Thursday 8 April 2021

Zahid should learn from the Shahrizat experience....and Najib

 Do you all still remember the cow in condo scandal involving former Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat?

Go to this link if you can't remember -

Well, that scandal exploded in 2011. Shahrizat's family got a huge government contract to set up a multi million ringgit cow farm and screwed it up.

But let's go back a few years earlier, to 2008 when Shahrizat, who was then the Wanita Umno deputy chief  lost to Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai in the general election that year.

Despite that defeat, she challenged her boss Rafidah for the number one seat of the party wing the next year and the Umno Wanita delegates, who were probably disoriented by the BN's poor performance in the general election decided to give her that post.

Ya, that was stupid.

Najib, who just took over the PM job from Pak Lah also got stupid and made Shahrizat a minister.

Then came the NFC scandal which made Umno looked like cow shit/dung among the public.

Shahrizat pleaded that she was innocent and insisted on continuing as Wanita Umno chief despite clear indications that the party would suffer from that scandal.

Wanita Umno people unfortunately continued to support her.

By the time it was the 2013 general election, it was clear that public anger over the NFC scandal was so bad that Shahrizat can't even find a safe place to contest.

BN did even worse in that election than in 2008 and I believe they lost several hundred thousands of votes just because of the NFC scandal alone.

Unfortunately Umno, once again still refused to learn from that.

Najib and his people insisted for the party to maintain its leadership status quo in the party election in late 2013.

Thanks to that, Shahrizat retained her post as Wanita chief and trumpeted her win in the party polls as an indicator that she was still popular and not guilty of any wrong doing.

Then came the 2018 general election and once again she can't find a safe place to contest yet still insisted that she could lead Wanita Umno to help BN win at the polls.

Stupid isn't it? Someone who can't even find a place to contest leading the Wanita Umno's charge into a general election.

Well, we all know now what happened to BN in that election.

Only when BN was already in the longkang that Shahrizat resigned her Wanita Umno chief post.

Too much too late, if you ask me.

It was a classic case of a leader who was willing to drag the party down by using it for self interest.

Selfish woman - that's how I will always remember Shahrizat.

Umno leaders and members now really need to learn from that. Stop being stupid by thinking that the world revolves around your wishes as elections were not won by just your votes. It's the people votes as a whole which win elections.

I wrote this before - a leader needs to step down/ aside once he/she can't handle a personal problem to the point of it affecting the party.

Now we have Umno president Zahid being attacked on all fronts.

Why? That's because he is a weak point in Umno's effort to revive itself due to his corruption cases and not so great leadership of the party.

His position may not be as bad as Shahrizat's back then but it's bad enough for the party.

The pro-Pribumi Bersatu faction in Umno are now calling for the party election to be held as scheduled later this year and it was quite obvious what they intend to do with it.

Umno will look like shit again if it doesn't hold the party election but if it does, the party will be split going into GE15.

Both ways look bad.

And this choice is ultimately for Zahid to decide.

Unlike Shahrizat, he now still have the time to avoid being always remembered as a selfish person who drag Umno down due to his own personal issues.

I have made the suggestion on what he should do in this previous post about

Umno's PM candidate

Yup, he should name his deputy Mat Hasan as the party's PM candidate.

Let Umno people rally around Mat Hasan who was responsible for the party's revival when he led them to a string of by-election victories before the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government.

He should also let Mat Hasan handles the coordination of Umno/BN campaign for GE15 as according to his sound judgement.

I'm quite sure the public's perception of Umno will dramatically shift for the better if Zahid does that. 

I don't even mind Zahid continuing as Umno president until the next party polls, which could be held after GE15.

That way Umno could be more focused and not be divided as they enter the electoral battlefield.

If Zahid does all this, he will be remembered as a selfless leader who sacrificed his position to save Umno.

I'm also quite sure Mat Hasan will be there for him when BN is once again in power.

