Sunday 16 February 2014

Watched The Journey

The Chinese guy called in the morning and asked me to spend the day with him.

I said okay. We then decided to meet at Citta Mall, Subang which is currently my favorite hang out place.

I like the place despite more than half its units are without tenants because there are not too many people there. I don't really like crowded places.

The mall is also supposed to be environmentally friendly. Minimum air-conditioning.

By the time I arrived at 2pm, the guy was already there and had bought movie tickets.

The show was at 3.30pm.

To kill off time, we hang out at a restaurant at the ground floor.

We shared a plate of fried shrimp with garlic bread. I was drinking gingerbread milkshake while he was drinking his usual beer.

It was pleasant.

He mostly talked about his time with family and friends during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I just talked a bit about my work. I'm more a listener than a talker.

Then we went for the movie.

It's The Journey

Reputedly, the best local movie ever made.

It's basically about this Chinese girl who came back to her hometown in Cameron Highlands with her ang moh boyfriend. They wanted to get married there and with the blessing of her father.

Well, you can read more details of the movie at the link I gave up there.

My opinion was that the movie was relatively good.

But, I think it's a bit over rated, if the critics decide to consider it as the best Malaysian movie ever made.

Honestly, I think the thing about the movie which really stands out was that it makes Cameron Highlands looks very beautiful.

The rest were about the same standard as the late Yasmin's movies.

But then again, I'm not really a professional movie reviewer. I'm sure many out there disagree with me, of which I'm fine with it.

After all, the cinema was packed. That means a lot of people really like this movie.

It's the first time I watched a movie in Citta Mall where the theatre was full. Normally, it's hardly half filled.

And the movie which was meant for CNY audience have been playing in cinemas for more than two weeks.

The audience were almost exclusively Chinese.

The thing about Malaysian Chinese cinema goers was that, they will make the effort to support any locally produced Chinese movies which were decently made....and for some, even the badly made ones.

And when there is one which is a bit better then the rest like The Journey, they will go all out to pack the cinemas where it's playing.

The Chinese guy is one of those. He will watch every local Chinese movies in the cinema, no matter the quality.

And for this movie, at one point I saw him wiping his tears.

He was holding my hand throughout the movie. So sentimental leh...

I was like....hey, this movie was not even sad, okay.

But when I check later with a Chinese friend, she said she cried many times throughout the movie.

"You were not touched by the movie because you are not Chinese la," she said.

Probably she was right.

But then again, I hardly cry watching a movie.

I do wonder if the movie would have been such a mega hit if the Chinese girl's ang moh boyfriend character be replaced by a Malay guy character....


  1. I've not watched a single Chinese movie ever since I migrated to the US in 2001. We don't have cable but we subscribe to Netflix and we can get access to thousands of movies through Netflix including Chinese. But why should we waste our time watching Chinese movies (most are low quality) when we have good quality movies from Germany, France, Italy besides the US and UK?

    1. Anon 06:14 could possibly living in a trailer, hence the term trailer trash. Make a lot babies and go on welfare, may be you could afford cable TV. Muslims are well knowns for being welfare scoungers in the West, the pious one especially.

    2. Re, Muslims are well knowns for being welfare scoungers in the West, the pious one especially.

      Malaysians left 'stateless' in UK after passport gamble backfires
      Nearly 1,000 Malaysians are living in the UK in "stateless" limbo after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship.

      Among them is a 34-year-old man who wanted to be known as Dee, from Penang, who trained as an architect but can only get work as a dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant in London.

      "I'm an illegal immigrant," he said. "What makes it worse is the British Government saying it's very hard to renounce Malaysian citizenship and declaring we're still Malaysian. The Malaysian government says we're not Malaysian any more, but British. It's crazy."

      Stateless residents fight for sense of belonging in Brunei

      There is a special group of ethnic Chinese in Brunei: they were born and raised in the country; they are well-off, well-educated and enjoy social status. They also love the country.

      However, what is printed in the "nationality" column of their passport is not "Brunei". It once read "stateless" but now declares "permanent resident".

      Lim Boon Hwa, 65, is one of the hundreds of thousands of these residents but he played a leading role, with others, in getting "stateless" removed.

