Wednesday 14 October 2020

Anwar's little farting and a Chinese future choice

 So, Anwar met the Agong.

Then he told a press conference that he has more than 120 MPs in his pocket, and the king is going to meet party leaders to discuss the matter.

However, the palace issued a statement saying that Anwar never showed the king any evidence of his majority in parliament. Nothing was mentioned about the king meeting party leaders.

It's beginning to look like another Anwar's drama.

Lots of noise and nothing much else.

I seriously think the guy should just quit the game.

Anyway, people are more concerned about Covid-19 than anything else at the moment.

Most, I think had just shrugged their shoulder over the comedy.

Really, looking at Anwar, I believe that all the old farts of Malaysian politics should just retire.

Some of the younger ones should too.

They are really a tiresome bunch.

Anyway, I still think Umno and its BN allies should go on their own for the next election.

No need to be with Anwar, Muhyiddin or even those Pas people.

They should fix their house, and offer Malaysians a good moderate multi-racial coalition like it used to do.

No need to have an overwhelmingly Malay dominated government as it may not be good for the country.

I believe a lot of Malays feel the same and if the non-Malays are smart they would agree too.

They would likely support such a good coalition. Just like they used to do back when BN did a lot of good for the country.

After all, they had tried something different with Pakatan Harapan and that didn't turn out very well.

That's why I hope, especially for the Chinese community to give MCA some of their support so that the idea of a multi-racial coalition, like BN used to be, could work.

If they still want to give their support solely to DAP, then they may as well endorse a Malay-dominated government without their representation.

Some of my Chinese friends said they don't mind that as they believe their community's wealth would be enough for them to not care as to who's in power. But that's just about ego and being silly, and I suspect they knew it to be so.

You need a government, which care for you. If it sees you as being hostile, things are going to get difficult.

It's the policies of the government, which allow things to be the way it is now, and if those change, things would not be the same again.

Simple example, they will close down the Chinese schools under the pretext of national unity.

I know for certain that some powerful figures in the current government have that in mind. 

For them, it's a popular thing to do to further rally the Malays.

There's the MCA in the current government, but I don't know how long their leaders could stand up to the Malay ultra-right wingers there.

DAP may have a huge block in parliament given by mostly the Chinese community's almost total support for them , but they are in the opposition, so there's nothing they could do except making noises.

And please don't think about going to the streets, because this government is not the same as the Najib's administration which allowed such thing, abolished the ISA and many draconian laws of the past etc.

You go to the streets and protest now, they will clobber you. I'm quite sure of that. Nothing good will come out of that.

But that's up for the Chinese community to decide.

By the way, there's Covid-19 too to shut up protests these days.

Eh, I need to get up and go to work now. I'll try to write more regularly after this. Still trying to discipline myself to be like before.



  1. Aisay want the Chinese to support MCA, the eunuch party. No way. The Chinese are like cockroaches, they can survive in any hostile climate/environment. Its true they don't give a damn who governs them, as long as there is fairplay - meaning an opportunity to make money - that's all they want and need. If the right wing Malays want to shut down Chinese schools - they do so at their own peril.

  2. 'There's the MCA in the current government, but I don't know how long their leaders could stand up to the Malay ultra-right wingers there.'

    Like they are standing up for the past 30 years????

    Kih kih kih.

    Lu manyak farneeeee, worrrr.

    MCA are just there to help Cinabeng tycoons get their "cut" from Umno warlords in gomen deals. Nothing more. MCA is a business bureau. That's all. Ali-Baba maaaaaaaa. Lu atak plojek, lu hepp me, wa hepp you maaaaa. We sheh-sheh. Lu goyang kaki saja, we kaw thim for lu.

    Najib - Jho Low is a classic example.

    Musang Tak Aman and his suitcase with USD10 million, MCA bag carrier.

    Some guy from P***** Reng*s and his own "supplier".

    The ITM Tapah case....whose companies involved?

    I can tell of you of at least 10 others, some involving current Umno MPs.

    Ini balu warn malai see ahhhh, maaaaaa.

    Itu cina dan mee layu bikin kercha samah-samah oooooo, kitar olang kaya, bolih pelli kee lita bisar, lu olang lakyat pee asa bolih semuah pi mampus, maaaaaaaa. Changan tak mampus, okeh?

    Ini balu warn malai see ahhhh, maaaaaa! Lay chi erll hum money, izzit? Got wan!!!

    "And please don't think about going to the streets, because this government is not the same as the Najib's administration which allowed such thing, abolished the ISA and many draconian laws of the past etc."

    I guess you were with your boyfriend in Japan from 2013-2018?

    If you were in Malaysia you would have remembered Kak Rosiehippo's reign of terror, executed via KBAB-1 and Pandi Ali.

    We Malaysians haven't forgotten.

    Maybe you should move back to Japan, Annie : )


  3. Cina can always choose to migrate away if and when they become rich enough. Pening pening kepala fikir pasal politik buat apa?

