Wednesday 21 April 2021

Perikatan will not collapse if Umno pulls out now

 I saw a story yesterday which said that the Umno supreme council will decide on Sunday whether to stay or leave the Perikatan government.

The story quoted sources, so it's not really that credible.

Sources stories tend to be sos chili or sos tomatoes stories only.

Still, this could be fun to discuss.

Well, as I previously wrote, I think Umno and its BN allies should stay in the government until the parliament has been properly dissolved.

We need a functioning government amidst this Covid-19 pandemic and I'm of the opinion that the better ministers now are those from Umno and BN.

Okay, they are not great but still better than those from Pribumi Bersatu and the others.

Also bear in mind that the state of Emergency is still on.

That means the Perikatan government will not collapse even if Umno and its BN allies order their ministers to resign and announce themselves as opposition parties.

Muhyiddin will simply appoint new ministers to replace them.

Doesn't matter if the new ministers are as useless as those already in the Cabinet.

This will be the case until August when the Emergency was supposed to end.

But will it ends?

The Covid-19 numbers are still bad, okay.

They may just prolong it further, and I have a feeling that they will only lift the Emergency when they are sure they can stay in power.

Let's say it stretches to early or middle of next year. That's a long time and anything could happen.

Well, we already have Pakatan people, who were supposed to be men of integrity jumping over to Perikatan.

Give some more time and more may jump, I think.

So, Umno pulling out of the government now would be a bit of a silly move.

At least if their ministers are still there, they could do something for the rakyat and provide some checks on what the government is doing.

Surely, not all of the Umno ministers are Pribumi Bersatu stooges.

Okay, if Umno really wants to show that it's serious about telling off Pribumi Bersatu, it could just order those in the GLCs to resign.

As I previously wrote, that will not hurt the rakyat.

After all, those are mostly the useless fat cats who make Umno looked bad anyway.

Then there's the matter of Umno elections.

Despite my dislike of many Umno top people now, I'm of the opinion that they should postpone it until after GE15.

If they have it now, Umno will be weakened by the ensuing infighting of which it would not have enough time to recover to face an election.

My hope is that for Umno leaders, particularly its president Zahid to play this one wisely.

As I had said, he can stay on as president but let Mat Hasan takes charge.

Let Umno have a fresh face to present to all Malaysians.

I dare to hope like this because Zahid and Mat Hasan seemed to be going well together of late.

They seemed to have a united front by making the same stand, such as during the recent party general assembly.

Maybe Zahid has realised that the relatively credible Mat Hasan is actually his best hope to survive the fight.

It most probably that he had seen it that for him to survive, Umno needs to win GE15.

And in order for that to happen, he needs Mat Hasan to be there for Umno and him.

I'm confident that Mat Hasan would be there and deliver if given the chance to do it.

Zahid should start by making Mat Hasan, as a party deputy president should, the director of Umno/BN election machinery again.

He should correct the awful mistake of giving that job to the boorish Tajuddin Rahman, whose image alone makes Umno look like a Malay gangster party.

If Zahid does that, it would give Umno people the semangat that they needed.

After all, they need to regain the momentum that brought Umno the string of by-election victories before the Pakatan's collapse.

Yup, I don't mind repeating it, Mat Hasan is the key for Zahid and the rest of Umno.

And probably for the rest of Malaysians too.


  1. “They may just prolong it further, and I have a feeling that they will only lift the Emergency when they are sure they can stay in power.”

    -To extend the Emergency, they need to go to Agong again. Is Agong going to consent it? Nobody knows for sure. The first proclamation of emergency already caused a stirr. Besides extending the emergency beyond August will no doubt would cause an earthquake.

  2. potato, tomato. yes it will not collapse, purely because of the ‘smart’ emergency rule by TSMY. But by all other measures, it is an illegitimate govt.

    didnt PH fall that way ? your article smacks of dua darjat

  3. umno & bersatu shits in the same pot. one gets weaker as the other gets stronger, vice versa. even the dumbest cat out there can see what bersatu - tsmy / azmin/ hamzah is trying to do to umno last 12mths. its death by a thousand cuts.

    the grassroots know it, zahid knows it ( court cases aside ). they have to take action now but agree zahid is the wrong person to lead the charge. 64k question is does zahid trust hassan ?

  4. You are absolutely right about Zahid giving way to Tok Mat to lead. The main reason Z is presumed talking to Anwar is to help out on his predicaments. Is Z worried Tok Mat won't help him out if he can lead BN to form the Govt? My money is on Tok Mat and I believe we should give him a chance to lead the country as in the past we have politicans .Tok Mat started in the corporate world and proved himself and would be a fresh reset for Msia.