      "We held British passports under Britain's colonization. Then after independence, we became stateless. Why have things become worse?" asked Lim, vice-president of the Brunei-China Friendship Association and a businessman.

      Border Patrol Dealing with Increased Illegal Immigrants from China

      Guarding the United States’ border with Mexico against illegal immigration no longer means capturing just individuals who speak Spanish.

      Mandarin is another language Border Patrol agents must deal with.

      In recent years, immigrants from China have increasingly tried entering the U.S. through the Mexican border. The numbers are substantial enough for the federal government to now post signs near the international crossing that feature warning messages in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

      “We have had on occasion a number of Chinese in the groups that we have called in and reported to border patrol,” Jim Gibson of the Texas Border Volunteers told KABB Fox News in San Antonio.

      “The fact that the federal government put the Chinese language on a rescue beacon is significant and tells us there are a significant number of people from China coming through or else they wouldn’t have bothered with it,” Gibson added.

      The Border Patrol reported that about 500 Chinese illegal immigrants were apprehended last year in Texas. During the year ending September 2010, 1,157 of those apprehended were of Chinese nationality.

      58,000 illegal immigrants in Australia have arrived by plane

      The list can go on and on.

    3. Anon 11:48,

      We used to subscribe to cable but changed to Netflix when it came. You see, Netflix subscribers have more choices compared to cable. We can choose whichever movie that we want to watch from its endless lists, anytime we want. While watching a movie we can stop it at anytime, resume watching it at anytime or delete it from our list if we don't like it or have finished watching it. But can you do that with cable network? Absolutely not.

      We don't live in a trailer. Our house including the basement is a four-storey single family home. Our land is nearly an acre and it is very rare to have such a big land in the city we live. Since we don't have any kids (don't plan to have any) we only use 2 floors as our living quarters. Our washer and dryer are in the basement as well as my husband's tools and his other gadgets. The 4th floor which has 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom acts as a storage. You can say that we lead a very comfortable life.

      A couple of months ago, we went to New York city for a holiday. One day we hailed a cab and guess what? The cab driver turned out to be a Malaysian Chinese who was unable to get a better job although has a degree. He also lamented how life was tough and was thinking of going back to Malaysia for good. A lot of Malaysian Chinese have migrated overseas thinking that the grass is greener on the other side and most also have given up their Malaysian citizenship. But alas, living overseas is not what it seems, their dreams turn out to be nightmares! To these people and other ingrates, I say this " You got your just desserts!"

    4. Anon 16:06

      You don't have to explain everything to this Cinabeng. For they thought that all of us Malays are still poor and uneducated dan BANGSAT macam bangsa mereka yang merempat diluar negara sebagai illegal immigrants.

      BTW, I think I know who you are. If I am not mistaken you are in Chicago. Few of my relatives and friends have also made America their home now, but one thing for sure they will never give up their Malaysian citizenship. All of them are professionals. Some have been there since the 70's and relocating back here is hard for most of them, as they basically grew up in the US since they were very young.

    5. LOL,

      Yes I'm the same person who used to comment in Helen Ang's blog under the handle 'Aku Melayu'. I stopped visiting her blog after becoming suspicious of her being a double agent. Nowadays it's difficult to trust a Chinese unless the person is like Ridhuan Tee or Alwi Abdullah (a regular commentator in Helen Ang's blog who has a very good command of BM despite being a Chinese). A Chinese convert like Mustapha Ong or his son Omar Ong cannot be trusted and we the Malays should be wary of these kind of people.

      I migrated because it is easier for me to get a greencard. If my husband were to die first before me, I will sell all our assets in the US and come back to Malaysia for good. Unlike most Malaysian Chinese, I migrated for love and not for seeking a greener pasture elsewhere.


    6. Reputedly, the best local movie ever made...... Says who? The cinabeng producer n director themselves ka? This his hilarious. Say the film has been screened at any film festivals abroad like Toronto's TIFF etc. or it gets indy review from renowned international film reviewers. Bunohan, despite went to TIFF n reviewed by never claimed the best local movie pun.

