Saturday 18 November 2017

Can we get rid of the Datukship and such?


By Tyler

Recently, my former boss was conferred with a Datukship from Perak.

I'm not sure on what ground did he receive it for.

It's not like he had done something great or sacrificed his life or limbs for the country or something like that.

On top of that, the guy is a scumbag, who is running the organisation that he led to the ground.

He got no talent whatsoever except for kissing the ass of the higher-ups, back stabbing even his closest friends to further his career and totally only care about himself.

He even cheated on his wife...or wives, I think.

When someone like that was conferred with Datukship, it makes me wonder why should we be bothered to call people with their honorific titles or even treat them with extra courtesy.

After all, these days, almost anyone can get those titles and it's no secret that we can actually lobby or buy those titles from "connected" people.

This 29-year-old hoodlum got Datuk Seri
And titles such as having a fake Datukship seem to be the current rage for some with big bucks to spend.

The other day, the Johor cops smashed a Datuk-for-sale syndicate with the arrests of two people.


From the news reports, there is definitely a market for people to shell out RM150,000 for a Datuk and RM280,000 for a Datuk Seri.

Ridiculous amount of money, really.

Personally, I feel sad that the victims were actually the ones who were depended on such titles to make themselves feel important, creating a market for such things.

Well, maybe they thought that those titles would help in their businesses or entitle them to receive special treatment.

But I still feel its unnecessary due to such things being a false perception.

Whatever it is, this whole thing makes me think, are we heading in the proper direction as a nation where we have to give special treatment to people with Datuk or Tan Sri or what ever titles there is in front of their name?

They probably just bought it off from somewhere and we, like stupid, have to bow and scrape to them.

I really wish we can get rid of all these nonsense.

Why can't we instead treat each other with the same respect and courtesy and call each other Mr or Mrs or Miss or Encik or Puan?

What's wrong with just that?


  1. Annie,

    By now frankly a Datukship is no badge of honour.

    In fact, look at any title and see if it's for "services" rendered to keep corrupt men happy.

    You can even go a step higher:

    If you are a mamak lawyer who got RM9.5 million under the table from Jibby for no reason, you can be Tan Sri.

    If you are an Umno macai AG who was appointed in 24 hours to quickly close his eyes and ears to evidence from 7 countries against Jibby, you can be Tan Sri.

    Even the worthless bloggers who flip-flop for Umno's money to support this crook will get Datukship. And let's not talk about the bought titles.

    Of course some sportspeople etc. get Datukship and that's fine. For achievements, nobody will complain.

    But in Malaysia we rarely see the "everyday heroes" getting titles.

    One example, there was an amazing lady called Kak Ita during the Kelantan floods in 2014 who gave shelter in her house to many people.

    To me, it's far more worthy than the "service" of keeping crooks out of jail so they can share more stolen cash with you.

    That's not noble at all.

    Maybe by giving to those who serve community and country (and not regime) these titles will get more respect.

    And...stop selling them!

    1. 10:03

      I M'sia we should recognize the "Unsung Heroes". Meaning if someone does great things for other Malaysians or Malaysia, then honor them....but one more thing, WHY do people want to buy titles? can open doors among those fellas who are easily impressed....y'know "wahhhh, Datuk!"


      Not fact even more cautious when dealing. There are many shady characters with so-called title. Must be careful...

    2. Sekarang ni gelaran Datuk tu dah macam (dlm bahasa omputih) ‘dime a dozen’.

      Penganugerahan darjah kebesaran nampaknya telah membuat rakyat Malaysia merasa hiba dan sedih kerana satu-satu tanda-tanda kebesaran kemasyarakatan telah diberi dengan begitu mudah.

      Memang patut kajian dibuat dan pemberian dihadkan untuk menaikkan taraf gelaran-gelaran tersebut. Yang berlaku biadap dan berperangai buruk (seperti pukul anggota RELA, dsb), gelaran sewajarnya ditarik balik, ‘no question asked’.

