Friday 4 November 2022

GE15 media

 One of the biggest complaints in past elections was that BN controlled the media.

Well, obviously this is not true anymore.

In fact it has not been true since the 2008 general election when social media started to become the most important platform for political parties to send their message to voters.

The so-called mainstream media had been rendered almost useless from then on and now it's almost dead.

Now we have all those news portals such as Malaysiakini, Malay Mail, The Vibes and FMT reigning supreme over the likes of NST, The Star, Utusan etc.

Even rouge websites such as Malaysia Today and Sarawak Report are now more influential than those old established media outlets.

As for the political alignment of those portals and websites, well, that I let you judge for yourselves.

Just look at their headlines and you can tell, okay.

Some of them were pure propaganda works for their preferred political parties.

Or, you can just check on who are the personalities financing those portals and websites.

Definitely, BN no longer control the media in Malaysia after its defeat in 2018.

Just look at NST, which till today was said to be financed by Umno. It now published an almost equal number of stories favourable to Pakatan as those in favour of BN.

My own observation concluded that Pakatan actually have an advantage on media coverage over BN for the coming GE15.

There are more news portals and websites which sided with Pakatan compared with those supporting BN.

The majority of journalists in Malaysia, especially the young ones were pro-Pakatan too.

BN however had been catching some ground in the social media ever since its defeat in 2018.

For instance, Najib's much improved popularity after BN's defeat was almost completely thanks to his exploits in Facebook.

I believe BN has more or less realised by now that traditional media platforms no longer work for it.

Previously the appointments of top editors at news outlets were big news but now no one, except those in the media circle, care about such things.

A smart housewife filling her free time posting and commenting on Facebook and Tic Tok nowadays could be more influential and effective as a political operative than a group editor of a news outlet, who has to spend more than half of her working hours having to manoeuvre the minefields of stupid office politics.

Yup, that's the way it is now.

Journalists, even the good ones are simply not the opinion leaders they used to be.

Definitely not for the coming GE15.


  1. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

    "When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie."

  2. True or not...haisyhhhh! Tanya dana...MIC kata, sikit ari mari la! Tanya MCA,..taiko suruh tunggu...UMNO punya 'move'! Tanya sama Abang UMNO...?? Semua tarak nampak? Mana ini sumua olang pigi?
    "Alooo? Alooooooo...!!"

  3. unless cari makan, otherwise its pretty awkward and must have thick face to write something positive and encouraging with regard to bn.

    1. ".......must have thick face to write something positive and encouraging with regard to bn." Wow, can't be referring to Annie right? Heheheh.

  4. "Just look at their headlines and you can tell, okay." Only you can save BN, Neutral Annie, so hurry up and post more on Adib laaaaaaaa! Sure to make 5,198% difference.......

  5. Aisay Annie...just use the God given brain. Who gives a shit abt journalists, influencers n d like. The trouble with our rakyat is they do not think... They r clouded by race n religion. It's so sad but that I do d reality

  6. IT have moved our young ones fwd to a completely dif level.. politicians yg sewel2 do not interest them at all. ... yg takde potensi bg faedah kpd masa depan mereka. Boring.

    Their daily chat sharing dlm famili grp usually busy updating wth latest global news.... Tragedy Iteawon, Elon Musk $8 twitter charges, the Kardashians, Justin Beiber, BTS, Putin, USD, Sgd, Riyal.. oso update us latest model2 mangkuk jamban yg harga Sgd600m each..

    Haiyaa.. ama apa!! Our politikus tempatan majoriti pandai selak dn londeh kain pelikat musuh mrk aje, hari2 bebel merepet2. "Buang masa rakyat aje" kata mrk.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. janji not a "subversive agent" singapokee

  7. umno not in control of mainstream media ,but all the mainstream media are showing bn again and again.

    everyone please just vote anyone but not anyone from umno,

  8. These people are no more journalists that suppose to do the honest n unbiased reporting.
    They are propagandists just like Tucker n Hannity.

    1. Annie "traditional media" still effective in far flung rural area where mac cik kiah cannot comprehen "berapa banyak satu milyar rinngit", like tha jakun professor from south
      2 November 2022 at 10:22
      Anon 1Nov 23:27

      Haiyaaa. Toknek mai sini lapat FLEE citizenship,

    2. 6Nov22 at 01:59

      Haiyaaa takyah nak HINA bangsa "JAKUN" nuuu.

      1980's dah ade Prof keturunan JAKUN yg kojo dlm Jabatan Perdana Menteri tau! Hang ni baru mali tggl Malaysia ke?

      BTW hang ingat olang2 kampung kita bolo2 ke? Lamai dr grp professionals yg pencen pakat balik dok kampung tau..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Hey, Annie, after much disputed, your idol Cik Rara has proudly been elevated to the nationwide stage, showing off DAP is indeed a multiracial party. I think that 5-cornered fight is no sweat for her despite the existence of Liow's comeback. So, what is your take on this hot seat?

  10. 6Nov22 at 01:55

    ... janji not a "subversive agent" singapokee..

    Tu laa jgn silap pangkah this time. Satni jd mcam Selangoq, anak2 muda bangsa kita sana terpaksa keluaq cari rezeki dNegara olang.. lamai golongan graduan2 muda tatak peluang pekerjaan dsana!!

    Menang aje PH GE15 entah belapa olang kakitangan kerajaan mereka akan "campak tendang buang kalini pulak?"

    Satni ekonomi terus merudum lagi teroq tau. Tengok apa dh jadi sikalang?

    1Singapore Dollar equals
    3.38 Malaysian Ringgit.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Poodah .. jgn le nak temberang, ekonomi msia mula merudum sejak bossmu ketepikan manufacturing & industry & dok sibuk majukan services sector termasuklah pi jemput uber masuk msia. Skrg uber pun dah terkubor. Ada sesiapa ingat lagi team highly paid con_sultan yg ditaja bossmu??? Geng2 Pemandu ni ler yg suruh perbyk kan hosp swasta sampai bajet hosp kjaan dikurangkan.


    2. Well anak2 johok pi singapore jadi ceo cfo atau cto ke

  11. Is there really a fair and freedom of press in this world?

    The way tht the media one sidedly fearmongered the malaysians during the pandemic is such an eye opener to me.

    If u go with the mainstream media, chances are ull be taken for a ride

  12. Bulletin TV3 8PM had started its biased reporting again, supporting BN. I wish they were more like AWANI, whose reporting on the GE15 is more balanced.