, the chinese nons will ask from their deities but if the deities concerned cannot deliver, they are dumped. The joss sticks smoke will go to other deities such as toa pek kong.

    Not so with the melayu islam. If they got trouble and they pray but didn't get help from their god, they will convince themselves that the problem is themselves. God can never go wrong.

    Funny thing is, these people bring the same concept to politics...

  3. RUU is more speacial than hudhud annie,

    You got extra 30 years in jail and rm100,000.00 fine and top up with 100 lashes. In any case those "khalwat criminal" wannabe not aware of the dosa cleansing punishment.

    Tok aji ada alasan kukuh nak kahwin 2,3 atau 4.

  4. Annie,

    regarding najib helping to get recognitions for JB Chingay:

    Singapore also wants to have chingay,trying to hijack it from JB after chicken rice durians and cili crabs. but with their almighty government and money chests, not only chingay can't take off, even their national pride of Christmas lightings in orchard road also going away.

    sometimes it's just not for you to determine everything.

    JB Chingay has existed for more than a hundred years. it's already there even before some pemimpin tersohor melayu Islam exist as a spermatozoon in his father's ding dong. and more likely than not that after he became dusts also it will still be around. so please don't try to claim credit for JB Chingay. what do the Chinese owe to BN for JB Chingay?

    1. The problem with some of the Chinese are their superiority complex like this anon 1146.
      Chingay might have existed for more than a hundred years tapi bila BN mintak world heritage status kembang semua lubang hidung babi-babi.Nobody protested the effort by our PM including the DAPshit

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Now everyone is looking up at jho low not PM. U prof moron worst then kangkung. Untouchable jho low a chinese. What can u do to him. u boot lickers should follow what ur Tuan said. Stupid asshole, a nobody, talk cock. Dont DAP this n that. If u happen to meet jho low the chinese make sure u jilat his balls coz ur Tuan said so.

    3. Pro moron kangkung if jho low said u eat babi shit make sure u tambah a bit of sauce ok. Nice boy or else you will make your boss angry if jho low make a complaint. U pity asshole, ball lickers helping jho low, melayu and co to scam the rakyat. Traitors hell is waiting for you.


  5. "Well, today there's the RUU355 gathering at Padang Merbok in KL. It aims to gather 200,000 people, which is about the same size as the chingay event in JB last night."

    Someone accurately calculated that Padang Merbok cannot possibly hold more than 18,000 people, even if they are standing shoulder to shoulder.

    The human body occupies a certain volume (leave aside extraordinary "specimens" like the Birkin hippo or Fat Soh).

    Same reason that 100 people cannot fit in an elevator.

    The volume of space makes it impossible.

    1. Errrr, let me correct you la....

      either 18,000 people or one fat soh : )


  6. To me, RUU355 will only give life-line to Najib, Hadi and their dying Political Parties. It will not bring more food to the table of anybody, especially the Muslims.

    Bad perception of the Muslim would be heightened with RUU355. As a matter of fact, the Ringgit will highly likely depreciate even further, especially with UMNO-Najib supporting its implementation.

    1MDB Billions of debt is already weighing-down the Ringgit... compared to Rupiah & Baht... why weigh it down further?

  7. Ringgit depreciation co relates with the weigh of hippo.
    The heavier the hippo gets, the lower the Ringgit will get.

  8. The kelantan pas government has nothing better to do. Kebajikan rakyat & alam sekitar kelantan pun x terjaga nak sibok jaga tepi kain rakyat msia yg lain.

  9. RUU355...what better way to put one on the radar screen of the Trump administration. And not in a good way.

    Because we all know how key players in that administration feel about Islamic militants, Islamic terrorism etc etc.

    The Malaysian gahmen will be very careful not to give Trump & his advisors the wrong ideas about Malaysia.

    PAS, being globally stupid, doesn't think about such secular matters.

    More's the pity....

    I don't envy the Malaysian Ambassador to the US trying to explain to a sceptical White House, State Department etc what Malaysian politics is all about.

    And it is not as if China or Russia is riding to the rescue here!

  10. I don't believe UMNO will supppor the implementation of hudud in Malaysia.
    Whatever it is RUU 355 is a tool that pull UMNO and Pas closer to each other.
    RUU355 is also a tool that divide the opposition

    Prof Kangkung

  11. Just wait to hear from you later in Japan..