Tuesday 18 February 2014

Let it be a total BN boycott in Kajang

MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai had launched the party's Kajang by-election operation room on Sunday.

He had also on Chap Goh Mei and Valentine's Day distributed roses to the ladies during his walkabout in the constituency.

However, I don't think all that are going to work at all.

I believe DS Anwar Ibrahim had made all the necessary calculations that he is going to win one way or another.

Kajang is after all now a Pakatan stronghold and the guy has been going on an all out campaigning mode from the word "go".

Liow, should know that this is true.

He knows that if MCA is going to fight, it will be at most, just a face saving mission and nothing else.

In the first place, Liow should ask his people in Kajang : how many of MCA members there, are going to vote for the party's candidate?

50 per cent?

Then he should ask : how many per cent of the Chinese voters in Kajang are going to vote for MCA?

20 per cent?

My bets are : for the first question, the more accurate answer should be about 25 per cent and for the second question, the answer should be about 5 per cent.

Well, I believe that's about what the MCA candidate for Kajang got in the last general election.

Out of the over 12,000 votes that the MCA guy received, the bulk are from the Malay voters.

By the way, the PKR guy had about 19,000 votes, with the Chinese who made up about 40 per cent of the voters there almost solid behind him.

Had things changed in Kajang since May last year?

I don't think so.

Previously, I did say that MCA should fight. That's because I was horrified that some numb nuts whom I believe were from Umno think that it was funny to field an ex-pimp of Anwar in Kajang.

I thought even if MCA loses, which it will, at least the Kajang folks are not going to be insulted by the farce.

Now things are a bit different.

Zaid Ibrahim, who was once touted by PKR as an alternative prime minister candidate to Anwar had offered himself as a candidate there.

He had yesterday gave the middle finger to PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution for suggesting that he was sponsored by Umno.

I may not like Zaid much but at least I know that he is not much of a hypocrite compared to Anwar.

When once confronted with his past drinking habit, Zaid bravely admitted it.

Not many Malaysian politicians dare to do such things.

The only other person who came to mind was former MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek who admitted to his sex video scandal.

Anwar would simply deny such things even though the evidence was as clear as day light. As we all know, he had already done that.

"Nope, I never fucked the country or anything or anyone else. This is Umno's conspiracy," he would said.

Anyway, I think Zaid going to lose too.

But it doesn't matter. At least the Kajang people will have an alternative who was not a pimp of the fucker who imposed the by-election upon them.

If MCA is still itchy to campaign, they should go down to Kajang to ask the BN supporters there to boycott the by-election.

Umno and the other BN component parties should do the same.

It should be a total boycott by BN.

Let the Pakatan supporters be the only voters who turned up on polling day.

The rest of Kajang should not waste their time and energy. They should continue with their lives as there are more beneficial stuff to do than entertaining the likes of Anwar and his gang.

After all, there are more to life than politics.

Such a boycott will send a clear message that decent Malaysians have had enough of the political nonsense that have been dragging on since almost 10 years ago.

What Malaysians really need now is for the country to move forward with its nation building efforts instead of being bogged down by the political negativities of ambitious but useless people like Anwar.


  1. RE: "Anwar would simply deny such things even though the evidence was as clear as day light. As we all know, he had already done that. "Nope, I never fucked the country or anything or anyone else. This is Umno's conspiracy," he would have said."

    HH Dalai Lama: On Mosquitoes & Dogs :


    1. Ani, that anuwar pic u chose, for a sec i tawt its ronnie liu's pic. Goes to show that anuwar is a damn good actor, he can mimic almost anyone hehe

    2. RE: What Malaysians really need now is for the country to move forward with its nation building efforts instead of being bogged down by the political negativities of ambitious but useless people like Anwar.