I know, Zahid's "advisers" would definitely insist for him to "soldier on" as what Shahrizat did, but Zahid needs to remember that those people only wanted him to continue being where he is now due to their own selfish interests.

It's the same thing that happened to Najib whose judgement prior to GE14 was clouded by his advisers.

And now that Najib is in deep shit, where are those advisers?

Hopefully Zahid will learn from all those things that happened - from Shahrizat to Najib.

If he doesn't, then that's it - checkmate.

Oh, by the way, I think Zahid's enemies need to do a better job than that audio recording of what supposed to be his conversation with Anwar.

It was even less convincing than the Anwar's and Azmin's videos.

You see, these days the available technology enables people to manipulate stuff and anyone could be depicted as anything.

I made this one myself by just using an app installed in my phone;


  1. zahid / najib are umno’s achillies heel and i agree needs to make way for hassan or kuli. having said that, events last 2 days - serving of bankruptcy to najib & an audio leak smacks of how tsmy & his cohorts play. straight out of Tun’s playbook.

    we need a strong umno to counter bersatu, who is looking day by day more umno like

    1. Ku Li? Seriously? The guy has been in the political wilderness for a the past 30 years. Do you believe he still got it after so many years being away?

    2. Ku Li expects the PM post to be handed to him on a silver platter.

      Without doing anything to earn it.

    3. UMNO? the end is closer than u might think.....hahahahaha

    4. "Pun begitu, kata Rais, dia yakin semua pihak yang terbabit mempunyai pertimbangan masing-masing dalam isu berkenaan.

      “Itu telahan yang terlalu awal untuk kita katakan pada hari ini. Mereka yang berada dalam kerajaan - khususnya menteri, timbalan menteri - mereka itu tentu sedang membuat pilihan dalam menghadapi pilihan raya."


      The Cabinet Cluster are already preparing to jump ship and become PPBM members, bowing to their boss and party leader, Moo.

  2. Kalaulah bagan datuk and his inner circle's dengar cakap awak, Annie...
    btw saya cukup yakin dan percaya Team Zahid akan terus melawan dan tidak akan pandang ke belakang.

    1. Zahid is super selfish, he will rather see UMNO die than he lose the president post, which he is most unqualified to hold.

      The enemy's game plan is so simple and effective with help from the so called minister cluster.

      If Zahid don't step down fast, UMNO is definitely finished.


    -According to economic research house Moody’s, our banking system is the best in the region and among the best in Asia. Better than the G20 member Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. Our banks have emerged unscathed from debilitating economic crisis triggered by the pandemic. Despite of it all, our banks have had shown phenomenal resilient. The bank governor deserves a medal.

    Bear in mind that Malaysia is the only country in the whole world which granted 6 months AUTOMATIC LOAN MORATORIUM to its people. Automatic. No other countries in the world did that. Not even countries which practice welfare state system did what we did. Even the socialist Scandinavian countries where the people pay huge taxes to the state have never done it. We’re the only one did it. In doing so, surprisingly our banks didn’t collapse but emerge the strongest among its peers in the region and on the path of recovery faster than the rest in the region.

  4. "Why? That's because he is a weak point in Umno's effort to revive itself due to his corruption cases and not so great leadership of the party."

    Here's the funny thing.

    What, exactly, has Umno done to reform itself since that last defeat in PRU14? REAL reform?

    In fact, a 4th rate dunggu like Moo has accidentally shown that nothing has changed.

    "We will give them GLC positions to win them over."

    Check. Done!

    Then, the Dedak Cluster all cling for dear life to their cabinet positions, mumbling about Covid and Economy. Covid and Economy, pale toh hang. Rasa nak muntah dah. Your greed for positions outweighs your loyalty. Just say so.

    Pendek kata, Umno's top brass is still utterly addicted to power and patronage. Kabel dan Kontrak. That mindset, that led to 1MDB and yes, even NFC and a hundred others, is still alive and well.

    I think Tok Mat may be the only leader left who will stop Umno from perishing completely.

