Wednesday 15 November 2017

Don't rely on others, they got priorities

I'm actually a bit disappointed.

I was hoping to take a break from blogging for a while because of my work.

For the meantime, I was relying on my friends to help me keep this blog going.

I had called up all my friends, whom I knew can write to contribute.

Unfortunately, after a week, only Ani and Gondrong had sent me something to publish.

Ani is not a writer but she's quite a good story teller.

Well, I actually sort of forced her to write that post about her autistic son and the barber. I'm not really sure why she was very reluctant to write it for me.

Gondrong used to be an excellent writer with quite some fearsome opinions . However, the stuff that he sent me so far were rather tame. 

But, I don't blame him as he may get in trouble if he writes the way he used to. The guy is very mellow these days.

Whatever it is, I'm grateful to Ani and Gondrong for their effort to help me.

At least they tried.

However, I don't feel like imposing on them anymore.

I know now that I can't rely on friends for these sorts of things.

They got other priorities.

If I want to keep this blog alive, I have to do it on my own.

Well, in life, it actually boils down on ourselves to take care of ourselves.

You simply can't rely on anyone else.

Husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends....they tend to cheat on you..or get bored of you.

Children....they'll probably forget you once they have their own life...or feel that you are actually a burden to them.

Friends....if you are lucky, you just can't rely on them....if you are unlucky, they'll backstab, manipulate, and take advantage of you.

I know, it's dark, but that's the realities of life.

Okay, I'm actually in a foul mood now.

Slept about 1am only to wake up at 3.30am. Now it's 6.13am.

I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.

So troublesome.

Well, I'm still struggling with my work.

Once I'm done with it I will try to write here properly again.

See lah how.



  1. Take care Annie.

    Prof kangkung

  2. Its ok annie, you. jump. sebelum.kapal.karam.

  3. Annie,

    Simple answer...

    Get your readers to contribute lah!

    Hee hee...

    Gladiator has quite good writing skills...

    Cik Minah got the passion & fire...

    RD got the moderate & thoughtful stance...

    Or you can ask Dr Kangkong to contribute 3,000 words on why Kak Rosmah is so honest, slim and beautiful and why we should all contribute RM1,000 each for Wolf of Wall Street Part 2 so Riza Aziz can buy more NYC penthouse....after PMO sees it, Kangkong will get Double Dedak for bulan Disember : )

    1. Anonymous15 November 2017 at 09:30,

      For Kangkung to get double dedak, his daily rate would go up to RM30.

      Hence, not worth it for PMO.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Haha.I take that as compliment

      Prof Kangkung

  4. Feel sorry for you.

    We all will never be in anxiety if not for Najib’s wrongdoings and bad leadership.

    We have more avenues to think positive, and to do better for ourselves and communities.

  5. Annie,

    //or get bored of you//

    I know I speak for many of us readers here when I say that we are not bored of you - yet :)

    I'll even bet that Hj M Zin is lurking somewhere in the background reading and writing undera different name :)

    If nothing else, there is at least one news portal/news aggregator which will always be interested in what you write - Malaysia Chronicles.

    Meanwhile, just take your time, write when you are able to.


  6. Annie, save your ebergy, just let your blog hibernate. Bila dekat pilihanraya baru sambung balik. Suasana socio-politik kat Msia ni pi-mai2 tang tu je skrg ni.

  7. Actually I thot Gondrong's article was okay. But he missed one very critical point. It's about this issue:

    Where has the money gone for PRIMA homes???

    Only 1,332 units low-cost houses built up to August 2017 - against 625,000 units announced by gomen since 2013.

    Talk about missing target!

    Since PR1MA Act 2012, from 2013 Budget - 2018 Budget, 625,000 homes were promised. It's been five years now, and a meagre 1,332 units have been built.

    What happened to all that money that was allocated every year to PRIMA to build those houses?

    Whose pockets have the money entered?

    PRIMA has an office, CEO, general managers, staff etc. They have been given hundreds of millions of ringgit. If they can deliver only 266 houses per year for FIVE years, then what has happened to all that money?

    Please ask these people:

    In the meantime, Selangor govt have provided more than 20,000 low-cost homes to rakyat.


    This question has a very shameful answer.

    Look at FELDA, MARA, TH, etc if you want more examples.

  8. Anonymous @ 15 November 2017 at 09:30,

    //Gladiator has quite good writing skills//

    Awww, shucks, I am not that good a writer.

    I am only a good commentator :)

    I seldom initiate things, but I react to things.

    That's why I am a really really boring person to hang around with because I don't do very much which I think is exciting.


  9. Anda tengah bengang Annie?Jangan bazirkan tenaga anda dengan marah marah sendiri.Lampiaskan kemarahan anda itu kepada yang berhak.Lampiaskan kemarahan anda itu kepada Mak Lampir yang sesedap rasa menambahkan lagi stigma terhadap pesakit mental.Kepala bapak kau lah zuraidah pendek macam chili pepper.

    Tapi jawapan balas menteri kesihatan memang ada class...

    1. heh heh heh,

      Bijak la Subra tu.

      Takut kena belasah teruk mcm Kamala olih samseng Umgnok (atau mampus dlm tong simen?):

      Org lain, hmmmmm entah la...

      1. PM Semah=songlap rm2.6bilion & kes altantuya & morais=sakit mental

      2. TPM=zahid komedi=belasah separuh mati boyfren anak dia=sakit mental

      3. MENTERI=nazri=pukul guard niteclub= sakit mental

      4. MENTERI=tajudin ramli=anak pukul MP Khalid Samad di perkarangan Parlimen=sakit mental

      5. MACAI=jamal jamban=sakit mental x1000

      6. Mat Maslan=OKU


      Heh heh heh...

      "kepala bapak kau" - Suami PM

  10. Hye annie,

    U know u cant force others to write for u. Probably they lost the originality feels when they 'tumpang' others platform to express their views. Might as well they just put their thought on the comment section.

    But once in a while its good to have other writer(s) wrote on your blog.

  11. buat2 merajuk tgu offer mana tinggi ek....xpa paham everybody needs to carik makan...

  12. Am happy u’r back. Whichever ur reasons might be, I dun think it would be easy to part away with ur routine for too long. Given situation u’r writing for an audience or for urself,,,n without having kowtow to a publication rules n guidelines, its not a quick n easy answer to take d leave….i just know it.

    I’d like to ve one for me too. But am way way out of it. my piece is always end up in personal thoughts n details. Haa..haa…people dun really care about it unless…u should ve d skill to write n how d other people can relate it.

    Kak anne, her material is simple..straight forward n relatable. D like when she said about her foul moody….yea, i can really tell d day when I threw my kitty pet out of d window. Temper…yes, I see it….it shows.

    But I dun like tat feeling. There r lot more good in d world than there is bad. Family, friends, people…I really see their better side.

    I see a young son changes mother pampers…I see man crying over his wife sickness….i see friend who helps. And I think tat wat we ve to believe on.

  13. Annie are you being harassed for not blogging like RPK aka Raja Putar Kelentong so sad...