Saturday 31 March 2018

Fuck you, big time editors, media handlers

The parliament has not yet been dissolved.

So how Chun Wai?

You simply simply wrote this one or what?

The Star expects parliament to be dissolved between March 28-30

Put on front page some more.

Got people all worked up over it.

You all big time editors got your datukship for writing fake news, is it?


Well, yet....

...another cock-up...

....I guess.

Never mind, I believe Chun Wai is just the same as those Media Prima big time editors.

Take instructions from their handlers at PMO, wrote whatever they were told and then end up looking like dickheads when the whole plan was changed.

It's like that with them these days.

And sometimes when they don't get instructions from their handlers, they just write nonsense like in this case....

....and call it "world exclusive" or something.

Won all kind of Malaysian journalistic awards some more for such flights of fancy.

MPI, what's wrong with you all?

Stupid or what?

You all pakat-pakat with the big time editors to give awards to their favourite kiss ass reporters, is it?

Eh...I'm still waiting for Zahid and IGP to clear that one up....or whatever.

It's laughable, okay.

No credibility whatsoever as far as I'm concerned.

And they blame people for believing the mostly trash in social media.

Make anti-fake news law some more.

What? You all forcing us to ditch social media and read newspapers again, is it?

Want us to pay for it some more, is it?

What? You all think we all people are lambs that you can herd here and there?

Fuck you, big time editors, media handlers.

Real arrogant bastards.


  1. I wonder if fake news law can be used retrospectively. If it does, The Star and their editors could be charge in court for circulating fake news!!..

  2. Don’t get so work up la Annie. Ever since 1MDB scandal erupted like a volcano spreading its hot larva, there’s always concerted effort from the gomen to prevent the truth to come out.

    When the truth did emerge and trickle in little by little via foreign news outlets, and the oppositions went to town with it, the gomen pulling all the stops to discredit them. Calling them having an agenda. When they back them up with evidences, fact and figures, we just merely denying it without furnishing evidence.

    The most we can do is to holding some kinda forum, every now and then telling all and sundry that our top law enforcers had clear me of any wrongdoing. The rakyat should take that version as the truth. And labelled the other versions as fake news!

    1. Even our dear Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah was called up for questioning by the police for giving a MILD speech during Purple Walk some time ago..

    2. Even old lady got questioned
      These damned pirates

  3. Annie,

    Ooohhh, I luuuuv it when you talk dirty :)

    But I guess Big Media doesn't :)

    //It's like that with them these days//

    Come on lah.

    You know, I know, we know, they know and everybody knows that the fake news legislation does not apply to them, ok?

    They don't need to worry about writing anything, even fake news.

    //Won all kind of Malaysian journalistic awards some more for such flights of fancy//


    Well, what's that about sitting in bakul dan angkat sendiri?

    I was never good with peribahasa.

    //Stupid or what?//

    Well, it ain't "or what".


    //I'm still waiting for Zahid and IGP to clear that one up....or whatever//

    Don't hold your breath!!

    As they say, it'll be a cold day in hell before that happens.

    //What? You all think we all people are lambs that you can herd here and there?//

    Look, The Star may no longer have the credubility it used to have but you mustn't forget the Malay language media which are targetted towards the lesser educated Malay population.

    Sorry lah, when I say "lesser educated Malay population", I am not being insulting, ok?

    I am just stating what my eyes can see and what my ears can hear

    If one cannot accept that the Malay mind is being dumbed down by our education system, then I suggest that one is in self-denial.

    And just in case anybody thinks I am only targetting the Malays, let me say that many Chinese and Indians have also been dumbed down by the public education system BUT they don't really matter, right?

    I mean, why should the Ministry of Education or JAKIM care about dumb Cina or dumb India?

    Takde untung there you know.

    Dumb Malays?? Ah, different matter. :)

    Malays comprise the majority of the population, ok?

    It is fantastic for UMNO/BN and JAKIM when the majority of Melayus are dumb.

    Whenever a person is totally dependent on the govt or JAKIM for what is supposed to be the truth, it is a good day for the govt and JAKIM.

