Sunday 26 November 2017

Jazlan as Johor MB? Really?

This is an excerpt from my previous post
- However, just the other day, another source based in KL said Khaled had succeeded in his appeal to remain as Johor MB  for another term.

I met that source for dinner the other night and to my surprise he said he wanted to take back what he said to me.

The latest that he heard Khaled will indeed be replaced as Johor MB.

I told him that it doesn't matter as these are all just speculations.

My source also pointed out that all three names I put as possible new Johor MB candidates in that previous post were not going to be so.

"One of them only wants to make more money, another is totally out because of an issue concerning water supply in Johor which is pending to explode, the other one I know you simply put in your post just to tickle someone. Why don't you put the name of that former state secretary instead? Very naughty," he said.

I was like "Uh uh....okay.....former SS.....hmmmm".

And that's about it.

I thought I don't want to pursue the damn thing anymore because I believe Khaled's boys were already angry enough with me for speculating about their boss.

Anyway, it doesn't matter one bit to my life whether Khaled remains or removed as MB.

However, last night a friend from JB called and brought up the issue again.

The guy who lives in Taman Perling said he heard that our DS Nur Jazlan Mohamed, who is the Pulai MP and deputy home minister will contest the Kempas state seat in the next general election.

Both of us voted for Jazlan in Pulai in the last general election.

"Hey, why would the chubby boy do that? He's crazy or what?" I exclaimed when my friend told me that.

"He's going to be the next MB lah," said my friend.

"Jazlan's going to contest Kempas and that very fat guy who is the current ADUN there will contest Pulai. I heard that's what Putrajaya wants," he added.

I just laughed when he said all that but in my mind I started to think - is that possible?

Actually it is.

From what I know Jazlan has always wanted to be either a full minister or a menteri besar.

Anything smaller is a waste of his least that's to my understanding.

The guy is actually quite smart too.

And I know that the Sultan of Johor is quite okay with him.

So, the possibility of Jazlan replacing Khaled as MB is actually quite real.

Well, I don't mind Jazlan too much.

For one thing, he's a Sino-Malay like me. Sino-Malay is the "in thing" in Johor these days, okay.

Met him a couple of time and found him to be quite a pleasant chap.

He even talked freely with me about being frustrated for not being given more responsibilities by the Umno leadership and how he contemplated returning to the corporate world because of that.

The guy is going to be 52 next year, just the right age to move up to a position such as menteri besar.

Well, not so bad if it really happens to him.

Of course, all these provided that BN can win in the coming election lah.


  1. "Well, I don't mind Jazlan too much."


    My problem with this guy is that he sold his principles for the sake of position.

    You'll remember that he was chairman of the PAC who were investigating 1MDB. Then Najib got worried and started bribing the members with ministers' posts if they would leave the PAC.

    Of course for most of them we knew they were unprincipled anyway, so of course they accepted. However, one or two people were saying that NJ would stay on and make sure the probe was done correctly.

    They were wrong.

    He sold his soul too.

    His successor, Hasan Carimakan, immediately sabotaged the probe by:

    a) Illegally deleting the paragraph that proved that Jho Low was owner of Goodstar (where US$700 million of OUR MONEY was siphoned)

    b) Refusing the requests of the panel for MLA. The Swiss, Singaporeans and USA have the entire money trails of how the First Klepet, Jho and Riza stole the public funds. By blocking contact with these countries, the PAC could do nothing.

    So my preference is not to have an unprincipled man as MB.

    Also, his performance as Deputy Home Minister has been very uninspiring.

    I guess “Loyal But Not Smart” strikes again.

    1. yupp...correct...its bribery

      "Sebuah portal hari ini menimbulkan persoalan apabila anggota PAC dilantik di dalam kabinet dalam kabinet ketika siasatan masih berlangsung berhubung 1MDB.

      Anggota PAC berkenaan adalah Pengerusi PAC, Nur Jazlan sendiri, Datuk Seri Reezal Merican dan Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin.

      Nur Jazlan kini memegang jawatan Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, manakala Reezal dilantik sebagai Timbalan Menteri Luar dan Mas Ermieyati dilantik menjadi Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan."

      becos of this, the PAC investigation was STOPPED....until Carimakan was put as head.

      Of course the two others fellas we expected it.....Reezal Merican is neck-deep in Fuelsub crony deal and the woman is on the AmBank 'free cheque' list from Jibbi al-Songlap. So expected la they will will jump ship.

      if you thot Nur Jazlan got high morals....nope.

      Sorilah.....same as all the rest of Umgnok crooks. No different.

