Sunday 4 April 2021

MIC's silly threat

 Let's not beat around the bush on this silly one, okay.

When MIC president Vigneswaran yesterday said his party will "wait and see" on the Umno-Pribumi Bersatu fight, it was actually a threat to Umno.

"Give us what we want or we will leave and join Pribumi Bersatu gang," was basically what the MIC president was saying.

The guy went on to praise PM Muhyiddin for appointing his deputy Saravanan as human resources minister even without BN's recommendation.

"See, Muhyiddin gave us what Umno had not even bothered to offer," was the real message behind that.

But I can understand why MIC is threatening Umno now.

"Hey, Umno is under pressure because it does not want to be bullied by Pribumi Bersatu anymore, this is the time to squeeze it to get what we want," must be MIC's thought.

And Vigneswaran said MIC wants its "traditional" and "winnable" seats.

So privileged.

Well,  Vignes, you want to once again contest Kota Raja, is it?

It's by right a winnable place for an MIC candidate - 43.15 per cent Malays, 27.68 per cent Indians, 27.66 per cent Chinese and 1.51 per cent others.

Yet, Vignes lost that one as an incumbent to a Pas woman in 2008 by a majority of over 20,000. The other MIC candidates there were crushed even worse in 2013 and 2018. 

Where else? Sungai Siput?

That one is 36.28 per cent Chinese, 34.28 per cent Malays, 20.98 per cent Indians, 8.55 per cent Others.

Former MIC president Samy Vellu was a long time MP there until he lost it to a PKR's Indian candidate in 2008 by almost 2,000 majority. MIC candidates there continue to lose by even bigger majorities in 2013 and 2018.

Looking at the trend in such constituencies, MIC can't solely blame Umno for the losses. It must also be something wrong with itself that not even the majority of Indians want to vote for it.

I even believe that there are more Malays who are willing to vote for MIC candidates than Indians.

So, where are these MIC's "traditional" "winnable" constituencies?

Overwhelmingly Malay majority constituencies?

I seriously think MIC should just concentrate on doing work to win back Indians' support for itself rather than issuing threats to Umno like yesterday.

As far as I'm concerned, Umno had proven itself to be loyal to its allies and giving them seats where they themselves could have won on their own.

Look at the most recent one- Tanjong Piai by-election.

It's a clearly Malay constituency, and Pakatan fielded a Malay from Pribumi Bersatu at that time, yet Umno agreed that MCA was to contest there because it was a traditionally an MCA seat.

They did the calculation and found that BN could still win it with an MCA candidate and they gave it to them.

As for Cameron Highland, they did the calculations and decided that it's better to put an Orang Asli candidate instead of one from MIC and it worked out wonderfully.

If the calculations had said it's better to place an MIC guy there, I believe they would have done so.

It was not because of anything else.

MIC needs to have some faith in its ally.

Yes, there were some noises from within Umno that wanted to take over all the seats but those were only noises.

The Umno leadership had proven that they were capable of making the right choices as far as the party's allies were concerned as in the Tanjong Piai by-election.

Really, MIC was really being silly for making that threat yesterday.

I think MCA would agree on that. 

They did issue the same threat to Umno as what MIC did yesterday after BN lost GE14 but now they know that was not the right thing to do.

Umno people accepted the decision to field Wee Jeck Seng and worked hard to ensure he wins in Tanjong Piai. In fact I think Umno election workers worked harder than MCA people in that by-election.

I remember a video showing a Wanita Umno member standing in heavy rain by the roadside holding a placard begging for Tanjong Piai folks to vote for the MCA candidate.

MIC should listen to MCA president Wee Ka Siong on this one.

But if MIC still insists on being gangsta, then so be it.

Who are they to talk about the need for Umno to accept Pribumi Bersatu as an ally in a coalition when they themselves for decades objected against any other Indian-based party to join BN.

As far as I'm concerned, they can go join Pribumi Bersatu if that's what they think is best for them.

I believe Umno and MCA could find a different Indian-based party to represent the community in BN.


  1. both mic & mca leaving BN for PN is doing everyone a favour. They are like foreskins, next to useless. happy for bersatu to keep hovering up all these small foreskin parties like gerakan etc.

    umno + ph is the way forward for stability

    1. Atok For Sabah!!!

      "KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah is keeping its options open as it decides to “unhook” its informal association with the national opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition.

      Warisan president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said being on their own, the party will work with the broad base of the opposition front on issues of common interest.

      "We are PH minus now, not PH Plus as we were known previously," he said during an online forum titled 'The Perspektif' on Monday (April 5) when he was asked about Warisan's political alignment for the 15th General Election.

      He said as a small party, they could not work alone and they would need to work with the national parties to form the next government."

      The reason that Warisan is coming here is because Atok and Boiboi have no party for PRU15.

      PKR and PH will tell them to go fly kite.

      So there will be a "Turd Force" consisting of:

      a) Warisan

      b) Atok & Boiboi

      c) Jambu Sado @ Bathtub.

      Someone has apparently told Jambu Sado @ Bathtub that he is PM material.

      They were wrong.

      PS: Sabahans have not forgotten Atok's Projek IC.

