Wednesday 7 October 2020

Covid-19 second wave damages Perikatan

Received this from a friend in the morning,

My beloved also sent me these last night, 

Well, it looks like the government is going to face more of these in the coming days as the country's number of Covid-19 cases increases.

Personally, as I put it at the early stages of the pandemic, the Perikatan government had done well in managing the situation.

The problem is when certain individuals in the government made stupid and insensitive remarks or do things which angered the people.

Like when a particular minister went holidaying in Turkey and blatantly ignored the SOP.

Of late, there were more of those.

Then of course, there were all those political manoeuvrings which prompted even allies of the government getting crossed with it.

For instance, when Pribumi Bersatu leaders insisted on themselves being the top dogs in the coalition.

As you all know by now, many in Umno are currently demanding for their party to have nothing to do with Perikatan anymore.

So, when the government and its leaders screwed up things such as the management of Covid-19, the voices of dissatisfaction were amplified even more.

Nonetheless, the unhappiness is real and the government of Muhyiddin may soon be in danger if it fails to address the problem.

Yesterday evening, a foreigner friend asked me whether there was still the possibility of a snap general election in the next few months despite what appeared to be a worsening Covid-19 situation.

I told him that I don't think that would happen now. It's not just because of the Covid-19 situation but also other factors including the seemingly eroding popularity of Muhyiddin and his Perikatan government due to their few recent blunders.

However, delaying the snap polls may only actually worsen the situation for them as the people would likely find new things soon to be dissatisfied with as the pandemic causes more damages to the economy.

And this pandemic may even drag on until the GE15 deadline in 2023.

I'm hoping that's not going to be the case but these days, anything could happen. I just can't imagine how terrible the suffering is going to be if it does.

Muhyiddin's government may lasts till then but by then it could perhaps be the most hated government going to the polls in Malaysian history.

That, unless they clean up their act, stop being stupid and get back to work like how they were when the pandemic started.


  1. That "rotan" comment...aduhhhhh.

    Obviously written by his speechwriter, but still.

    Common sense lah.

    Very jarring to hear that.

    As for AssMain, the fact that his pol-sec won't give a straight answer is already the answer....

    So irresponsible, seeing as him & Larut were the ones who tried to kacau Sabah in the first place, thus starting the whole mess.

    Sudah lah, politikus2....where's the polikucing to get rid of you all? Kih kih kih...

  2. "As you all know by now, many in Umno are currently demanding for their party to have nothing to do with Perikatan anymore."

    Baru sedar ke???

    Why should a party with 200K members boss around a party with 3 million members? x masuk akal....

    1. Umno boleh cuba menangi ge15 dgn diketuai zahid hamidi. Ada berani?

    2. The live telecast bable was a waste of (rakyat's) time. It was about self glorification & nothing else. The rotan joke was "joke bodoh tak kena tempat".

      The days these politicians think they can't get away with anything is over. Kita nak ahli kabinet yg bersih, cekap & amanah, bukan cakap tak serupa bikin!

    3. Bcoz umno is headed by corrupted leaders, did that 3 million members demanded this leadrs to leave umno to show that umno is distancing itself from corruption

    4. Umno is not Zahid lah.

      If Zahid masuk penjara, takpe lah.

      Tok Mat just takes over.

      To me, still 1,000% better than Bersatay.

      Bersatay konpom tutup kedai after PRU15.

      Sayonara, bye bye.

    5. Anonymous8 October 2020 at 13:40

      The point is, it's 3 million members.

      Umno history is over 60 years, so whatever happens post Najib/Zahid era is just one part of the story. Maybe Tok Mat / KJ will help them bounce back.

      And still Moo Moo nak berlagak sombong talking about how Bersatay is the "leader" and "most powerful' party in gomen.

      Please lah....reality check!

  3. Semoga MALAYSIA Baik-baik Sahaja 🌹

  4. mungkin kaki di-ais-krm takut staus "positive" yang lain terbongkar pula!!!!

    1. Tunggu jer.

      Kalo hero Sandakan tu ponteng Cabinet lagi... ahem hem hem...