      "With a list of ancestors that includes Shakespeare, Tran Anh Hung, “The Godfather” and the Bible, “Bunohan” serves up a feast of archetypes and violence amid a story that twines like a basketful of cobras to deliver a movie that’s ripe as a mango for a U.S. remake. The border-hopping Malaysian plotline defies pigeonholing — it’s a fight film with echoes of “King Lear,” and a ghost story about living people who occupy the edge of existence. Specialty bookers could well be turned off by the brutal violence, but a dose of visceral horror is well worth the trip to “Bunohan - John Anderson of

      These cinabeng not only made lousy films, they also take the term masuk bakul angkat sendiri to a new level.

      Dont waste your money on Journey movie, come CNY next year, gerenti kuar kat TV2.

    7. Anon 21:48,

      Agreed 100%. The last Chinese movie I watched was a Kungfu movie with Chow Yuan Fatt as the lead actor (sorry, I forgot the title as it was a long time ago). Yang tak masuk akal was when they could terbang from one bamboo to another bamboo while Kungfuing. Memang tak logic! Despite spending millions producing Chinese movies, they are still considered low quality. Memang bangsa cinabeng ni suka masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Maybe they are trying to forget asal usul mereka yang rata-rata keturunan kuli and 'comfort women's.


      The Journey' rakes in RM13m

      RECORD-BREAKING: It's the highest-grossing local movie of all time

      KUALA LUMPUR: Barely three weeks after its release, local movie The Journey is making waves in the local movie scene...........


      Box office beat former top grossing movie 'KL Gangster'

      Eat your words Anon 6:14, 21:48, 22:35. :)

  2. Annie,

    So you went out on a date with the Chinese guy. Is he the same Chinese guy with the double chin? If so advice him to eat less pork or else he would end up with multiple chins and then no chin at all. I think if he us really serious about you, he will cease eating pork altogether.

    When I was in college a long time ago, I fell madly in love with a senior. He is a Malay but actually has not Malay blood at all. His father is a Pakistani and his mother is a Chinese. He looked a bit like the young Richard Here. The relationship lasted more than 5 years, got engaged and then broke up. Then I met my first husband (ex) and married him on the rebound. The marriage lasted less than 3 years as I did not really love him. I thought I had had enough of men and did not date for more than 15 years until my current husband swept me off my feet. He is not a Malaysian but an ang moh. His company sent him to Malaysia on business. One day my brother-in-law (my older sis's husband) invited him to dinner at his home and coincidentally I was there. We were introduced but unbeknown to me, before he went back to his country, he asked my brother-in-law for my email address. We corresponded back and forth for more than a year when we realized that we had fallen in love. He proposed, converted to Islam in the US, got married in Malaysia.

    So you see, Annie love will happen without you knowing it. Who knows, maybe the Chinese guy will be your jodoh and he will become a true Muslim just like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Berdoa kepada Allah supaya terbuka hatinya untuk memeluk Islam.

    1. Anon 06:50, good for you the white guy swept you off your feet and inadvertently also swept unwanted garbage off Malaysian soil, also don't forget to get your husband to claim bumiputera status as he is technically a Malay now.

      There are many Muslim converts in Prison too, prehaps a good place for you to look for a pious husband after the white man gets rid of you or you can always go to the desert to find a camel shagger.

    2. well said, anon 11:38 !

    3. Is this a lasting treasure; or just a moment's pleasure ..... will you still love me tomorrow?

    4. Anon 11:38

      Re. swept unwanted garbage off Malaysian soil

      Million are reported to have left after Merdeka and here are a thousand or more of them:

      Malaysians left 'stateless' in UK after passport gamble backfires
      Nearly 1,000 Malaysians are living in the UK in "stateless" limbo after tearing up their passports in expectation of winning British citizenship.

      Re. don't forget to get your husband to claim bumiputera status as he is technically a Malay now.

      You mean like Zairil Khir Johari of DAP? Mat-mati pun nak mengaku dia Melayu.

      Re. There are many Muslim converts in Prison too, prehaps a good place for you to look for a pious husband

      Don't forget about the 75% gangsters of Indian ethnicity, Chinese Along, Pimps, Prostitutes, etc. etc.