      So this is very risky.

  2. I agree.

    Exceedingly stupid.

    Fact is, UMNO doesn't need MIC or MCA.

    What's their job?

    Deliver Indian & Cina votes to BN.

    They cannot.

    So what's the point?

    If there's an UMNO-PH tie-up, it will more closely match the history of Malaya / Malaysia from Alliance times onwards.

    It would (in effect) be a "new BN".

    History shows that the most stable configuration for this country is Umno with around 70-80 seats, (they got 88 in PRU13), a Cinabeng party with around 20-30, the thambis with a handful (I may be wrong, but MIC has never hit double figures, ever.)

    (East Malaysia is a complex addition, it will take 1,000 words to cover that mess. Let's just say that some form of S&S parties will "tambah" to the total.)

    The only difference now is that the Cinabengs have consolidated around DAP, whose 42 seats is (I think?) way more than MCA ever had.

    However, the new balance is still workable. Just remove LGE and his chibai face, tell that Indian DCM in Penang to pipe down. Any new gomen is going to be more heavily Malay than PH, anyway, because of the influx of Umno MPs. Make sure the PM, DPM, FM and A-G are Melayu. Then just get down to work, and don't fight. Kaw thim.

    I don't see Umno winning less than 60 seats in PRU15, if Tok Mat is at the helm by then. They can go as high as 70, if they co-ordinate in advance with PKR. (Sorry Tok Mat, your 85 target x boleh lah.) That's without PAS, and sure as hell is without MIC.

    Saifuddin Katak @ Temerloh is bragging that Moo is putting together "a huge coalition", but x payah syiok sendiri lah. A big handful of mosquitoes is still just....mosquitoes, kan. In effect, PN = PAS. Parti Bunga will contribute 3-4 seats. PBB will abandon Moo in a heartbeat, don't worry.

    If MIC & MCA jump ship, they will add 1-2 seats max to PN's total.

    And Umno will gun for your seats in PRU15 lah, doh.

    Say goodbye to Sungai Siput.

    Bodoh piang uolls.

  3. Lantik Bossku jadi PM kali ke 2.

    Ketua UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu, Ahmad Zaini berkata, apa yang penting UMNO perlu kuat untuk menghadapi PRU-15, jangan ada sifat tikam belakang sesama pemimpin.

    Katanya, semua pemimpin perlu mencari persetujuan sama demi mengembalikan semula tampuk pemerintahan kerajaan kepada UMNO dan BN.

    Beliau menjelaskan, walaupun orang muda meminta mereka diberi peluang mengemudi parti, namun ilmu sahaja tidak memadai tanpa pengalaman.

    “Kita perlu seimbang (antara ilmu dan pengalaman), Kalau nak cakap Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein (calon pilihan PM), beliau pun lari juga waktu UMNO susah. Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pun ada banyak masalah juga.

    “Walaupun Najib ada kes 1MDB, namun kes tersebut masih kabur. Jadi Najib ada kemampuan untuk jadi Perdana Menteri semula. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad boleh jadi PM dua kali, mengapa Najib tak boleh. Kita buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih,” katanya.

    1. Nampak macam buang yg jernih ambil yg keruh

  4. Yes UMNO plus PH a new way foreword . in Fact it should be done immediately . to assure credibility , KU LI as PM and Anwar as DPM . After GE15 , lain kira . Do it now .

  5. Nobody can claim his party is a dominant party. That’s old politics - Yiddin

    He basically saying even if my party managed to win only one seat in a coalition, I’ll still be the prime minister..

  6. Lets not forget that even at its lowest point, Umno emerged as the party with the most number of seats in GE14, before the frogs jumped ship. Whereas, MIC and MCA were virtually wiped out. So, at GE15 InshaAllah Umno will win back all of its seats + those it gave to allies if they choose to be ungrateful.

  7. Perhaps More than a silly threat. To me, MIC appears to give vent to its frustration which, I suppose, has been bottled up for decades. All the while, be it MIC or MCA is expected to be subservient to big-brother Umno and not dare to speak out. So, they choked with silent fury, suppressed their rage and tried hard to hold back. But now, situation has changed. With the strong backing of PRIME MINISTER, the pent-up anger came flooding out.

    1. Then they should just leave. In fact, if that's the case, they should leave right aftee BN lost GE14. By the way, why did they stay in BN for decades if they feel that way about Umno?

    2. MIC is only 8%. but consider mailai votes pecah tiga 30/30/30, 8% is banyak oii. menang satu undi menang lah!!!

      annine what your "reliable" fake news source about the vaccine dilly rilly???? why the fourth floor boys cannot get private hsipital procure ah!!!

    3. “Pent up rage?” Ehhhhhh. They were relying on sedekah from Umno all this while. Umno gave them seats they could easily win themselves lah. Otherwise rather than 2 or 3, konpom zero weiiiiii. Rage kih kih kih

    4. 5 April 2021 at 00:56

      Maybe Indians themselves should kick out MIC?

      "Maika managed to raise RM106 million by 1984. And guess who the largest individual shareholder was? Samy Vellu, holding almost 2.8 million shares. Maika was said to have one of the biggest cash reserves among Malaysian companies, so big that if it was properly run, it would have been a billion dollar company by now.

