Friday 16 April 2021

About Chinese boss and Malay bodyguards

I guess you all have heard about the case of the two Malay bodyguards who were assaulted by their Chinese boss because they were fasting.

Some people had immediately jumped to use the case as a weapon to attack the Chinese community.

I have to say that's very wrong of them to do that.

As far as I'm concerned, that's an isolated case of a crazy guy, who was probably high on something and not more than that.

I really hope that Chinese, especially those with Malay bodyguards are not going be targeted after this because of the case.

Just let the police handle it, okay.

Anyway, I do happened to have a Chinese friend who has several bodyguards whom he treated very well.

I have met him with up to seven bodyguards, all are whom either Malays or Bumiputera from Sabah and Sarawak.

Those that I talked to said they were treated very well by their boss, and some even said the Chinese guy was a bit like their big brother.

There was one Malay guy from Kedah who told me that he was very grateful to his boss for employing him, and giving him a good enough salary for his family to live relatively well back in his kampung.

Ya, my friend is quite generous.

His bodyguards are all well trained and equipped with firearms for their job  as well as having the opportunity for career advancements.

Really not bad at all.

So, that's why I strongly don't approve of those who used that particular case to further their racial agenda.

By the way, I'm not feeling very well of late and that's why I have not been updating this blog for the past few days.

Then there was something very sad that happened the other day and I'm still trying to get over it.

Later, when I'm feeling better, I will update this blog properly again.



  1. Cina samseng larang puasa tu kenal pegawai tinggi kerajaan lantikan Tun siap cakap dia pegang pegawai tu.

    Tak tau lah dia pegang apa atau pegang celah mana...

    Silap ari bulan lepas lesap lagi mcm jho low , datuk vickey justo...

    Dari dulu dah kata buang pegawai lantikan Tun ....klu di biarkan jahanam negara

    1. Anda jangan selalu buat kesimpulan macam ini. Bahaya, dan tidak baik untuk anda sendiri....

  2. its the home minister that played the race card on this issue. umno dna of course.

  3. Annie, don't talk sweat, damage has been done. Perhaps you could study statistics on Chinese bosses who have been prosecuted in court. Indonesia maid has been attacked by hot water dan Iron hot. Another Chinese boss murdering their Cambodian maid by starving her to death escaped the gallows. I can list to you more than 100 cases of Chinese bosses assault employee, failed to make payment and many more. On the road, Chinese drivers menace assault motorcycle, driving under alcohol influence and killed innocent road user.
    Throughout the world knew the Chinese government’s cruel, bigoted treatment of Muslims and ethnic minorities is a horrifying human rights violation. In the US, Chinese ethnic start becomes a target of violation, I guess what comes around goes around.

    1. Statistics showed that many drug addicts are Malays, but I don't think that means Malay is a race of drug addicts.

    2. Anon 07:35,

      Sila study stats on sumbang mahram as well.

      I'm curious to know what conclusions u would draw..

    3. I have also come across situation where non-Chinese driver on alcohol let go by non-chinese police at roadblock.We also have many cases of non-chinese parents sexually assaulting their children or non-chinese gurus sexually assaulting their students at non-chinese religious schools. Its easy for one to generalise when one is not so well educated and well read and well-informed.Luckily we have many educated, well read and well informed rakyat.

    4. Very subjective to say most Malay is a drug addict if you go to Georgetown, the Chinese majority city you could see most drug addicts are Chinese. The drug addict users is not important - perhaps you could research deeper to check on drug suppliers - mostly are tauke, guess what Tauke refer to whom.

    5. We have to accept the fact that we are still a way long of accepting the sensitivities. This is not limited to us but to the whole world. In some countries it can create communal conflict.It all started with one issueby one man.It is one small explosion to create nuclear explosion. A small spark to ignite a rocket to the moon. One person sarajeyo started ww1.One crazy nationalist started ww2. It all started with a small spark to create ethno religious conflict in some countries

  4. Penyokong terakhir Tun Mahathir adalah pegawai lantikan tinggi dlm kerajaan masih belum dibuang. Kaki busuk ini sedang sabotaj kerajaan Mahyuddin.. jho lo justo datuk vickey lesap. Zety tak disoal siasat keluarga trrima puluhan juta dari Jho Lo.. selagi kaki busuk lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohamad menduduki jawatan stratigik kerajaan .... keadilan tidak dapat ditegakkan...

    Selamatkan Malaysia

  5. Aiiya Annie ...

    Dont be fooled by these Kiasu people.
    You should mixs around more ...
    Majority behave the same way as that Bodyguard whacker when given opportunity .

    Remember that Superman Taiko fella with his famous " Sokong Melayu Skru Melayu " . And he was rewarded by his DAPiss mate when PH became gomen in 2018.

    Oh yeahh .. recent case ..Ronnie the Communist ....what did he say during DAPiss convention ?

