Thursday 27 June 2019

An advice and a bit about water

A friend told me last night that he doesn't think Umno and its allies, including Pas, can wrest back Putrajaya in the next general election.

That despite all the troubles currently faced by Pakatan.

My friend used to be a staunch Umno supporter and the last time I checked, he was still a party member.

I am not.

He was not even impressed with the BN's recent by-election victories in Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau.

His reason was that he can't see much change in Umno from the pre-GE14 defeat last year.

However, he admitted that he has not been following the political development closely since GE13 and even more so after the BN's defeat.

So, I told him that I still take the trouble of going on the ground whenever I could and from my observation, there is a chance that Umno and gang may win the next general election.

I was actually of the same opinion as my friend just a few months ago.

I also thought that Umno was stuck and not likely able to change much.

Basically, I thought Umno was dying a slow death.

Then came Mat Hassan to take over the lead from Zahid, who was facing legal problems.

And things began to change.

It's all there to be seen during those by-elections.

That's when I began to believe that it's not yet the end of Umno, BN and now their new friend Pas.

Okay, I still don't like Pas too much but since they were willing to meet Umno and BN halfway, then I should do the same with accepting them as friends.

If DAP can did that during the Pakatan Rakyat days, why not me, right?

Actually, I'm also not a big fan of Mat Hassan and has never really care for him before this.

But if he can make the necessary changes, then why not support him, right?

What ever it is, we still need a good and strong opposition, especially now that we know how useless the Pakatan government can be.

Just look at the sad state of the economy, broken election promises, stupid and arrogant ministers, rude and racist attempts to change the constitution as well as the Pakatan's ever worsening internal bickering.

I told my friend that even some of the intolerable Umno personalities such as Ahmad Maslan and Shahidan Kassim nowadays looked not so bad compared to some of their Pakatan counterparts.

But of course he was right, Umno needs the necessary changes.

I told him to give Mat Hassan a chance and not give up.

That's before we ended our teh tarik session last night.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning and discovered that there's no water supply at home.

A quick check and I found this story;

Another major water supply disruption in Selangor

It's the recurring pollution story again.

And in Klang there were several burst pipe incidents over the past weeks, causing days of no water supply in large areas.

Maybe for next election they can consider promising uninterrupted water supply instead of some free water in Selangor.

Free also no point if there's no water.

Well, at least no school kids were hospitalised like in the recurring air pollution incident in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

And as usual these days, the authorities were not really sure why all these were happening.

Minister Bee Yin, you so busy with plastic bags and such, how about this air pollution hazard?

I think poisonous air will kill us first before the plastic bags can strangle us.

But then again, this is Malaysia Baru....well, never mind, okay.

I'm just hoping that I could take a shower when I come home later.


  1. Shahidan Kassim the pedo? You must be joking. And about the pollution In johor, pray tell me the history of allowing factories to operate on river banks. No river reserve after years of BN rule?. When did they change thw eater pipes in Selangor? Who was the contractor(s) and who awarded them the project?

    Please la Annie, always tell the full story. Don't just pick and choose nak sedap lidah saja. Minum teh banyak banyak lagi di lewat malam. Susah tidur dan boleh kelirukan pemikiran

    And don't shower or Kim Kim will come after you. Heheh

  2. just wait for the magic moment when the Dapigs learned "to kiss the "locals" and bumis asses!!!!" and i can assure you Annie they are learning fast. what more now the "finances" or "budgets" controlled by PH. all Umnok-Pates can play is religion religio and "wajib" to vote out the kafirs!!!!!

  3. arabs planned to learn mandarin but pas connived to destroy mandarin so with pas (+dumbos) so satanic how to win GE sigh

  4. get over it annie. Malaysia & its people are in a much better place than a year ago.

    of course, ppl like you still pine for the old regime where every single deal lines up a politician’s pocket. we were a laughing stock globally. it was death by a thousand cuts. the bitter pill is being swallowed so the next generations wont suffer.

    racist change to constitution ? which one ? Icerd ? whats wrong with ensuring all are equal ? the crutches need to come off at some point.

    1. Are you communicating from diff planet? obviously you must be blind like a bat if are here in Msia to say that under PH Msia is getting better. Show some facts and international agencies ratings to support your claim. So far the rakyat suffer the increase in cost of living , but it still ok that there is a video to decoy rakyat from actual economic problems

    2. rating agencies ? like those who had 3A ratings on banks in 2008 financial crisis ?

      dont need them to tell me that if umno was still ruling, jib & co will continue to plunder the nations coffers. blind ? just look at the MACC charges on the UMNO leadership. Oh made up by Dr.M ? - i am sure he has leverage over US AG’s office, or the other 5 jurisdictions that are investigating.

      As mentioned earlier, i rather take the bitter pill today than suffer death by a thousand cuts.

      Looks like you didnt get the cream on top of the contact like you used to. Get used to it.

  5. Ada posting baru dari admin...dengan cepat dah masuk 4 komen dari mahachai dapigs .cepat betul ah beng cinapeks buat kerja .

    1. @ronimza

      U represent the worse of your kind. cant articulate anything except calling racists names.

    2. Bagus lah, ini menunjukkan mrk takut atau menghargai blog Annie dan mengikuti setiap paparan dia. Keep it up Annie.

      - Hantu Siber -

    3. Anoni is like the pot calling the kettle black whilst itself is blacker for its missing identity. That is it, the clan with the missing identity roaming everywhere coz their souls were not accepted by its former land.