      Jika gelaran itu diberikan secara ikut suka hati sahaja atau disebabkan kerana kawan baik atau “kabel” saja, susalah jawabnya. Janganlah anugerahan dan gelaran yang bernilai tinggi seperti Dato' , Dato' Seri, Tan Sri dan sebagainya itu diberikan kepada mereka yang diragukan sumbangannya terhadap negara, bangsa dan agama.

      Misalanya takkanlah hanya dengan sekali berkata di khalayak ramai ‘saya sokong BN’, ‘saya sokong Najib’ dsb…cukup utk dapat ‘Datukship’ pulak…mcm jualan murah jer.

    3. "Yang berlaku biadap dan berperangai buruk (seperti pukul anggota RELA, dsb), gelaran sewajarnya ditarik balik, ‘no question asked’.

      Ahem hem hem..........

      Perangai si Zahid nih ok ke bro ?

      opppps maaf, DATO' SERI Zahid........

    4. 18 November 2017 at 15:01

      Zahid will claim the case was settled, so never proven. But Amir Bazli's facial injury tells us a different story. More curious why you didn't mention the DS title of that fellow from Pekan, who is part of world's biggest kleptocracy case.

    5. Ya....if Najib is still Dato Seri better not to have Dato Seri anymore.....memalukan negara

  2. I fully agree with Tyler.

    When people with a bad reputation, like your ex-boss was being conferred Datukship, something must incredible be weird. It will only make an impression to the Rakyat that back-stabbing and ass-kissing is the best way to make it to the top in any organization or institution.

    Nonetheless, I'm of the opinion too that the convention or custom of appointing the top-brass of government bodies as Board of Directors in GLC must be done with, except of-course, if he or she is of an exceptional caliber.

    1. RD 11:46

      Agree with you on last point...however, currently the main reason is that Mo1 only wants people who can siphon GLC just COUNT the number of GLCs that Irwan Serigar is on the BOD. (Latest is MAS...oh-oh.) Very scary...

      He is Mo1's most trusted "Songlap Assistant".

      At Khazanah....some people say Amokh tried to reduce Mo1's songlap from Khazanah funds, but what if Arul Kanda takes over one day there?

      Then "Datuk Arul" for sure kan : )

    2. "....some people say Amokh tried to reduce Mo1's songlap from Khazanah"


      Azman Mokhtar tu OK ke, you think so? Pls. ask more peoples......u think khazanah money safe? kih kih kih.........

    3. 18 November 2017 at 15:04

      So far as I am aware, Azman is said to be quite smart. As for honest, let him answer to Allah.


    4. Malaysia Bolih maa aa ,apa-apa pon bolih maa aa . Cekap pon tatak guna maa aa .

  3. Tyler,

    //and we, like stupid, have to bow and scrape to them.//

    I, for one, do not bow and scrape to them.

    I know 3x Tan Sri and I do not address them by their titles.

    2 of them I call "Uncle" - one is related lah.

    My arse-licking cousin does refer to our uncle as "Tan Sri".

    I mean, what an arse-licker. He's our Uncle lah. But then my uncle did make him a millionaire 😀

    The third guy, I just call him by name - he is a friend of the other two Tan Sri so what to be shy.

    Dato Seri, Datuk, Dato, etc?

    Heheh, well, friend friend so why like that one.

    Even the ones who do not pay for their titles, I call by name, never by title.

    Yes, I know a couple of folks who do not pay for their Datuk / Dato Seri titles.

    Titles don't mean shit to me.

    People do.


    1. Can name names, Gladiator? Your three Tan Sri I mean. Then we see whether worth the titles or not?

    2. Wow gladiator what a tale to tell

      Did you hate your uncle and cousin? Name the names to the public and they would have been destroyed for their corrupt ways

  4. Annie,Tyler ni ex office mate you ke?hehe

  5. Hey Tyler

    I agree with you. Too many bad people have 'titles' now.

    Here's a 100% "tak masuk akal" idea from Gelakan:

    "Gerakan Youth has suggested for the Datukship and other higher titles to be limited to those 40 years old and above following the recent high-profile assault case involving a 29-year-old "Datuk Seri".

    The businessperson had been charged with assault of three People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) members as well as a charge related to a past drug-related offence.

