Wednesday 29 November 2017

Anti-BN people think poorly of UiTM too

I think the pro-Pakatan or anti-BN people really don't like UiTM and don't want the votes of its about 750,000 alumni in the coming general election.

When I whacked Ku Nan for his "slow learners" remark about UiTM, I received this kind of comments from people I believe to be pro-Pakatan or anti-BN;

That Uitm alumni president Zaini is a reflection of the quality of Uitm produce. Lo and behold, Ku Nan was right after all.

In one Sherlock Holmes movie, a kid was asked to apologise to his mom for saying things that had hurt the mom’s feeling. But the kid insisted that what he said was true. To that, Sherlock Holmes told the kid that TRUTH hurts the most always.

Ku Nan was telling the truth, but the reaction of some was akin to the Yahudi about holocaust. These people in Malaysia have their own version of ZIONISM, too. Ketuanan, orang islam orang kapir, membina sebuah negara islam yang tulen, RUU 355, etc.. The path that these people are following is exactly the very thing that their God had ever so often condemned in the Al Quran, that everything about themselves are so sacred and holy that, if you dare comment anything about them, together their wrath would be upon you.

As their God had told them, if you think that you are so sacred and holy that paradise should be yours only to inherit, why don’t you pray for death to be upon you soon so that you could go to heaven quickly?

Don’t get so work up lor..It’s a small matter. Ku Nan actually was telling the truth and the truth always hurt. Even he himself was an alumnus and he himself acknowledges this fact. Never shy away to admit that.

ITM/UiTM is a Mara outfit eastablished as a leg up to make Bumis enrolled into higher learning institutions in large numbers. Hence the campuses spread out all across the country for this mission.

It only admits the Bumis so requirements can be adjusted and compromised from time to time to accomodate the Bumis as much as it could. It churns out tens out thousands graduates each year from all its campuses.

some say the truth hurts and in this instance it is bitter as well hence the demanded apologies, normally a big wig from Ali baba's cave need not have to endure such a public embarrassment, wrong assumption kkk, say goodbye to putrajaya shrek, watch this space

to be fair even the ivy leagues have their slow learners but the ketuanan types would have none of this nonsense

Syd Ketupat

Now it all come clear when you said you were from ITM before the U. Now I know why the word tunnel vision and tunnel thinking was coined and also colour blind see only blue and wear horse blinds . Tsk tsk and what inbreeding can do to a person . Have pity and stop your lineage here and do not marry or have children and save them the aghast and the pain of living the lives

The 'flabby Fool' is right U know. Memang pelajar Uitm are SLOW LEARNERS. Baca ni, Pelajar-pelajar ni anjur larian untuk APA sebenarnya......hehehehe.

Malaysian university confusingly organizes ‘Pedophile Charity Run’ over the weekend
In a case of very powerful English, Universiti Teknologi Mara, its Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studues, and Baitul Fiqh at UiTM Seremban 3 campus banded together over the weekend, without consulting the university’s English Department, to organize a “Pedophile Charity Run.”

HEHEHEHE...............hahaha cannot stop laughing.

Upon seeing the confounding poster, netizens could hardly contain their laughter, with most of Twitter wondering exactly if UiTM understood what their charity run appeared to be about.

Was it a running of the pedos?
A run for pedophiles?
Or simply a celebration of pedophilia?

No one could quite understand the gist of the event."

Quite arrogant of them.
Well, it's their loss.


  1. "Quite arrogant of them."

    Not at all.

    You mean, the only correct response is:

    "Oh, Ku Nan is so bad & so wrong, UITM is the greatest university in the world"?


    The truth lies somewhere between the two extremes.

    For a fact: some UITM grads are excellent, but the huge volume of intake and factory-like production line means that not all are.

    For a fact: after UITM plunged to under 700 in the university rankings, the Chancellor said he didn't care.

    For a fact: if you care about MARA, make sure Annuar Musa & his cronies go to jail for all the massive sums of money they stole from MARA. This Ku Nan drama is just a diversion.

    So, it's not all black and white.

    There is grey as well.

    1. Okay

      "some UITM grads are excellent" will vote Pakatan.

