Saturday 24 October 2020

Between emergency and democracy

Everyone went gaga yesterday over what was said to be an emergency about to be declared by the Perikatan government.

I even got an inquiry about it from Japan.

Well, Muhyiddin went to Kuantan to meet the Agong after a special Cabinet meeting, causing everyone to believe that he was trying to get the king's consent to declare the emergency.

However, in the end, nothing happened....yet so far.

I did some checking and as far as my sources are concerned, the emergency move was real.

The pretext is Covid-19, but as everyone suspected, the real reason is to prevent a no confidence motion from being tabled against Muhyiddin in parliament.

That could also happen indirectly via the voting to pass next year's budget, scheduled before end of next month.

If the budget doesn't go through, that's as good as a no confidence vote against Muhyiddin.

According to my sources, the main characters behind this emergency idea are Muhyiddin himself,  Azmin, Hamzah Zainuddin, Ismail Sabri, and that flying car minister, whose name I can't remember.

As for the meeting with the Agong, it was said that the king wanted to discuss the matter first with the other Rulers before giving his consent for the requested emergency be declared.

If this is true, then I suspect the Agong is not 100 per cent supportive of the idea for Malaysia being put under an emergency rule.

Otherwise, he would have just agreed to it.

For that, I salute the Agong.

I'm also against this emergency move because it's against our democracy and may worsen the country's economy which is already battered by Covid-19.

The Perikatan government shouldn't run for emergency cover whether in handling Covid-19 or the challenge from the opposition.

Even the Agong had previously said that all quarters must abide by the Constitution.

True, there's currently a spike in Covid-19 cases but we have been handling it well so far and I can't see why the need for the state of emergency, if that's the real reason to have it.

If the real reason is Anwar to challenge Muhyiddin in parliament, then stand up to it and just count the seats.

Prove to the world that the government has the mandate to rule.

That should shut up Anwar and the gang.

There's the Umno ceasefire, what?

Surely Muhyiddin could get enough support.

Unless, if Zahid had actually just been bluffing about the ceasefire the other day.

Well, if that's the case, Muhyiddin should talk with Zahid and the Umno gang again.

And this time, talk nicely to them.

But if Muhyiddin still wants to go the emergency route, then he should bear in mind that his government will become even more unpopular.

He would be just buying time if he does that as come GE15, the people will punish him and his gang.

Unless, of course the state of emergency be prolonged beyond the GE15 deadline or till forever.

Then we can be like North Korea.

Hey, anything could happen, okay.


  1. Terima Kaseh Agong. Long live KETUA NEGARA MALAYSIA

  2. According to my sources, the main characters behind this emergency idea are Muhyiddin himself, Azmin, Hamzah Zainuddin, Ismail Sabri, and that flying car minister, whose name I can't remember.


    'Apa dan siapakah sebenarnya yang menyebabkan keadaan politik di Sabah menjadi tidak stabil hingga membawa kepada PRN Sabah?

    Perancang utama yang menjatuhkan kerajaan Warisan Sabah ialah PPBM.

    Tentu kita masih ingat, Setiausaha Agung PPBM, Hamzah Zainudin, telah pergi ke Sabah sebelum keadaan politik di Sabah menjadi semakin tegang.

    Campurtangan pemimpin PPBM di Putrajaya telah diakui dan didedahkan oleh pemerhati politik, Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi, malah Shafie Apdal juga pernah mendedahkan perkara yang sama.

    Tetapi perancangan Hamzah gagal bila Shafie memilih untuk membubarkan DUN Sabah, walau pun ketika itu Covid-19 sudah mula menulart dengan luas di Sabah.

    Pembubaran DUN Sabah disokong sepenuhnya oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Harapan.

    Di dalam tempuh berkempen, maka berpusu-pusu penggiat politik dan pemimpin politik dari Semenanjung bertumpu ke bumi Sabah tanpa menghiraukan kes penularan Covid-19 yang semakin meningkat.

    Akibatnya bukan sahaja rakyat Sabah terdedah kepada risiko jangkitan ketika tempoh berkempen dan hari mengundi, rakyat di Semenanjung juga menghadapi risiko yang sama bila penggiat politik dan pemimpin politik kembali ke Semenanjung.

    Maka berlakulah apa yang telah berlaku pada hari ini, kes jangkitan baharu semakin tidak terkawal.'

    - Unspinners

    Pendek kata....