    “In the height of the recent assault on the Rela members and previous high profile incident involving young ‘Datuk’, Gerakan Youth propose a minimum age of 40 years old and above be set as criteria for Datukship or above titles from the federal and state level..."


    OK firstly the England no powderful ((("“In the height of the recent assault"))), but the suggestion itself is crazy!

    Wait till 40?


    Nicol David?

    Siti Nurhaliza?

    Lee Chong Wei?

    You mean they should not be rewarded & honoured in their prime?

    Yeah, that's why they are "GELAKAN" I guess.

    1. 18 November 2017 at 15:32

      Agree. Not practical. Don't base on age. Many people do great things in 20s and 30s. But many do bad things, and still get title. That's why titles lost their value.

  6. And we have a 'Datuk' blogger who makes fun of the Bugis title bestowed to a VVVIP. Does he thinks that his local Datukship is so great? If not for his apple polishing during Dr M's reign, he will be just an Encik.

    1. 18 November 2017 at 15:52

      I think you are referring to DAKJ.

      However, you try this sentence...

      "If not for his apple polishing during Najib's reign, he will be just an Encik."

      Think it applies to more people from 2009 onwards. Remember also it was the Bugis who first raised his "Bugis-ness", kan?

      Not so fortunate choice of words by Pekan, like when he called FELDA folks "haram jadah" and praised ISIS.

    2. He was NSTP editor-in-chief for 11 years (1989-2000) and was in charge for the oldest spreadsheet in Malaysia (NST started in 1845).

      His Datukship is more than deserving. By right he should get a Tan Sri for his long service to the country’s journalism and for his long tenure as NST boss.

    3. Old Friend a.k.a Kawan Lama as you'd always named yourself in The Scribe?

      Anon 1655 & 2009 are correct.
      DAKJ's long tenure as NST boss should deserved him the Tan Sri title... of-course, if he'd choose to 'apple polish' Najib and ignore the swindling of Rakyat's money through 1MDB-Jho Low.

    4. I don't see anybody in Najib cabinet, or any KBU, offering to resign because of my conclusion:

      They have no shame.

      Must polish Bugis apples and get money from THAT Ambank account I guess.....?

    5. My point is... it is disgusting for someone with an honorific title to continuosly making fun of another's title.

      ...but nothing is sweeter to the ear than to hear your cucus calling you 'Datuk'. :))

  7. Yeop yeop dan yong yong

    Ada orang poltik sampai dia mati baru dapat title. Pasal masa dia hidup dia tak pernah mahu terima apa apa title. Title Enchik dia dah cukup bahagia. Bila dia mati, terus dapat title Tun.

    Mana pergi orang orang Malaysia macam ni ?

    1. Anon 16:27,

      Zaman itu dah berlalu. Msia zaman ni, org yg selfless x ade harapan untuk naik dlm politik. Tak kira la parti manapun.

  8. Annie,

    Can you write something about najib visiting anwar? I guarantee you the comments will hit 200 and more.

  9. Datukship is monkey culture. Ptui. I'd rather be called Taikor.

  10. Anonymous @ 18 November 2017 at 15:33,

    //Can name names//


    I told you that one of them is related and I do not need to embarrass him by having me being identified as an anonymous commentator making controversial comments.

    //Then we see whether worth the titles or not?//

    As far as I am concerned, they did deserve their Tan Sri titles for service to their country.

    And no, none of them paid for their titles.


  11. Anonymous @ 18 November 2017 at 18:07,

    //I'd rather be called Taikor.//


    Now that is a title worth having.


    1. 9 dragon own sissies like Datuk ship

  12. Annie, jangan nampak sangat penulisan dan corak pemikiran tyler hampir 100% dengan annie.

    Dia juga merokok !

    1. Annie. Can't help rereading the post. And truth be told. I have to agree with Kluangman :)

  13. I am satsified my with my Prof Kangkung title even though I have to hand back the professorship when I retire which is just a few years away.InsyaAllah
    Prof Kangkung

  14. When come to housing, they will sell it to foreigners.
    When come to rights, they shouting Melayu first Bumi first!
    Poh dah!