    Ask yourself this, why are the Cina and India allowed to think whatever they like but Malays are not? :)

    I could go on and on but I have an important event to attend - I have an EX-Pass to catch a Mewtwo.

    See yer :)


  4. Biasalah Annie. There are 2 set of laws in this country. One for them and another for the rest of us.

    When an MB was recorded live giving fiery speech inciting hundred of youth to create mayhem in cofee shops, even gave his personal guarantee to post bail for them if they ever get caught, no action was taken against him for that highly seditious speech. He was not even called in for questioning by the police.

    After being caught red faced with the act, he later told he was merely being playful and it shouldn’t being taken seriously. I was like what? Just like that?

    Please take a look at what happened to Rafizi and Tian Chua. How many times they were handcuffed, remanded and haul to court for doing just a little of what that MB did?

    The laws were applied forcefully on them but NO ACTION was taken on the MB for that full blown seditiously fiery speech.

    Where is rule of law in this country? Where is equality before the law? When it comes to friends and associates, laws couldn’t be opened and remained in the book. This multi faceted act of law enforcement has little by litle eroding credibility whatever left in the government.

    1. Whatever integrity that's left in the government have been lost with 1MDB & Jho Low.

      #Yang sedap Jho Low. Paris Hilton pun dia dapat kongkek.

  5. "Fuck you, big time editors, media handlers."
    I guess they will be waiting with their no conscience standing cocks ? :)

    1. Umno sembah jo low....
      Sedangkan wanita umno bg amaran berjaga jaga dgn kaum cina....haa
      Di mana maruah mu umno......
      Cikgu macai babi dan prof bangsat...
      Cakap tak serupa bikin....satu dunia gelak kan sedangkan umno dan pemimpin tak berani bersuara pd pucuk sebab hang dah kena dedak .......maruah hang disalut duit bukan aliran darah merah semangat juang bangsa.maka wajar rafidah dan org org otai mcm rais tegur....namun ibarat menyalak kat bukit.....itu lah kesudahannya..sampai khutbah jumaat pun kamu pro jo low....amat mengecewakan perihal ini....

    2. Tu yang Matthias Chang selalu berleter. Geng UMNO-Najib marahkan Cina yang banyak berjasa kepada Negara seperti Robert Kuok, tapi langsung tak berani nak sentuh Cinakui Jho Low. Nama Jho Low pun tak boleh sebut.

      #Yang sedap Jho Low. Paris Hilton pun dia dapat kongkek.

  6. Anonymous @ 31 March 2018 at 08:42,

    //merely denying it without furnishing evidence. //

    But... but... how produce evidence when there is no evidence?

    We are told repeatedly that there is no evidence of any money missing from 1MDB and no evidence of any crimes committed in Malaysia.

    Hmmm... come to think of it.. why is it that 1MDB crimes OUTSIDE of Malaysia cannot be prosecuted in Malaysia but fake news publishers OUTSIDE of Malaysia can?

    H9w can like that one ah? :)

    Manyak pilik lor.


  7. Anon 10.17 rightly said about the MB and his joke. However everyone keeps forgetting the bloke next to him who was clapping his hands in approval. this bloke who is supposedly PM material gets away scott free again. Why again...wasn't he found guilty of money politics. Only in Malaysia are crooks, cheats and their ilk amply rewarded. Sigh!!!


  8. Annie,

    You seems to forget that ,this is Malaysia ,anything "BOLEH",but let see whoes the player .

  9. Hello Annie,

    Angry??.....Good, let it out of your system.

    Not a problem for me, since I do not read The Star anymore.

    "What? You all think we all people are lambs that you can herd here and there?"

    In my opinion, that is the idea.

    Again, I do not read The Star anymore, did not watch TV3, RTM1 & RTM2.

    They can go to Kingdom come for all I care.

  10. Disgruntled bunch of cunts!

    1. Noh Omar bodoh
      Selepas 16 tahun janji baru nak buat hospital

      Dasar binatang

  11. UMNO pengkhianat, bersikap angkuh dan kaki tidak jejak Bumi

  12. Either annie has taken the wrong medicine or woke up from the wrong side of the bed.
    This is definitely not Annie's style of writting no matter how angry annie is with something.
    Hope i am right though.