      "the huge volume of intake and factory-like production" UiTM grads will vote BN.

      That's what you want?

    2. Yg komen negatif ttg uitm i believe are non bumis yg tak boleh masuk uitm.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. "some UITM grads are excellent" will vote Pakatan.

      "the huge volume of intake and factory-like production" UiTM grads will vote BN."

      Zero logic.

      Why would the way people vote be tied to their academic performance?

    4. Annie,

      What an exceptionally weird statement.

      Let me recap for you:

      a) A Federal Minister in a nationally-reported case called the student population of ITM "slow learners".

      b) You can bet that all 750,000 students are well aware of that remark.

      c) Your attempted counter-spin is that some comments in your blog are (quote: "I think the pro-Pakatan or anti-BN people really don't like UiTM") - that's your perception, actually, I don't agree.)

      OK so far?

      So now we move to Phase 2:

      a) How many of your blog commenters are Federal Ministers?

      b) What proportion of the 750,000 ITM students read your blog, or its comments?

      c) If they do, would a person be more offended when it comes from a Federal Minister, or from some attempt at spinning a handful of comments on a blog?

      See what I mean?

      I think you and "blogging captain" have totally exhausted this topic, anyway.

      Suffice to say, Ku Nan did not endear himself to the students of ITM.

    5. Because when you run down people, they will not support your cause. Got it?

    6. I'll simplify:

      a) Donald Trump, President of USA, posts three anti-Muslim videos on his Twitter, seen by 44 million people. (As he just did.)

      b) Some unknown American in the middle of Arkansas re-posts the same video on a minor blog.

      Which do you think is more offensive to Muslims?

      Can you deduce any political leaning - whether (R) or (D) - from the second guy's actions?

      The concepts of reach and sample size also matter.

      Like I say, don't see everything black & white.

  2. Annie..

    lepasan uitm yang slow brainer memang akan masih memilih umno..seolah mereka sukar sangat memahami kletokrasi walaupun sudah bertahun dijelaskan...

    Lepasan uitm yang lain, dijangka majoriti akan memilih PH.

    1. Kalau ya pun jangan lah lepasan UiTM tu dihina sampai tergamak suruh jangan kawin dan ada anak.

      "Now it all come clear when you said you were from ITM before the U. Now I know why the word tunnel vision and tunnel thinking was coined and also colour blind see only blue and wear horse blinds . Tsk tsk and what inbreeding can do to a person . Have pity and stop your lineage here and do not marry or have children and save them the aghast and the pain of living the lives"

      Rasanya tu lagi teruk dari apa yang Ku Nan kata.

    2. Budak-budak ni tak faham
      Ada yang tua yang faham pun tak nak pergi bagi tau budak-budak ni

      Dulu dulu mana ada banyak university dan kolej berlambak macam cemdawan lepas hujan macam hari ni. Yang ada UM, UKM, UTM, USM, UPM. Jadi tempat di university memang sangat terhad. So MARA buat la ITM banyak2. Dan lebih ramai lah anak2 Melayu boleh melanjutkan pengajian tinggi.

      Ku Nan ni salah word choice. Dia slow jugak agak nya. Apa pasal tak cakap last chance leaner ?
      He he he he

    3. Dia orang ni seronok sangat tengok Ku Nan score gol sendiri last last tu sampai tak sedar dia orang pun tertendang bola masuk gol dia orang juga. Dia orang ni pun slow learners punya kes juga la.

    4. And you miss the point yet again.

      Federal Minister & Umno Supreme Council member's words vs. one anonymous comment on Malaysia's most famous political blog?

      Hee hee.

      Don't think so.

    5. Kau tu cerdik sgt ke kluangman.eja kleptokrasi pun salah.neither english nor Malay.
      Prof Kangkung

    6. Sebanyak banyak slow learner yang tengku palsu gasak pun tak seteruk Prof Kangkung. Ini satu yang paling slow.

    7. Are we at all sure org grad uitm will vote umno ?

      Cause this seems to be going around here a lot.

      And u r saying this based on wht really ? Some statistics ? I might have miss this. Care to point me to those stats ?

