Thursday 1 April 2021

Umno's PM candidate

 I had a WhatsApp conversation early last month with a friend who is based in Tokyo.

He was asking me about the possibility of Umno really cutting ties with Pribumi Bersatu, which at that time was becoming a hot topic.

My friend is a senior analyst of a major Japanese corporation.

I believe that he needs to know about such stuff to advise his bosses about the investment risks in Malaysia.

After all, an Umno-Pribumi Bersatu split could cause the collapse of the Perikatan government, leading to more instability and higher investment risks.

I have always told him over the years that I'm not the best source for such intel but he somehow kinda like my take on the country's political happenings...or maybe it's just because I'm cute...hahaha.

Anyway, I just gave him my opinion which somehow is almost exactly what is happening now. Really.

- Umno grassroots really pissed off with Pribumi Bersatu for lording over them.

-  Umno leadership have to follow suit whether they like it or not.

- Umno will indeed cut ties with Pribumi Bersatu but not in a hurry to push for GE15 due to Covid-19 and the need to clean its house first.

- The Perikatan government is not going to immediately collapse, so no need to worry about the country suffering from more immediate instability.

My friend then asked, if Umno/BN go on their own into GE15, then would Zahid be their PM candidate.

I told him that they couldn't be that stupid.

Zahid is after all not really popular among the general Malaysian public.

He may hold on to his Umno president and BN chairman posts but he certainly can't be their PM candidate.

That would be disastrous for them and even Zahid should know that. 

So, in the end, this is the last bit of my WhatsApp conversation with my Japanese friend,

Yup, I suggested Mat Hasan as BN's PM candidate and my friend agreed.

My friend have been observing Malaysian politics for years, so I believe he knew why I recommended Mat Hasan.

The guy is actually the only Umno top leader that I currently like.

I'm not a big fan of Zahid and I don't like any of the vice-presidents, especially Khaled Nordin, as most long time readers of this blog already knew.

I don't know much about Mat Hasan though and only started to notice him after he led Umno/BN to a string of by-election victories that kick started the Umno's revival after their GE14 defeat.

His leadership was like a breath of fresh air for Umno when he took over the party leadership for a while from Zahid. 

I met Mat Hasan in person only once just before the Rantau by-election campaign and found him to be a bit of a gruff.

But still I like him for what he did to turn the tide for Umno.

Maybe it was just his no nonsense personality. Or maybe he was having a bad mood that day.

Doesn't matter to me.

For me, he lends the credibility to Umno's claim of wanting to be better than it was before GE14.

I really hope Umno will pick him as their PM candidate.

Hopefully Zahid has the wisdom to think the same to make way for Mat Hasan to play that role.

I believe that Umno/BN's chances in GE15 will be greatly diminished if they put someone else as PM candidate.

Really, Umno needs to have a new face to convince not just Malays but also the rest of Malaysians that it could offer a better leadership for the country.


  1. I agree.

    Tok Mat is refusing to sell Umno's ass to Parti Bunga.

    In the end, he may be the only real Umno leader left.

    But time is running out.

    The Bersatu barua2 in Umno are planning to buy over the Umno election,

    Anu Musang is even posting photos of these traitors smiling happily on his Facebook.

    Zahid cannot kill the party by being passive.

    Time for action is NOW:

    'Bersama ketetapan putus hubungan dengan Bersatu yang telah dimuktamadkan dan dipersetuju akar umbi, Zahid Hamidi harus mengadakan mesyuarat MT UMNO dengan segera bagi menetapkan keputusan keluar daripada kerajaan dengan serta-merta.

    Perkara itu kini tidak boleh dilambatkan lagi kerana lagi lambat keputusan dibuat, lagi banyak masalah yang menghimpitnya akan timbul nanti.

    Apabila banyak masalah timbul, harapan menang PRU15 turut jadi kabur.

    Bahkan, dengan menyegerakan tindakan keluar kerajaan juga, yang tidak setuju dengan keputusan itu, termasuk sesiapa daripada kluster menteri, boleh saja diambil tindakan atau mereka memilih meninggalkan UMNO dan menyertai Bersatu.