  5. If Sheraton move is an illegal power grab, or a coup, why the people didn’t rise up to claim back their mandate? Like what happened in Myanmar? Why there’s nothing happened on the ground? on the streets afterwards? No protest? No massive demonstration whatsoever? Of course other than an incident where a lone bespectacled woman adressing small crowd sitting on the kerb uttering “siapa Muhyiddin??” which later parodied in social media.

    The truth is the people on the streets, the rakyat in general were quietly approved it. They felt relief PH no longer the government. PH government already increasing unpopular at that time, especially among the Malays. When they became government, instead of carrying on inplementing what they had promised in the manifesto, they turned around and did something else like banning smoking in restaurant. Now you could only picking your nose to pleasure yourself while watching EPL football at Mamak.

    And then they banned drinking straws. Drinking cold drinks was never the same again. Ever since. Past several years. Another innocent pleasure to the people cruelly being taken away. And then there was constant pressure from extremists in DAP who kept pressing Atuk to extradite revered Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to India citing the preacher disparaging other faith. When asked to show proof, they couldn’t produced any. Despite the government stand, they kept on harping on the issue siding with the Indian government rather than their home country; hitting the nerves of Muslim majority Malays. The whole episode had left them feeling worried and disquite.

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was when a cabinet minister, flanked with fellow cabinet members of the same faith or race, doing a PC in parliament giving a speech which invoking racial and religious fervour culminating in riot and unrest at house of worship and claimed the life of innocent fireman. The temperature in the country suddenly rised to dangerous level. Things seemingly heading to breaking point. One small act of provocation could prove fatal. Thank goodness, nothing untoward incidents happened. Level heads prevailed.

    You see the Malays are simple lot. Laid back and easy going. You can call them lazy, unproductive like Atuk used to call them, they will take it on a stride. But if you “usik” (stirr) Islam, or anything related to it, all of a sudden they become fierce and aggresive. All of a sudden you become their public enemy no. 1.

    1. Anon 12.49
      Allow me to add
      The verdict/conviction in SRC/boss ku trial did not fuel any protest
      A sign of approval for PN govt


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  7. Ehhh saka jadi Batu Api ..apa masalah kamu PejuWang? Rindu sama Anwar kah? Bila dah hilang kuasa akibat kebodohan bapak kamu, baru nak tanya mana Anwar?

    Waktu buat kerja bodoh dan khianat dulu, mengapa tak tanya Anwar? Bincang pun tidak. Pergi baliklah !!!!

    Anwar lagi awal hantar surat bantahan tu ke istana..dan mohon jumpa Agong terus...bukan jumpa seperti jumpa opis boy je..itu bukan level ketua pembangkang..

    Mahathir kata, orang-orang melayu seolah-olah dah mula marah kat Istana. Aku nak bgtahu Mahathir, orang marah, meluat kat Mahathir bukan melayu saja, bahkan semua kaum mengutuk diktator tua ini kecuali dua tiga kerat penyembah, jgn alih perhatian ke istana ok.

    Istana pun dah nasihat jgn letak jawatan, tapi kerana hasad dengki hang, sanggup hancurkan kerajaan PH.



    1. Berbahasa sedikit lah di bulan Ramadhan.
      Take a rest.

  8. UMNO can go on winning even without bn..
    Much Better without Kling n Cinas..
    Be a little bit ' taliban'...
    That's the secret..
    Kusufian Write.blogspot

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  10. U turn, u turn u turn..!! kikikk

    Mahathir U-Turn again : “I Support The Emergency And We Obey The Law – The Rule of Law” – “Not Backing It Was Tantamount To Insulting The King”

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that he supported the emergency in a sarcasm-laden blogpost, adding that “not backing it was tantamount to insulting the King”. He knew insulting The King mean insulting Malays and Islam.

    U-turn before its become back fire to him and his family..!!

    When you are more getting older then you more getting U-Turn. Your big liar and slander become unrelevant anymore. Nobody will trust anymore.


  11. Kat celah mana salahnya tuduhan audio Zahid-Anwar:

    – Kedua-dua orang menafikan.

    – Tidak ada unsur jenayah yang dilakukan didalam audio berdasarkan undang-undang negara.

    – Kedua-duanya belum membuat laporan polis.

    – Tetapi Ketua Polis lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohammad mengatakan bahawa mereka akan menyiasat untuk mengenal pasti orang tersebut. Akta celah mana nak diguna wallahualam bisawap..!!