    But can one man stop the rot?

    The next move is for Moo to finance the Umno party election bribery. Zahid won 99 delegates last round. With Moo able to steal from public funds non-stop during this fake "emergency", he can easily channel billions via Anu Musang and the other Umno traitors. He can buy over the election. If GLC positions (worth only a few million a year) can work, how about 30-40 million in cash?

    A Bersatu stooge like Mael Telor Penyu or H2O must be placed as Moo's puppet.

    If that happens, then the once most mighty political party in Malaysia will masuk kubur.

    And a tiny, opportunist party of filthy traitors with six actual MPs will kill a party that won (going back through PRUs) 54, 88, 79, 109, 72, 89, 71, 83, 70 seats.

    Strange but true.

    1. Timbalan pun ada baggage.10m question is still unanswered.You can con the members but not the masses

    2. Anon 10:02
      They used that against Mat Hasan during Rantau by-election and it didn't work.

    3. By election is not like general election.Pekan did wins lost the country.Um*o must find somebody with no skeleton in the closet.It is not to convince the members but to convince all the masses who does not belong to any affiliations. The reform that this party has to do is to
      Look from within. Soul searching from within. Race ummah and supremacy are just gimmicks. It is not not a winning formula. Remember the rural voters are shrinking. The ignorants are constantly diminishing.

  5. Tapping phone call is a very serious breach of privacy. Their fundamental right to privacy have been compromised. We have laws which deal with it. It is a criminal offence. If one feels his/her fundamental right to privacy as enshrined in the constitution in sovereign nation has been trampled with, then it is always a rightful thing to bring the matter to court so it can be seriously dealt with. Let our judiciary system do the job. If criminal laws’s path would take a long time and a long route, then take the civil path. Once the case in court it will be easier. With all elements of phone tapping will be exposed in open court. With tapping technology expert, Telcos used by both parties and recording device expert can be summoned to testify.

    1. This ops was 100% done by Bersatu & UMNO traitors.

      Look at who has been making the most noise:

      Anu Musang

      Faisal, his budak suruhan

      Mak Lampir (proxy for Min Isapkote)


      And of course, that silly old man Ku Li, who says that only he is good enough to be PM.

    2. "Outspoken Umno MP Nazri Aziz said that he had been issued a gag order by the party following his recent outburst against its president, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

      Nazri said the message was issued by Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan informing him that only three people were allowed to speak on behalf of the party, namely Zahid, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan and Ahmad.

      Citing the message, the Padang Rengas MP said aside from the three mentioned, anyone else in the party could only speak “for themselves”.

      “But he can go to hell. This is 2021 and Umno is not a communist party.

      “And I always speak for myself anyway,” a defiant Nazri told FMT tonight."

      Moo's plan is working.

      The objective is to destroy Umno before PRU15.

      Umno are making the same mistake as PH.

      The main reason PH lost its popularity was the constant infighting.

      Every day, a new statement from an Anwar proxy, a Madey proxy, or Syed KoteSedih (Sad Diq) defending his Atok.

      People got fed up.

      Moo is trying to instigate as much infighting as possible in Umno.

      It's working very well.

    3. So is leaking cctv footages of Sandakan Semburit..Ahmoi Omega..Big spender..and BigMama'epic audio..."Can I advice you"...

    4. Don't you find it strange the boys have stopped their "ini semua kerja DAP" chorus.

    5. Tapping is very old technology. Just sit close to cellular basestation with right equitpments you can zapped everything. Some countries can have drone hovering 50k feet above and zoommed to basestation that are close to caller. Few countries have satellite dedicated to these. So when you talk thru cellphone or fixed line or thru internet that goes to public domain there is no more secret.Encryption is just child play to these peoples that wrote a book on ECCM.So be aware.

  6. Melayu dan rasuah berpisah tiada..

    Pesan motosikal, dapat basikal, bayar harga kereta... Inilah antara yang masih berlaku di dalam kontrak kerajaan apabila kegiatan rasuah berleluasa dalam kalangan pegawai kerajaan yang bersekongkol dengan kartel.

