Tuesday 25 February 2014

Chinese need cool leaders

It has always been my opinion that Lim Guan Eng is a childish daddy's brat of Lim Kit Siang.

Now he provided me with a clear cut evidence.

This is his tweet which I can only describe as extremely childish,

"@mpkotabelud wah! scared oh, u wanna sue me? I am shaking all over...By the way, when are you filing suit? can't wait to prove the truth 'jgn buat omong2 kosong'

Bear in mind that it's a tweet by the Chief Minister of Penang and not one of those low class DAP macai cybertroopers hanging out at this blog.

It was in response to Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahalan, who had earlier threatened to sue Guan Eng for accusing him of being a bigot.

This is Guan Eng's earlier tweet,

"Tell him to apologise and not support the burning of Bibles first!"

Guan Eng had accused Rahman of supporting the burning of Bibles when Rahman wrote about national unity on his Facebook wall. 

Simply childish, don't you think?

Anyway, Rahman had described Guan Eng's behavior as "crass politics" and will proceed with the legal action. 

Good for him.

Personally, I have had enough of the likes of Guan Eng and the other Chinese nerds put up by their community as leaders.

The other nerds include those such as Tony Pua, and Tian Chua.

Then there are the gangster type like the Ngah and Ngeh cousins of Perak. 

Guan Eng being the nerd that he is, tried to be a gangster too and ended up looking like this,

Honestly, don't you feel like smacking the face?

I really don't understand why can't the Chinese get better leaders to follow? At least, someone with a better face than that.

Or someone who doesn't throw tantrum whenever he can't get what he wants or put in front of his name the CM (chief minister) title all the time and even makes his wife calls him that.

It's not cool at all la Guan Eng.

In fact, it makes you sound and look like a megalomaniac.

What? You got extra pleasure when someone calls you "CM darling" in the heat of the moment?

Aiyo, please don't la. I cannot imagine, okay.

Really, the Chinese community should seriously consider getting more cool and better behaved leaders.


  1. Buaya timbul menunjukan rupa

    Timbul sejenak diwaktu senja

    Bahasa menunjukan budaya

    budaya mencerminkan bangsa.

    1. tebing tinggi ingin menyelam
      tapi tak bisa berenang
      buaya ingin menyelam
      tapi takut tenggelam
      UMNO buaya darat berdua kaki
      Amanah Rakyat terus dikhianati

    2. Anon 21;17

      Amanah rakyat terus dikhainati

      bagitulah luahan isi dihati yang tidak dimengerti

      Yang nak menjadi juara rakyat tidak pulak memahami

      menabur fitnah disana sini semua tidak dipersetujuai.

    3. Anon 21:17
      Gempak buaya berkaki dua 
      Binatang bermain kaki tiga
      Kacokan buaya naga dinama BUAGA
      BUAGA berkaki tiga yang paling bahaya

    4. Ramai mendarat  ke bandar Permai
      Tidak terkawal Si mata mata
      Pendatang tiba bilangan ramai
      Buat kotor merata rata

      Keturunan Sepit bawa  tabiat
      Kotoran Sepit melangar pantang 
      Rupa paras Sepit celaka terlibat
      Mental Sepit bangsat mendatang.


  2. Unfortunately lim is the only one that able to stand up against umno unlike other yes men from mca or gerakan. This is sad as umno want to play champion of malay and blanking everything on non malay especially Chinese, the Chinese have no choice but need someone vocal enough against umno.

    1. But Chinese do not need 'crass" politicians like LGE. One can be vocal without being crass.

      Do you understand the difference?

    2. Look at him, he is fucking stoned, Man!

    3. not all looks portray the heart inside . . . .


    4. Yes but do they want a loudmouthed chauvinist in their midst? A CM at that.Shamelah.Tweeting like a stunted moron.YB Rahman was right and aptly described such poltician as a crass stupidity.

    5. LGE looks dumb ie a fucking retard and anything comes out from his mouth is utterly stupid but the Chinese highly regard him as if he is a savior from God. This goes to show that the majority Malaysian Chinese are as dumb as their DAP leaders especially Lim Gua Mereng!

    6. i'm Chinese but this ah guan i can't stand because his attitude is like samseng chief with some education. so-called neo-marxist but day and night talking about bible. betul punya twisted.


    The Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty was a national hero for his success as both a statesman and military leader. But despite his fame, power, and wealth, he considered himself a humble and devout Buddhist. Often he visited his favorite Zen master to study under him, and they seemed to get along very well. The fact that he was prime minister apparently had no effect on their relationship, which seemed to be simply one of a revered master and respectful student.

    One day, during his usual visit, the Prime Minister asked the master, "Your Reverence, what is egotism according to Buddhism?" The master's face turned red, and in a very condescending and insulting tone of voice, he shot back, "What kind of stupid question is that!?"

    This unexpected response so shocked the Prime Minister that he became sullen and angry. The Zen master then smiled and said, "THIS, Your Excellency, is egotism."


    So what was the EGOTISM stupid? Isn't it hard to prove?

    1. There are three teachers in the world: The first teacher teaches the existence of an eternal ego-entity outlasting death: that is the Eternalist (as for example the Christian).The second teacher teaches a temporary ego-entity which becomes annihilated at death: that is the Annihilationist , or Materialist. The third teacher teaches NEITHER an eternal, nor a temporary ego-entity: this is the Buddha.
      The Buddha teaches that what we call ego, self, soul, personality, etc. are merely conventional terms not referring to any real independent entity. And he teaches that there is only to be found this psycho-physical process of existence changing from moment to moment. Without understanding the selflessness of existence, it is not possible to gain a real understanding of the Buddha-Wisdom. And it is not possible without it to realize that goal of emancipation and deliverance of mind proclaimed by the Buddha.
      This doctrine of selflessness of existence forms the essence of the Buddha's doctrine of emancipation. Thus with this doctrine of selflessness, or "Anatta", stands and falls the entire Buddhist structure.

