Saturday 17 October 2020

Counting chairs got nothing to do with Covid-19

Apparently, Umno is now divided over whether it should continue to support or abandon Perikatan.

Hishammuddin and KJ, who are Perikatan ministers, have came out with very strong statements that they will not support their party leaders if Umno decides to stop supporting the coalition.

Well, I guess, if Umno really do so, then that duo would be among those who will leave the party.

Maybe they will join Pribumi Bersatu, and continue to be ministers.

Not really a bad thing, actually. Many former Umno leaders had done so, particularly after Umno and its allies lost in GE14.

Of course, they will do well....provided Perikatan remains in power lah.

After all, I have a feeling that it would be the end of Pribumi Bersatu if the party could not keep its grip on Putrajaya.

It actually doesn't have much except Dr Mahathir, when the handsome old man was still with the party.

Really, it doesn't even have proper grassroots machinery.

GE14, in my opinion, was won by the then popularity of Dr Mahathir as well as resources and hardwork of DAP's machinery.

For GE15, I believe Pribumi Bersatu will want to rely mostly on Umno's machinery to win their seats.

And the irony is that, those seats that Pribumi Bersatu will want to contest are Umno's traditional seats.

Something like what happened in Sabah the other day.

They would not kacau Pas as they know that party would not give them face. And they definitely couldn't contest at mix constituency, let alone non-Malay majority areas as they would be massacred there.

On top of that, those MPs and assemblymen who won their seats as Umno candidates but then jumped to Pribumi Bersatu after GE14 would like very much for Umno people in their area to again work for them so that they can continue to be Yang Berhormat.

People like Tok Pa, Hamzah, Dr Latif, Mas Emerianti and many others.

Again, it's something like what happened in Sabah.

The idea would be that Umno will stupidly play along.

Demi perpaduan ummah dan Melayu, they would say.

Well, now Umno seemed to be getting a bit smarter and demanded for itself not to be treated like fools.

So, the chorus started about not wanting another political turmoil with Covid-19 being thrown in for good measure.

Eh, all they need to do is to just count which side have more chairs in the Dewan Rakyat la.

You don't get infected with Covid-19 just for counting chairs.

If you don't have enough seats, then let the one with enough seats to run the country.

That's democracy.

Unless, Muhyiddin feel that he really doesn't have enough seats and want to pull the same stunt like what Shafie Apdal did in Sabah the other day.

Dissolves the parliament and triggers a fresh general election.

Then we'll have Covid-19 problem.

So, if we don't want a fresh wave of Covid-19, don't pull that stunt just because we know we don't have enough seats in parliament.

Be gracious and let go.

Of course, the same goes to the other side, if after the chairs have been counted and it turns out you don't have enough, accept it and shut up.

Really, there should not be any problem over this.

In fact they can do it everyday when parliament is in sitting.

It doesn't really costs anything.

Okay lah, that's my thought on politics today.

I'm going back to watching a Korean drama now.

More fun.



  1. "GE14, in my opinion, was won by the then popularity of Dr Mahathir as well as resources and hardwork of DAP's machinery."

    No lah, ge14 was won by ph coz we were all disgusted with najib who was so cocky & refused to step down. We got over our distrust of ph & dap when presented with Tun M as the leader.

    1. Are you ready for Najib to be PM again within less than 3.5 years from today's date?

      Believe me, the process is complex but it has a very high chance to happen.

    2. GE14 was won under PKR logo , its Anwar's party , even Mahathir and DAP contest under PKR logo , Mahathir is just an opportunist riding on others , he hasn't got much support except cheating on others …………

    3. Madey is just power crazy.

      We need a policy maker.

      He's not the one.

  2. What is more fun than watching a power-crazed megalomaniac being lured and flirted with sweet talk before engaging in foreplay to rouse his excitement for.... Well, you know what and everyone knows. Then, what has happened next? Just can't fathom out a political party head with well over a million members, as claimed, was willingly and conveniently being used by his new-found-meet-halfway partisans in a rough-and-tumble atmosphere to perturb a sitting PM. Did he think that they readily and unconditionally want to usher him to the throne? As expected, he would stoop so low to agree upon such a done deal so long as to be made a PM. What a shame on him attempting to create yet another backdoor government by running like a headless chicken to the King with some authentic documents as proof of formidable majority support. Why so desperate? The proper way should be pushing a motion of no-confidence vote in the august House but he chose otherwise. A "handicapped" and incompetent critter like him is surely out of the question to be given a chance to lead a nation of 32 million. From now onward, yelling at the top of his lungs: "I have the numbers" will simply become a nuisance to all, nothing more and nothing less. He is an absolute pain that needs to do lots of self-reflection before fading out.

