Monday 20 November 2017

A little extra problem for Johor BN

No new post by my guest bloggers the past few days.


Never mind, I think I better write a bit instead.

Just want to comment a little on this post by Rocky;

Syed Hamid is Mahathir's latest weapon against Najib, really?

For me the worst that Syed Hamid did to BN back then was this;

excerpts -

He was also the Cabinet minister who in 2008 ordered the detention of the Sin Chew Daily journalist under the now-abolished Internal Security Act "for her own safety". 

I believe that contributed a lot to the build up of the 2013 Chinese tsunami.

I remember very well the night when the Sin Chew girl was arrested as I received numerous angry messages from my Chinese friends, particularly those working with the Chinese press.

I also remember Syed Hamid's funny nickname among pro-opposition supporters at that time.

They called him Kodomo Lion, which was the mascot of a child dental and health care products brand name.

They were actually mocking him because his father Syed Jaafar Albar's nickname was Singa Umno (Lion of Umno).

I actually met Syed Hamid quite a lot in the early 2000s.

Personally, I don't mind him so much those days.

He was quite nice to me back then.

My opinion of him however turned a bit negative after the Sin Chew girl arrest incident.

That one was really stupid.

Anyway, that was almost a decade ago.

Now it seems that Syed Hamid may join the anti-BN people.

This is the headline of RPK's Malaysia Today;

Syed Hamid Abandons Najib, now supports Mahathir

It was actually a story by Free Malaysia Today titled; Syed Hamid wants the 1MDB issue answered in Parliament.

I suspect that it has something to do with him being very sore after removed as SPAD chairman recently.

Well, really,

I think if he was really so against Najib purely based on principles, he should have joined Dr Mahathir's team from the start and quit his government post without waiting for them to push him out.

Now is a bit late, I think.

Nonetheless, as other people say; better late than never.

The more important question now is; how much damage can he contributes against BN if he really joins up with the opposition?

Bear in mind that he has yet to say outright that he's joining them, okay.

What ever it is, let's just assume the most extreme scenario.

Well, Syed Hamid was the MP of Kota Tinggi for five terms from 1990 to 2013.

He was still leading the Kota Tinggi BN machinery in the 2013 general election even though he was not named as a candidate to defend his long held seat.

He actually did well as Kota Tinggi remained an Umno and BN stronghold despite the advances made by the opposition in Johor that year.

This was among things pointed out in this article;


BN even increased its majority in 2013 at similar constituencies such as Mersing where it won by 15,747, an increase from 13,763 in 2008; Tenggara by 17,169 from 14,049; and Kota Tinggi by 24,574 from 18,961.

Syed Hamid was only replaced by Daing Malek as Kota Tinggi Umno division chief later that year.

Before that, he was considered as one of the more influential Johor Umno warlords at the same level as TS Muhyiddin Yassin, TS Shahrir Samad, the late TS Mohamed Rahmat and a few others from his generation.

As far as I know,  Syed Hamid's influence at the grassroots level used to be very strong in Kota Tinggi, Pengerang and parts of Tenggara.

However, things may have changed now that he no longer holds any political or government post.

Still, it would not be such a good news for Johor BN if Syed Hamid suddenly turns around and says he's contesting Kota Tinggi for GE14 under Pribumi Bersatu.

Even though I expect his chances of winning to be slim, it will cause additional problems for Johor BN.

It would even signalled that even the previously BN's safe outright Malay-majority constituencies on the Johor eastern seaboard are no longer as safe as they used to be.

That's because the opposition has found a real leader to carry out their assault there.

At the very least, Johor BN would have to divert some of its extra resources to the area instead of focusing them at critical areas, especially in the north and south of the state.

Well, I believe the team of MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin is already making preparations for this eventuality.

Or are they?

Well, let's just wait and see.


  1. ...then all of a sudden, Syed Hamid could always do what Husni Hanadzlah did.180 degree turning. Just wait and see.

  2. Annie,

    Like all ex-UMNO politicians, Syed Hamid has suddenly figured out that UMNO is rotten to the core.

    Similarly, UMNO seems to have worked out that Syed Hamid is an incompetent corrupt politician.