    - Bukan nak bela sangat Anwar - Zahid cuma rakyat tengok dah naik meluat rekayasa bodoh bangang ini..!! Cuma walaun kartel kerala yang terkinja kinja riang ria..!!

    - Banyak kes tertunggak walau lapuran polis dibuat. Jho Lo lesap dikatakan jadi beruang, Nik Faisal lesap tak dapat dikesan Zety dan keluarga tiada tindakan kebarangkalian lesap juga amat tinggi.

    Terkini penyangak judi online boleh buat kenyataan media, heret ke mahkamah pakai baju polo bukan baju lokap. Judi online polis dah tangkap penyangak SKMM buat buta mata tak sekat judi online.

    - Bukan nak bela sangat Anwar - Zahid cuma elok saja dibuang pegawai tinggi lantikan Tun Mahathir Mohammad ini... rakyat dah naik meluat dan naik menyampah drama bodoh bangang ini.


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  17. Awak faham tak apa yang awak baca?

  18. Ini nak dakwa kes apa..!?

    Kes rakaman audio percakapan yang didakwa melibatkan Anwar dan Presiden Umno, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    Selepas dipanggil di Bukit Aman sebagai saksi kepada kes tersebut mengikut Seksyen 505(b) Kanun Keseksaan.

    "Saya beri kerjasama untuk keterangan. Saya tak tahu ini kes rasuah mana, kes jenayah apa, ugutan mana, tapi saya beri kerjasama. Kalau ada pendakwaan saya akan beri keterangan lengkap.

    "Tetapi ketika dipanggil, saya bangkitkan beberapa perkara kepada pihak polis. Kenapa isu ini mahu dijadikan isu politik oleh kerajaan yang nampak sangat terdesak sekarang.

    "Apa kaitannya dengan kemelesetan ekonomi, kegawatan politik dan penyalahgunaan kuasa yang ada sekarang?" soal Anwar.

    Bukan nak bela sangat Anwar cuma celah mana nya percakapan itu merosakkan negara...!?

    Kes JhO Low lesap jadi beruang tak jumpa lagi. Justo lesap depan mata. Datuk Vickey baru saja lesap. Penyangak judi online dakwa IGP itu dia sudah pegang. Penyangak ini tidak bergari dan pakai baju jenama POLO bukan baju lokap.

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    Sebelum #hamidbador bersara bulan 5 ni...elok minta beliau jelaskan isu ini..

    kenapa wanita ini tidak di benarkan merentas negeri untuk membawa ayah dia sakit ke hospital...?

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  20. Biarkan Hamid Bador terjun seperti luncai dengan labu nya.

    Tun Mahathir Tak suka di soal dia suka buat tuduhan saja. Kalau ada saman ex-IGP pada Tun maka Lepas ni Tun akan marah dan mengamuk lagi. Klu PM skg tak tolong maka lagi Tun mengamuk marah2.

    Tun tak suka pergi ke mahkamah dolu di heret jadi saksi pun dia nyorok belakang lawyer dia.

    Dia suka tuduh fitnah dan hasut.. sekarang Tun kau bertemu buku dengan ruas.

    Nak tengok Marina, Cucu temani Tun turun naik mahkamah... tak sabar nak tengok kan...

    Jawapan klise 'Bukan Salah Saya' relevan atau tidak relevan lagi..

    Elok ditambah kes lagi pasal arahan Tun masa jadi PM dlm kerajaan PH yg halang bekukan akaun tokey babi dlm kes 1MDB diheret lagi ke mahkamah... biar ada banyak pertuduhan terhadap Tun di mahkamah masa yg sama heret juga orang suruhan Hamid Bador sekali jadi saksi... kasi Tun dan keluarga ulang alik turun naik mahkamah. Karma kau dah sampai..

    Makin semput le orang tua ni..

    haahhh pop corn kasi tambah lagi.!!


    ps : Melayu kena jaga Melayu fahamkan betul betul sesuatu isu... jangan termakan hasutan adu domba batu api barua DAP dan kuncu kuncu Melayu yg melutut pada DAP@LeeKwanYew

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    PH melalui parti PejWang , PKR kesemua pemimpin utama parti ini dan anak cucu masing masing ada ciri ciri pejuang anutan Pluralisma agama , Liberal, COMANGO, G25, Gay dan LGBT.

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    Apakah tujuan negara jiran masih mengekalkan hukuman ISA? Siapa musuh mereka? Orang cina? Orang Melayu?

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