Thursday 23 February 2017

The best way to disagree with our elders

I never believe that being rude to elderly statesman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would ever improve things for BN, and in particular Umno.

Young people shouldn't be rude to their elders no matter how troublesome the old people turned out to be.

You wouldn't win anything meaningful by being rude to old people.

In fact, behaving kurang ajar to the elderly would only turn you into an ungrateful jackass.

Really, that's how I see it.

So, I was kinda impressed when I read the open letter to Dr Mahathir by Hezeri Samsuri, of

You can read the letter in full with a bit of introduction at this link,

Don’t worry Tun M, Proton sale won’t hurt automative sector

The guy was not rude at all despite totally disagreeing with Dr Mahathir on the future of Proton.

In fact, he was very courteous, which to me is very important when addressing an elder, especially so in the case of someone like Dr Mahathir.

The guy also stated his arguments clearly and without being emotional.

I think even Dr Mahathir can appreciate his arguments even though he would most likely disagree with the young man.

Well, I'm quite sure Dr Mahathir would at least read the letter if he comes across it....and more importantly he would not likely get angry because of it.

Whatever it is, the main thing is that Hazeri, by being proper, managed to convey his opinion to an audience that include those from the middle ground or even the other side of the political fence.

Whether the audience will later on agree with his opinion is secondary.

At least he would not be shut off by the more reasonable section of the audience before he could even open his mouth.

Of course, the more extreme ones may not even consider his opinion because he is not in the same boat as them, but I believe those are in the minority.

I also believe that things would not have become as bad as it is now if the team of PM DS Najib Razak had handled Dr Mahathir's grouses the way Hazeri did from the very start of the whole nonsense.

What to point talking about it.

It's just too bad things turned out the way it is now.

Too many big headed idiotic pricks running the show on Najib's side.

Well, actually it's the same on Dr Mahathir's side too these days.

Too many opportunists with personal agenda running around.

Still, I think it's better to handle Dr Mahathir's unhappiness the way Hazeri did.

You can disagree with the old man but should do so without hurting his feelings too much.

That's the best way.

Of course, keeping our ego in check is very important in this case.

Otherwise it wouldn't work.

Really. I actually came across those who think that the whole thing is about who can outshout the others.

They think the one who could insult the other more or louder will win the fight.

Isn't that as idiotic as it can get?

Guys, that's just your ego la....and of course the need to showcase your loyalty to the boss.

But that's all there is to it, okay.

It's really not going to improve things or win over support to your side.

People just get pissed off by such crass behaviour.

That's the fact.

Think about it.

Okay, I'm very sleepy now.

So, that's all.

Note: You can also read about this matter at Rocky's

An Open Letter from a Gen M: Tun, be fair to yourself ...


  1. Proton should be sold to Mokhzani Mahathir. Heshould stop dealing in foreign cars like Porsche and Saab and start revamping Proton instead. After all, Proton is his own father's idea.

    1. Anything wrong with that idea? Try to go to Korea and bring along Tongkat Ali and see what happen, that is the way foreign country protect their local product. 35 years along the line, proton have improved so much except that the local failed to appreciate the effort

    2. Bahasa tahun 90an;

      Local/lokel=fake/not good

      Bahasa membentuk bangsa(?)

    3. Proton has improved so much.... The thing is the other companies have improved by leaps and bounds so the gap is even bigger now. Bottomline Proton do not have enough production volume to be efficient. Maybe Proton should have by one & get 2nd at 50% off?

  2. i think wht people are worried about is the najib n co's tendency to sell our assets to cover his poor management as PM, the stealings of khazanah and the 1mbd stuff as a short term solution. this guy is really freakin retarded. if tht is all you can come out with to solve the country's financial problem, then i can be pm as well.

    i heard silterra is also up for sale. is it gonna be a china company again? ive worked in semicond industry before, and i believe it is a very important assets to malaysia.

    then this thing with proton?

    remember history everyone?

    the sultans and the crooked minister has always been the one to give out our lands to the invader.

    in the end its the rise of the people (malayan union), that the our beloved nation is saved. (from jebatmustdie, and i agree with him)

    now the situation in msia is dire again, whos gonna save our nation again ?

    where is the sultans ? where is the pious agong?

    why havent they do anything ? their last half-attempt is majlis raja2 asked for a clear inquiry regarding 1mbd, and that got shot down by nazri and tht was tht.

    can we hope for the ministers to save the day. as far as im concern, they are all in it, if u choose to be quiet then u r complicit. its just tht simple.

    where is our kedaulatan as a nation now ? i mean are we already submitting to china ?

    is it because of the doj report ? why would u surrender us to china ? is this an act of treason now ?

    1. Lulu mat salleh bawak masuk Cina ,Bulayu telima .
      Sikalang Bulayau pangil masuk Cina ,Bulayu patut mau telima maa aa .