    2. Any indivudual from BN is as good as nothing. They either have no balls or they are dumb enough to eccept the 2.6b donation or to question 1mdb scandal.
      Ai ya mana satu pun no use la.

    3. he used to have critical views, now he is just a follower..yep..he sold his soul

  2. "Of course, all these provided that BN can win in the coming election lah."

    Is it really that dicy?

    Almost seems like BN is the under dog.

    1. Hi Anonymous26 November 2017 at 10:52,

      'Almost seems like BN is the under dog.'

      U think so bro?

      If EC can transfer voters to army camps not even completed, you think BN will lose?

      Kih kih kih......

      Criminals will do anything to keep hold on $$$$$$.

    2. Exactly. The EC is an arm of Umno.

  3. Legacy of a Johorean, an inspiration for all Malaysians:

    "The Memoirs of Robert Kuok"

    Serialised in the South China Morning Post

    Read it FREE here:

    1. Hmmmmm....interesting story of tun hussein onn...BUT - BUT - the way, today the big Chinese towkays are very corrupted.

      One of biggest Umngok crony is GENTING....they give a lot of kickback to gomen.....did you know GENTING is on the 1MDB money trail???

      Once they were kantoi in the documents exposed by WSJ, their press officer only said "no comment".


    2. Politics is The Art of the Possible.

      Today, Saudi Arabia loves Israel.

      "Saudi Arabia is so eager to establish diplomatic relations with Israel that it is prepared to sign off on almost any type of Israeli-Palestinian peace deal no matter how unfavourable to the Palestinians, according to Benjamin Netanyahu’s former security advisor.

      Yaacov Nagel, who stepped down as the Israeli prime minister’s national security advisor earlier this year, said Riyadh was so keen to begin open cooperation with Israel against Iran that it “doesn’t care” what kind of deal is reached with the Palestinians.

      “They just have to say there is an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, they don’t care, they don’t give a damn about what will be in the agreement,” Mr Nagel said."

      Never mind, Jibros will just exploit the Rohingyas issue for his so-called "Islamic" image.

      Palestine is yesterday's news.

      Maybe the Ronhingya refugees can have special screenings of "Wolf of Wall Street", a very Islamic film financed by the people of Malaysia.

    3. "Maybe the Rohingya refugees can have special screenings of "Wolf of Wall Street", a very Islamic film financed by the people of Malaysia."

      Well, please be more accurate...the money was largely stolen from the scam Aabar BVI.

      Hence both the people of Malaysia AND UAE were cheated.

      PS: The UAE has jailed both the men who helped Riza & Jho, yet M'sia lets the Bugis thief run free. Can you see the difference?

    4. Please stop spreading half truths. I can clearly see the difference. Khadem al Qubaisi and Mohammed Al Husseiny have direct evidence against them. They started up the shell companies that were made to appear like the REAL companies and as CEO of IPIC fraudulently induced 1MDB to send the monies to those companies.

      There is very little link between 1MDB and the Najib. He was not the CEO. He was not even on the main board and was not in charge of the day to day activities of the company. Big difference. He was only on their advisory board. Big difference.

    5. and the american pies that masuk into his bank account is ok??? it is big, but no difference.

    6. 22:14

      Nice try.

      Actually, bad try.

      Go read the 136 page DOJ report and try again. Anyone with half a brain is quite aware that your paymaster was entirely aware of every single step in the theft.

      Or maybe when Jho transferred the "681 American Pies" to him, your paymaster thought it fell from heaven into his Ambank account?

      You're really too funny : )

    7. 'Or maybe when Jho transferred the "681 American Pies" to him, your paymaster thought it fell from heaven into his Ambank account?'

      HA HA HA!

      yalah......Jho-low, the Arab sheikh.....

    8. Anonymous26 November 2017 at 12:33,

      Actually I think the point Kouk was making is that there are many corrupt Chinese towkays - he said it's happened across SE Asia.

      Some might argue that Kuok is one of the Chinese who made himself very close to Umno leadership.

      But even in the worst of times, there was never a Jho Low who would follow instructions from Umno to steal public money directly.

      Only Najib has gone that far.

  4. Anonymous @ 26 November 2017 at 10:52,

    //Almost seems like BN is the under dog.//

    Like Anonymous @ 26 November 2017 at 12:28 has said, "If EC can transfer voters to army camps not even completed, you think BN will lose?".

    Whilst I would like Pakatan to win GE14, I think UMNO may still have a few tricks up its sleeve.

    The lack of an impartial EC is a huge disadvantage for Pakatan.

    There is also the possibility of situations which will require the declaring of a nationwide emergency.

