Friday 24 February 2017

Brutal honesty (updated)


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Ampun Tuanku


Saw this story just now

Teenager detained for urging public to gather over bicycle tragedy

and told myself to be extra careful with what I want to write in future.

I don't know what exactly that the teenager wrote but this is how it was described in that Bernama report,

This follows a police report made by a member of the public on Monday in connection with a Facebook posting calling on the people, especially cycling youths, to gather and seek an audience with Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar as well as meet the police.
According to Wan Ahmad Najmuddin, the spread of the statement could threaten the nation’s harmony and wellbeing.
Okay, I guess for one thing, I better not write anything about "gather and seek an audience with Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar as well as meet the police" if I'm not happy about anything.

I really don't fancy ending up in a police lock up for such things.

Even if later on I'm not found guilty of anything, I don't think I want to risk spending a few nights in the lock-up.

Never been in one, but I believe it's not going to be a nice experience.

Well, the law is the law and we better abide by it.

Don't simply write anything that crosses our mind.

I really need to caution myself over that as I do that quite a lot.

Simply write one.

Anyway, I hope the police will not be too hard on the teenager.

Maybe the boy was just venting out his frustration over the death of the other teenagers in the tragedy.

Sounded like he needs a counsellor rather than jail time for what he wrote.

Still on the JB bicycle tragedy, I received this comment at my previous post which I want to share in this post with you all.

I think it may help us understand a bit more as to why teenagers such as the ones who died in the tragedy did what they did, and what we should do to help them.

I polished it a bit to make it easier to read and I hope the writer doesn't mind it too much.

  Usually, its the vehicle that is racing or running at a high rate of speed. Here we have a group of boys racing on bicycles at night. So even if the driver was following all rules of the road, there is nothing that could prevent this tragedy from eventually happening. Also, taking into account that it was around 3 a.m, therefore its dark and I highly doubted that the boys had head lights. 
  The other factor is that, since the bikes were moving at a high rate of speed down a hill, they would not be able to brake to avoid the car.
  One thing that all the above factors I have noted have in common is that it added to the thrill of the race for the boys.
  They have nothing compared to the next class up (teens from families of higher income group).
  In the past, as a child was growing up, he may encountered another that is very rich and has all the toys provided by his/her parents' wealth. Or, maybe he saw it (such wealth) on t.v. But, for the most part, the people in his community are within the same income and wealth range (as his family).
   The way I saw it happened is that these groups of kids that have nothing compared themselves to all the people who are moving in to live around their community, whose kids have what appear to be all the toys, joys and devices of a good life. 
  If that was not enough, these new groups of kids that have more than them appeared to be arrogant, self centered and actually follow in their own parents' foot steps in their actions such as belittling the poor kids and making sure the poor group know they are poor and in not so many words - they stick it to them. 
  So, in order to avoid the pain, the kids that are poor would avoid any contact with these people and if they are in school they will not stay back when they were supposed to be involved in sports activities or something to do in the community
  They would come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they don't want to stay back (and get involved in such activities). 
  They would find other like-minded friends and together as a group they start to hate the grown-ups, not only among the other more wealthy group but also those from among themselves.
  They actually hate themselves and their life or maybe they even hate being alive.
  These type of thrill bike races have elements of extreme social desires for the kids. The races are dangerous and other kids had died before for taking part in them. So, the kids look at it as a way out. By doing such things, a kid feels that he is part of something, and that he is somebody at that moment, where he truly and honestly in his mind does not care if he dies.
  He felt that his life is worth nothing and he has nothing.
  Even though it all appears bleak and dark, the one thing the event does for the kid is that it gives him a desire to be what he wants, a pleasure to fantasy about, a social platform to talk with the other kids who are part of the bike racing gang. 
  The people in charge of the government will do nothing. Maybe they will send the police out to round up all the boys and take their bicycles away. But that is actually a wrong move. 
  Instead, a park or an area needs to be developed that is equal to or if not, some what better than what is on the other side of the city where the wealthy kids go to hang out.
  These kids need a system to be put in place to make them feel good about themselves. 
  They need to be given a platform to compete and social recognition.
  Money will have to be spent.
  However, I don't think this would happen as I've seen this time and time again where the officials would rather give money to a project that will increase tourists at the local eating establishments or hotels or anything that will bring in more money or help the business owners who don't even live in the community (where the kids live). 
  The bike races, if it is ever to be stopped, will be done in a way that would leave the boys with absolutely nothing. 
  It will be done in a way that will make the boys think lower of themselves and the community they live in. 
  The next step will be the boys' consideration of joining a criminal gang.

That I think is brutal honesty.

I even believe that the commenter is one of the youths.

You all may disagree with what he wrote but that I believe is a voice of kids such as those who died in the tragedy.