      Wa sutak ada lalam .

    2. Anon 1828 any tom,dick and harry can be a PM. Remember PM said GST save our country. So thats what everyone will do in his seat. Easy, raise again and agaid any tax, gst etc. Period

  3. Bangsa Melayu tidak cukup kuat menjadi bangsa Malaysia Boleh seperti bangsa Korea, Jepun dan China.

    Bangsa Johor sendiri masih terkila kial, masih ditahap beridea ideal.

    Yang orang Melayu boleh dan perkasa ialah kembali ke zaman Melayu Lanun, itu cukup hebat.

    1. Anon o8:29.

      Masa 'zaman Melayu Lanun' dulu, mereka sudah 'peluk' Agama yang di bawa Saudagar Kaya Arab ke... atau masih beragama Hindu?

    2. Apakah kamu bermaksud beragama Hindu itu menjadikan mereka lanun?

      Apakah setelah memeluk agama yang dibawa saudagar kaya arab, mereka tidak lagi melanun?

      Ceitanya di sini Melayu bukan soal apa ugama mereka pada masa itu dan ugama tidak bersalah dalam apa jua keadaan.

      Dan hari ini, mereka masih menyamun..itu yang menjadi Melayu terhebat sekrang seluruh dunia.

  4. It is time to let go of proton la. The business model dah lapuk, dah tak boleh pakai. The world has moved on to electric cars and autonomous cars already. Proton should select a partner who can help them leap into the next gen cars. Jgn jadi bodoh sombong. Use the next 5 years to transform the company and who is to say that it can't be a 100% M'sian again after that?

    1. we got back singapore after 5 years huh ?

      thats wht tun m is saying, once gone its gone

      u dont simply give our strategic hold to others just like that. tht would not be smart.

      check history bmw, audi, all of them take time to mature and developed. granted we need some attitude check too, but u must be blind if u dont see the improvement from back when its established.

    2. Yes.110% agree with you.In finance @investment we should know when to cut our losses

      Prof Kangkung

    3. "We got back S'pore after 5 yrs.." That's because S'pore has continued to improve while we have degenerate. There is no logic for a developed country to want to become part of a 2 (1/4) country.

  5. Annie,

    The Proton story is the same as all the other big dream projects over the last 60 years.

    None of them lack vision.

    All of them lacked a sense of meritocracy.

    Let me give you an example.

    To this day, I am a very very very important person in my kampung only because of my father and his father before him and his father's father before him!!

    My own success, using skills and abilities acquired and used OUTSIDE my kampung where nobody knows me, count for very little.

    Virtually nobody in my kampung know what I do but they all know who I am.

    That is why I rather stay at home a lot or go work in the kebun whenever I balik kampung.

    I believe that we, Malaysians, should learn to recognise and appreciate merit - not status.

    Meritocracy should not just apply to some unknown insignificant fellow like me in some godforsaken kampung in an idyllic corner of Selangor but also at the highest levels of government and commerce in the land.

    Here is one measure of what can be achieved.

    One person doing his job properly can benefit 65,000 persons.


    1. There were times when only bright students go to universities and universities produce brilliant graduates. Engineers at JKR are excellent civil servants as well as doctors at district hospitals who can treat almost all sickness at the dame time perform minor operation. What has happened now?. This is the result of " now everyone can go to university " just like now everyone can fly.

    2. Yes.everyone can go to university but not every graduate can get a decent job.
      I have met my exstudents who end up as supermarket cashiers.

      Prof Kangkung

  6. Pilihlah mana satu..
    Rugi berniaga ada 1001 cara pemulihannya...ambil masa
    Rugi jual bangsa...jual negara

    1. Tak kisahle nak guna cara apa pun nak pulihkan asalkan jgn guna duit kerajaan. Duit k'jaan tu duit tax dari rakyat. Kalau dah lebih 20 tahun berniaga masih nak bantuan, apa yg buat anda yakin masih ada harapan untuk dipulihkan tanpa bantuan? Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again amd expecting a different result.

    2. Anon 16:09, how about this. Tanya pada vendor2 proton soalan yg sama. Mereka selama ni dah jenuh buat duit dari proton. How about if this time they help proton by taking no or very little profit untuk menyelamatkan anak bangsa yg makan gaji dgn mereka.

  7. Korea was an extremely poor country after the Korean War...

  8. tun should learn from this guy...

  9. Annie..terus terang la aku cakap..Rocky ni bole start blogging about..he is a laughing stock..period.
    Jgn salah faham annie..aku tak hina dia..its just a lot of netizens have lost respect to that man..and I dont have to elaborate why..

    1. I pity Rocky. Like I pity the blogger-whose-name-Annie-wont-allow-to-be-said in here.

      Both of them have to throw away their intelligence when it comes to supporting MO1 unreservedly. Effects of dedaks.