      Re. after the white man gets rid of you

      Couldn't agree more with you, just like the White men brought your forefathers and fore- mothers as coolie, jailbirds and comfort women and opium addict from China or pariah from India.

      Re. you can always go to the desert to find a camel shagger.

      Before that happens here is news flash for you.

      The Prostitution in Dubai

      The rate of Asian girls such as Chinese and Filipino is from AED 300 to 500, Russian prostitutes cost AED 500 to AED 1000 and Arabic girls are more than AED 1000. Hence, if a Filipino ask you for AED1000, you should know she is fleecing you of your money.

      or this:

      Ghana deports thousands in crackdown on illegal Chinese goldminers
      Ghanaian government believes Beijing may be retaliating for deportations, which follow Guardian investigation

      The list can go on and on.

    5. LOL,

      Sebenarnya bangsa cinapek dan segelintir "I'm not Indian actually " ni banyak busuk hati, hasad dengki dan bodoh sombong.

    6. Wow akhirnya muncul juga LOL !
      LOL dah bangun petang, mula lah tirade LOL....hahahahaha

    7. Hello Anon 16:14 @ Redbeanie,

      Kenapa? Awak Rindu kat kite? Dah makan ke belum? Makan apalah agaknya menu awak hari ni ya? Kuku Jiou Fish Goreng campur VJJ Mushroom ke? Dengar kata Cinabeng suke lauk ni. Betul ke?

      The Chinese Penis Fish

      Rare mushroom found by Chinese villagers actually a fake vagina (VIDEO)

    8. This is why I'm a great fan of Annie. Beside politics, she also writes about her life. But, what I like most about Annie is, she let through even the 'kurang -ajar' comment such as from Anon 11:38. What has Anon 06:50 wrote that she deserved such a rude reply by Anon 11:38?
      Is it because Anon. 06:50 is a Malay women?
      If Anon 06:50 is a Malay man and he married an Ang Moh girl instead. Will a Malay man be treated as such, too?
      Why must Malay/Muslim treat their women, inhumanely?

      Love is something natural. You just can’t force it onto anybody. At least the off-springs with such a marriage, multiplied the Ummah. Whether they are a loyal Muslim or not, is up to Him. Why the need to look askance? Is it due to inferiority complex?

      I think, this why the Muslim are in the mess they are today. I mean fighting endlessly with each other.

      What if Anon 06:50 gets fed-up and disgusted with the treatment she received from her community, then decide to do a ‘Lina Joy’?

      Remember that young Malay man from Kelantan (if I’m not mistaken), who took his own life after being ridiculed by the public and being prime news in the media, after deciding to have a sex-change in Thailand.

    9. Thanks for the info. Wow, I just find these things interesting and make me really horny. Honestly, I want to get some of these things. The penis fish for my cat, you still remember my cat, right? The rare mushroom is definitely for me and only me.

    10. LOL,

      Hahaha..Your above comment makes me lol!

    11. RD

      Re. Why must Malay/Muslim treat their women, inhumanely?

      Where in her story that she said her husband treated her badly. I am sure it is a bad marriage but abusive not mentioned. Bad relationship and marriage, happens in every culture but violence against women/girls are more prevalent and pervasive among Indian and Chinese. Here take a look:

      India 'dowry deaths' still rising despite modernization
      September 05, 2013|By Carol J. Williams

      Crime statistics and a Gender Scorecard compiled by women's rights activists have put chilling new perspective on an age-old social ill in India: Bride-burning and other "dowry crimes" take the life of a woman every hour.

      Despite a rapidly expanding middle class, enviable economic growth and measurable strides in modernization since India's 1947 independence, dowry deaths continue to rise year on year, as does the related plague of "cruelty by husband and relatives" -- the crime defined as torture committed against women in pursuit of more marriage bounty from their parents.

      India's unwanted girls

      India's 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven - activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi explores what has led to this crisis.

      200 Million Girls Killed in China, Where Are the Feminists?

    12. Re. Remember that young Malay man from Kelantan (if I’m not mistaken), who took his own life after being ridiculed by the public and being prime news in the media, after deciding to have a sex-change in Thailand.