    Masih tidak serik pakai gelang besi baju oren malah kegiatan rasuah dalam kontrak kerajaan masih berlaku.

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    Beberapa hari lalu Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menahan tujuh individu dipercayai anggota sindiket kartel memonopoli ratusan tender kementerian dan agensi kerajaan sejak tujuh tahun lalu.

    Penahanan individu terbabit termasuk ketua sindiket berusia 47 tahun itu dipercayai melumpuhkan sindiket kartel projek dan tender kerajaan dengan nilai projek dianggarkan mencecah RM3.8 billion.

    Kartel terbabit memonopoli sebanyak 345 tender, mengawal lebih 150 buah syarikat daripada beberapa kementerian dan agensi kerajaan untuk memasuki tender atau sebut harga di seluruh negara dan dipercayai beroperasi sejak tahun 2014 sehingga sekarang.

    Menurut Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Datuk Seri Azam Baki, SPRM menahan Pegawai Kanan, Jurukur Bahan agensi kerajaan berusia 38 tahun dipercayai membocorkan makumat speksifikasi projek kerja-kerja penyediaan Bill of Quantity (BQ) kepada ketua sindiket bagi memudahkan penyediaan dokumen-dokumen tender.

    Kegiatan memanupulasi tender di jabatan kerajaan sudah lama berlaku. Namun tiada tindakan dalaman diambil oleh ketua jabatan yang bertanggung jawab.

    Walau bagai mana pun kerosakan sesuatu badan bermola dari kepala. Kalau kepala pemimpin tunjuk teladan tak bagus tak rasuah, rugi aje bailout beratus billion, ugut dan fitnah jijik sana sini macamana ekor dan kaki tangan mau jadi baik..!?


  7. Shahrizat bernasib baik dia berundur zaman umno berkuasa, so sekarang aman2 je main ngan cucu.

    Zahid terpaksa ambil pilihan berani mati kerana lebih takut akan kalah kes mahkamah dia. Muhyiddin dah cakap tak ada talian hayat...jadi terpaksa la dia cari talian hayat lain. Kalau umno jadi collateral damage, well too bad, apa aku kesah gitu..

    Yg sgt2 bodoh adalah akar umbi umno yg madih mengangkat zahid & sekutu2 nya..

    1. Shahrizat letak jawatan ketua Wanita lepas Umno/BN kalah GE14 lah.

  8. I have just heard the full recording.

    It's fake.

    You guys track it down.

    The Anwar impersonator is really off.

    It doesn't sound like him.

    The "Zahid" is slightly better but still not accurate.

    Anyway, the Sandakan News Network a.k.a. MalaysiaNow, run by AssMain's mamak coolies, has proclaimed THEY are sure it's real.

    Why not also investigate your financier's aiskrim video?

    If you are such geniuses?


    PETALING JAYA: Speculation is rife that plans are being put in place to get Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and his predecessor, Najib Razak, out of the picture by August and to woo others under a new party leadership called Umno 3.0.

    “Umno 3.0 will have a new leader and will work with PPBM and PAS,” a source close to the talks said, adding that calls for Zahid to step down are expected to get louder in the coming days, especially from Umno ministers.

    Umno was known as Umno 2.0 after a split in the party in 1987.

    The source said there are some party leaders “stubbornly loyal” to Zahid but “once the two (Zahid and Najib) can be removed, a new Umno can emerge stronger”.

    He said Umno 3.0 will back Muhyiddin Yassin as the prime minister after the next general election (GE15) and will go all-out to win rural “true-blue” support as the biggest Malay party in the country.

    However, another Umno insider aligned to Zahid’s camp said those supporting Umno 3.0 may also try to get rid of party deputy president Mohamad Hasan as he may be the next in line if Zahid is no longer president.

    “They will try to get rid of him, too,” he said.