  3. Annie a long time ago i have a malay boss who scolded me a slow learner & he demanded me to do better. I took his criticism contructively & i did better. Thanks to him today im a better person btw im chinese...

    1. There's a difference between criticising and dehumanizing. Thank you.

    2. Why was the comment above "dehumanizing?"

      Not at all.

      You ade period ke Annie? Or just confused?

    3. UiTM also funded by chinese & indians taxpayers monies right!!! And chinese & indians are not allowed into UiTM thus depriving them further tertiary education, this is DEHUMANIZING OK!!!
      Check your thesaurus to learn dehumanizing to stop your dumnos Bullshit Nasional sigh

    4. Mara scandal still on so what happened?

    5. 10:38,

      That's precisely my point:

      "...if you care about MARA, make sure Annuar Musa & his cronies go to jail for all the massive sums of money they stole from MARA. This Ku Nan drama is just a diversion."

      People are missing the more serious issues due to distraction.

      Either that - or Ku Nan is a genius for causing a "minor fire" that takes attention from the latest evidence of MARA stealing money via Aussie land purchases.

    6. Nice distraction form Ku Nan, UMNO macai, planned chaos, divide and rule from Barisan Nasional

      I don’t give a damn and what I care is the updates on MARA buying up properties is land down under

      I don’t give a damn of what that Ku Nan piece of trash said!! Did you get me!?

  4. HEHEHE..............Annie, u tak senyum ke, baca "Pedophile Charity Run"...........buat charity untuk golongan pedo!!!!
    Come on, have a little bit of sense of humor, Annie.
    Tak salah ketawa.
    Ketawa dengan airmata sekali.
    Ini bukan menghina, cuma ketawa dalam sedih.
    Kenapa sampai jadi begini.....????
    Mana pergi duit berjuta-juta yang dibelanjakan untuk Uitm...?????

    1. Cik Minah, I have seen the poster that you are referring to.I believe the poster is fake
      However, we will wait for the explanation from the campus concerned.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Memang la kelakar tapi jangan ketawakan orang sampai orang rasa terhina. Tegur baik baik tak boleh ke? Budak2 lepasan universiti lain pun ada kekurangannya. Saya pernah jumpa graduate English literature yang tak tau apa you thesaurus. Dia ingat benda tu sejenis dinosaur. Saya ketawa juga masa tu tapi tak lah sampai dia rasa terhina. Saya mentor dia kat tempat kerja dan saya tolong dia perbetul mana yg boleh. Sampai sekarang dia jadi kawan saya. Budak tu non-Malay. Universiti mana saya tak nak cakap lah. Tak nak disalah anggap Cuba merendahkan graduan2 lain universiti tu. Terimakasih.

  5. My ex school mate, an average student, went on to take up Diploma in Business Mgmt in ITM after SPM. He went on his own after getting his diploma and now his business flourish and made him a very rich person. He just got a second young bergetah wife and spending his honeymoon overseas.

    Do you think he gives a hoot on what other people think about ITM graduates like him? He's laughing all the way to the banks, and to the Swiss Alps, and to the French Riveria with this young wife. Hahahahaha..

    1. Exactly. Education is only a first step in life. Many others things count later on.

  6. I challenge Adnan to prove that he is a graduate from Uitm.
    Do not believe his profile.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Annie please delete this outrageous comment. He equates the Bumis to monkey. Bloody hell!!...

    2. Annie, u should just let the comment it so everyone can see the true colours of these diehard dap supporters.

  8. Annie,

    From what I can see, it is not just UiTM which does not come up to standard, vietually EVERY government-runned education institution has fallen well short.

    It is easy to see that standards have been lowered to ensure more graduates.

    The feel-good factor is more important.

    Pakcik and makcik in the kampung can stand proud and tall that their son or daughter is a brain surgeon.

    Of cos, pakcik and makcik have no idea that their brain surgeon doesnt know which end of the human anatomy to operate on but never mind, their child is a brain surgeon.

    BTW, it may sound like I am whacking Melayus only but that just means that ppl have forgotten that there are also Chinese and Indians who have gone thru government-runned institutions.