    THEY CAUSED THE CRISIS, then are making US pay for it.

    Cantik lah tu.



      Very interesting.

      My take:

      I saw photos of DYMM YDPA at this meeting in Kuantan.

      He maintained a royal decorum, but I think he was not amused by the Moo / Semburit ambush.

      They thought by bringing so many big guns, they could intimidate the Agong into making a snap decision.

      Then Moo would announce Darurat on Friday.

      But the Agong was not scared.

      He managed the situation, and disaster was averted.


    2. First PM in our history to be overriden by Agong, despite Art, 40 of the FC....

      "Tidak kira siapa yang menjadi arkitek konspirasi ini (ada yang kata Mohamed Azmin Ali dan ada kata Hamzah Zainuddin), mereka telah membuat kesilapan besar dengan cuba memindahkan beban tanggungjawab kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

      Mungkin mereka beranggapan lebih mudah mempengaruhi dan meyakinkan Seri Paduka Baginda seorang daripada 222 orang Ahli Dewan Rakyat. Setelah berjaya meyakinkan Yang di-Pertuan Agong supaya melantik mereka menjadi kerajaan, mereka cuba berselindung di belakang tembok istana pula.

      Walaupun Seri Paduka Baginda telah menitahkan supaya dikurangkan permainan politik dan menumpukan tenaga memerangi Covid-19 serta menyelamatkan ekonomi, persoalannya ialah kesahihan dan kemampuan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional untuk melaksanakan tanggung jawab itu.

      Penolakan cadangan darurat oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong itu boleh dibaca sebagai undi tidak percaya yang mutakhir terhadap kerajaan Muhyiddin.

      Dalam konteks ini, kita harus berani berterus terang mengenai kerajaan yang macam mana dan pemimpin mana yang kita mahu sehingga pilihan raya umum diadakan?

      Mungkinkah sebuah kerajaan perpaduan nasional (national unity government) yang diketuai oleh seorang pemimpin yang bukan berebut jawatan "non-contenders".


      So what is the right thing to do?

      Under Westminster system, giving wrong advice to the King is a breach of duty.

      What is the correct thing for Muhyiddin to do now?

  3. i agree with the declaration. others still wanna play politics. im tired of it and sick of it. punkt. i said it many time. the current political system doesnt work. not for us. so screw the system.

    how is it tht annie is so sure tht we will be like north korea ? theres a mix of chauvinism islamophob and wht else in tht statement.

    1. Muhyiddin’s move is utterly and thoroughly politically motivated. The only “emergency” here is him dying to hang on to power that never belonged to him in the first place.

      Knowing full well that parliamentary support for him can fall through the floor at any moment, he uses the saintly guise of a pandemic to legitimise his illegitimate reign.

      Consider this, why else would he rush all the way to Pahang on Thursday just to meet the Yang di-Pertuan Agong?

      This is at a point in time when residents living in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Sabah and Labuan are not allowed to leave their states, except for justifiable reasons.

      Yet, Muhyiddin travels interstate at his own whim and fancy. What happened to his whole speech on not practising double standards?

  4. "But if Muhyiddin still wants to go the emergency route, then he should bear in mind that his government will become even more unpopular.

    He would be just buying time if he does that as come GE15, the people will punish him and his gang.

    Unless, of course the state of emergency be prolonged beyond the GE15 deadline or till forever."

    That's what UMNO are saying.

    No registration of MN.

    No move to address UMNO concerns.

    Just Abah Takdeteloq, Si Kitol Kunyit and other lackeys ruling in an absolute dictatorship.

    Under darurat, they do NOT have to have elections AT ALL.

    1. well thts nice and convenient. considering umno made tht pact with anwar earlier then do a complete uturn and who knows wht else they demanded from muhidin only maslan can tell.

      whts the point having a gov with umno in it anyway ?

      the one starting all this is definitely not the pm. looks like umno is quick to wash it hands. org kata baling batu sembunyi tgn.

    2. Malaysia Now exposed...

      "Anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno menyindir dua pemimpin kanan Bersatu, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali dan Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin sebagai orang yang gila kuasa.

      “Yang gila kuasa ialah mereka yang melompat parti dan kemudian cuba membunuh parti yang melahirkannya.

      “Semoga Azmin dan Hamzah terasa pedasnya bila makan cili,” kata Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi.