    So, BN an underdog?

    Hardly, methinks.


  5. Annie,

    Nur Jazlan as Johor MB?

    Hm, so where does that leave Khaled Nordin?

    I don't think Khaled Nordin will give up his gig as Johor MB without some form of trade-off.

    So, maybe Khaled Nordin is moving to Putrajaya?

    Or a cushy job at some GLC?

    As for the Sultan of Johor, I doubt if he cares who is the MB of Johor as long as that MB is capable and totally committed to Johor.


    1. "Or a cushy job at some GLC?"


      It's the Malaysian disease!

  6. Annie,

    From Daing Malek, to Mat Maslan, and now to No Jalan, the list goes on and on. That’s interesting speculation, and a necessary mind exercise just so that one could convince himself / herself that he / she is still relevant to the politics in this part of the Country.

    This part of the Country, yes. But from the beautiful princess in Gunung Ledang who refused a confused ruler’s marriage proposal, to the hunchback pirate in Tanjung Puteri who would not submit to a temenggong who conspired with foreign forces, this is a place where the people would decide their own destiny.

    It was said that KL is a place where people from around the Semenanjung would travel to for the purpose of cari makan. What is there for KL people to talk about the politics and to decide who will be the next MB for this part of the Country? Nak cari makan pergi la tempat lain, pergi jauh jauh pun tak kesah.

    Isn’t KL already ruled by Mappadulung? Rejoice KL folks! And go to hell with your Mappadulung.

  7. Annie, jangan lambung tinggi sangat nama Jazlan sebagai MB takut kempunan.

    Walaupun ada sabotaj dari Ketua Penaja Bahagian untuk melumpuhkan BERSATU Johor tetapi hakikatnya sokongan kepada PH masih utuh di Johor.

    Felda² di Penggerang yang dulunya begitu sukar kini sudah ditembusi.

    Najib sendiri masih tercari cari tarikh PRU yang sesuai hingga Tosmah pun jadi rujukan.

    Dalam ketika BERSATU sedang bermasalah dan mungkin dibatalkan ROS, atas nama perjuangan, ADUN PAS @ Ketua Pembangkang DUN Kedah lompat masuk BERSATU.

    Satu nilai yang lebih besar berbanding Mat Taib balik semula umno.

    1. "Dalam ketika BERSATU sedang bermasalah dan mungkin dibatalkan ROS, atas nama perjuangan, ADUN PAS @ Ketua Pembangkang DUN Kedah lompat masuk BERSATU. Satu nilai yang lebih besar berbanding Mat Taib balik semula umno."

      Agree 100%.

  8. KETUA Pegawai Eksekutif (CEO) baru Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd (Proton), Li Chunrung dilapor mencadangkan penukaran nama Proton dalam bahasa Cina kepada nama "Bao Teng".

    Katanya ketika berucap dalam persidangan usahawan Malaysia-China ke 7 semalam, orang China sudah biasa menterjemah Proton menjadi "Bao Teng" tetapi rakyat Malaysia menggelarnya "Pu Teng".

    Katanya, "Bao" bermaksud khazanah atau harta benda manakala "Pu" membawa maksud biasa.

    UMNO bangsat kangkung bangsat mana?

    1. This is the problem - only China is rich enough to bail out Najib now and at the same time provide kickbacks to fill the "personal funds".

      Best example:


      Double the real cost, difference goes to pay back IPIC under the table.

      Rakyat kena twice.

      We are selling Malaysia's sovereignty.

    2. Bro mulut kena jaga bro
      Mana boleh cakap UMNO bangsat, anak siapa ni
      Bahasa Jiwa bangsa, songlap jiwa suci

      Jho Low

  9. BN (incl Annie) counting chickens before they hatch sigh, people are angry & BN are in their ivory towers terbaik wakakaka

    1. I can guarantee you 100% that BN will play dirty.

      If a man can steal US$4.5 billion directly from us, why will he hesitate to fake a whole election result?

    2. Since Pirate MO1 can steal billions, he can steal election too sigh...

  10. Annie,

    Sorry off topic: I accidently watched the dpm's speech, which I assume was to a chinese audience, where he tried to imitate the chinese way of speaking. OMG, major cringe!!!

    Pls tell your umno friends they need to insist on contest for the umno deputy & vp posts! Msian deserve to have a better deputy pm/ next pm! Otherwise, the fence sitters like me will vote for PH!

    1. Adenan Satem did the same thing.

      But Adenan had wit, charm and humour.

      The Chinese were laughing along, too.

      Zahid maybe does not have the same charm.