    And how many DAPiss folk or any other Chinaman balun him ???

    Gezzz Annie ... you are really out of touch with the marhein .

    I have been there n I'm seeing it now .

    Waghih .
    # cubo buko dgn masak lomak cili api itik salai 😋 #

    1. I think I have been mixing about a bit too much, actually.

  6. all my 3 cina ex bosses were very nice. they allowed daily prayers and friday prayers. i agree this is an isolated case that needed no racial sentiment to make it even worst.

  7. Perangai Apek ni usually starts fm home.. abusive elders, its a mental disease. Anak cucu cicit mesti mengidap penyakit sama.

    Elok media expose and viral his case to alert the Muslim world.. blacklist keluarga mereka ni dgn segera. Bahaya having these "religious extremist" moving freely esp dalam Negara2 where Islam is their official religioun. Kasi naik besaq2 gambaq, personal details dia semua for all to see.

    Case dia nih berat as he messed up with ajaran Agama Islam.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. I don't think it's right to judge the "anak, cucu, cicit" of the man for what he did. Setahu saya Islam tidak mengajar kita melampaui batas dalam menghukum seseorang.

  8. Am a Chinese Pendatang and proud of it. Fok the master race monkeys.

    1. I'm allowing your monkey comment for this one because I have to allow racist comments from the other side for my readers to see what we need to avoid doing. Sorry that I have to spike your similar comments at other previous posts because I don't want race fight in my blog which may prompt its closure. A bit a bit can la.

    2. Typical swines..kutuk2 pun still tak ada guts to make it elsewhere.

      At least here the pribumi don't suddenly assault u on the street simply coz they don't like the swines' eyes

  9. Judi Lagu Raya klu layan puak laman reformasi dan otai reformasi kemain terkinja kinja membatu api kan kerajaan dan PAS .... yg pelik otai terkunja kinja pasai apa....!? Bukan nak bantah sama sama pun....

    Susah ler kalau Bang Non pun diam wat bodoh jer... ooohhh ini ajaran pluralisma murtad masih segar di minda dan hati...

    Buat masa ni buat dan cakap Islamik lebih sket maklum le nak tunjuk macam dolu dolu tu... kikikiki..

    Sekilas ikan dlm kolam dah tahu ikan itu jantan ka betina ka atau anak ikan gay atau ikan LGBT


  10. Macam ni la....
    Semua orang yang buat business haram ni berperangai sama. Toksah kita tengok kulit. Perangai buruk tak kenal kulit. Toksah mula stereotype.

  11. Sila jawab soalan Peperiksaan SKK* ini

    Pemuda UMNO Lapor polis klip video lagu raya syarikat judi. Apakah tindakan IGP Polis Lantikan Tun Mahathir lakukan.?

    i. Lesap terus spt Jho Lo Vicky dan Justo.
    ii. Siasat mcm siput babi Zety dan Keluarga.
    iii. Pantas siasat spt kes dialog Anwr/ Zahid
    iv. Tak siasat tokey judi tukar wajah beruang

    A. i, ii dan iv
    B. i dan ii
    C. iii dan iv
    D. i, ii dan iii

    *SKK = Sekolah Kartel Kerala

  12. Tun Mahathir tried washed his hand.. Tun try 'kantoi' Zety and Zety counter back 'kantoi' Tun again.

    The Edge Online reported yesterday:

    Datuk Dr Tawfiq Ayman, the husband of former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, was spotted at the police Commercial Crime unit here giving his statement for three hours.

    Wearing a mask, he was seen waiting and talking to his lawyer at a coffee outlet at 9.50am before going into Menara KPJ in Jalan Tun Razak 10 minutes later.

    Sources told that he had his statement recorded for three hours and was seen leaving the vicinity slightly after 1pm, while being accompanied by his lawyer Datuk Jagjit Singh. It is understood he may come again next week.

    Tun Dr Mahathir washed his hands and claim ignorance of Zeti's 1MDB involvement. Lim Sian See could not believe his denial.

    Mahathir said he did not know when he appointed her on the Council of Eminent Persons. [Read MMO here].

    He told Malaysiakini an interview [Read here and here] after they had earlier reported last month on Mahathir's silence as anti-corruption watchdog C4 trained their guns on him.

    Mahathir said Zeti informed him that Najjb had large amount of money in his personal account and they plan to take action.

    Kantoi! Zeti denied publicly knowing of the RM2.6 billion deposited in Najib's account but Ambank CEO told court she knew.

    It had long been revealed that Zeti had advised Najib to accept the alleged donation from the Saudi royalty into a personal account.

    1. Jho low dh susun2 org2 dia...frm ceo,top mgmt, gatekeeper, bankers..TIA jackpot..then wang besar mesti nk gerak2 laaa..