      Menurut beliau, pengatur politik macam Azmin Ali dan Hamzah Zainuddin sudah tentu memerah otak untuk gagalkan keputusan Biro Politik Umno sebelum ini yang memberi katadua kepada kerajaan Perikatan Nasional.

      “Sebagai Ketua Penerangan PN, Azmin katanya arah cyber troopers PN guna neratif “Umno gila kuasa” dan “Umno mahu Anwar jadi PM”.

      “Sebab itu timbul tohmahan kononnya Zahid dan Najib menghantar surat memaklumkan YDP Agung bahawa UMNO menyokong Anwar,” kata Puad, bekas Ketua Pengarah Jasa, badan propaganda kerajaan Barisan Nasional sebelum ini.

      Menurut beliau, cerita surat itu ditularkan oleh portal MalaysiaNow.

      “Portal itu adalah milik Abda Rahman Koya (adik Latheefa Koya). Katanya Azmin Ali adalah penaja portal itu,” kata beliau."

  5. I’m not going to to be threatened and blackmailed by any party. You want me to agree to your terms? Emergency! off you go..

    1. yes. believe it or not. some people are behind muhidin. we dont want umno. it is tht simple.

      u guys are jumping the gun. we dont know the arrangement yet. it is definitely not like 16 mei. i think it is just a postponed pru until covid is managed. the rest is as per normal without politician having their field day.

    2. If Muhyiddin was so concerned about how Covid-19 has ravaged the country, why is he hardly lifting a finger to help Sabah out of its worst nightmare?

      The Sabah state elections literally just ended. It’s only been a month since then, yet the PN state government they voted for have left them high and dry!

      Front-liners in Sabah are breaking their backs trying to treat patients and save lives, but what does Abah concern himself with? His own political survival!

      Let’s not forget Selangor. Why would the health director-general and the Ministry of Health suddenly withhold raw Covid-19 data from Selangor when they’ve been sharing it for months?

      Why now, why at all, why in the midst of the worst wave? After Sabah, Selangor is the next state to be worst hit by the virus!

      Perhaps it is because Muhyiddin is fully aware of the fact that Selangor is more than just the political heartbeat of the nation, it is also an opposition-led state.

      Most opposition MPs in Peninsular Malaysia either live in Selangor or spend a lot of time in the state.

      Stopping the flow of raw data to Selangor can cripple the state’s fight against Covid-19, as well as distract and wear it down in other aspects of governance. It could also be a vengeful move against Selangorians who have been voting for Pakatan Harapan in the last three general elections. Muhyiddin is attacking where it hurts most.

      As long as Abah’s government can stay in power unchallenged and uncontested, it seems it has no qualms about sacrificing the future and welfare of 31 million Malaysians.

      This is the true face of Abah.

  6. As far as I remember, we have a brand new MKN law, a security law. Its amendment had recently passed by parliament which can be used to control the pandemic if it spiralling out of control. No need to declare nation wide emergency. Suffice to areas or zones where cases spike and shooting through the roof.

    This law enables His Majesty Agong, on the advice of the PM to declare an area/zone or zones/areas, regardless of its locality and size as security areas. Anywhere and everywhere throughout the country if needed. And the area declared as security area.

    This security area or zone will be governed ala emergency rule with high number of security personnel rushed into the territory to provide maximum security rule. With the policemen, army, tanks, barbed wire visible in every corner of the streets. Everything is strictly controlled or prohibited in this area to restore order and to combat the spread of pandemic.

  7. No wonder lack of happy faces in several pics after an audience. A wish is not being granted or still pending. Remind me of Atuk when a pic showed his sad face leaving the palace after an audience with His Highness became a headline in Malay news portal. “PM tinggalkan istana. Wajah murung”. Body language can’t lie.

    1. "No wonder lack of happy faces in several pics after an audience."

      They tried to bring everyone to PRESSURE YDPA.

      It was very unfair.

      Even Noor Hisham.

      Where's the so-called Health Minister????

      There is only ONE reason for this "Emergency":

      So that Min Isapkote doesn't have to move all his expensive taxpayer-funded furniture out of the DPM office.

      So that Moo doesn't have the record of being the shortest serving PM.

      That's all.

      Nothing more.

    2. Even PPBM not on the same page!!!

      PETALING JAYA: Members of PPBM’s supreme council were in the dark over the widely-speculated proposal for a state of emergency, according to a senior party leader. Instead, the idea came from “certain desperate individuals”, he said.