    What if BOTH of them are right?


  3. Comodo lion? really? They should have opted for Comodo Dragon..

  4. Minister A support English medium
    Minister B reject
    Minister C no comments
    Minister D half half
    Minister F don't know

    Solution - murder BCDF

    1. It shows you’re intolerant to other people’s point of view. Bigots and extremists always subscribe to your conclusion.

    2. People on the street are struggling to make end’s meet but the chief concern of privileged few is regarding the school system. What a mismatch..

      You see, the higher ups can’t feel what we’re feeling right now. They live in their own make-believe world. No wonder they keep coming with burdensome policies such as the removal of subsidies and GST.

  5. If we can use him to bring down BN, why not? After GE14, then we put him in jail. Or better yet, drag him to Merdeka Square and execute the scumbag.


    THE number of unsold residential properties are at a decade-high, with the majority of units being in the RM250,000 and above price category, beyond the income of most Malaysians, said Bank Negara Malaysia in its quarterly bulletin published today.

    The central bank also said the oversupply of office space and shopping complexes in the major states is expected to be exacerbated by incoming supply, potentially becoming more severe than during the Asian financial crisis.

    Johor has the largest share of unsold residential units (27% of total unsold properties in Malaysia), followed by Selangor (21%), Kuala Lumpur (14%) and Penang (8%).

    “This situation could worsen if the current supply-demand conditions persist. Within the country, Johor is poised to have the largest property market imbalances (highest number of unsold residential properties and potentially the largest excess supply of retail space).” – November 17, 2017

    Read more at :

    1. The state football team and their footballing facilities is awashed with money but the people there can’t afford to buy property. How come?

  7. Annie. Something led me to the "kepala bapak" video today. My comment is not about the phrase. Rather about Forest City being reclaimed land and its connonation that it's not part of our sovereignty. Correct me if I understood the statement wrongly. I am reminded that most of the Netherland is reclaimed land. So what do you make of the sovereignty of the King of the Netherland.

    1. 'I am reminded that most of the Netherland is reclaimed land. So what do you make of the sovereignty of the King of the Netherland.'

      Reclaiming land = OK.

      Reclaiming land & then selling to China = not OK.

      In Holland did they sell their land to Germany?

      See if the Dutch people like it.

    2. Any similarity on sovereignty?
      A little America in Cuba called Guantnamo bay naval base
      In 2013,the Cuban tried to dislodge if from the American,but were in vain


  8. Going by credit rating, Netherlands is doing very well.

  9. I don't give a damn, who Syed Hamid is. Tak pernah ada apa-apa impact sepanjang masa dia jadi menteri. So now dia nak sokong pembangkang, dia bukan ada apa-apa power. Masanya sudah berlalu. Dia dah macam melukut di tepi gantang. Just like Husni. Takda siapa beri perhatian even if he makes another U-turn.

  10. "Syed Hamid was the Foreign Minister who in 2003 threatened a Malaysian journalist who was covering the Iraq war with a lawsuit for an article that he said was a personal attack against him and his ministry. He was also the Cabinet minister who in 2008 ordered the detention of the Sin Chew Daily journalist under the now-abolished Internal Security Act "for her own safety".

    Ha ha, RockyBru really cannot spin at all lah.

    Wow, you mean Syed Hamid threatened journalists?

    Najib al-Songlap's regime did this:

    a) Banned the Edge, (whose facts on 1MDB we know to be 100% true

    b) Got quite a few people arrested and put in lock-up in relation to that

    c) Threatened portals in court

    d) Blocked and banned any portal that exposes his corruption.

    So please, Rocky - get some acting lessons lah.

    You want to pretend to "care" about freedom, then don't shed crocodile tears while ignoring all the abuses that are far worse.

    1. Please be advised that if you want to say something to Rocky, please do so at his blog and not here. This is the last one I allow here as a reminder. I really hate to censor comments, so please don't force me to do that. Thank you.

    2. Annie, blog si Rocky is 'ONE WAY TICKET', macam mana nak beri komen? You are the only one, OPEN that's why I frequently masuk sini. Bukan sahaja boleh komen, u reply when necessary. Not everyone is democratic as they claim.