      I don't think that he was being ridiculed. He was depressed for his application to change gender in his IC was rejected by the court. Where did you read about him, taking his own life? Jangan memfitnah. For all that I know, he got into severe depression which resulted his ultimate death due to low blood pressure and heartbeat.

      Fyi, there are many of them out there across all ethnicity here in Malaysia. They live within their own community with don't kiss and tell attitude. Some have migrated to Europe and got married for they are more accepted there.

      Tapi kita ini semua orang Islam, kena hidup cara Islam, setiap kekurangan itu adalah ujian, seperti buta, pekak, dan bisu. Dalam Islam ada disebut golongan khunsa yang mempunyai dua alat kelamin, hanya golongan ini saja yang dibenarkan melakukan pembedahan menurut naluri dan kecenderungan mereka, Selain daripada itu tidak dibenarkan.

    13. Re. What if Anon 06:50 gets fed-up and disgusted with the treatment she received from her community, then decide to do a ‘Lina Joy’?

      Saya tidak rasa Anon 06:50 serendah itu akal dan imannya. Hanya orang yang kurang didikan agama dan/atau cetek akal sahaja yang tergamak membuang agama kerana Cinta seperti Lina Joy, Aishah Bukhari, Hasnah Ibrahim dan seorang lagi yang jadi Hindu, tak ingat namanya.

      Lagi satu kita orang Islam perlu ingat, Hidayah itu datang dari Allah, kalau dia nak tarik bila-bila saja ianya boleh berlaku. Berdoa sajalah agar kita semua selamat dan terpelihara.

    14. RD,

      My ex-husband who is a Malay did not treat me inhumanly. We got divorced because of no compatibility. He believed in karut marut for e.g. when he got sick, he claimed someone was trying to witch him. His father, a hospital employee also dabbled as a witch doctor (dukun). Another thing, too much intervention from his parents in our marriage which I detest. On my wedding day to my American husband, my late mum jokingly said to me "You have upgraded yourself from having a witch doctor as a father-in-law to a medical doctor as a father-in-law". My current husband's father (he died in 2011) was an MD who graduated from Johns Hopkins University.

  3. Just can't understand. Why drag religious or racial on all matters ? convertlah,Malaylah,technically Malay..etc.For once why can't enjoy Annie's story with a racial tone?

    Annie, go on blogging.Enjoy your life.Beer or no beer let your man choose best for himself and may be latter for kindself.

  4. LOL,
    Here is another good idea for a movie.
    Since LOL is not welcome in foreign countries including his ancestors’ country of origin, he decides to pay a visit to his relatives. LOL says to them that they will live a better life if they listen to him. Everyone smiles at him and LOL likes it very much. When he leaves his relatives’ home, a little boy asks his father, “Why we have to wash our house after LOL is gone?” His father asks the little boy back, “ Do you wash your butt after pooping?”

    1. India's "Untouchables" Face Violence, Discrimination
      Hillary Mayell
      for National Geographic News
      June 2, 2003

      More than 160 million people in India are considered "Untouchable"—people tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure, less than human.

      Human rights abuses against these people, known as Dalits, are legion. A random sampling of headlines in mainstream Indian newspapers tells their story: "Dalit boy beaten to death for plucking flowers"; "Dalit tortured by cops for three days"; "Dalit 'witch' paraded naked in Bihar"; "Dalit killed in lock-up at Kurnool"; "7 Dalits burnt alive in caste clash"; "5 Dalits lynched in Haryana"; "Dalit woman gang-raped, paraded naked"; "Police egged on mob to lynch Dalits".

    2. Anon 17:22,

      Do you and your chinkie kind wash your butt after pooping? The answer is a big "NO". In the old days, you people used old newspapers but now have become modern and have money use toilet paper. But there are still many of your kind in China use old newspaper because they are too poor to afford toilet paper.

    3. anon 21:03, for your info, the chinkies wash their butt every time and all the time after pooping and wipe clean with toilet tissue.

    4. Anon 21:03

      Anon 17:22 is not Redbeanie. He/she is a descendent of Dalit/Devadasi. With regards to wiping their ass after shitting, in India, this kind normally don't do that. They just squat by the road side and walk off after that. No wiping necessary.