  4. Being vocal is one thing; but to continuously behave like a childish megalomaniac is just not on.

  5. The chinese deserved the leadership they have now.

    1. What leadership....It's cainis Lim-der-shit alright hahahaha

  6. Saya dah fed-up dengan UMNO yang tak ada teloq.

    - Tian Chua mengaku photoshop gambar Najib dengan Altantuya hingga, satu dunia percaya.......tak saman.

    - Tian Chua tuduh Lahat Dato adalah sandiwara UMNO......Mulanya saman....tunggu punya tunggu, alih-alih nampak si gemok boroi kenyang, boleh tersenyum simpul bersalaman dengan Tian Chua depan Mahkamah.
    Hampeh betul.

  7. I really cant understand you Annie. You keep on wacking the biaDAP and their leaders. But you still loved your double chin 'china' boy friend who are a died hard DAP suppooter!. In my opinion this kind of situation spell for disaster!

    1. Come on.
      People don't say, 'Love is blind' for nothing.

      Anyway not all DAP supporters are racist like their leaders.
      I myself would have supported DAP, if people like Kit Siang, his son Guan Eng, Belum Terasa Cock, Hannah Yeoh, Tony Pua are out of the limelight.

    2. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer?

  8. He looks and sound likes Spoiled Brats...anyway this is the best that DAP can produce..3rd world type opposition.

  9. What do expect from an ex-convict. I'm sure Guan Eng will also be deported back to Malaysia, like that kaki-jubur guy, if he were to visit Japan without special permission for an ex-convict who have spend life in prison for more that a year.

    Note: He was found guilty for disseminating lies and hatred towards Melaka CM. Same like his father who once agitated the racial riots of May 13, 1969, but escape to Sabah just before trouble broke out.

    1. He was found guilty for disseminating about the rape case by ex UMNO Melaka CM on a Malay teenager. He sacrifice himself for defending a MALAY..

    2. He was found guilty for disseminating lies. Period.

      "He sacrifice himself for defending a Malay" .Ptui!.What a spin?

      No.He went to jail because he spread lies about an ex Chief Minister screwing a Malay girl.

  10. RD,
    UMNO did not chicken out.The saman was between UMNO and Tian Chua and we do not know how much TC had to pay.UMNO agreed to the settlement knowing that TC is facing the same charge brought by the public and he may be jailed if found guilty.

    1. Sorry. I don't know about that.
      But what wrong about him going to jail.
      He deserved it, anyway.

  11. most cina nowadays are nerds la. wat do u expect. otoh, we also have to look at those that d Malays choose also la. the "tiap-tiap bulan bocor" types? so macho hor?

  12. Why a Muslim can use name called Helen? Helen of Troy ke?

    Helen also a clever evangelista brainwashing stupid Malays when egged on to boost their ego.

    I wonder what's the motive behind all these blogs. Tak percaya Tanya boyfriend dia.

    1. Anon 18:41,

      Are you referring to Helen Ang? She is not a Muslim but a Buddhist. She did claim she used to have a Malay boyfriend who is a PAS member. Now she does not have a boyfriend lah. Don't just assume membabi buta without checking the facts. We know you love to eat babi but don't act as a blind pig!

  13. There is some good chinese like Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye unfortunately good chinese do not fix with the LimTheShit clan.

    1. I agree with Anon 19:07.

      TS Lee Lam Thye and ex-YB Wee Choo Keong are an exemplary and honorable Chinese Malaysian who have the PM 'calibre'. If one day, a Chinese should ever be the PM of Malaysian and have the command of the majority in Parliament, they are the one.
      Surprisingly, both of them are kicked out of DAP because they do not show enough affection towards Lim Kit Siang, his son and their clan.

    2. wee choo keong ?? kah..kah..kah...

    3. wee choo keong is smart compare to lim guan eng.

    4. I'm a Malay but I don't mind if Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye is our PM. I think many Malaysian respect him and his humble approach.

  14. Banggang punya MB Selangor.

    Semalam kata seluruh Negeri Selangor nak buat catuan air, selang 2 hari.
    Pagi tadi, aku kelam-kabut pergi beli tong air 5 biji. Satu RM16. Celaka betul. Rupa-rupanya kawasan aku tak kena catuan. Bab*, haram-j**ah sungguh, perabih duit aku. Sekarang aku kena cari tempat nak simpan tong-tong yang tak berguna ni. Kalau tong tu boleh, lipat-lipat senang sikit simpan. Bila pulak nak guna pun, aku tak tahu. Kalau dah buat Langat 2, reput la tong-tong tu.

    Jangan-jangan Khalid atau penasihatnya ada crony yang punyai kilang buat tong plastic untuk isi air. Harap MACC check, mana-mana Tuan-punya kilang yang ada kepentingan politik PKR, mengeluarkan tong ini untuk mengaut keuntungan berlebihan.

    Dah la mempermainkan Rakyat di Kajang, sekarang mempermainkan Rakyat dengan issue air. Lepas tu salahkan SYABAS pulak. Celaka punya ahli politik.

    1. Bodoh punya pkr,commonsense please..last 20years melaka government face much worst from this water problem..The main water source empangan durian tunggal became empty..melaka are without water for nearly 1year.I think you are wrongly advised by your socalled world class selangor economic adviser.People dig their own well to find alternatives...stupid pakatan rakyat as a whole.rakyat need daily water suppky for their needs.