    Akhirnya, siapa musuh dan siapa kawan lebih mudah untuk dikenalpasti dan dikawal.'

    (Shahbudin Husin)


    Zahid loses momentum the more he stalls.

    And the more chance for geng pintu belakang to steal money to fund PRU15, with zero oversight by Parliament.

    That's bad for ALL of us.

    LGE is correct:

    Moo plans to extend Emergency.

    Then use the new Ordinance to steal billions for bribing voters.

    This is so blatant - if Umno stops it by pulling out, they will look like HEROES to the voters.

    If Umno pulls out and implements Undi 18, they will look like HEROES to the voters, and PAS and Parti Bunga will look like ZEROES.

    Zahid's actions over the next 4-6 weeks will determine whether Umno survives, or it gets bought over by Pagoh, Larut and Peliwat Kanan, using our own public funds.

    1. - I dont think Umno should push for GE15 until Covid19 has subsided.If they do, that will make them the bad guys.
      - No Umno election until after GE15.That can be done.
      - Money can't save Pribumi Bersatu.It didn't save BN in GE14.

    2. The COVID numbers are being manipulated by PN. It's all about how extensively you test, and how you "kumpul" the results. I can guarantee that they will spike again in Ogos if Moo is still feeling insecure. Then darurat politik extended.

      No, no need for GE15. The Agong does NOT have to agree with Moo on election. YDPA can appoint an interim PM. If Umno pull out, there is no way he can survive as PM. The Conference of Rulers are not happy with his actions, except for you-know-who lah. I think YDPA will listen to his fellow Rulers.

      If PN falls now, I guess Dr. Dzul or someone else more qualified than Air Suam will take over. I don't see how they can be worse than Air Suam. The public may actually have a better minister in charge. (KJ is just a vaccine co-ordinator, not a doctor.)

      We must remember too that Geng Pintu Belakang caused the second wave of Covid by their Sabah takeover. So bit ironic, lah...

    3. - I dont think the Covid numbers are being manipulated.
      - I dont like the palace to be involed in politics.
      - Im ok with the current Health Minister and KJ coordinating the vaccine.
      - Who caused the second wave is irrelevant now.

    4. Without any check and balance from the Conference of Rulers, Moo would have succeeded with his Fake Emergency, first time.

      Also note that YDPA later issued a statement that Parliament can be held during Emergency, which Moo completely ignored.

      Even a Standard 5 student can tell you WHY the Emergency was proposed.

      So it's not "politics", it's providing a last line of defence.

      "I'm ok with the current Health Minister and KJ coordinating the vaccine." Hmmmmm, the point is, if COVID is being used as an excuse to kill democracy, and if the standard of COVID response will be parity if democracy is restored, then logically it's not an excuse. The public health excuse is gone.

    5. - The current Emergency was sanctioned by the palace.
      - The YDPA's statement also include for the PM to decide on whether to have parliamentary sitting.
      - I wrote against the Emergency in my previous posts.

    6. In context, it's a royal rebuke.

      It came shortly after Moo & gang claimed that Parliament could NOT sit.

      “Hence, the perception by certain quarters that the implementation of the proclamation of emergency would stop Parliament from convening is inaccurate,” said Comptroller of the Royal Household Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin."

      The "Moo will decide" spin came from Takiyuddin.

      It's actually quite rude to YDPA.

    7. It's not a rebuke. The way I see it, the palace just want to distance itself from the Emergency which itself initially sanctioned.

    8. The palace wanted to distance itself from the notion that YDPA had sanctioned a complete suspension of Parliament.

      As many people (and legal scholars) have pointed out, that is not even historically correct.

      Hence the term "inaccurate” used by Comptroller of the Royal Household Ahmad Fadil Shamsuddin.

      The question remains:

      If PN has been given the green light to hold Parliament, why don't they?

      Football match = ok

      Bazaar Ramadan = ok

      Shopping centres = ok

      Parliament = not ok

      Moo cannot hide behind the constitution, YDPA, or health.

      People are not stupid. They know you are scared.

      On top of scared, ignoring royal advice.

      So much for "3Rs", but then like Tok Mat said, since when have these backdoor morons been about the 3Rs?

