Monday 20 February 2017

Thanks for caring

There has been a huge spike in the number of page views of this blog since Saturday.

It came from my last posting,

Who were these poor kids? 

The traffic is mostly from Facebook.

So, I would like to give a big thank you to the Facebookers who picked up that posting.

That posting is now the most read of this blog, taking over the spot from

Stupid Malay men

which I wrote on May 12 2014 at the height of campaigning for the Telok Intan by-election.

It's good that a lot of people are concerned about the tragedy where eight kids were killed early that morning.

It also made me conclude that Malaysians are still very much concerned about social issues instead of just being preoccupied with political nonsense.

Hopefully, such awareness will help makes our society better and prevent the tragedy from ever happening again.

However,  I have to admit that I was a bit disturbed by some of the comments that I received for that posting.

I really feel that it's not right to turn the whole thing into a blame game and the vilification of anyone, especially the kids who died in the tragedy.

For that, I have to agree with this commenter,

Compassion: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

I fear that many of us have lost this. Compassion is not only for those who are baik. But more so for those yang tergelincir. Remember Allah SWT is Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem,the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. He doesn't leave His hamba despite them being thankless. He opens the door of His mercy to whomever He pleases. For Allah Ta'ala is Al-Fattah. May Allah Ta'ala forgive us (for) our arrogance. May His infinite Mercy be upon those who have passed on and their families. And us all. Ameen Ya Rabb.

Hani Sophea

Is it so necessary to always pin a blame on someone for everything bad that happened?

Shouldn't we instead think of solutions which may prevent such tragedies from happening and seriously implement them?

Whatever it is, thanks to all of you for caring.

Thanks for the prayers too.


  1. Dear Annie, since you're in JB go to HSA and do some questions and research. Ask them! Want to have compassion nasib budak melayu. Ask them will they do it again and what are their vision. Remember Under BN the economic growth shall be exponential on forward looking. So there will be jobs and improvements of income. Ask them what's their aspirations and what do they want to do.

    Yang dah pegi hanya amalan lah dibawa. Tapi anak melayu yang hidup masa depan tak kan berubah kalu kita sendiri tak ambil peduli untuk berubah.

    1. Sorry. i'm no longer in JB. Moved back to KL quite a while ago.


  2. "shouldn't we instead think of solutions which may prevent such tragedies "

    Manyak betut Annie , Malaysia SOP selalu itu macam maa aa ,sutak jadi balu mau cali jalan mau elak maa aa .

    Sikalang kita akan lengar banyak macam punya pendapat maa aa ,semua olang mau bukak mulut lea aa , tapi sikit hali sutak lupa maa aa .

    Itu mangsa semua miskin punya budak maa aa.

    1. Talak lupa. Sudah berapa kali jadi ooo.

      Atlit training kena langgar jugak maa aa.. Smp bila mau bully maa aa..

      Suruh training kasi bagi emas sama ini negara tapi training facilities talak. Sampai bila mau training ostolia maa aa..

      Manyak duit pakai ooo.. Lagi 4 olang saja bole pigi ooo..

  3. And no apology from Nur Jazlan for his sickening remarks on this whole episode.

    What an unpleasant and worthless scumbag.

    I can only imagine the parents' feelings on reading his comments.

    1. Yea, these scumbags come by the bunch with the jibgor trademark...

    2. nj says ".....not a tragedy"......

      actually he is the tragedy - to be in parlimen!

  4. Bless you Annie.

    Alhamdulillah. For your compassion.

    Hani Sophea

  5. Annie,

    //Shouldn't we instead think of solutions which may prevent such tragedies from happening and seriously implement them?//

    Geez, there is no doubt about you.

    I do believe you might even consider taking this matter up to the highest levels of government.

    So, you want solutions?

    Solutions imply a surefire fix to problems and I, for one, am not going to say that I have guaranteed answers to any problems.

    So, I don't know about offering solutions, but I am sure there are many here who would be glad to offer suggestions.

    Most of those suggestions would probably suck big time but some of those suggestions would probably be great.

    Now, ok, let's say you get some really really good suggestions.

    Will such suggestions be applied only to that area around Pulai or rolled out nationally?

    Will pilot programs be tested out in several locations and tweaked for area-specific situations?

    And as you said, are the authorities serious about implementing any such "solutions"?

    OK, notwithstanding any of that, let me start the ball rolling with some very very basic suggestions.

    KJ is Minister for Youth, isn't he, so this is right up his alley.

    I suggest that KJ sets up a study group to find out the real extent of young kids wandering around late at nights.

    Some points of interest may include what states are facing this problem, what areas of what states, age groups, activities they are involved in, etc.

    Interactions with JKKKs, interactions with PDRM, interactions with schools, etc may be useful.

    You will note that I have pointedly omitted religious groups :)


    I doubt if an initial study would need to cost more than RM100K for one year, for one person, all field travel and accommodation.

    I am wildly guessing that a team of 5 persons can cover the entire country in one year, so we are looking at a max of RM500K.

    There will be other costs but I don't want to go into it just yet because those costs would come after one year and it begins to get complicated because I was going to talk about database designs and implementation models when I realised I know nuts about the extent of the problem. or even if there is a problem at all!!