    1. Dont u know ? He fond of anthing with the "back" attached to it.

    2. "The proper way should be pushing a motion of no-confidence vote in the august House but he chose otherwise."

      But Fart Harun has been told to block ALL such motions, and he will.

      Here's a thought:

      What if DYMM YDPA when he opens Parliament decrees that such a vote should be held?

      That is what the Constitution requires.

      The method of "ascertaining" is not spelled out.

      Hence YDPA was correct to interview MPs.

      I hope this is settled fairly.

      Who was in the Istana car when Annuar Musang MARA went to Moo's house?

      Many people are asking.

    3. Let's see if the brother also disgraces the family name....

      "There will be public outcry against the government if the attorney-general (AG) decides to withdraw serious criminal charges against six Umno MPs, a lawyer warned.

      Mohamed Rafique Rashid Ali said some of the cases were in the midst of trials and the public have been following them and learning about some damning evidence from various prosecution witnesses.

      “There will also be a trust deficit in the leadership should charges be withdrawn in exchange for political support,” he said.

      Apart from Najib and Zahid, who is Bagan Datuk MP, others facing charges are Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan, Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Baling MP Abdul Azeez Rahim and Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin."

      I think they underestimate our intelligence.

      Dunno why they didn't mention Si Rosie's trial, where the evidence is even more damning.

      If that one "NFA"....perghhhh!

  3. Salam hormat saudari Cantik Manees,
    Apa yang saya hadam, Port Dickson MP hanyalah menjadi wahana a.k.a alat perkakas untuk Bagan Datuk MP and Pekan MP together with others ( Putrajaya, Baling, Kinabatangan and Pontian MP ) in order to buy the Time for their significant & magnificient court cases.

  4. I like dr maza's idea. To have a pru withut campaign. Tht way no give outs and bribe.

    Plus i get to see mageran in action while these idiots fight for power oreparing for pru. Should teach them a lesson or 2.

    Hey maybe it is better under the army. Wed do away with politician. Why bother with them.

    I mean if the scumbags gets richer and the people poorer i got nothing to lose.

    1. No need PRU at all. Just count the seats. Easy peasy.

      Mageran for what? There's no fighting like May 13. Just let the one with majority run the country.

      Army to rule the country? Like Suharto was in Indonesia, or the Myanmar military junta or now in Thailand. Why would we want to turn our country into North Korea. Ours is a democracy. The politicians may be irritating but they dont go around killing people to stay in power.

    2. I agree with you Annie.

      Anything that opens door to dictatorship, just remember that door won't close again.

      if Moo is given martial rule, he will never return power to the people. He is screwed, and he knows it.

      Even that brainless MIC macai suggested suspending Parliament.

      Anything to cling on to your crumbs.

      Really pathetic.

    3. Hi annie

      Point 1)
      They like to use the word rakyat/ people. Is it really the case ? Pru is necessary. No need for campaign.

      Point 2) mageran not only conclusive to fights. Sometimes it is because of covid plus stupid politicians.

      It is not the system tht is faulty. People/ human corrupts the system. If we take communism with the right idea and implementation we would also prosper. Who says politician dont kill. Remember Kevin M ? If u r satisfied with the status quo thts ur right. But im tired of the abuse of power given to them by us. They dont serve the people. The whole point is about serving people. And id like to change the system. It doesnt work.

  5. "It actually doesn't have much except Dr Mahathir, when the handsome old man was still with the party. Really, it doesn't even have proper grassroots machinery."

    Which is why the PPBM bubble will burst.

    All UMNO needs to do is to pretend to keep them in MN.

    Then, in PRU15, tell the grassroots to boycott the PPBM candidate.

    That's what the UMNO grassroots ACTUALLY FEEL. Even without telling them, they are not going to vote PPBM especially in the 16 "Traitor Seats."

    Moo and PPBM are 100% doomed.

    Just a question of "when".

    But, Moo and PPBM are 100% doomed.

