Saturday 1 June 2019

Pre-raya blues

It's already raya mood now.

Many have went balik kampung, taking the whole week as holiday.

I'm not going anywhere though. Staying put in KL.

As usual, I don't really celebrate raya like most people.

Just the compulsory two or three visits of close relatives. That's all.

No baju raya, duit raya, raya open house and such.

For me, raya is time to rest.

Resting is celebration enough.

But, that's me. You all celebrate lah as according to what makes you all happy.

Tomorrow I'm planning to pay the compulsory zakat fitrah for myself and my family.

That's my routine as raya draws near.

I used to pay for my beloved too, just simply because I thought maybe Allah will give us blessing if I pay a bit extra.

I know, that's rather stupid but I just like the idea.

Anyway, this Ramadhan was not so bad.

I tried my best.

Still, I don't think I got full marks for my puasa. My puasa was definitely not perfect.

Hopefully Allah will be a bit lenient on me.

By the way, this is going to be the second raya for Malaysians under the Pakatan rule.

I wonder if people are happier compared to when raya was under BN rule.

For one thing, are preparations for raya now cheaper without GST?

You all have enough money for raya or not? Still have a job?

Well, politics aside, I hope you all are alright one way or another.

Sorry ya, today I'm not really in good mood and actually quite tired.

Someone made me very angry this afternoon until I got very exhausted.

Don't know what's wrong with me that I got so angry like that,

No energy now except for just this little bit of rambling.

Hope you all don't mind too much.

Here's a song I've been humming since this morning, Hope you all enjoy it.



  1. Cik Annie,

    Tak semestinya kalau tak berbelanja besar, kita tak boleh beraya.

    Kalo tak silap saya, dalam youtube Datin Rosmah ajar kita jangan membazir.

    Cukup beli baju raya 2 pasang. Hari Kedua boleh cuci mesin basuh dan raya ketiga boleh pakai balik. Zaman sekarang ada mesin basuh automatik "pulsar" yang hebat-hebat bukan macam dulu. Orang basuh bau pakai timba air perigi.

    Kalo ikut cara PAS pakai jubah lagi bagus.

    Pakai jubah, boleh pakai sampai 10 tahun pasal warnanya putih. Tak pudar. Cuma kena tukar songkok saja.

    Dengan cara ini tak membazir.

    Apa pun yang penting adalah kita beraya bersama keluarga, bermaaf-maafan, hijrah kawan-kawan, mengeratkan silaturrahim.

    Tak kiralah penyokong BN, PAS, atau PH. Kita kena ikatkan silaturrahim.

    Itulah yang lebih penting.

  2. beautiful song by david gates..

  3. “I'm not going anywhere though. Staying put in KL.”

    -Why you don’t go back to your hometown in Kluang Annie? Don’t you love your parent? They must’ve been waiting for you. Waiting their loved ones to return home during this festive season. Don’t ever let them down. By being cruel and selfish towards them.

    They must have thought you don’t love them anymore since you’re still put in KL. Don’t bother to get onto Plus highway returning home, south bound to Johor. You know what Annie, the biggest sin is being ‘durhaka’ to your both parent. There’s still plenty time just in case you wanna change your mind...

  4. Balik kampung Annie.Your mom , dad and your siblings are waiting for you.

    2nd year Raya under PH.Anything that you are looking forward.Any good news.Any positive vibes.None.Zilch.Ilek.

    Even Malaysia that was put in watchlist by USA as country under currency manipulator was spinned by Nobita as something positive.Sigh.

    Keep on writing Annie.Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf dzahir dan batin.

  5. fasting make us angry easily need to keep cool. i believed the botak guy who smashed the car windscreens hv lost his cool because of 'puasa' blues


    As all of us are about to celebrate Hari Raya, this so called ‘abang botak’ will spend his Hari Raya in jail. 12 months jail time for smashing a windscreen? What the heck!..It was his first crime, got no previous criminal records and nobody got hurt or injured in the process: including the woman who got behind the wheel. But yet he gets 12 months behind bar!