Maybe he wrote the comment to express his grief over the passing of his fellow youths in the tragedy.


Maybe it's the same with the other teenager who was detained by police for what he wrote.


Whatever it is, I think we need to be more compassionate.


  1. "This follows a police report made by a member of the public on Monday in connection with a Facebook posting calling on the people, especially cycling youths, to gather and seek an audience with Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar as well as meet the police.

    According to Wan Ahmad Najmuddin, the spread of the statement could threaten the nation’s harmony and wellbeing."

    How could it do that?

    Silly statement.

    The Ruler can meet who he wants.

    And when did just meeting the police become a crime?

  2. "Well, the law is the law and we better abide by it". Sorry, disagree, the overzealous implementation means the law is poorly written and is subject to abuse. The law is man made and therefore must be changed if it leads to injustice. Yg "heran" tu, why always Johor & not other states?

    Agree with u on the compassion bit but enough of talking of the possible causes. Life is unequal even at birth. There will always be kids borne to parents who will abuse them, either physically, mentally or emotionally. Just today in the news, about an 11 yr old boy dragged by his addict mother to an addicts den. He hasn't eaten for 2 days. Is it fair?

    It is more important IMO to move forward and put in steps to address the immediate issue at hand. This is an example below and apparently Terengganu has long done this to address these bicycle nyamuk riders in its state.

    Sorry for the long post. Have a restful wknd.


  3. Miskin punya olang apa-apa pon tatak bolih buat maa aa. Kili salah ,kanan pon salah maa aa.

  4. Annie,

    Re the teenager being detained for trying to see the Sultan, I find it a bit sad that it has come to this.

    I keep hearing that Malays are very docile and peaceful people who are very relaxed.

    I also keep hearing that we must not provoke the Malays because it can cause them to run amok.

    Well, isn't this young man a perfect example of a Malay being provoked to the extent that he is turning to his Sultan for help instead of running amok?

    And he gets arrested for his troubles?

    WTF are our authorities thinking?

    Using PDRM to suppress an angry young man seeking an audience with his Sultan because NOBODY else is doing anything?

    Has that young man no rights to demand an audience with his Sultan?

    He wants something done and he wants it NOW!!

    If it was me, I would have given him a Datukship for his attempts to do something to help others, not arrest him.

    As for the comment by Pedal Pumping, well, who cares what he/she says.

    It is just the same as who cares what you say and who cares what I say.

    You talked about solutions in your article "Thanks for caring" and 5 or 6 solutions/suggestions were offered.

    Will any of them see the light of day?

    I doubt it - the effort required to solve this problem is massive and requires changes in many many areas of Malaysian society and government policies.

    I don't think that any politician, bureaucrat or anybody else with a vested interest would want change.

    Oh sure, as the elections get closer, we may see a few announcements that umpteen gazillions have been allocated for projects and programs targeted at the youth, blah blah blah.

    They are just allocations, mere hot air, but the pakciks and makciks in the kampung2 don't know that.


    I just had a mischievous thought.

    Maybe Hadi Awang does have the answer to this problem.

    Because many of the misbehaving youth are Muslims, let's increase the punishment which the shariah courts can hand out for misbehaving youths.

    Does anybody know what the current punishments are?

    I have a feeling they are simply too lenient at the moment :)


    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sorry Anon, but your English translation of the national anthem was incorrect. Have to take it down as it could be deemed seditious. Thank you.

    3. Really. Owh sorry about the posting then. Thank you annie

  5. From what I heard the driver of the car is a Chinese lady.The boys who were killed in the incident were all Malays.
    You guess what are in the people mind when they read about this thing.
    Racism has no place in this country

    Prof Kangkung

    1. For the first time i agreed 100% with u prof kangkung. Not inly in this country but Racism shouldn't hv any place in the world.

  6. Prof King brushing this tragedy with your racial lens shows that you have hit the pit bottom of the shit ridden cess pool.Time you take a bath and make clean your brains.
    I just live 10 mins away from the tragic incident site and every other day we Johorians discuss this incident and none of us, mind you not a single one of us viewed the incident in a distorted and shitty way like you.
    Tell you what ? Come over to JB.....I will pick you up from any place...airport, bus terminal, taxi stand, tepi jalan or your favorite cow shed.....will take you for a drive, will show you the place the incident took place,will take you to all the fovorite mamaks, kopi tiams, coffee shops, warongs flung around JB.
    You can sit and eavesdrop conversations at these places and none of us Johorians will take this tragedy to the heights of stupidity as you have.
    I will also assure you that all internal transport, food bill and return ticket (from whichever hell hole you come from) shall be taken care of me.If you need to lodge overnight...I will take care of that too...hanya you just let me have your choice....fully furnished single bedded tempurung or a semi furnished abandoned well ?

