Tuesday 4 June 2019

So much for MACC's independence (updated)


Please note that these statements were not made by Umno, Pas or their friends.

Pelantikan KP SPRM tidak dirujuk jawatankuasa Parlimen

"Pakatan Harapan (PH) dalam mementingkan kepentingan awam dan kebebasan SPRM, menyebut mengenai janji menerusi manifestonya bahawa SPRM perlu merujuk kepada Parlimen.
"Tanpa merujuk kepada kemampuan peribadi, integriti dan perwatakannya, pelantikan Latheefa yang juga ahli PKR, satu parti dalam kerajaan PH akan menjejaskan kepercayaan orang ramai terhadap SPRM.
He said he did not get any resignation letter from Latheefa, who announced that she “sent in” her resignation as ordinary member of PKR, a component party of the ruling Pakatan Harapan, yesterday with immediate effect when she was informed she would be appointed to lead the nation’s anti-corruption agency.
“As of today, her name is still in the system,” Saifuddin told Malay Mail.
When asked if ordinary PKR members need to submit resignation letters to the party secretary-general, Saifuddin said: “For this high-profile case, she should write to sec-gen. That would be the proper way to do.”


We, Malaysians got this news on raya eve today,

PKR’s Latheefa Koya is new MACC chief as Shukri Abdull ends contract early

Honestly, I was shocked that they were being this blatant.

Not even Umno at its worst had done such thing.

But of course, a short while later we got this follow up news

On taking MACC helm, 

Latheefa resigns from PKR and LFL

Ya, sure, with that MACC will remain independent.


Somehow I suspect that this is going to be part of their coming civil war when Anwar was supposed to take over the premiership from Dr Mahathir next year.

Bear in mind that Latheefa is definitely not in love with Anwar and his gang.

Well, I'm not going to write my full thought on this nonsense for now as it may spoil my mood for whatever little raya celebrations I'm supposed to enjoy.

After all, this is Malaysia Baru, so they can do whatever they want.

Malaysians voted for them what.

I'll just wait for their spins on this and have a good laugh later.

Okay guys, happy hari raya.



  1. Tipah Tertipu Bang Non....hahaha

  2. Selamat HR Annie!

    She has already resigned all her political posts. Her credentials are impeccable. From a legal standpoint, the appointment has gone through the proper procedure.

    So, whats the problem ? Its a masterstroke, and the nation needs fresh ideas, strong willed no nonsense character like her.

    1. Her credentials are impeccable???

      Coming from a rivate practice, enforcements work-related is nil, zero experience in public service, and with a reputation of ‘suka lawan boss’, is that you call impeccable??

    2. i rather someone who can ‘ question the boss ‘ than a ‘ yes ‘ person. she is a practicing lawyer who has handled high profile cases, human rights cases, and created LFL. So what if she doesnt have experience in law enforcement or civil service - is lineage that important ? Look at your jibby razak. Good family, great education, but turn out to be the most corruptable PM we have had.

      Except for those towel heads in PaS, corrupt umno & as useful as a foreskin mca, the only person who says she is not a good appotment is annie & raja petra. its shows.

  3. Sabar je la... Annie.

    Lebih baik kita tunggu dan lihat saja.
    Lagi pun, telor wanita kita tak nampak walaupun berbogel.
    Lagu pun, Latheefa tidak lagi sehaluan dengan Rafizi dan Bang Non. Dengan Dr.M juga, dia tidak pernah bodek dan sudah banyak kali menyuarakan rasa tidak-puas-hati, terutamanya apabila bekas-UMNO lompat masuk PPBM.

    Mana la tahu, dibawah Latheefa, mungkin kes-kes lama terpendam, zaman UMNO-Najib dulu seperti:-

    - Rasuah RM110 Juta di KBS.
    - Rasuah MARA
    - Rasuah DBKL & Bank Rakyat
    - Rasuah FELDA
    - Rasuah pembekalan air Sabah.(Rampasan Cash satu-dua pallet)

    ... akan 'berjalan' semula.

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    1. RD

      Hai byk lagi you tak sebut tau. BNM forex losses Perwaja Trengganu etc?? BTW you lupa juga nak include Telewong Tanjung and banglo kolam renang Tanjung??

      Klo dia tak reopen these cases mmg sah ade olang sudah pakai tirai ajaib ini;


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. Annie - Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! Jgn marah2 di hari mulia dan bahagia ni!

  5. What a refreshing appointment. Hopefully she bring the same energy she had in her other post.

  6. The appointment of a politician to public office which supposed to be independent, colour blind and free from political interference is akin to BN appointing Ibrahim Ali or Azeez Rahim as KP SPRM! Something which would only happen once in a thousand years...

    There is no way this appointment would go down well with the rakyat. At the time where the popularity of PH government is at all time low with all those unfulfilled promises, they coming up with this kind of appointment. One-term government is fast becoming true and catching up with them.

    1. IA / AR do not share the same academic credentials as LK


  7. Jump Annie, jump Make your own conclusions. You and Wee Ka Siong share the same sentiments. Tak boleh tunggu sekejap ke sebelum puat penilaian?

    1. WKS worried about future of anwar? What a dumbass...

  8. Aisay Annie.... Tifah is a gt appointment. She is one gutsy lady with balls. She is n outsider... Number 10 in fact.. So what. She has resigned fr all her political posts. Those who oppose her r afraid of d damage she can cause n d shit she will unearth. Way to go girl!

  9. Its just drama from anwars camp.

    The only thing is wrong from this manuever is granting the post without going through parlimen as they said they would.

    But hell if it means weakens anwar camp then by all means.

    Meanwhile im gonna reserve my comments on her after we see her in actions

  10. Org yg masih cinta buta dengan umno sukar menerima perubahan walaupun ADA kebaikan, kerja mereka membangkang walaupun dari sudut celah kelengkang..

    Jawatankuasa Parlimen yang tidak dirujuk terlebih dahulu masih boleh MEMBERI PANDANGAN jika perlantikan tersebut tidak sesuai.

    Bagaimanapun seperti kata Sri ram, dari sudut perundangan, tiada cacat celanya.

  11. This is very similar to appointment of Dr Hasnita Hashim. Her credential is impressive but she related to mahathir thus raise the issue of nepotism. Plus this another big win for female agenda I.e appointing more female to top post. I say credential override nepotism. Pick people who are competent for the job. Latifah appointments should be viewed as such.

  12. It really doesn't matter what you monkeys say.
    There's nothing you can do about it.
    Just sit in your piss and wait for the hammer to drop.

  13. when she is anti BN she is not independent what a joke (macc is catching crooks not BN lah) haiyah BN will remain losers forever wakakaka

    1. wakakaka

      No wonder u dan semua cina Malaysia can wakakaka all day long. Telowong banglo kolam lenang pun tarak nampak.

      Semua lasuah2 olang talak bole nampak pasai meleka semua pakai tirai ajaib. Yang ternampak pun telus NFA.. kekekekeke


      Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. Hohoho! Welcome back PM 4 ! I like it when the PM appoints people based on their credentials. Not based on quota like those cabinet ministers.

    I hope those PH people would make way for the PM to evaluate the performance of the current ministers and let him appoint fresh cabinet ministers based on their capabilities and skills.

    I want PM-4 way of doing things to speed up the process of making Malaysia great again. Don't care if you call him a dictator but the man has just saved Malaysia from the biggest heist of the century!