    And oh, I suggest that all initial findings be published publicly for comment.


    I warned you that some suggestions would suck big time and I think I offered a great example above.

    I suggest that somebody else offer better suggestions :)


    1. I think every school in Malaysia have the data already.

      Sekolah ada persatuan masing-masing yang boleh update terus senarai ahli mereka.

      Elok sangatlah, sekarang pun awal persekolahan.

      Save the rm500k for other cause.

    2. Anonymous @ 21 February 2017 at 01:46,

      //I think every school in Malaysia have the data already.//

      Thks for verifying that some of the data does already exist.

      Also, I must agree that schools will play a big part in any such study.

      I don't really know what data schools keep but I have a feeling that schools don't keep data like what times those kids go out wandering or what they do when they are out wandering.

      So, not all the data may be there.

      I don't really know because I don't have very much interactions with schools nowadays.

      //Save the rm500k for other cause.//

      For example?


    3. Its the evil culture of the wahhabi ulamak that has pervaded the Malay fabric - ill-mannered and lording themselves over others; memang takabbur giler!


    4. 'I suggest that KJ sets up a study group to find out the real extent of young kids wandering around late at nights.'

      kj opportunist wants to jilat jibby by setting up forex task force......he don't care about youth

    5. Give to the school for after school program.

    6. "Give to the school for after school program"
      Kesian la kat Cikgu. As it is kat sekolah dah ada macam2 persatuan.

      How about having more padang or proper tracks/trails for these kids? Do a lessons learned on the defunct Rakan Muda, revive what was working but minus the mega spending.

    7. Also since KJ is doing a roadshow on TN50, how about engaging the disenchanted group of kids on their dreams & aspirations for the future. Jgn le engage 'the cream' saje.

    8. No no. Bukan untuk cikgu untuk handle.

      For what i know our local uni i.e. UiTM ada course Sports Science. Plus, ada kempen 1pelajar1sukan kan?

      So my thought that this uni student ade 1 term buat field training dekat sekolah-sekolah. Ajar budak-budak ni disiplin sukan untuk setiap sukan yang diceburi. Injury recovery ke, fitness training ke, (sorry i tak tau subject dorang)

      Plus MSN boleh buat basic schedule untuk budak-budak uni ni guna untuk train budak-budak yang cenderung ke arah sukan dan aktiviti lasak.

      At least budak-budak sekolah ni expose dengan profesional atlit nye training.

      Vigorous profesional training mungkin boleh buat student sekolah ni penat tak lalu nak keluar malam dah.

      Student uni pun terdedah jugak dengan skop kerja mereka bila dorang graduate nnt.

      Masa i sekolah dulu, nak jadi school team ustaz yang pilih. Jadi i rase tak profesional sgt la.

  6. Dear Glady.

    "You will note that I have pointedly omitted religious groups :)"

    Yes... keep out those 'religious groups'. However, you must strictly observe the 'solat-time', in any program.
    It will not be nice, Politically... if you totally disregard that.

    We had had enough of religious indoctrination already. How long had it been... since early 80s?... when we started turning Sek. Kebangsaan into some sort of religious school?

    By the looks of it, discipline and decency... amongst us, does not seems to improve at all? As a matter of facts... its becoming worst.

    For example...
    We teach our young children... its a sin to tell lies, steal, rob, gave or took bribes, disobey our parents, khalwat, berzina... etc etc..

    Then... came a religious guy and he said to them... when you grow-up and you have a chance to go to Saudi Arabia for the Haj, got a Haji Mabrur... all you sins will be cleansed, hence escape hell.

    It will only negate every good deeds that we have taught those young children.

    1. Wow! I would presume this wahabbism and islamism have successfully make indoctrination into school in USA, UK and many western countries. They got so many yob, hooliganism, thugs, kids gangsterism.

    2. The USA & UK have the best universities in the world dude...

      But its a radically different chapter with fanatics and the ignoramus

  7. RD @ 21 February 2017 at 12:19,

    //However, you must strictly observe the 'solat-time', in any program.//

    I think something like solat-time would need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    Once we start shoving religion down their throats, we would be no different from Hadi Bawang and his Parti Anak Syaitan.

    Once we choke off the natural inquisitiveness of the young mind, once we kill the enthusiasm of the young spirit, we have condemned a generation to re-live the sins of their parents.

    That generation will never be able to find new ways to do things, never to find new answers to old problems, never to clean up the mess their parents have created.

    //By the looks of it, discipline and decency... amongst us, does not seems to improve at all? As a matter of facts... its becoming worst.//

    Religious indoctrination HAS failed Malaysian society.

    If religious indoctrination had worked, Hadi Bawang would not be asking to increase the punishment to force Muslims to obey him and his ulama.

    Instead, all we have are raids for khalawat, child dumping, arrests of public officials for corruption, etc etc.

    And we are told that MORE religious indoctrination is needed!


    I will not be subject to any enforced religious indoctrination and I thank my parents for allowing me free choices in my life decisions..

    The people who are affected will be those who are forced by law, or by peer-pressure, or by insufficient knowledge, or by fear of punishment, to conform and accept the religious edicts imposed on them.

    I keep coming back to what Bob Marley said in "Redemption Song" :-

    "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds"

    You choose. You decide.

    I did.