    “Their ultimate move is to take control of Umno and to support PPBM. Is that what Umno wants?” he asked.

    So here's the thing.

    The Umno grassroots and the cabinet cluster have very different aims.

    Will Umno let a few greedy bastards sell their party to PPBM?

  10. ZH should go nuclear. Ask all the party members that are in ruling government to resign or face actions. Otherwise he will be checkmate but these rebel turks.

    1. Sadly he lacks courage and leadership to do so and he doesn’t even know HOW to do it! He doesn’t have the respects from cabinet cluster though he is the president of the party. That’s the reason why bald Padang Rengas asked him to resign and make way to Tok Mat.

  11. Group "elite" atasan UMNO are exposed to different ways of life. Jenis "high-high class type" so tend to pilih croni2 sewaktu dgn mereka. Some gaya kurang sopan sikit pula tu, snubbing the "akar umbis" esp fm rural areas.. Depa tak sedaq diri yg kawasan2 inilah kubu kuat UMNO who will give them THE VOTES.

    UMNO Minister/GLC clusters doksah la sombong sangat ya, yg nak buang undi bukan warga Oxford tapi olang2 kampung ya.

    Ini satu kelemahan PN Mohid.. mereka takde akar umbi solid, nak buka cawangan setakat cuba otek2 gula2 olang cawangan UMNO jadi KATAK... last2 satni tukaq jadi Beruang macam Jho Low payah tau.

    Few PAU delegates seekd full autonomy for their divisions.. pikiaq masak2 as akar umbi shld know best who to pick as their leaders.

    Tg Piai pi bg MCA padahal Malay majoriti area.. tak molek la gini. Doksah buat macam DAP pi lempaq Dyana Sofya as candidate in the Teluk Intan parliamentary by-election.. Entah2 tok penghulu situ pun dia tak pernah jumpa se umuq hidup.

    Tokmat comes fm very humble beginnings dan berjiwa rakyat.. By-election results coordinated by him and Bossku proved both are well received by the rakyat.. pemimpin2 gini yg kita mau.

    KuLi as PM mungkin trlalu berat (due to old age) klo lantik as FM rasanya Malaysia will prosper once again.

    Aduhai Mohid dan PN, Malaysia is not moving forward AT ALL. Nak tunggu sampai lingkop baru akan sedaq diri? Takyah la ketegaq sangat.. berundur la.

    Kesihanilah anak2 muda kami. Terpaksa merantau luaq negara utk mencari rezeki.. selagi hangpa tak turun depa ketaq taknak balik Malaysia.. tak confident sini ade peluang pekerjaan ke?.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. death by a thousand cuts for umno at the moment. bersatu is using every state apparatus to squeeze the life out of them. zahid or whoever leads umno should take the risk & call out the cabinet cluster. might as well cross that rubicon now otherwise it will continue to be subservient to bersatu

    either way, umno may be broken up before GE15. some will go bersatu, some ph, some the third force thats Tun / Kuli

    1. Yes, correct.

      Even Najib is right....

      "In a Facebook post, Najib said that working with PPBM would be going directly against the wishes of the grassroots, with 143 of 190 divisions having already decided that Umno should break its ties with the Muhyiddin Yassin-led party.

      He warned Umno 3.0 leaders that going against the voice of the grassroots would see them being punished badly in the party polls.

      “Why do they want to support a party that stole tens of Umno’s parliamentary and state seats, including in Sabah, through ‘frogs’, oppressed Umno, froze Umno’s accounts and tried to get Umno deregistered?

      “Why do they want to support a party that has clearly failed in managing the economy and Covid-19 situation? Why support a party that continues to give nonsense excuses as to why Parliament can’t reconvene?

      “Has the ‘scheme of things’ aimed at splitting Umno already succeeded with many bribed with government positions?” he asked."

      Make no mistake - PPBM are UMNO's worst enemy.

      The Cabinet cluster are UMNO's 2nd worst enemy.

      The grassroots know it.

      UMNO risks death.