    4. U represent the worse of your kind. cant articulate anything except calling racists names.

      Pegi mkini.tgk berapa ramai komen2 cina yg rasis?siap persenda ugama islam lg.hampir keseluruhan komen rasis.rasis tetap ada.x yah la nk tunjuk konon2 kaum cina kau suci sgt.buat perangai babi tp marah dipanggil babi.


  6. that dumbo mat hasan said all dirty money spent & now govt kenot forfeit presently all clean money how to vote so Bodoh Nasional sigh

    1. This anoni is a useless basket case where it was not accepted even in its former land. Causing disturbances in its host land is its forte. For its soul is the unhappy soul discarded by its previous land.

    2. 15:01 there are always holier than thou suckers mcm you who say or do no wrong ignorance is bliss but BN stupidity rule wakakaka

  7. Guess by looking at the amount of money the former DPM received, everyone is eyeing to bring back the old party so that they can received the same amount of money again. Dream on!

  8. Dont'la be so narrow-minded. Not everyone agrees with everyone although some people are blatantly biased. Not everyone who has a different perspective on issues and developments are DAP macais. Too simplistic but simple minds are malleable ones. so take their responses with a smile. After all, ignorance is bliss!

  9. When Pakatan took over Selangor 2008, our row of shops mysterously had to face pipe leakages (konon) as our usual 15yrs monthly charges of RM50 suddenly ballooned to RM600-RM1.2K!! Go check dgn Syabas KKB accounts for confirmation 2008-2009.

    Macam pesta air, continuously for almost 6mths one premise after another got hit!!

    Shop owners had to redo all our internal pipings tho tak setitik air pun meleleh dari celah2 dinding. Kereta korek hari2 bzzz korek jalan to replace leaked underground pipes bla bla konon.. ceh!

    Kaya contractors2 baru kan kan.. raykat wr then given free RM20 water by new gomen.. kekekeke mmg lawak cara PH pekena raykat to raise income...kekeke

    Aduh.. national level this time around, bigger pipes asyik dok bocor nuuu.. puluhan tankers dispatched to supply water..

    What dirty money? 1 MDB money? Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong lama- lama akan terbongkar sebenarnya kamu lah sang pencuri.. kekeke

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. 8.33
      request parti amat sesat abdub to halal all those dirty money since he can syariah all lies adoi

    2. That wraps up the rebuttal for all the ph macais above. They are everywhere just to create nuisance. It is their forte. Well done Professor.

  10. the reality is, msia is going under some sort of reform. the reality is malaysia will always continue to be race based society. there is no trust, at least not in the current generation. somethings got to give. for me one just need to understand history and put urself in their shoes then. while u play the victim card know tht others are also burdened by the social contracts.

    the fact is a lot of unpopular decision made by the gov is because, we are currently under economic slow down. we know this since before the election. of course we are feeling the heat now.

    my only concern is, the capitalist model in malaysia. everything seems to favor the business people. common malaysian's priority get pushed aside. we are so money centric tht it has become ridiculous.

    tell me how many people can afford 700k house in Malaysia. this does not reflect the malaysian's plight at all. and owning a house is an issue close to heart of the people. and house owning issue are just one example. and dont get me started with the medical care. seems like people are imbued with less humanity that they can make a fortune out of urgent necessity of other people. there is something seriously with our community.

    so far i have not seen any changes. business community are so protected and people get to suffer. i seriously wonder why they are so protected. even when subsidies are introduced, it is the gov aka tax money that is spent. business community losses nothing. why can the gov control they way these people do business ? do they get to do anything ?

    id like to declare war on these greedy community bastards. they should do their part as malaysians instead of becoming profit worshiping assholes. but thts just me. so far money has taken the first priority over people. this is wht i see. and this is wht i want changed. i realize this is a world problem. but as a malaysian, i do wish better for malaysia. or maybe we are such a follower. all hail capitalism !

  11. Aisay Msia better now under PH or BN? U decide? Economy is now real bad but is it becos of policies or issues in the world? Unity is rock bottom...cos of PH or UMNO or PAS? My take...throw religion out of the equation and everything will be fine. Look at Sarawak..when people can inter marry and leave their religion without fear all will be well. Change the constitution where being Malay must be Islam...what crap! God gave us all a mind to think and make choices, so why is the gomen having a law that forbids this! Tak masuk akal. Once we have real unity all else will fall into place. Think about this Annie. Why dont u start a petition to change this part of the constitution...all for the betterment of our beloved nation.

    1. Dasar keturunan yg tak sedar diri,sudah rasa kesenangan dan sikit kuasa sudah mula nak usik PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA.Cukup lah nenek moyang kamu bekas British Coolie dapat CITIZENSHIP percuma dari toleransi orang Melayu.Jika kamu tiada kuasa 2/3 di Parlimen,jangan mimpi lah.Dasar tak mengenang budi.
      "Pork eaters forever behave like PIG "

    2. @ ronimza, char siew’s delicious.

  12. Annie, you ta pergi Media Prima open house ke.Yang mana satu you. banyak gambar Manja post dalam FB.

  13. interestingly, 2 sets of commentators here. one side talks abt accountability, transparency, corruption. the other race, religion & how they were better off with a corrupt regime. name calling.

    even more baffling, as learned as annie is, she feeds into this race & religion narrative.

    1. anon's 10:36 and 15:30

      BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. Dunno what's up (and down) with her.

  14. tbh, yang kamu rasai today adalah Consequences dari Pentadbiran Pentadbiran terdahulu.
    2. Berlaku ADIL lah kepada Pasukan Tun M hari ini, ia t tak sama dengan Tim dr. M yang dahulu

    Kesimpulan :

    Saya yang menjalankan amanah,
    asyMok aAmbo