      The PPBM source said: “The supreme council was not briefed on this (move to declare an emergency) and some among us are very concerned that this short-term move will backfire on the party.”

      The leadership council member, who asked to remain anonymous, said the PPBM president, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, had been ill-advised by these individuals.

      “These individuals were those who had joined PPBM and later ousted party chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” he said.

      Mahathir was party chairman and prime minister until March, when he resigned after PPBM joined forces with PAS and Umno MPs to form the Perikatan Nasional government.

      The PPBM source said he hoped the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers would not agree to any proposal to declare a state of emergency or to suspend Parliament.

      “It will be a disaster for the country and economy. It will send the wrong signals to the international community and investors. This is not what we signed up for,” he said.

      He hoped members of the PPBM supreme council would have the courage to question party leaders on the rationale for an emergency or to prorogue Parliament.

      For sure, Larut and Gombak lah.

      They plus Pagoh need to go.


      Accept that you are thieves and caused innocent Sabahans to die.

      Just go.

  8. Do u honestly believe this power struggle will end by counting seats? With the egotistical, fickle minded politicians of ours, any perceived slights might result in a change of govn.

    I'm so sick of this game of thrones that if it takes an emergency declaration to achieve some semblance of stability at least till this 3rd wave is over, so be it.

    1. Lu cekap manayk betut . Wa pon sutak manyak fed up sama ini olang politik maa aa ,hali hali celita lebut kuasa abis lakyat apa hat tatak pikir leaa aa.

      Kalau itu emergency wa pikir manyak patut kasi lia olang lulok liam-liam ,titun lagi baik maa aa ,manyak kachau leaa aa .

      Apa pasat mau malah itu emergency ,lu kasi mula ,sikalang apa hat ?.


    I never thought I would live to see all that is happening now..
    ....Politics at its lowest level
    ....some politicians putting SELF before people and Nation...
    ....A " Government " that is FAR FROM GOVERNING
    ....Putting Politics before Principles, ethics and National Interest.
    ....throwing the very basis of Democracy into the sewers
    .....using any and every avenue and tool possible ( however deplorable, disgusting and unethical...and WRONG)
    ....having life Compasses that are set towards POWER and matter how off tangent that compass direction is
    And NOW, perhaps as the last resort...invoking an " Emergency"...using the Covid 19 Pandamic as the excuse.
    CLEARLY..THIS Government has run out of steam and ability to plan and implement policies and measures, to address
    ....Not Covid 19 per se..BUT all the IMPACT of the Pandemic on People and Nation
    The MoH and Frontliners , must be acknowledged and congratulated..for having been able to manage the pandamic so spite of " vips" violating the Rules, and politics triggering spikes in has happened in Sabah. months into the Pandamic, to SUDDENLY trigger an " emergency" ?
    That is simply UNACCEPTABLE !
    ALREADY, the ECONOMIC and SOCIO ECONOMIC IMPACT on PEOPLE and NATION, is continuing to drain us all of our Resilience and Confidence.
    The People can accept MCOs, RMCOs etc..together with the globally accepted practices of keeping Safe PHYSICAL DISTANCE and USING MASKS and disinfecting...because these are valid measures to curtail the spread of infection.
    We have gone through 7 months of all that...
    THAT is like finding rats in the attic, and in some parts of the house..AND USING A BOMB TO KILL THEM...THE ENTIRE HOUSE WILL BE DESTROYED..
    Those who have snaked their way
    onto the seats of Power, MUST ACT RESPONSIBLY....AND GOVERN.
    THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE TOXIC POLITICS...and the irresponsible among Politicians.
    The Pandamic is also NOT an EXCUSE for NOT WORKING as expected by the People.
    Malaysia, and the People...MUST be able to
    see the FUTURE WITH HOPE..

    - TS Rafidah Aziz

    1. Had it been DrM at his height of power, ppl would have been locked up under ISA already & I don't recall rafidah said anything then.


    2. what kind of bomb ? radius of explosion ? does she knows ? how many rats ? big rat ? fat rat ? poisonous rat ? covid level rat ? rafidah has trigger fingers

  10. We desperately need DAULAT TUANKU now instead of 'darurat' to resolve the stupid political tussle. Go to the hell of whoever that dumb-ass Aljuburi is, the culprit king of nation. May he be sent back to the place where he is supposed to be. An undemocratic person crying wolf for democracy? What shit is he spewing? Look at the mess he had created in his own party and also towards the other PH allies while making the decision to go to bed with those most wanted crooks. He might as well shut his f**k up forever and ever. Damn!