    2. So what if TunM made a mistake in appointing Zeti into CEP. Had the CEP done anything not beneficial to the country during their tenure.

  13. Cik Annie
    Kids brought up in abusive household environment usually most wl be mentally affected.. mayak bahaya to the society tau.

    Kalo his family is not mentally sick people then must check asal usul dia.. takut2 PATI using fake Malaysian document?

    Cara dia sebiji macam dalam drama2 zaman emperor China dulu... servants selalu kena flogging 10, 20, 50, 100 times, ada yg sampai mati! And Apek nih clueless about Islam pulak tu??

    Hope the police investigate segalanya abt this Apek. Very2 dangerous to allow this animal roaming freely in this country tau..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. Annie,

    Two big malay guys with their brain in head got beaten up. They made police report, claiming that they were good Muslims who were beaten just because they wanted to be good Muslims in the holy month.

    And being such good Muslims as they claimed, their words must be the cardinal truth.

    And so, many malay guardian knights of their race have their blood boiling up. They even want to go to war.

    Fisabilillah. They claimed. Jannah awaits, tickets ready, sweet syahid. Such bravery.

    What more it's the most hated of the race to them, the cause of the delay to turn the Semenanjung to become a Islamic Utopia, a Syurga on Earth where hudud is practiced fully.

    Just like in Adib Bomba's case. It is so predictable of these warriors' reactions. Gullible, overzealous, simple minded, easily manipulated, over fed with vitamins and so too much strength with too little productive duties and therefore looking around for a good fight.

    Why not let these two big bodied good malay Muslims testified in court, and get their tears causing story of faith be told and documented so that the malay Muslims would have one more proud story to be mentioned by the Angels in heaven?

  15. Pihak Polis berkata, kesemua mereka Melayu berusia antara 24 hingga 47 tahun itu disyaki terlibat sebagai pelakon, ejen artis, juru video dan kamera serta produser dan pengarah video.

    "Kesemua individu yang ditangkap mengaku menerima bayaran bagi pembikinan penggambaran video terbabit yang dibuat di dua lokasi iaitu Ampang serta Hulu Langat, Selangor pada 13 Mac lalu.

    "Kesemua tangkapan ini akan direman untuk siasatan lanjut," dalam suatu kenyataan

    Kes disiasat di bawah Seksyen 504 Kanun Keseksaan, Seksyen 233 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998 dan Seksyen 4(1)(g) Akta Rumah Judi Terbuka 1953.

    Usaha mengesan dalang sebenar di sebalik pembikinan video itu masih diteruskan.

    Harapan rakyat di bawah ketua polis lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohammad kali ini dalang tokey judi online ini tak lesap macam Jho Low Justo dan Datuk Vickey.

  16. Kan itu tokey judi sudah cakap IGP dia sudah pegang... tatau pegang apa.. celah mana dia pegang itu IGP..

    YB Senator Muhammad Zahid Md Arip hari ini menempelak tindakan polis kerana didakwa memberi layanan istimewa kepada majikan yang memukul dua pengawal keselamatannya kerana berpuasa sehingga boleh tampil membuat sidang media khas memohon maaf kepada umat Islam dan Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    “Saya terpanggil untuk mengulas laporan media mengenai majikan yang memukul dua pengawal keselamatannya kerana berpuasa, yang tiba-tiba diberi layanan cukup istimewa oleh polis sehingga boleh tampil membuat ‘sidang media’ khas memohon maaf kepada umat Islam dan Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    “Pada saya ini mesej yang salah dan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador perlu menjelaskan kepada rakyat mengapa beliau membenarkan layanan istimewa diberikan kepada suspek ini, sementalah lagi namanya sendiri selaku Ketua Polis Negara ada disebut dan terkait dalam laporan polis oleh mangsa, yang telah pun tular di media sosial” katanya.

    Selagi IGP lantikan Tun Mahathir ada dalam sistem pemerintah suma yang imposible jadi posible... nnpk gaya peluang lesap mcm Datuk Vickey nnpk cerah...

  17. Gaji permulaan rendah graduan berlaku sejak zaman Tun Mahathir bukan sebelum pandemik Covid 19 - Nik Nazmi

    Masalah gaji permulaan graduan yang rendah tidak boleh dipersalahkan kepada pandemik Covid 19 dan kurangnya peluang pekerjaan sebagaimana dijadikan dalih oleh sesetengah pihak hari ini.

    Menurut Ahli Parlimen Setiawangsa, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, data menunjukkan masalah tersebut telah pun berlaku sejak beberapa tahun sebelumnya dan menjadi buruk pada 2020. Wawasan 2020 dah lama berlalu, elok buka balik kapsul Wawasan 2020 menyakitkan mata memandang. Wawasan bailout anak cucu dan kroni.

  18. He he he
    Semuanya salah Mahathir.
    Pegawai lantikan Mahathir.
    Apa lagi..........?