      Luqman the Sage teaches his son the Way of Heaven:

      "And certainly We gave wisdom to Luqman, saying: "Be grateful to Allah. And whoever is grateful, he is on!y grateful for his own soul; and whoever is ungrateful, then surely Allah is Self-sufficient, worthy of all Praise.
      Behold, Luqman instructed his son: "O my son! do not join anything in worship with Allah: because false worship is indeed the highest wrong-doing."
      And We have enjoined man in respect of his parents-- his mother bears him with faintings upon faintings and his weaning takes two years-- saying: "Be grateful to Me your Lord, and to both your parents; for to Me is your eventual return."
      "O my son!" (said Luqman), "If there be but the weight of a mustard-seed and it were concealed in a rock, or anywhere in the heavens or on earth, Allah will bring it forth: since Allah understands the finest mysteries, and is well-acquainted with everything. O my son, establish your prayer, enjoin what is right & forbid what is wrong, and be patient over whatever happens to you. Indeed, these matters require your determination.
      Do not scornfully turn your face away from people. Do not walk around puffed-up with pride; God does not love arrogant and boastful people. Be modest in your attitude and lower your voice. Lo! the harshest of all sounds is the braying of the donkey! (Quran chap.31)

  2. It just show that bn had no support from kajang folks. So it is better to disguise behind boycott rather than accepting defeat in election. If kajang folks still prefer Anwar despite his abuse of election, that's just show bn especially umno is the worse evil.

  3. PKR wants to test BN and shame them, Anwar gain political mileage. Kajang ADUN, the sacrificial goat of one for all?

    My take on Anwar:
    1. After Tokyo Anwar to Istanbul. Jan 25, 14
    2. After Paris, Anwar gone native with islanders. Apr 19, 13
    3. Eksosais Anwar-Tapa to macam mano. Apr 13, 13
    4. Anwar to be embalmed by Anubis. Mar 26, 13
    5. Himpunanan B.A.B.I. on babi and buttocking. Jan 12, 13
    6. Games people play. Nov 28, 12
    7. Requiem for chameleons. Nov 10, 12
    8. Intermission: Not Anwar's kote mamak. May 12, 12
    9. Intermission: Mulut komut, komut mulut. Mar 16, 12
    10. Intermission: Can Anwar membangkok-membengkok like all these. Feb 1, 12
    11. Anwar di tangkap. Oct 11, 11

    1. yo, sustainable Living , not interested, get lost will you !

  4. That's my girl, Annie.

    That's what I waiting for from you.
    I'm against BN contesting, right from the start, even in Sg.Limau.
    Yes 'Boycott Kajang'.

    Let Khalid Ibrahim, have audience with the Sultan to dissolve state assembly, before Anwar shove him off the MB post. Then Anwar will have to contest again in Kajang.

    1. Podah RD, Annie is not your girl, Annie is Cinabeng girl, okay!
      You two shit stirrer RD & LOL better get the F#@% out from here.


    2. woi RD, mana lagi seeekor Eeeeee LOL ? Tengah sibuk buat research ke ?


    3. Kah! Kah! Kah! dah ada moniker pulak Redbeanie/Dalit Dude 2 ekor ni.

      Azeeez and MRenzi? Boleh percaya ke Melayu? Kenapa malu nak guna moniker Tong Sam Pah atau PARIAHsamy ke?

      Kok ye pun nak menyamar agak-agak la. Poodah Chit...ஒரு வாழ்க்கை கிடைக்கும் .(oru vāḻkkai kiṭaikkum)

    4. kah..kah..kah... akhirnya muncul jugak seeeeekor Eeeeeee LOL !


    5. LOL: Poodah Chit...ஒரு வாழ்க்கை கிடைக்கும் .(oru vāḻkkai kiṭaikkum)

      I think you better stick to English or Malay. That case you look less stupid.

    6. Selangor Kini.
      18 Jan.2014.

      Ramai penyokong MB Selangor yang tidak berpuas hati dengan hasrat Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk mengambil alih jawatan itu. Seramai 50 orang telah mengadakan protes aman di belakang kediaman rasmi MB malam tadi, mengesa Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim mengadap DYMM Sultan Selangor untuk membubar Dewan Undangan Negeri. Mereka menyuarakan pandangan bahawa Pembubaran DUN adalah tindakan lebih demokratic, daripada mengosong kerusi Kajang yang di lakukan oleh Lim Chin Cheh. Ada pendapat mengatakan Lim Chin Cheh di"bayar" untuk membolehkan Anwar menjadi MB melalui 'jalan belakang'. Pasal itu mereka mengadakan protes itu di belakang rumah MB.