  11. i just hope YDPA & the council of rulers see these self serving ppl as who they are. its a slippery slope once emergency rule is enforced.

    get ready for a constitutional crisis.

    oh. all this is DAP’s fault.

    1. Apa pasat cekap ini DAP fault ,DAP tatak kasi mula ini hat maa aa , siapa pergi kasi mengadap Agong bawak itu nombor maa aa ?.

  12. Malaysians are real MANJA lots. We are facing a global pendamic.. worldwide suffering, haiyaa belajar la sikit sacrifice.

    Dok diam diam aje di rumah tuh! Klo zaman Jepun dan komunis dulu, our elders dulu2 dok diam2 dalam rumah pun depa masuk kidnap anak2 dara, jantan2 muda bundled off to do hard labor..

    Makan ubi kayu dn jagung aje oooi tu pun dh Alhamdulillah dpt makan juga. Nak masak pun takut, asap kayu api dari jauh komunis atau Jepun nampak.. depa pakat mai!! Songeh2 mereka pancung aje kepla!!

    Haiyaa. Sikalang Malaysians lembek2 belaka. Nasihat elok2 pun tak faham bahasa!

    Wahai sang corona virus. Politikus2 yg mengada2 hang tolong gi peluk mereka sikit.. whole famili ya. Mungkin baru akan datang kesedaran.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  13. I'd say go for it, shut them selfish politicians off.. be it PM tepi or fools around him.. democracy my foot, they're the one's that created these senseless unstability.. gila kuasa! Go on, just manage the country, shut them off

  14. It is beyond belief to read the statement of our credulous easy target aka PM-in-waiting of all time who has cried wolf 'I've the numbers', is now crying foul at the dictatorship emergency plan suggested by PM. I think, among all the 222 PMs, he is the only one who shouldn't be given a chance to make his voice heard. Enough is enough for all the public unease and afflictions he has begotten the nation. Doesn't he realise that his bombshell Langkah Anu has actually apprised everyone, particularly the PN, to the threatening consequences? Are we hoping for a brainless nincompoop to come to 32 millions' aid to magically crack down Covid and restore dire economic downturn? Certainly not, as he is just an ordinary man of zero political sagacity. Let's wait for our King's pearl of wisdom.

    1. Ooops... nervous transmission error found: 222 PMs. Supposedly...MPs.

  15. yes to darurat....i dont see why it is bad and i dont see why there is a need for anwar to be the pm at this time...democracy can go and fak itself

    1. Guess you're North Korean :)

    2. So dramatic la Annie...

      Our close neighbour has gone into state of emergency so many times & yet today they are on the street challenging centuries old traditions that don't benefit them. I hope they suceed in making changes.

      Dr M was an elected dictator during his heyday. Dissent was silenced one way or another back then.



    4. tak faham menapa di Mailyusea ada group cam ini dan mengamal budaya . boylikegirlsjantan umpama pondan, girl entah cam ape!!!!!!
      itu pasal kena #ruu355 segera. bukan saja dah lah jadi kerajaan dan montori undang undang parti PASU

    5. Unknown24 October 2020 at 19:11
      zaman "yup pun" malai yan 95 parsin chee hai kampong.
      ni kar 80 parsin chee hai kuala lumpur.

    6. "Our close neighbour has gone into state of emergency so many times & yet today they are on the street challenging centuries old traditions that don't benefit them"

      You want us to protest???

      Fastest way to spread COVID.

      No, let Parlimen sit, let Moo lose officially, let's get him out.

      Daulat Tuanku, please let democracy win over traitors.

    7. Some people wanna cling to democracy when the implementation is shitty in Malaysia. Well tht is some peoples right.

      Wht is suprising is the lack of imagination some people have. Nobody is suggesting protest or campaigning. Even if u insist on democracy we can still do without protest and wht not.

  16. The matter at hand is that member of PN are not happy with the arrangement in PN. Harapan has nothing to do with this instability. PN coalition is week, only member of PN coalition can self implode. Harapan is just an avenue for unhappy members but it is not the only options for discontented members. PN members can just declare independent and the government will fall as it lose majority. Anwar is just taking an advantage of unhappy PN members by asking them to join him. Unhappy members can still collapse the government by not voting come parliament time. There nothing you can ensure members will toe the line at Parliment. If you can't control your team how are you to be sure you will win all the time when voting at parliament.