    1. To me... Annie is angry like a man with cock.

      However, what she spewed was apt. Anybody whose heart is still with UMNO-Najib, will get angry with their numerous cock-up.

  13. They said Kak Ros is pretty.

    Is that a fake news?

  14. We live in a bungling nation.
    Some dick overdoing the news is a normal thing. Even ministers do the same. Now, all these make necessary the new fake news laws.

    Isn't it pathetic ?

    Oldman Mahathir is correct. This RUU is covered in the Akta Hasutan. Specifically fake news ? This is humorous.

    PRU14 bila pun tak apa.
    Rakyat dah menang.

  15. Annie didn't get paid this month. The ship is sinking.

  16. Ooooh Annie..
    You aroused me when you're angry...

  17. Anonymous @ 31 March 2018 at 20:38,

    //Hope i am right though.//

    So, you know "this is definitely not Annie's style of writing".

    Hmmm, why do you "hope" you are right?

    Sounds like weasel words to me.

    If you are a Pakatan supporter, you are an embarrassment to the team I support.

    Hmmmm... maybe you are a PAS supporter. They are usually quite weaselly.

    Maybe their weaselliness comes from having to constantly pusing-pusing their political and religous beliefs.

    BTW, I wonder what PAS people think of the following articles.

    To me, it is like everything Hadi Awang stands for, has been a conspiracy by the West and PAS seems nothing but a tool of Western powers.

    And if Western powers are controlled by the Jews, as I am often told, then Hadi Awang has been pushing a Jewish agenda all along.

    Maybe that is why Parti Anak Syaitan, with their cohorts in JAKIM, have been working so hard to make Malaysians hate Islam.


  18. Last night(Friday) TV3's Nightline, NST & BH reported a company by the name 'Equanimity (Cayman) Limited' is the legal owner of the vessel. As claimant in the DOJ forfeiture actions, they said the DOJ and also Indonesian authorities had acted outside the bounds of legal rules by seizing the yacht.

    Ehmm... wonder why Najib's sycophants and its subservient, loyal but not smart media handlers, loved Jho Low sooooooo much. They just seems unable to accept the fact that Equanimity belongs to Jho Low. Najib's bootlickers even whacked Rais Yatim & Rafidah Aziz for associating DoJ's seizure of Equanimity with Jho Low.

    Whatever it is, I'm very sure DoJ will be watching every move the Kleptocrats took at home, especially with regards fugitive Jho Low.
    The obvious 'love and affection' that Kleptocracy showered on Jho low will caused whatever suspicion DoJ had on MO1, will turn into certainty.

    On the international front, superpowers US and China is in a midst of some sort of trade-war. At the same time, there are counter-expulsion of diplomats between Russia and most of US led militarily-allied NATO countries.

    Kim Jong-Un had just visited China's Xi Jinping soon after US' Deputy Sherif in the East, hosted the first ever ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, of which Philippine's Duterte skipped. (He once told Obama to fuck-off). I'm sure Dr.M will skip too, if he is current PM.

    Obviously the world have been divided and a 2nd. Cold-War had began with Russia/China/North Korea and the West led by US.

    Its sad that the 'Non-Aligned Movement/Countries' seems to be dead. Maybe Dr.M could revive it if he become PM.

    While our Kleptocratic Malaysia, being over-dependent on China's money, selling parts and pieces of our land, even Islands to China, with Jho Low taking refuge in China too, DoJ's criminal suit will have huge geopolitical implication if Najib remains after GE14.

    Well, I just hope Mathias Chang's warning about Malaysia being another Syria would not come true.

  19. The anti fake news law only favour the BN government because they simlpy can't accept the truth.

    Fake news act is nothing more than censorship

  20. mmm...i pretend not to hear it. she must be on her period. ha..haa..mayb manly habit got d best of it. when i on d same grumpiness i did it too. much dirty than tat...taik kucing! anyway those r bad habits. we better give our ovaries a good rep.

  21. I got this info from an umno bugger. PRU will be on the 5th of May..ada butut ka friend. Susah mau pecaya news sekarang. News from media prima group n utusan no fake.