    1. The melayu also migrate with current politik. Migrating is not only Chinese phenomenon. Everyone looking a better deal. Hardworking malays also find hard with the crap going on in Malaysia. Havent you heard the Malay workers in Queensland picking up fruits or kampung melayu in Perth. Dude all race affected when the government is crap.

  4. Umno are very smart. They have Abah Rotan by the **** now. And I can bet you, he will cave in.


    Umno MUST contest in all seats that the Bersatu frogs won on an UMNO ticket.

    That should end Larut's political career forever.

    Good riddance and "thanks" for starting COVID 3rd wave by disturbing Sabah.

    You have blood on your hands.

  5. HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH Tak Terlupakan....!!

    12 tahun dulu zaman Pak Lah, Nuar pun kencing bersepah cara yg sama (konon ada cukup jumlah) hingga membuat Baginda YDPA Sultan Trengganu murka.

    Terbaru tahun ini, tiap2 hari memekak di jalanraya, shopping2 mall, perjumpaan2, sidang2 akbar konon dia ada jumlah mencukupi untuk menumbangkan kerajaan yg memerintah.dan siap gantung banner "DSAI PM9..DSAI PM9..AMPUN TUANKU..AMPUN TUANKU...seolah-olah mendesak Tuanku turunkan TSMY & gantikan dia. Lantaran itu, Tuanku YDPA naik rimas & murka dgn aksi2 kemaruk beruk2 ma'rip PGayR. Semalam bila diminta mana senarai nama & bukti, ternyata Nuar hanya mampu menyatakan jumlah dgn air liur basinya saja. Lantaran itu, Nuar kena sekolah agar dia memahami perlembagaan negara & akur dgn peraturan &;undang2. Yg dahsyat & teruk, Nuar dgn biadap pusing gasing konon dia sudah serahkan senarai serta bukti2nya pd Tuanku. Malangnya, pihak Istana dgn cepat menangkis dakwaan palsu Nuar itu dgn mengeluarkan Kenyataan Rasmi Istana mengesahkan Nuar tidak menyerahkan senarai nama yg sokong dia,, tapi hanya memaklumkan jumlahnya secara lisan.saja.

    Ternyata Nuar bukan saja menipu tapi biadap langsung tak hormat Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA....!!

    Apakah dgn tingkah tidak senonoh Nuar &:apa yg berlaku di istana semalam, Baginda Tuanku ada keyakinan dgn Datok Sodomi Anwar Ibrahim.....??

    Mamposs lah kau, Nuar.....!!

    1. En Othman..nama2 akan diserahkan sendiri oleh ketua2 parti bila diarahkan mengadap.
      Kena berhati-hati sebab 'tiang' istana pun boleh bercakap..

    2. PELIK & MENAKJUBKAN......!!

      Anwar Ibrahim telah melantik peguam Ram Karpal Singh sebagai peguambela, perisai & pendindingnya semasa siasatan polis untuk mengenal pasti kesahihan Senarai Nama Ahli Parlimen yg menyokongnya, yg dia sebelum ini telah memperolok-olokkan Baginda Tuanku YDPA bertujuan untuk merampas kuasa Kerajaan yg memerintah & sekali gus memenuhi nafsu serakahnya untuk menjadi perdana menteri yg dia terkilan puluhan tahun.

      Perlu semua ketahui dalam catatan sejarah, 22/23 tahun yg lalu pd tahun 1997 ketika Anwar menjabat jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, seorang Ketua Pembangkang DAP yg juga merupakan seorang peguam bernama Karpal Singh telah menggemparkan dunia apabila beliau menyingkap rahsia peribadi Anwar dalam parlimen bahwa Timb Perdana Menteri Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat kerana Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang Peliwat.

      Just fancy that.....!!!
      Fikir-fikirkan lah....!!


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  8. di Malaisiah


    Selama berbulan-bulan selepas kerajaan PN dibentuk, ramai yang juga mahu kita tolak PN dan kukuhkan MN.
    Ramai yang juga percaya bahawa jika kita tidak membentuk kerajaan PN bersama, PPBM serta geng yang lompat keluar PKR untuk masuk PPBM juga akan terkubur pada PRU15.
    Namun apa yang berlaku di Sabah (termasuk mengambil kerusi UMNO dan PN letak calon bebas untuk pecahkan undi BN), kenyataan-kenyataan dari ketua Armada PPBM serta perkongsian kuasa yang di lihat berat sebelah telah terus membakar ketidakpuasan dan kemarahan ramai ahli-ahli UMNO.
    Sebagai contoh, PM adalah dari PPBM dan pengganti PM iaitu Azmin juga dari PPBM sekarang.
    Dalam hal ekonomi, menteri kewangan bukan dari BN mahupun PAS.
    Menteri yang jaga ekonomi dan yang jaga perdagangan luar juga bukan dari BN ataupun PAS.
    Begitu juga dengan Khazanah dan Petronas.
    Malah, tiada seorang pun dari UMNO atau PAS dilantik dalam Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi untuk melawan Covid.
    Sebaliknya, individu seperti boss The Edge dilantik ke dalam pula bersama tiga orang menteri PPBM.
    (UMNO kini digelar gila kuasa pulak?)

