Tuesday 11 June 2019

The bocor airport for rakyat marhaen

This is bad,

'Waterfall' in klia2 - Netizens react 

to burst pipe at Gate K8


"OMG. In @ChangiAirport they have waterfall in the airport. #klia2 also building our own waterfall ke?" tweeted @rayongtim.
His tweet was in response to another Twitter user sharing a footage of a collapsed ceiling with water gushing at a lounge in klia2.
The footage posted by @UncleAhBoon was captioned, "This is serious...klia2..."
I have to congratulate NST for putting that part into the story instead of just the PR statement by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) which was the main highlight of the report by Malaysian Insight;
MAHB lauds speedy action to fix burst pipe at klia2
Sorry ya, I can only give you all Malaysian Insight's headline but not their story because unlike the NST's one, you have to subscribe to read their story.

Anyway, I think MAHB should not congratulate itself for fixing a problem which shouldn't be there in the first place as well as coming up with excuses as to why such a problem happened.

It should have make sure such things never happened.

Key word here is "maintenance".

You all at MAHB tak bothered nak buat maintenance ke sampai paip pecah dan bumbung nak roboh?

Or is it just at KLIA2?

Because it's an airport for budget travellers?

Less wealthy travellers get bocor airport, is it?

Is this part of being Malaysia Baru?

And KLIA2 is very new compared to KLIA. How come can bocor?

Actually, I heard all kind of bad things about KLIA2. Even the toilets were said to be inferior than those in KLIA.

Now I'm beginning to believe that they were true.

I think if I have the time. I'll go check it out one of these days because I have never been to KLIA2.

Whatever it is we shouldn't have a leaking and roof collapsing airport, okay.

Really, that's just not right MAHB.

You all can't have this don't care attitude even with that almost total monopoly of airports in this country.

After all, you all charge the travellers using KLIA2 with the same airport charges/taxes as those in KLIA.

I don't know whether you all realise it, but I was made to understand that almost half of the amount we paid for our plane tickets went to things like airport taxes/charges.

Why can't they make use of that money to ensure we have good airports....instead of bocor airports.

By the way,  the Tourism minister and several others are now making noises about expensive airfares such as reported in these stories;

PKB gesa syarikat penerbangan kaji semula kadar tambang Sabah-Semenanjung

Harga siling, dasar langit terbuka murahkan tiket penerbangan

The way I understand it, they were mostly demanding for the airlines to reduce the airfares.

Obviously they were ignorant of the fact that it's the other things included in the airfares that made up almost half of the ticket prices.

Yup, those extras such as airport charges/taxes for the use of leaking, collapsing airports made the airfares more expensive than they should be, okay.

And those people should check back this story on a statement by the Transport minister in September last year,

Tiada harga siling tambang penerbangan

Well, that's more or less the government saying it's not reducing those other charges.

So, if the government doesn't care to do the necessary to reduce airfares, why should we expect the airlines to be more benevolent?


  1. Sorry Annie, disagree. Problems with klia/klia2 have been there for ages. The root cause is monopoly by mahb and no one is holding them to account.

    Personally I don't find klia2 inferior in terms of facilities. Toilets at klia1 is not great either, in fact I find toilets at the gardens, mv, much2 better than toilets at klia1. Just look at the quality of the toilet fittings! Klia1 is like pasar malam with all the shops strewn haphazardly.

    Mahb has really butchered what was once a beautiful airport (klia1).

  2. The toilet problem shows the mentality of malaysians.

    It is not maintenance issue. Theres only so much cleanup u can do.

    Does it shows poorer people has lower mentality when it comes to cleanliness, i dont know.

  3. Jgn kutuk Mal lebih2.
    Kat France dulu, airport collapsed and killed people. Had to be totally demolished at a cost of usd500 mil.
    Banyak lagi problems kat negara lain and more severe.

  4. klia2 was opened by dumbo bossku jadi klia2 tu msia lama annie toksah Bohong Nasional sigh

  5. Annie, who signed off on the CF?

  6. Puak atasan kalut dok berebut kuasa dan jawatan, PM8 la, SPRM la.

    Agaknya puak2 maintenance pun dok berebut sapa dapat kontrak? Last2 sapa pun tak buat kerja?? Bocor la pipe2 air satu Malaysia.

    Hmmm sekolah2 betoi kena berhenti ramai pekerja2 maintenance? Jgn nanti masalah pipe air bocor juga ya. Payah nanti Menteri kena sediakan pampers for the teachers and students to pee pee and poo poo kat sekolah.

    Last May Klang dekat 5 hari no water sebab pipe bocor. Few days b4 raya, again oso in Klang, another pipe bocor lagi.

    Ni pasti hantu Telowong Tanjung dok mengamuk.. habis kasi pipe2 air bocor rata2 Malaysia.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Satu paip bocor atau tersumbat pun jadi berita. Why dont you list all problems past 61 years of bn and 1yr of ph. Be a resposible citizen all. Stop blaming things but start doing things. Maybe it is our dna to blame and not to do.
    This is a concept of highly reliability theory versus normal accident theory.

  8. airport ada department utk maintenance masing2. biar la depa buat kerja. yg takdok kerja tu la perasan hebat. bukan dia pi repair paip pun. again, selamat bertelagah utk benda2 yg tak menjamin masa depan bangsa anda. Lain kali, citer isu lain pulak ye. saksikan.

  9. Annie, I am surprised that you can make a big issue out of nothing. Do you think MAHB can forsee paip akan bocor. The constuction of the airport was adone by contractors So it is unfair to blame MAHB. Tulislah berita berita yang benar benar sensasi.

    1. Kmovie The whispers dan The Fortress tak sensasi kan? Arini keluaq yg lebih sensasi;


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. Annie, ada issue yg lebih sensasi lah. Geelii nye!!!

    At this rate ph is set to become a 1 term gov.

  11. So how do you do proper maintenance for water pipe? Its a pipe after all. So a pipe burst, fix it, no biggie. If a water pipe in Annie’s house burst, is it right for me to say that Annie is poor at maintenance? Come on lah. Or did Tan Sri Airasia put u up to this. Water pipe breaks every time. Deal with it.