  6. We had enough of this nonsense.
    Let Agong prorogue the parlement till next election i.e 3 yrs. Let Agong appoint whoever he thought can govern unity government till the end of current term. Rakyat is so fed up with this. We have covid19 and economy to fight. We need leader with no encumbrance

  7. Moo, the ultimate pelacur....

    My guess is most of the Kluster Mahkamah will be given Cabinet or Senator.

    Wak Jahid and Jibby to go free, 100% konpom.

    The others charged as well.

    Islamic values, kan?

    That's why so important to have Malay-Muslim in power : )


  8. Aisay Annie.....does it matter who is in power? We are all screwed. Before reelection we need to pass a no hopping law. Without this law we will see a revolving home...musical chairs.

  9. fight! fight! do not stop!!!!
    after being rubber produers,
    soon the viet kong will learn to plant oil palms.

    China currently allows durian shipments from Thailand and Malaysia, but Vietnam and the Philippines are now negotiating to gain access to China’s durian market.

  10. Mahathir won GE14 under PKR logo , its Anwar party.

  11. I see it differently , Agong can direct special parliament sitting and ask for voting for the new PM. During this difficult times we can still do the right thing but the easier way, justice to all .

  12. Or just do a GE with good SOP for the voting . Other countries can do , why we cant ?

    1. Too dangerous.

      The politicians still need to mingle to buy votes!

    2. most fascinating
      As Annie you surely know - the insecure one in a relationship is the one who talks the most. So far, the only ones making statements is from Umno from every level incl Hishammuddin, Khairy, Najib Zahid plus all the supreme council fellows - Pribumi Senyap Je kan ? That tells you something...

    3. annine
      what your view of the "halal" covid vaccine???
      how anout the non- and those whi need the vaccine.
      should wait for half of asia tenggara RIP before approve kah!!!!

      Indonesian president warns not to rush vaccines amid halal concern

      meanwhile 'the retarded kids' from the forth floor claims he too busy for politics
      24/7 looking for vaccines.

  13. Anwar Ibrahim terdesak dan cemas UMNO pulak jangan terkinja melatah terikut rentaknya.

    Keputusan Majlis Tertinggi UMNO nanti, sesuatu yang perlu mereka fahami ialah rakyat memerhati dan akan menghakimi mereka.

    UMNO perlu sedar kemarahan rakyat terhadap Anwar kini berubah kepada mereka kerana dilihat sebagai punca ketidakstabilan politik masa kini.

    UMNO dilihat secara langsung dan tidak langsung telah menyokong usaha Anwar menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri dan mungkin mengakibatkan PRU ketika rakyat bergelut dengan Covid-19.

    Apa sahaja permintaan dan perbincangan dalam Mesyuarat Majis Tertinggi (MT) parti tersebut Selasa ini, ia harus dalam keadaan menjaga maruah UMNO dan kestabilan politik.

    Perkara 43 (2) (a) menetapkan Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah terlebih dahulu melantik sebagai Perdana Menteri untuk mempengerusikan Jemaah Menteri seorang ahli Dewan Rakyat yang pada hematnya mungkin mendapat kepercayaan majoriti ahli Dewan Rakyat.

    Dalam kes Anwar sekarang, jawatan Perdana Menteri tidak kosong. Justeru, sebelum pelantikan baharu dibuat, Seri Paduka Baginda mesti memastikan Perkara 43 (4) Perlembagaan dipenuh terlebih dahulu, iaitu “Jika Perdana Menteri tidak lagi mendapat kepercayaan majoriti ahli Dewan Rakyat, maka Perdana Menteri hendaklah meletakkan jawatan Jemaah Menteri melainkan jika atas permintaannya Parlimen dibubarkan oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong.”

    Tuntutan Anwar tidak cukup kuat, malah tidak ada merit langsung dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Istana Negara dan laporan media, jelas Anwar tidak membuktikan beliau mempunyai sokongan individu setiap ahli Parlimen.

    Sebenarnya, Pakatan Harapan marah dengan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Tetapi mereka tidak boleh hentam Agong jadi mereka menghentam Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin dan provokasi UMNO. Maruah UMNO kena jaga. Ini dikatakan pukul anak sindir menantu.

  14. You are not going to die for not going to play golf or going to gym for 2 or 3 weeks.