      Mereka mendesak pembubaran DUN kerana mahu seluruh rakyat negeri Selangor memilih siapa yang patut mewakili mereka sebagai MB, dan bukannya pengundi di Kajang sahaja. Inilah Democracy sebenar.
      Mereka membawa poster yang berbunyi:-

      1. Kami tak mahu democracy diLiwat.
      2. Hanya anak Selangor sebagai MB.
      3. Kata TIDAK pada bekas banduan salah-guna kuasa.
      4. Al-Juburi pergi mampus.


    7. Anon 16:31 @ Dalit Dude

      and you are not stupid because?

    8. Gnapolitano?

      What is this with all this Dalit Dude penchant with Italian Moniker? Gnapolitano lah, Gladiator lah (of cause from the movie), Berlusconi lah......

      May be my Spaniard banker friend was right when he said that the Italian are the Indian of Europe. Hmmm..... I wonder why?

    9. adoi..LOL memang stupid ! According to LOL :
      Chinese are the Jews of Asia, and now the Italian are the Indian of Europe !! Tabiat busuk racist LOL has gone international !!


  5. If you are scared..just say so..easy peasy.

    1. Anon 11:48.
      Don't make a fool out yourself.

      What's there to be scared of. I'm sure Annie does not earn a living through BN. Me too. I have no interest to look after, if anybody lost that seat in Kajang. Even if BN wins, it does denied PR the 2/3 majority in Selangor.

    2. Very the stupid of you RD !
      Even if BN wins kajang, Pakatan still hold the 2/3 majority in the state assembly, get it !


    3. Anon 16:23 @ Redbeanie/Dalit Dude

      And you are not stupid because? wasn't you mimicking RD's statement in the first place?

    4. Lol - who gives a flying fuck what you get or don't a get from bn...point is you're a chicken shit asswipe who is probably inbred. Now go and play far far away.

    5. Anon 20:21 @ Redbeanie/Dalit Dude

      Re. who gives a flying fuck what you get or don't a get from bn

      Of course, we the Malays give the flying fuck, for we have been benefiting from UMNO/BN through and through.

      Re. point is you're a chicken shit asswipe who is probably inbred

      So it is no wrong to say that you are either a descendent of comfort women, pariah or devadasi (prostitution of God) too?

      Re. Now go and play far far away.

      Ikut kite punye sukelah nak main kat mana. Engko apahal pulak?

  6. UMNO should appoint Annie as their Election Director in Kajang, then BN stands a good chance to win.
    Annie will maki-hamun the PR supporters until they become "Mangkuk" like her and vote for BN.
    Annie Boleh, UMNO Boleh !

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=J-8HYbYYW1U

      Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
      And sometimes the blues get a hold of you
      Just when you thought you had made it .....

      Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
      And most times you choose between the two
      Wonderin', wonderin' if you have made it .......

      Choose wisely, but first learn wisdom; perhaps we have to search into ourselves to find it..

  7. Annie,
    This time I disagree with you.Lets MCA contest and we will see whether the Chinese Tsunami that happened during GE 13 still exist.The result also will help the Govt esp PM in making assessement on whom to be trusted for GE 14.

    1. Don't you know that majority of Chinese are solidly behind Pakatan Rakyat ? Least you forget that PR won the majority votes in the last GE. Takkan until now the PM still don't know the ground sentiment.

  8. Annie, according to Chua Soi Lek the current MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai is an untrustworthy and dishonorable fella, so how you expect the voters in Kajang to vote for his party candidate ?

    1. Perhaps the Malaysian Chinese leaders should not puff up so much hot air in criticizing one another and for a change embark on some useful civilizational projects that will get the Chinese community out of the "Genting Gambling" mindset, and do all Malaysians proud for a big change. Please don't take this as encouragement for the ill-conceived and commercialized Goddess of Mercy mountain corumbarium for the deceased, in Pahang OK?