  2. If Umno goes alone with BN, Hassan would be an acceptable PM to many non-Malays too. I like him for being humble yet firm in what he want to achieve for the country , from my experience with him. Bersatu-PAS will not win many votes, especially from urban Malays , non-Malays , Sabahans and Sarawakians.Both need to leach on to Umno's strength and long establishment.I also don't support DAP in the Govt as they have been proven bad in managing the economy in the their 22 months.LGE antogonised almost every Chineses with his egoistic treatment of TAR College.They are good as Opposition only as they can bark loud anytime, unless they can learn to think before they bark in the Govt.GE14's boogey man was Najib, so the likely boogey men in GE15 are the PN politicians, that get better treatment than the rakyat in this pandemic, many are very very angry.

    1. More so the young are very angry.

      Moo has no teloq lah, and he's lying.

      They are scared to let 18-20yo vote.

      Scared to register parties.

      Scared to hold Parliament.

      This is most pengecut gomen of all time.

    2. Muhyiddin certainly has his strategy, leveraging the pandemic situation & force the country into a state of emergency, stop parliamentary sessions, introduce ordinances to "press" freedom & spend money without check & balance, not sure what more to come?

      This will buy lots of time for him to recruit frogs to support him. However, maybe underestimated his allies severing ties with Bersatu, and now landed himself in an unprecedented state of a PM without majority support.

      Stealing is never good, including premiership.

  3. Tun is gonna say all bollocks. Only he is qualified to be PM - was the umno pm, bersatu/ph pm.

    1. Ha ha.

      Old man thinks he can be Umno president again.

      He has offered.

      They didn't layan.

  4. Sokong from head to toe that Mat Hasan to be our next PM. Not only was he my hometown ex-MB but also the state was fast developed, and soon after that Seremban was quickly transformed into a vibrant city under him. That was his impressive track record. Anyhow, first thing first. He ought to be pushed through the Umno election this coming June. Hoist him to the top seat and name him the PM9 candidate. A scandal-free him, to say the least, is armed to the teeth to go into a turf war and ready to take on any form of attack. That will help rebuild the good old brand of Umno one way or another. Our country has been in troubled waters for quite some time now and we have had enough of it. So, try him out and put some faith in him. Who knows, somewhere over the rainbow, Mat Hasan who initially seems to be the political underdog could actually bring forth a much united, trusted and progressive Umno and BN and country.

    1. "Hoist him to the top seat and name him the PM9 candidate."

      The Larut guy and Sandakan Ice-Cream Man will empty the coffers to make sure either H2O or Turtle Egg is made Umno president.

      Die-die, a Bersatu proxy must win.

      Annuar Musang will be the "nego" guy. I am guessing that the price will be around RM100-150 million per KBU (the Umno voting system has changed, but the KBU still control grassroots.) So the total cost of the fix will be billions.

      Now you get why that new law exists? They can legally steal as much as they want from the consolidated fund. Zero checks and balances.

      PS, even KJ was caught for money politics and warned during Umno elections.

  5. Ada baiknya umno direhatkan sepenggal lagi untuk bangkit semula di PRU16 selepas pembersihan dalaman dibuat dan hingga munculnya pelapis baru umno yang kurang kaitan dengan legacy sekarang.

    1. Hahahaha..
      Kluangman terbang merayap hinggap kat sini.nampaknya kat blog sini pun KD petik hal tandanya kamu masih rindu,tapi benci kat UMNO.Aku cadangkan KD kamu promosi kan Pejuang Atok sudahlah.Ahli UMNO tak kesah cadangan kamu untuk Parti berehat 1 penggal.Lebih baik kamu cadangkan Parti Pejuang di bubarkan selama lamanya ,ramai dah menyampah & meluat dengan Atok pun.
      Lagi satu kamu perhatikan blogger Annie ni.dia tak macam kamu,dia bijak,artikel dia relevan.kamu komen posting sendiri,tajuk ke laut,isi takde .Aku cuma melawat blog kamu sebab nak pantau skim Scam emas QM kamu tu.