    1. I'm with Anon 14:07.

      It's not about race... Kangkong.
      How can you named yourself Prof?
      Are you against Najib's 1Malaysia or what?

    2. Immature response with name calling etc.don't deserve a response from me.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. prof kangkung is againt najib now
      watch out kangkung.. nanti najib tak bagi you rasuah pula

    4. I am a staunch supporter of JDT.The captain of the team keep on changing but the team remain.
      Biar pembangkang otak ciput dalam ni cuba fikir apa yang saya cuba katakan.

      Prof Kangkung

    5. tunku_idris
      What is this ridiculous notice going around? Is this how civilised Johorean behave? Stop playing the blame game. To the families that has lost their loved ones I'm sorry, I too have lost a family member so I know how you feel. I hope you find peace and strength during this difficult times. Let's not blame the parents and let's not blame the lady driver, she has more rights to be on that highway than underage kids on bicycles with no helmets and other protection gears on. I've personally had experienced with these children swerving dangerously in front of my car before. I hope bangsa Johor do not attend this gathering to promote such hate towards an individual. And don't make it into a racial issue. Lets come up with a solution to avoid the same thing from happening again. Al-fatihah to those who lost their lives.
      1 DAY AGO

      Prof Kangkung

  7. I thank god DrM has curtailed the kuasa raja2. No one in their right mind wants to go back to the time when they were above all laws. Ok, enough said, I don't to experience tidur dalam penjara.

  8. Well... I've to agree with Gladiator.

    Annie wrote: "Well, the law is the law and we better abide by it."

    To me, Malaysian law is somewhat weird or pelik. I've wrote before why its pelik, so I'm not going to repeat.

    On Pedal Pumping's comment... I agree almost everything, he or she wrote, except the following;

    "... and I highly doubted that the boys had head lights. "
    "... moving at a high rate of speed down a hill, they would not be able to brake to avoid the car."

    Anyway, when is it an offence to cycle on that roads at 3 a.m?

    If its an offence to ride bicycles without, crash-helmet, brakes, headlight or rear-light reflector, isn't it the same with motorcyclists, without all of those too... including without license, road-tax & insurance cover?

    If these unlawful bikers are deemed as low-life, a nuisance to society, hence treated as vermin, therefore not considered as road-users... can other Malaysians escape being penalized too, if they accidentally ran into them too, especially at dark and unlit roads at night.

    The boys were mowed from behind, not a head-on collision, like what was written by Pedal Pumping. Therefore its an advantage to the bikers that they cannot slow-down. Otherwise... it would definitely increase the impact-speed.

    When was it, not an offense to 'langgar-belakang' other road-user? From what I know, a 'langgar-belakang' driver would promptly be compounded with RM300 fine, once he or she reported the incident.

    What's more surprising, the Police seems very quick to refute allegation that the driver was using H/P and amazingly, sort of... defended her by saying that she was not drunk.

    Usually in multiple fatality, road-accident investigators need pictures of the scene from as many angles as possible.

    Skip-marks must be immediately and thoroughly studied to:-

    - deduce the distant the cars skidded before coming to a halt or went turn-turtle.
    - deduce convincingly, whether she hit the brakes, or the gas-pedal instead.
    - deduce whether all 4 brakes mechanism were working properly... of-course supported by a Puspakom's examination.

    If there're no skid-marks, its highly likely that she panicked, frozen-stiff and do nothing at all.

    On the other note... why the need to keep her identity under wraps. If she is not guilty, so be it. Come out in the open, apologize and show your sympathy for the dead and their grieving families.
    If not... people might think the authorities have something to hide or protecting her since she had 'cables' to some powerful people. Maybe... she is the owners of that Freehold - Forest City condo... or the Child of the Main developer from China... or not having a valid driving licence or... she is had bought a 'lesen terbang'.
    Rich people... usually like that one. Money is of no concern to them, especially when we lived in an environment where Cash is King.

  9. RD,

    //Anyway, when is it an offence to cycle on that roads at 3 a.m?//

    I don't think it would be an offence anywhere on this planet.

    //If its an offence to ride bicycles without, crash-helmet, brakes, headlight or rear-light reflector, isn't it the same with motorcyclists, without all of those too... including without license, road-tax & insurance cover?//

    Even then, all those offences are for PDRM to handle.

    If those people are to be blamed for committing those offences, PDRM must also accept its share of the blame for not enforcing the law.

    PDRM should admit that it has made a poor judgement call in this case to allow large numbers of young people to indulge in such activities for such a long period of time - 10 years I believe.

    It is simple risk assessment and risk management.


  10. What was written may spark a racial war, this is the brutal truth...

  11. What happened to the gazillion ringgit spent on NEP??