    3. Cik Minah, I believe Rocky will publish comments if they were written properly and in good faith. Thank you.

    4. Annie,

      Errrrr....if you quote source or quote someone's POV in your article of course people are going to comment....seems like common sense to me. If you want to sangat jaga your 'blogging captain's feelings then perhaps don't quote him, whether direct or indirect?


      a) some blogger XYZ quotes rpk saying apandi is corrupt and took money from chinese businessman.

      b) some commenter in the same blog says rpk is a hypocrite.

      c) Then blogger XYZ says 'oh, if you want to say that, go to rpk blog'.


      Sori lah...logik YILEK.

    5. Cik Minah (21 November 2017 at 10:43):

      Actually now Rocky's smart. Most of the comments he gets are laughing at his desperate defences of Geng Najib. So he will wait at least 10 days or 2 weeks before publishing 2-3 comments. That way it looks like nobody complained / attacked/ rebutted his arguments. This is what we call...working smart!

      : P

  11. During Pak Lah's administration Rocky was very vocal in highlighting all the miss-steps and faults . Comments on his blog postings were in the hundreds, as I was following him closely. Today, his pro government stance does not resonate anymore with followers of local politics. Postings hardly garner any positive comments, if any at all. Truly sad.

    1. I'm of the opinion that bloggers have their right to choose which side they wish to support. The same goes for the readers. As much as we want others to respect our rights to form our opinion, we also have to respect the same for others. Thank you.

    2. Yeah, spot on dude. Rocky’s Bru used to be my daily diet together with AKJ and Bakri Musa back then. There’s lots of thought provoking articles/comments came out from it. It was joyous pleasure to read his blog. Even I myself is introduced to Annie’s blog from his blog’s roll.

      Those days he used to write or rather, coble together stuff close to us, the marhaen. But now he gets busy licking someone backside. Instead fighting for our corner like Annie does, he went the opposite direction by defending the indefensible..

      I don’t know much he’s getting for doing that. Considering that he’s the grand old man in blogging world, being senior pressman as well, I think he gets more than what RPK get.
      Nevertheless, he’s full of craps these days.Nobody pays attention to him anymore. That’s the price you get for selling your soul to the devil..

    3. But look like BN support RPK more than loki bro (there goes loki bro unrequited 'love' for BN)...

    4. Anonymous21 November 2017 at 11:00

      You see, Malaysian bloggers are made of rubber. If they see Agong's face on rectangular pieces of paper, they can 'flip-flop' very easily. Just count the numbers of these fella who used to say "Tun M is the best!" who now yell "PM Rosmah is the best!"

      That's why, they are rubber.

      : P

  12. Anonymous @ 20 November 2017 at 21:36

    //Solution - murder BCDF//

    And Minister E?

    Doesn't turn up for work, drawing gaji buta and nobody has noticed?


  13. I support whoever who support UMNO and I will fight against anyone who is against UMNO.
    When Tun M was the UMNO president I supported him.Similarly, the same goes to Syed Hamid
    Prof Kangkung

    1. We can see you always loved kangkung over kubis. But a vegeatable is a vegetable no matter how it's sown and cooked.

    2. As I mentioned, when rectangular pieces of paper are held in front of people's noses, they start yelling on cue.

      But tell me Anonymous21 November 2017 at 12:24 - you are not a blogger are you? Is there a "KangkungBru" blog or you're just paid to attach yourself to comment section?

      : P

    3. Names of political parties are just an identity
      By itself it is lifeless
      Human breathe life into it by creating values
      Those seeking/shared the same values are drawn towards it as members/followers
      Political parties should be spick and span not tainted/aquainted with negativities
      Conspiracy theories/disputes should be arbitrated in court not by words to instill confident towards its members/followers
      Or else wither away like a flower or a band
      White washing is waste of time and effort
      Do not allow nostalgia to breed loyalty in you towarfs the name of a party
      By now some parties due to its age would have spotted grey hairs
      For some inspirations/relaxation listen to 'touch of grey' by Grateful Dead