    2. "Lebih baik kamu cadangkan Parti Pejuang di bubarkan selama lamanya,ramai dah menyampah & meluat dengan Atok pun."

      Sokong 100%.

  6. Annuar Musa Bayangkan Beliau. Hishamuddin,Kj, Ismail Sabri,Shahidan Kassim Bakal Jadi PM Timb PM:

  7. Hi annie,

    Tok mat is a nice and knowleadgable guy. Hr may be malaysia's best pm candidate but:

    1. He cant even ask najib, zahid and corrupt umno to step down in the best interest of the party;

    2. Umno alone cant command a majority. How come they want to have a pm candidate? 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Hi
      Try to be a bit smarter. Thank you.

    2. No party can now command a majority.

      Least of all Bersatay, which has 6 actual MPs left (due to PH support in PRU14) and the rest are all traitors, frogs and extorted people.

      Great party : )

    3. You too annie 😄

  8. Hmmmmmmm:

    Really think MN is over, lah.

    So what?

    Seriously, PAS are getting big headed.

    They thought they would win Selangor, got wiped out.

    Umno needs to focus.

    You are still the biggest party.

    Ignore the parasites like Bersatu & PAS.

    1. Hadi has yet to say PAS is breaking ties with Umno.

    2. Of course lah! Ha ha! Pelacur tetap pelacur. Talam dua muka is their DNA. They will keep playing both sides and then betray one at the last minute.

      Anyway, what's the diff to Umno?

      Whether Umno and Pas grassroots have a real lovefest is doubtful. I like Ku Li's numerical breakdowns of the recent by-elections which showed that Pas actually didn't transfer many of their votes to BN. The swing is more of Umno voters returning to Umno. Which is why Zahid & Umno should be less timid.

      Just tell the Taliban to cepat akad nikad with Bersatay. Got flowers for the eventual wedding in the logo, kan? Heheheh.

      No loss.


    Ku Li, interviewed in The Vibes:

    "On Muhyiddin and other front runners, Tengku Razaleigh said they lack the qualities to helm the administration.

    He reserved his harshest criticism for Azmin, whom he labelled as “unqualified and unfit” to even be given any ministerial position.

    He said it took him by surprise that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would name him economic affairs minister when Pakatan Harapan won federal power in 2018.

    “Look at him, he has not handled anything, not even in the International Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti) today. I don’t think he has the capability of running a ministry. He was only given the Miti job because of his involvement in bringing down PH (in last year’s Sheraton Move).

    “It is unfair to even give him that responsibility, because we are talking about the country. You can’t just allow Azmin to handle trade knowing fully well he’s not equipped to do it. Can he handle a crisis if it happens?”

    On Muhyiddin, Tengku Razaleigh said the Bersatu president is “lazy”, and “lacked innovation” and ideas. He qualified his assessment based on his experience working with Muhyiddin in the Trade and Industry Ministry from 1984 to 1986.

    “He was my deputy. He had no idea (what to do). Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who served as my deputy in Petronas previously, is much better in that sense. Between the two, I would pick Najib anytime.

    “Najib’s got initiative, and is creative. Muhyiddin is just very laid-back about things. So, when he was appointed by the Agong to be prime minister, I was badly disappointed. He is not the right man for the country.”

    Truth hurts.

    1. "Najib's got initiative, & is creative".. maybe true but so was hitler.

      I regarded TunM as the 2nd smartest person in msia but look where it got us. He was hell bent to develop the hardware but corrupted the good in the 'software' .

      What msia need right now is a leader with highest integrity, with vision of what we could be & the strength of character to get us there.

    2. "What msia need right now is a leader with highest integrity, with vision of what we could be & the strength of character to get us there."

      This guy / gal doesn't exist.....

  10. Anon 17:31 'This guy/gal never exist'. How true. We have no choice but to make do with the lesser ones. By lesser I mean with lesser tendency to corruption (but still corrupts), lesser racist ideology (but still racist) and all the shortcommings but with a lesser degree. We have to do the elimination process starting from the most corrupt only then can we chose the lessest corrupt to be PM. Still, we have to endure a PM with the least shortcomings given the absence of the ideal one. Half a loaf is better than no bread.