    That is excessive. Gross injustice. The magistrate seriously needs to get her head examined. There was a case a few years back which also got viral where there was a guy who slapped or punched a Bangladeshi at carwash outlet who mishandled his expensive car and left him bloodied. His nose broken. The guy who fid that was apprehended and was brought to court. He pleaded guilty and got a way with 5,000 fine. No jail time. Seriously injured someone but got no jail time. In this abang botak case, nobody got hurt when snapped with a fit of temper but he gets away with 12 month jail time.

    1. In the midst of this 'pre-Raya blues', most probably the Court of Law wanted to sent a clear message to Malaysian, especially those who looks like Melayus... don't throw a fit, even if you're provoke... just keep cool, smile and say, Selamat Hari Raya to those who arouse your anger.

      You know la... this time of the season where roads are clogged with vehicles, traffic-jams everywhere... emotions tend to run high... therefore incident of road-rage will increase, tenfold.

      Anyway, road-rage could lead to racial-tension... riots even.

    2. Yes we are in the times of 'Rule Of Law'. He was charged according to his actions as evidence. Admitted gulty and convicted . Sentenced according to the act he was charged for. So? Where is it being excessive? Where is the miscarriage ?.

    3. Anon 15:54 you know nothing about ‘rule of law’. Confusing trees from the forest. Nobody complained about the evident since his face and his bald head was clearly captured with a dashcam and it went viral.

      We’re talking about punishment which does not match the crime committed. He didn’t hit anyone. It was his first offense and he has no previous criminal records. And he was provoked at that time. He was just responded to provocation. This all should be taken into consideration before handing down a sentence.

  7. "Here's a song I've been humming since this morning, Hope you all enjoy it."

    - teringat bofren ler tu 😎

    Hantu Siber

  8. ...I wonder if people are happier compared to when raya was under BN rule...

    Kalo ikut video bossku.. mana DSN pi nampak Melayu/ Muslim/ Bumis bersemangat aje. Senyuman manis bila berselfie dgn Datuk.. so what comes, Agama dan budaya kita sudah terapkan sifat kesyukuran. Takde kerja takde duit itu semua dugaan.. so cik Annie, cheer up and have a wonderful Hari Raya.

    Our grp dh lama sesama kami caution to berhati2 dn berjimat2... dok closely follow, ekonomi negara dok kelam kabut sejak May 2018.

    Ramai pun pakat tanam sayur2 dan buah2an sendiri.

    Warga2 kampung yg takde kerja ikut aje cara hidup Indon.. balik kampung beli 4 atau 5 ekoq anak lembu, kambing, ayam,itik atau ikan keli...hmm utk keperluan harian atau Raya2 tak payah beli daging dan teloq. Tanam dan bela sendiri lagi fresh.

    Buluh nak buat lemang pun free aje dalam hutan. Yg takde beras nak makan, tanam aje jagung dn ubi kayu.

    Dengar ramai yg tak dapat duit raya atau BRIM tersangkut akaun2 missing. Klo takde duit tak payah beli pakaian baru. Kasut sekolah hitam anak2 bole pakai utk Hari Raya...

    Haiyaaa. Kan zaman2 Jepun dan komunis dulu, Atok2 makayah2 kita sudah melalui kepayahan hidup spt apa yg ramai sekarang menghadapi zaman pemerintahan PH?? So dont worry.. be happy.

    Professor Nasi Lemak.

    1. belajar pondok mana?

    2. Zaman PH pi mana2 sklh pun wokay beres. Sklh pondok bawah pokok oso can. Can just produce fake setipiket pun wokay wan. Donno how to work oso can.

      Jangan main2, can be appointed as CM, Minister or whatever. Why d fuss?

      All u need to do is tunjuk cerdik, cengey, MUST pandai kelentong and tabur janji2 kasi rakyat telioq dan terbeliak mata.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Selamat Hari Raya, Annie and readers of Annie's.

  10. Most komplen raya under PH no good.
    No so good news frm PM n goons.

  11. Raya tahun ni budget memang lari, kontraktor takut nak bagi duit raya. Hamper pun dah tak ada, adoyai!

  12. Annie, I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya and for reminding me of David Gates song, I cannot but feel love for you. Momentary though it might be, anyone who listens to this cannot but feel overwhelming love. Even though I might hate what you write at times, in this instance I Love You!