    2. We don't need any Malaysian Chinese leaders, we need Malaysian leaders that serve all races.
      Money Collect Agency can close shop and go sell chicken rice !

  9. Kajang by-election is all about  Anwar's political timetable. The by-election is deemed mockery and pretentious.  Anwar is taking democracy to ransom with an intention of fooling the electorates that democracy is dead.

    The act of boycotting or abstaining from voting is a good idea. A move to demonstrate as a political protest against Anwar's susceptibility to political irrelevance. Hope that the Kajang voters are aware and have enough quorum to realize his political motives and gradually stop him of having his own way.

    To boycott has significant advantages to doing this. It is a recognition of Kajang's voice to protest the discorded noises of Anwar's own political game that would be something to cause further political instability.

    In reality, the by-election has nothing to do with state or national politics. It is also not about political parties. The issue is about a person elected who can do the job of housekeeping; to keep Kajang green and clean, a healthy environment to live in, robust in its domestic economy, business friendly, sufficient supply of clean water and electricity, schools, place of worships, hospitals and recreational centers are concerned. Therefore, the the most likely candidate of that statures should be the voter's choice.          

    Kajang's electorates, especially the fence sitters, deserve better representative and certainly Anwar is not the one for Kajang's constituency at the moment.

    1. anon 16:11.... please go tell Najib that "The act of boycotting or abstaining from voting is a good idea" and it is nothing to do with cowardice.
      And also go tell the Kajang folks that UMNO is their best representative surely they will give you free satay.

  10. Kajang tuan kajang belipat ' kajang saya mengkuang layu,

    Datangnya Anuar keKajang hanya mencari tempat ' pengundi Kajang harus tahu.

    1. Siapakah wahai si dalang tebing tinggi
      Meracun dan membisa
      Dimindanya hanya kebodohan
      yang akan menghancur dan membinasa diri sendiri

      Tebing Rendah

    2. Tebing rendah

      Mengkuang layu dibawah tedohan ' tidak dianyam dibiarkan reput,

      memeng mudah menampakan kebodohan ' yang mengatakan cerdik tidak bolih berpaut.

    3. Si dalang tebing tinggi berjiwakan pendusta
      Jiwanya sebuah kemunafikan
      Basah bermandikan tohmahan
      Kata-katanya hanya sebuah pembohongan


    4. Walikota,

      Mengata dulang paku serepeh ' dulang berkarat tidak digunakan,

      mengata orang semuanya bolih ' yang susahnya mencari dorongan kebenaran .


    5. Rendah tebing tinggi maripat
      Tinggi lagi bukit Lanjang 
      Anwar datang tiada tempat 
      Merambus keluar dari Kajang

      Lanjang Meringkuk gelaran jenama
      Jenama terkenal dari Buwanga
      Tempat Anwar tempat istimewa
      Dipenjara Sungai Buloh tempatnya

  11. Anon 14.42,
    In that case,well and good,good bye to the Chinese,there will be no goodies anymore and afterall without their votes BN still rules even with simple majority.

    1. anon 19:28, please go and get your otak check ! When did BN ever gives goodies to the Chinese ? It should be the other way round... Bye-bye BN, and welcome Pakatan Rakyat !!
      BN rule will end soon, kalau tak percaya tanya Annie.

    2. Anonymous 18 February 2014 19:59,

      'Bye-bye BN, and welcome Pakatan Rakyat !!'

      Awak mengigau ke? Tak pa, mimpi dan igauan adalah sebahagian dariapada kehidupan. Keep on dreaming!

    3. anon 22:10, sometime dream do come true, mimpi menjadi kenyataan.

    4. Anon 19:59
      Org yg tak terimakasih macam kau nie mmg ramai sgt skrg. Aku rasa kerajaan dah sedar tiada guna lg berikan kontrak ratus jutaan dan berbillion ringgit pada kaum korang. Contohnya highway concession, school internet, power plant dll. Bukan sahaja kerajaan tp GLC dan bumiputera main contractor pun harus bersikap yg sama. Juga hentikan sahaja peruntukan kepada sekolah2 vernekular yg telah byk menyebabkan polarisasi kaum tambah memburuk. Enough is enough!