    Based on this, we can predict a few things.

  10. Here is what will happen:

    a) Abah Rotan is finished. His PM reign is over. He can only plead for his life in Pagoh for PRU15, but MN may kill him anyway.

    b) Semburit Sandakan is even more finished. Nowhere to run.

    c) Ku Li sent letter to request No-Confidence Vote. This means that UMNO is very, very serious about cutting PPBM's throats and letting them die. Well, it's karma I guess.

    d) PPBM is kicked out of MN.

    e) Anwar won't be PM UNLESS PAS tries to double-cross UMNO. Anwar is the last resort, but if PAS is stubborn, UMNO can join PKR and thus have 100% control over Malay majority seats.

    But cayalah....Abah Rotan is finished.



    1. Abah dah gelABAH dah.....

      Fake lockdown (Putrajaya 1 case only...other states are worse than the locked down ones...logic yilek)

      Use PDRM to get the list from Anwar

      MIC President wants to suspend Parlimen

      Fart Harun sent to cover line for No-Confidence Vote...

  11. It looks like the drama 'Langkah Anwar' is getting as interesting and exciting as the TV3 drama of the year '7 hari mencintaiku'. Noises from the UMNO malcontents against Bersatu can be heard everywhere. It is an open secret now. So, any possibility to see PH and UMNO get hitched? If that happens, DAP will be in deep trouble. Whatever it is, everyone is anticipating the next episode to be unfolded.

  12. This is why Nazri Aziz told Annuar Musang to leave UMNO:

    "UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) berhak untuk menyemak kedudukannya dalam Perikatan Nasional (PN) dari semasa ke semasa.

    Setiausaha Agung BN, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, berkata melalui semakan itu, kerajaan PN juga boleh diperkasakan menerusi muafakat yang lebih tersusun dan bersefahaman.

    Katanya, mungkin terdapat asas tertentu menyebabkan UMNO mahu mengkaji semula kedudukannya dalam kerajaan PN, selain berpandangan ia memerlukan kebijaksanaan bagi semua tindakan dengan mendahulukan kepentingan rakyat.

    "Kita perlu stabilkan politik negara dan memperkuatkan perpaduan Melayu, iaitu asas kestabilan politik negara. UMNO, PAS, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) bersama bertanggungjawab mewujudkan perpaduan ini.

    "Tidak salah untuk UMNO, BERSATU dan PAS kembali ke 'drawing board' politik agar kita dapat melakar sesuatu lebih baik untuk negara. Untuk itu kita perlu tenang, banyak berfikir dan bijak bertindak.

    "Jangan emosi mendorong kita untuk tidak memikirkan keburukan yang boleh menimpa rakyat dan negara," katanya dalam kenyataan, hari ini."


    I think mamat nih nervous about MARA case...

  13. Kan dah habaq Anwar very2 desperate. Katakaloo kes royal pardon kalah kena la masuk balik citu camna nak jadi PM9? MP pun mana bole??

    Katakalooolah dlantik sbg PM9, dia bole ikut teladan Atuk nyanyok guna magic wand jadi kes dia NFA kan?

    Apapun corona virus ada hikmahnya. Politikus yg sewel2 lia pulas otak jd melelong. Semua raykat lampak telang2 lagak kelolo masing2.

    Moo Bersatu pun jgn jadi parasite ya. Nyawa dependant on BN MN dn lain2.. dok melahap solang2 semua lantikn, tak pikiaq olang2 lain ke? Lepaih tu GE15 nak minta bg laluan kawasan2 BN MN mana aci macam tu?

    Tgk udah UPKO dlm PRN Sabah, voters kasi ajaq kaw kaw. Kepala UPKO pun mrk kasi cantas. KATAK2 raykat talak picaya lor. Sikalang wabaq semua olang mayak susah, satu dunia tau.

    Nak stabilise even ekonomi bukan senang. Klo gini elok aje YDP Agong declare emergency rule, military takes over. Pilih pemimpin yg benar2 berwibawa utk mentakbir.. sewel mana bikin kacau2 kasi tembak aje.

    Raykat dok rumah tiam2, militarysupply semua olang bubur lambok hali2 takde sapa akan kebuluran, murah lagi.. sampai keadaan stabil baru buat GE15.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. You are right. It is a perfect storm for all Malaysians to bear after a convict was released before the due date. We want to know whether he has received a formidable or a conditional
      support to make him pm9. Or merely a fool tool to be used by those self-important political wolves? What a lame leader he has made himself.

  14. "Really, looking at Anwar, I believe that all the old farts of Malaysian politics should just retire."

    Share the same sentiment.

    People are more concern of the COVID-19 rather than politics.

    Tan Sri Noor Hashim is more popular than Anwar at the moment hahaha...