      I was in Mumbai last time and touched down at the airport around 5.00pm local time. The driver suggested that we took a short cut to avoid traffic after office hour. I had many luggage at that time, and one had to be put on top of the car . We passed by this shanty town and it stinks to high heaven even with all window up. 2 weeks later I arrived somewhere in Europe, and the smell still stuck on of my luggage to my embarrassment every time .I checked into a hotel. No perfume can clear that smell at all.

      In China, it is still the same, the poor just don't wipe their ass after shitting and most of them stink. Hygiene is not their priority.

    5. Anon 20:16@ Redbeanie

      How could I stop, when you keep wanting for more of my SHIT in your mouth.

    6. Anon 21:54,

      Only the Chinese who have converted to Islam wash their butt after pooping. Non-Muslim Chinese do not and in fact they ridicule us Muslims for doing it. BTW, are you a PAS member who believes what the DAP Chinese say lock, stock and barrel?

    7. No need to go to India or China. Why don't you go to some of our Government Offices? Try EPF building at Jln Raja Laut or the toilet kat JPN, immigration at Jln Duta.

  5. The movie is about a Chinese girl and her Mat Salleh boyfriend.
    Anything with Mat Salleh sure will be a hit...hehe.
    Sorry I am not interested in watching anything with Malaysian Chinese in it.
    Used to have chinese best friends and boyfriends...but nowadays I just get nauseaus with anything chinese related. Malaysian Chinese have shown their true colors and I wont want to be associated with them anytime soon. To me they are the jews of Asia.

    1. Don't say like that. My neighbours are Chinese. They gave me a cat becase they are not interested in cats. They said the kitten went into their house. Besides that, they gave me a lot of mandarin oranges. Don't criticize the entire race just because of a small group. Wish you the best.

    2. Anon 21:47

      For all that you know the kitten's mother was already in the pot and simmering for dinner, who knows? They eat everything under the sun fyi.

  6. I think most hater for LOL cannot accept the fact...
    If that person can write English ..
    That person couldn't be a Malay ..

  7. The jews of asia my foot.which part? Most jews you see they are attractive.these bengs do you consider them attractive? Ok lets compare them intellectually how many china man had won nobel prize in physics and chemistry? Im not a fan of jewish people btw. Israel is a force to reckon with when it comes to education but china?

    1. Anon 21:24

      Re. The jews of asia my foot.which part?

      Bukan dari segi rupanya, tapi sifat mereka yang macam MALAUN.

    2. But having said that, when will we see a Malay Noble Prize winner?

      Farid Ahmad

    3. Farid Ahmad,

      Are you sure your real name is Farid Ahmad and not Fart Rid Ahmoh?
      Tell us how many Chinese in the world and how many Malays in the world? Who likes to boast about their 5000 years of civilization? More than a billion Chinese in the world and yet not a single Noble Prize winner. 5000 years of civilization and yet there is no decorum amongst the majority Chinese. So far is there a well known Chinese classical music composer who is in the same league as Mozart, Beethoven? None, zero, nada, zilch!

    4. Malaysian Chinese are like Jews coz they are bangsa yang tak sedar diri ...taking over other peoples land and claiming its theirs. Malays are too nice and forgiving and let them stay on but see what they have done. Rasuah berleluasa because of the chinese. Harga barang naik ..and guess who control the economy lah...muka ahbeng nyonya like kitsiang n teresacock should be thrown out fron Malaysia. Just because once a year they gave us mandarin orange u think they care lah....alooo...mandarin orange tu murah jer lahhhh!!!

    5. Anonymous 16 February 2014 23:56,

      Betul, betul, betul. Nowadays I don't eat mandarin oranges lah because of ABC, ABCD. All Malays should do the same

    6. Why did Mao Tse Tung hate Confucius so much?

      And why does Tokong Lim Kit Sinag love Chin Peng the Malayan Communist Party terrorist so much?
      So why are the Malaysian Chinese so unlike Confucian gentlemen?
      Is it because they love the DAP Tokong too much?