      A Maika shareholder asked Samy Vellu about the position of Maika at a MIC meeting. Guess what happened? Samy Vellu replied that he would answer his question after their makan break.

      During the break, two gangsters allegedly confronted the shareholder and told him that if he wanted to go home in one piece, he “better go home now”. When the meeting continued, Samy Vellu allegedly called for the shareholder to repeat his question but since he wasn’t there anymore, the meeting carried on without any more mention of Maika.

      Here are some of the alleged incidents of violence related to Maika:

      Shareholder Dr A. Letchumanan said that he’s been whacked and thrown out of a meeting.

      R. Rajannan who reps Koperasi Nesa Pelbagai Berhad, which holds 625,000 shares in Maika, said he was threatened and had CURRY POWDER THROWN AT HIM.

      An elderly man was seen bleeding after being beaten up during one of the meetings.

      In 1992, S. Sivalingam (now deceased), who was the Selangor Assemblyman for Seri Cahaya, led an assault against the Maika shareholders who were peacefully protesting against the scandal outside the Maika HQ.

      In 2006, S. Krishnasamy (also deceased), who was the MIC Johor Assemblyman for Tenggaroh, whacked M. Kulasegaran (yes, the ex HR Minister) at a Maika AGM. Although Kula reported to the police, Krishnasamy got away with it.

      Are things better now?


      The current bigwigs have connections to "those nice people", too.

      It's better for the Indians for MIC to close.

      Why keep getting robbed and cheated.

  8. Itu sebabnya Mohid kasi MIC posisi Minister, MCA posisi Minister dan Hadi as entah apa position Menteri utk jaga dunia Arab?

    Mooohid kasi mrk syiok2 lapat gaji, elaun dn perks empok2, kasi mata mereka twinkle twinky and finally akan sway their otak. Klo tak sokong nanti kasi yelek pula kan.. tst tst tst dilemma juga, to stay or to cabut? to stay or to cabut?

    Seronok juga kita peghati perkembangan hati perut pemimpin2 nih semua..

    Ayuh kita ramai2 berdoa mohon perlindunganNya from all those makluk2 durjana yang sedang memperjudikan masa depan rakyat dan Negara.

    Professor Nasi Lemak


    KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — Umno’s Barisan Nasional (BN) allies could allegedly abandon the Malay nationalist party in the same way the Pakatan Harapan coalition was betrayed last year, DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) chief Howard Lee claimed today.

    Lee cited rumours purporting that MCA, MIC and Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) were being courted for a jump to the ruling Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition with which Umno was feuding.

    Without providing details, the Pasar Pinji assemblyman claimed such rumours have been swirling after several BN supreme council meetings could not go forth due to MCA and MIC’s failure to attend.

    “At this time, Umno is facing the darkest moments in its history. Umno will feel the betrayal that has been experienced by PH. However, the difference is, it is very likely that this betrayal will end with the disappearance of Umno from our political map,” he said in a statement today.


    You think losing MCA and MIC will kill UMNO?

    Stupid Cinabeng.

    It will BENEFIT Umno hugely.

    Think about it lah Ah Kor....

  10. Report polis dah buat terhadap Zety sudah dibuat siasat Zety dan keluarganya. Nak apa lagi...!?

    Tapi masih senyap sunyi. Adilkah rayuan perbicaraan ini.

    Shafee ke Mahkamah Tinggi untuk menuntut agensi penguatkuasaan tempatan menyerahkan kepadanya dokumen tambahan, untuk beliau melengkapkan pembelaan anak guamnya terhadap tuduhan rasuah dan pengubahan wang 1MDB yang sedang berjalan.

    Rayuan SRC: Hakim berpengalaman patut mengendalikan perbicaraan ‘Kes Abad’ ini – Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah

    Antara dokumen yang dituntut adalah milik syarikat yang dikatakan bawah kawalan ahli perniagaan dikehendaki, Low Taek Jho, dan keluarga Zeti.

    Dilaporkan suami Zeti dan dua anak lelakinya terima wang yang dikaitkan dengan dana 1MDB.

    Mereka mengaku tahu tentang wang itu dalam akuan berkanun yang ditandatangani pada Mac lepas.

    Hakim Collin Lawrence Sequerah menetapkan 20 Mei untuk mendengar permohonan Najib.

    Wahai polis tangkap dan siasat segera Zety dan keluarganya..!!!

    Kalau nak tangkap Jho Lo sah tak dapat sebab dia dah jadi beruang...!!

  11. My take is m@c and m@a will get out of will be deregister.u@no will also be deregisted before august. U@no is left with nothing for next pru.All its menbers will jump to oppo or ruling parties. They have made wrong tactical move. Guess they are not smart after all like manichean ghost out foxed by augustinian ghost. Ha.ha ha.

    1. Moo is a dim-witted moron.

      He was a crap Minister wherever he was placed, and as Ku Li says, lazy.

      30-plus years of being mediocre.

      The fact that this dim-witted moron can outsmart Zahid and Anwar means that Zahid and Anwar are even bigger morons.