  12. Di sini, telah datang dua eeekor E
    LOL dan RD
    Wataknya, buruk dan busuk sama sekali
    Mencaci dan memaki di blog Ani
    Perangai begini mesti ditangani

  13. Seem like Madey made the most comments in regard to Kajang by election, Najib slumber only and utterly nothing coming from him.
    Madey could be the most worried person about Anwar winning in Kajang that's a step closer for Anwar to Putrajaya.

  14. Annie,

    There is no way BN will boycott Kajang - no way no how.

    Mahatir reported to have said recently, BN cannot just let the seat go without a fight even if the odds are hopeless.

    He's right, you know.

    BN has no choice - it's probably something like brand awareness in marketing. It's gonna cost yer money, it ain't gonna sell, but you still gotta advertise just to let people know you are still around.


  15. Kelakar AhBeng tak tau pantun!

    1. kalau AhBeng pandai berpantun dah lama dia orang jadi Cikgu !!

    2. Anon 22:34: kalau AhBeng pandai berpantun dah lama dia orang jadi Cikgu !!

      Another dumbass. They only teach one subject in school.

  16. Anon 19.59,
    Pse check your head too,so easy to forget pre GE 13.Do remember not all Chinese are rich and to earn their living they still need assisstance from Govt It is not far fetched that I will say the opposite,bye bye PR Believe me only times will tell The Malays in PKR will realised they had been fooled all this while and PAS only play wayang and when they reached the limit,they will abandoned ship leaving DAP.Do not misjudged the sentiments of the Malays.There are issues that made them work together if it is threatened .,

    1. anon 22:10, please check your head again, when did UMNO/BN provide assistance to the poor Chinese ? Moreover, some UMNO leaders and their Perkasa gang are constantly telling the Chinese lu tak suka lu keluar Malaysia !
      The Malays are no more fool by UMNO, soon UMNO will also need to close shop like MCA.

    2. It's a no brainer.

      If anyone can stop Anwar in Kajang, it's TDM.

      BN will be victorious!

    3. Anon 22:32,  Itu saja yang Lu boleh komen. You better check your both heads, if you still have them. You have been the closest to being close shop. Don't you see it? It is a matter of time that the Malays will get back together, keep on hassling. You better prepare to get back to where your mother-fucker once belong. We advice you to build your own boats. You might need them and we know you can't swim long distant.

    4. Anon 01:06: We advice you to build your own boats.

      I advise you to jump into the sewage pond near your home to take a bath. After that, maybe a dumpass like you will think better .

  17. The father of May13, 1969 is trying to make it happen again, this time he will blame it on UMNO. No wonder he is not doing anything else as MP in Gelang Patah. The fishermen there are fed-up of him.

    Please read about him at below URL.


  18. BN shouldn't be joining in the. Kajang by election. Some says its a branding awareness exercise. That is such a lame excuse. Even branding forays in business need to do the material impact and the cost associated with it. Kajang people knows BN with or without contesting there for now.
    It's too early for BN to test the market. it's better for BN. To follow its supreme commander PM Najib political stance ie do nothing, say nothing and act on nothing for now. yes, the key point is not now.

    PR will with or without Kajang hold the state and the Rakyat at ransom and dispose as they please. For now.

    let the Kajang Rakyat decide in due time whether the current PR government can deliver what it promises. The Kajang folks don't even have to bother turning up for the election in droves. Just get the PR members to vote in since no BN will be contesting.

    Am sure there are more important things that the Kajang folks can do than getting involve in politicking to no avail. Game over.

  19. Kajang. Malay majority. Malay candidate. Cina jugak kena hentam. If I were the Chinese in Kajang, I will not vote. Maybe the Chinese should just stop voting. Senang.

  20. Anon 13.13,
    I still believe that the Chinese are smart people.GE 13 they were hoodwinked and looked fools by satu orang Melayu,and this time around the same person will kelentong the Chinese in Kajang.