    7. Anon 23:56, u mean like the Malay who come over from Sumatera, Jawa and take over the land from the Orang Asal?

  8. Jermyn Chow
    The Straits Times
    Sunday, Feb 16, 2014

    Singapore Space Program Inferior Because It Does Not Send Man Into Space

    SINGAPORE - A made-in-singapore prototype of a space plane, which can take travellers to the edge of space 100km above earth, will take off for its maiden test flights in May.

    The tests will mark a milestone for home-grown defence contractor Hope Technik, which signed a deal with French aerospace giant Airbus Defence and Space at the previous Singapore Airshow two years ago.

    Hope, which beat bigger local rivals to land the multimillion-dollar deal, is supposed to design, build and launch a space plane prototype, as well as run it through tests.

    The May flights are part of a series of tests to assess the model plane's aviation electronics, aerodynamics and glide capability.





    1. If the Chinkies are clean, why the Singapore government imposes such high fines for littering in the public? Why the city of Linfan, China is the planet's dirtiest and most polluted city? Which majority race occupy Singapore and Linfan? Melayu ke?

    2. the best way to clean up after defecating is to first wipe the rectum with tissue and then to wash off any remaining feces with water. try it! it makes us all less quarrelsome.

    3. Cina makan babi...babi makan taik and bangkai... whos the dirty lot lah.....
      Malays use soap.....u think u use toilet paper only bersih ke?
      We can smell you lahhh walking around with shit smell...n we laugh behind ur

  10. My name is Farid Ahmed bin Farid Ali. I just raise a question for us, Malays, to ponder upon. By the way, it is Nobel not Noble. Wouldn't it be better to spend our time and energy to improve our own lot before we comment about others?

    To answer your questions, there are Nobel Prize winners from China or are Chinese descent, with the most recent one being Liu XiaoBo.

    There was no piano in China during that period. Having said that, in the present day, there is the famous cellist, Yo Yo Ma and pianist, Li Yundi.

    Do you hate Malaysian Chinese or all Chinese in general? Perhaps in your mind Tunku Abdul Rahman was a fool for offering these immigrants with citizenship and Tun Razak for his effort to engage China with diplomacy? If so, we have nobody to blame but our own Malay leaders. Perhaps we need an Indonesian or Filipino descent Malaysian to be our PM?

    1. Anon 05:11,

      I did type the correct word for Nobel but my kindle does not recognize it and it auto changed to noble without me realizing it. Are you really a Malay as your name is not a typical Malay name. Most probably your father is an Indian Moslem and your mother is a Chinese. Thus your sympathy towards the Chinese. I don't hate the Chinese in general but the DAP Chinese who are btw 90% of the Malaysian Chinese. You mentioned Lou Xiaobo who won a Nobel prize for being an activist and fought his government. It's all western propaganda and I'll not be surprised if Anwar Aljuburi, being a western toddy, would also one day become a Nobel prize winner when and if he manages to conquer Putrajaya. But the majority Malays and sane Malaysians will not met that happen.

      Yo yo Ma is a cellist player and he only composes songs that fit for Chinese movies. I'm talking about world class classical music composer in the same caliber as Mozart.

      Your above tirade goes to show you are a PR supporter. Having said that, there's no point of engaging you in further discussion as we know that your mind is already set. Last but not least, if you are really a Malay, people like you that will allow Tanah Melayu and agama Islam dicerobohi oleh kaum pendatang and non-Muslims.

    2. Anon 07:07

      Re. You mentioned Lou Xiaobo who won a Nobel prize for being an activist and fought his government. It's all western propaganda

      This is very true. Aung San Suu Kyi also won a Nobel peace price, yet she kept a blind eye on the plight of the Ronghiya Muslims being massacred by the Buddhist in Myanmar. By then she is already a member of Parliament.

      In 2009 President Obama won Nobel Peace prize, barely a year after taking office. What has he done to contribute to peace during that short span? Shortly after there is a growing call for the award to be revoked.

    3. With all the PATI from Filipin & Indonesia in Sabah & Semenanjung maybe soon we will have a Fiipin or Indon PM. Then our ibunegara will be in Jakarta or Manilla.