  17. Annie,
    The issue posed in your title should have been - "Between Emergency and Dis-Functional Democracy", because that is exactly what we have right now in the midst of a rising third-wave of COVID-19 cases, where any de-stabilisation of government and derailment of the budget could well deny necessary funds to fight he pandemic, to aid businesses in distress as a result of the pandemic, people who have lost their jobs and other sources of income, pay for the medical services required and so forth.

    What use is democracy when we have a bunch of politicians fon both sides of the political divide using democratic political processes to jostle for power and position, whilst the rakyat and economy are suffering.

    If the Constitution allows for it, a solution out of this mess could be for the YDP Agong to appoint an independent interim prime minister who forms an independent interim cabinet to govern until the COVID-19 crisis has sufficiently subsided.

  18. if the emergency really does get declared, any good will TSMy had last 7 mths is down the drain. People will remember.

    in the end, the worse of the leech is Azmin & his 11 cohorts

    1. Very true.

  19. Daulat Tuanku, TQ NO Darurat but pls send that pengacau ketenteraman negara back into the jail. We don't want to hear him shout i have the numbers again. Sangat runsing dan mual la.

    1. Hello anwar is just taking advantage of unhappy partners. Unhappy PN partners can still quit not join anwar and cause the PN government to fall. Nothing to do with anwar. PN real problem is the coalition is weak becuase you have 2 strong partners in the coalition. I think umno is smart to see bersatu is chipping away umno influence in their area. Next 3 year umno could be absorb in bersatu if umno don't act now. I think zahid may also working towards protecting umno future.
      Please don't think too highly of anwar to extend he can move umno to his side. I think it is umno is unhappy in the coalition. Only PN members can self implode. If PN team is solid no external influence can cause problem to the coalition.

    2. Make yourself clear whether he was taking advantage or being used. I think the latter sounds more accurate.

    3. Whatever it is, Moo is history.


      He should resign, plus whole Cabinet, on principle.

    4. Moo may look 'soft' but his political instinct is rock-solid. Still too soon for him to call it quits. We shall see what the fast upcoming episode has in store for us. Dear oh dear, what a mess.


    "KUALA LUMPUR – The Prime Minister’s Office requested that all state leaders attend a meeting in Putrajaya while the Conference of Rulers was deliberating a proposal to put the country under emergency rule, people familiar with the matter told The Vibes.

    This caused the earlier news, that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has agreed to declare an emergency, to spread like wildfire.

    It is understood that before or during the Malay rulers’ meeting, Malaysia’s nine menteris besar and four chief ministers received a text or note to show up at Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s office at 9am tomorrow.

    They were not briefed on the specifics of the meet, said a source.

    “And because this happened while the rulers were deliberating emergency rule, it led to an assumption that the prime minister wanted to discuss the terms and conditions under emergency law.”

    The Conference of Rulers meeting began at 2.30pm and ended about 5pm. By 4pm, the offices of the menteris besar and chief ministers were already contacted about tomorrow’s meet with Muhyiddin.

    It is understood that the meeting has been cancelled."

    Padan muka woiiiii.

    Anyway, don't expect Pagoh, Larut & Lobang Dubor to give up.

    They are very desperate men.

  21. Only unprincipled n undignified peliwat who selfishly sold DAP out to team up with penyamun for his birthright pm post. That was why no other PH allies attented his one-man-show pc. If that is not a traitor, i dont know what other exact word can be used. So does your anwar make himself any different from that of pintu belakang gang which he has been calling? Same2 la juga.

    1. Annine satu soalan bangang, Annine

      Between Queen kobra Ah-jubori and Princress kobra ass-main min - Umngok can survive?????

  22. Along Along dok mula mengamuk tu sebabnya lamai politikus mengelabah kelupoq tak senang dok oooi.

    Itu celita sebenarnya yg sedang berlaku. FULLSTOP.

    Raykat2 yg bahalol taktau sebenda elok dok DIAM DIAM D RUMAH. Sit back and enjoy all their dramas.

    Takde duit makan bubur lambok pun mencukupi. Diit lebih sikit makan nasi goleng hali2.. in sha Allah kita2 tidak akan kebuluran.

    Professor Nasi Lemak