    I know of one PhD student who asked me to read her draft thesis.

    It was downright embarrassing.

    I could easily tell where she had used her own words and where she had just copy-and-paste.

    Her sentences were close to gibberish compared to her cut-and-paste sections which used excellent English.

    Is this the calibre of PhD gradduates we are producing in Malaysia?

    She's Chinese!!

    And she was so proud of her plagarised thesis.

    I have no doubt that she will get her PhD.

    Our ministers are also in denial.

    Idris Jusoh has made the claim that the engineering faculty at UM is better then those of Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge!!

    I wonder why we dont see all those om putih come flocking to UM to study engineering.

    Absolute delusion on Idris Jusoh's part.

    When will we stop this bullshit and start fixing the system?


    1. Gladiator, the General election is around the corner.Everybody has to do his part to spread the feel good feeling including Idris Jusoh.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Idris Jusoh said that UM Engineering was ranked no 10 globally by US News, recently. UM ranked higher than those universities you cited. Even NUS was ranked higher than UM!

      Read more next time Mr Gladiator.

  9. BREAKING NEWS............

    Malas nak bincang pasal Slow Learners. Dah basi. Mari bincang cerita yang lebih sensasi. Kisah LELAKI MACHO pilihan Kak Mah atau kisah a real gentelman with integrity macma di bawah ini;

    A gentleman of complete integrity.

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    As you all know by now, I am leaving the Bank soon. Some of you have asked me why I am leaving and I must confess that I have evaded the question. All I can say is that my life in the Bank has been based on certain professional expectations, and when I find myself put in circumstances where those expectations can no longer be met, there could have been no other decision for me.
    This past week has been an emotional roller-coaster. The days have flown by so fast and saying goodbye has been harder than I had anticipated. Meeting many of you has brought back a flood of memories and emotions. But, I am grateful for the opportunity to personally wish you goodbye, and I thank you for the kind wishes you have expressed to me.
    In parting, I want to express my gratitude to those of you who have worked with me and helped me succeed in my job. No one gets to my position without the help of others. I am unable to thank each of you individually but I hope you know that I am referring to you and please accept my heartfelt thanks.
    If I have contributed to your own professional success, I am glad; but you do not need to thank me. Pay it forward – be a part of someone else’s success.
    If you are in a position of leadership, remind yourself, and remind yourself often, that leadership is a responsibility and not a privilege. Remember that nothing shines a brighter light into the depths of your character than your behaviour when you believe that you have power over others. It is never leadership to try to make yourself look good by depriving your subordinates of opportunities to be their best. It is also never acceptable to use bullying as a means to exert your leadership. Respect yourself; respect those who work for you.
    Well, my journey with BNM has come to an end, but yours will continue. I wish you fair weather and good sailing.
    Goodbye and God bless.
    Sukhdave Singh

    1. Minah oh minah ko gila ke ape..

      Sekarang ni nilai "pro" dan "dumno" adalah antara $ to $..
      Berapa dia dapat $ ?
      Macam aku, mesti lebih..

      Dan minah dan annie, tajuk lebih utama, apa sudah jadi dengan bangsa Johor?
      Juta sana juta sini..

  10. Prof Kangkung,

    //Everybody has to do his part to spread the feel good feeling including Idris Jusoh.//

    Are there UMNO supporters out there who actually believe what Idris Jusoh said?

    Hmmm... it's unbelievable but I guess it is very likely...


    1. We don't have to believe what Idris Jusoh says.What is more important is to look at the results he produced.If our universities move up in ranking that is probably a sign that the minister is doing his job well.
      Prof Kangkung

  11. Idris Jusoh did not say UM Engineeing is better than Harvard or Cambridge. He just said that UM engineering is listed in the top 10 globally as stated by USNews. He then made the comment that “I believe this is a significant acknowledgement of our education system, in realising our programmes such as the Industry Revolution 4.0. The ranking is true I checked the website.

    If you don't believe the rankings take it up with US news. Perhaps the methodology skews the results. Nothing to do with Idris Jusoh. I don't believe these publications will take dedak to change the rankings. So even if the rankings are not accurate UM Engineering is probably not too bad.