      An ant killed an elephent.

      I think Tok Mat should take over and IMMEDIATELY seek a party EGM.

      Then vote - AND RECORD THE VOTE.

      Umno to pull out NOW.

      Once there are 30MPs missing from Moo's numbers, the gomen collapses, Emergency or not.

      Give the cabinet cluster 36 hours to pull out.

      Ismail Sabri and the Fake Smile H2O will be forced to toe the line, or leave UMNO.


    2. This is definitely the ONLY WAY for UMNO to survive, if the president of UMNO still cannot see this, and act fast,its bye bye UMNO.and when it happened, the Malays will feel like they have lost their most loved father,mother ,son or daughter. Many don't realised how much UMNO means to the Malays.

  13. Kartel Melayu vs Kartel Cina vs Kartel Karela kartel mana paling untung..!?

    Kartel Melayu

    Datuk ini digelar kartel tender boleh lah dikategorikan sebagai "Kartel Melayu" mengatur projek sehingga bernilai 3.8 bilion. Kartel Melayu ini cepat ditangkap dan tahniah diucapkan wahai Polis Diraja Malaysia. Sekali kena trus haramjadah semua. Kartel Melayu mme lansung tarak huntung ...haramjadah semua..

    Kartel Cina

    Kartel Cina seperti Datuk Vickey tidak seperti Kartel Melayu. Kartel Cina spt Datuk Vicky kerja kerja gubah wang haram, pelacoran, bapak ayom, scammer judi online dan kes pukul..berdesup terus lesap... Kartel Cina ini ada sikit huntung maaa...!! Ini Cina punya kartel mungkin satu hari nanti bole jadi lesap terus ato meresap ke kayangan... koh koh koh koh..!!

    Kartel Kerala

    Fuyoo ini kartel paling untung woo..!!
    Ini Kartel Jho Lo sudah lama lesap dan dikhabar Jho Lo dah bertukar jadi beruang. Walaupun jadi beruang dia dikatakan kaya raya Jho Lo dan tido pun atas wang 1MDB.

    Selain Jho Lo ini juga dikira rangkaian kartel kerala juga seperti Nik Faisal sudah kaya raya luar negara kini lesap tah ke mana. Tak dapat dikesan mungkin sudah bertukar jadi iron man. Walahualam..

    Selain Jho Lo dan Nik Faisal si Justo yang jadi banduan di Thailand. Di Malaysia diangkat sebagai PejWang masa Tun berkuasa kini tetiba lesap depan mata...rakyat tatau mungkin kah Justo sudah bertukar jadi otramen taro..!! Wallahualam bisawab..!!

    Zety agak agak gua, lu fikir sindri lah silap ari bulan esok lusa lesap juga nih.. ini kartel kerala ada satu saja special job ada kasi kenakan Najib@bossku kaw kaw. Upah lumayan woooo...!! Mungkinkah satu hari ini satu keluarga bertukar jadi keluarga aqua man.? Wallahualam bisawab..!!

    Kartel Kerala paling untung sekali. Kartel Kerala ini telah berkonspirasi di belakang bossku@Najib sambil menjana keuntungan contohnya keluarga Zety dapat beratus juta wang 1MDB dari Jho Lo di Bank Singapura.

    Najib yang dimangsakan sebagai tertuduh kartel suma kaya raya sambil ketawa terbahak bahak. Ada Kartel Kerala diangkat jadi 'Pengerudi' PNB dengan gaji puluhan ribu.

    Ada yang di lantik jadi Penguasa dengan gaji puluh ribu juga. Ada yang sudak koyak rabak dilantik jadi Pengerusi SPRM gaji puluh ribu raban masa kuasa ada ditangan.

    Kartel kerala ini juga ada kata si Jho Lo sudah bertukar wajah jadi beruang, jalan pun macam beruang jalan pun terkengkang kengkang.


    Kartel Melayu cepat kena tangkap. Kartel Cina cepat lesap.. Kartel Kerala untung berlipat lipat...!

    Amacam sikalang.!! Sebenarnya ada banyak kartel di Malaysia kita tunggu lain siaran.. kikiki

    haahh lu fikirlah sendiri..


  14. Umno tak bersalah. Yang bersalah tu adalah pemimpin2 umno yang korup dan ahli2 umno yang tak berani membuang pemimpin yang korup.

    Umno ibarat kapal. Pemimpin adalah nakhodanya. Apabila penyamun, lanun dan malaun menjadi nakhoda, tun m tubuhkan bersatu sebagai kapal lain supaya orang umno yang jujur boleh meninggalkan penyamun, lanun dan malaun.

    Malangnya hasrat tersebut tidak kesampaian dek kerana penyamun, lanun dan malaun berada di mana2 malah di dalam bersatu juga. Seterusnya adalah sejarah.

  15. Komen tak lepas nampaknya. Nak bagitahu umno dah kena hijack. Kebanyakan pemimpin adalah penyamun, lanun dan malaun. Sebab tu nasib orang melayu tak berubah. Nasib mereka dan anak beranak mereka ja yang berubah. Kahkahkah. Takut ke ennie.

  16. tima kasih annie komen kartel gua you kasi 'up'

    klu blogger kluang dimond tulur masuk lam perut...

    kah kah kah....

  17. "Asked about the call from some quarters in Umno who want Ahmad Zahid to step down from the party’s number one post, Ismail Sabri said party members have the right to express their views.

    “We have never prevented members from speaking out. Right from the beginning, members have been doing that. We need to hear their views and we have never stopped anyone from voicing out,” he said. — Bernama"

    I think Mael Telor Penyu / KJ is the Muhyiddin Stooge Team that will be planted by Moo to take over Umno and sell it to PPBM.

  18. the sooner umno steps up & address the bersatu issue, the better for the nation. now we have the home
    minister interfering with IGPs decision to transfer out ‘ corrupt cops ‘. No brainer that bersatu is using elements in the police force to dontheir bidding.

    inadvertently, the YDPA has help create a monster in allowing the emergency.

    this needs to stop

  19. IGP lantikan Tun Mahathir telah mem buka kertas siasatan berkenaan audio tersebut...!? Siasatan untuk apa..!? wallahualam bisawab..!!

    Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan dipanggil bagi merakam keterangan berhubung isu rakaman audio perbualan telefon yang tular.

    Ketua Polis Negara lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador berkata, pihak polis telah membuka kertas siasatan berkaitan perkara tersebut.

    IGP lantikan Tun itu berkata demikian dalam Majlis Pelancaran Taman Angkat Amanita Kontinjen Selangor di Tapak Padang Surau An-Nur, Bandar Puteri, Klang pada Sabtu.

    Menurutnya, setakat ini lapan laporan polis telah diterima berhubung perkara berkenaan. IGP lantikan Tun Tan Sri Hamid Bador berkata “Proses tindakan siasatan akan diambil dan hasil analisa sedang ditunggu.

    Sekiranya ada, hasil analisa tersebut akan diangkut kepada Jabatan Peguam Negara. Persoalan sekarang sekira benar kes ini untuk klasifikasikan atas kesalahan undang-undang dan dibawah seksyen apa..!??

    Dari pada siasat audio rakamam itu elok siasat video blur yang berlaku semasa Tun Mahayhir berkuasa dan jadi PM Malaysia ketika itu. Elok disegerakan pencarian Jho Lo , Justo, Nik Faizal dan buka kertas siasat Zety dan keluarganya wang masuk account keluarga Zety di bank Singapura. Kesemua kes diatas sudah buat lapuran polis. Rakyat masih tertunggu hasil siasatan tersebut.

    Buang semua pegawai lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohamad segera. Selamatkan Malaysia

    Suma kerja gilo ini adakah dibawah arahan big bos kartel kerala..!!


  20. Very creative video ..bru.