Sunday 14 August 2016

Malaysian passports and security microchips to be wholly made in China?

First, let's get back to my last post,

Jazlan should just kick out those vendors 

Pay particular attention to this story by The Star dated Aug 3 which I highlighted,

Datasonic says it has delivered sufficient chips 

Click on that link to read it.

If you are too lazy to click on it, at least read these excerpts which I picked for that post,

1. PETALING JAYA: Datasonic Group Bhd will take on the role as the main contractor for Malaysian passports, supplying the booklets as well as the datapages with microchips to the Immigration Department from Dec 1, 2016.

2. Over the past six months, Datasonic had secured RM802.53mil in contracts, mainly relating to the Immigration Department.
Chew said in a recent interview that the company is poised to secure another RM800mil worth of IT-related contracts from the Government in the next six months, a move which would significantly boost its order book.
Okay, now let me tell you about some information that I got yesterday.

I was told by very reliable sources that Datasonic is going to produce all the passport booklets and their security microchips in China.

Yes, our passports are going to be wholly made in China.

I repeat again - MADE IN CHINA.

Malaysian passports are now and previously made locally and under the close supervision of the government.

This is important mostly because of security reasons.

If indeed Datasonic is to make the passports and their security microchips in China as I was told, how is the government going to continue to ensure no third party have access to the data contained in the passports, and those microchips?

And what are there to ensure that Malaysian passports are not going to be produced for lets say those who are using them for human trafficking and such?

These are made in China passports, okay.

I think you all know what they said about things made in China.

Bear in mind that Malaysian passports are perhaps the most valued in the world.

It allows you to enter all countries in the world except Israel.

Again, what prompted the government to allow Datasonic to take over from a provenly good contractor to do the job and doing it in such a manner which may compromise the security of the country and its citizens?

My sources told me that the whole thing involves very powerful people who by comparison makes Deputy Home Minister DS Nur Jazlan Mohamed whom I highlighted in the last post as nothing but a small fry.

I asked why PM DS Najib Razak is not doing anything about the whole thing.

This is the exact response from my sources,

"The PM is not aware of this matter. At least not yet."

That sounds ridiculous, but my sources insisted that it was true.

"If anyone wants to know why the PM is yet to know about this potential security breach, ask the KSN," my sources added.

KSN is Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa.

Actually, I later on find that it's quite weird why my sources mentioned Ali Hamsa, despite later on saying the guy is also a small fry in the matter, similar to Jazlan.

Maybe I will ask them more about it when I meet them again.

And why didn't the newspapers highlight this matter?

If a lowly insignificant blogger like me can find out about it, surely they must have known too, right?

They should be asking those questions I asked above, I think.

"They are also already in the bag," said my sources.

I'm not really sure what my sources meant by that, but didn't ask for clarification. Not really important I think.

I just hope now that the PM will find out soon about this whole thing and stop it before it's too late.

As according to the report which I highlighted, Datasonic already secured about RM800 million contract to do the whole thing and will get another portion of about the same amount soon for some other similar jobs for the government.

That's RM1.6 billion of rakyat's money to be spent paying these people who are going to make our passports and its security microchips in China.

Do you all think that's good?

I don't think so.

Really, the currently long queues at the Immigration counters is not the biggest thing about the issue which Malaysians should worry about.


  1. "Actually, I later on find that it's quite weird why my sources mentioned Ali Hamsa, despite later on saying the guy is also a small fry in the matter, similar to Jazlan."

    Small fries heavily intoxicated on Dedak! What f**king kind of work these f**king small-fry big-butt ministers are doing to the rakyat?

  2. Make our passport make my day . . . i have no idea but a

    Lullaby for Sons of Altantuya

  3. The long queues at the Immigration dept is one of the symptoms/ leading indicators of how M'sia has slide. A competent government would not ignore these things. The bauxite fiasco was another leading indicators ... but of course, nothing to worry about, since the gov'n gives BR1M!

  4. I heard gossip it's sabotage by certain elements to ensure that the new system gets implementated.

    Habis lah malaysia! bagus lah. Let china make our passports. Let chinese nationals illegally get them. Come in as legal malaysians. Stay and work here. Increase the chinese population and vote.

    Stupid greedy corrupt Umno politicians are literally selling off our nation.

    Last night turned on Rtm 1 (looking for Rio coverage) nampak that disgusting hypocrite Najib in jubah etc konon sooo alim. Felt like vomiting! He can fool some dunggus with his Cash is King crap now. But not in the hereafter. Allah knows all.

    Then Crooked Najib will kena.

  5. Grossly mistake to manufacture and produce such a sensitive electronic in China. Recent developments confirm that the communists in the mainland are capable of doing everything. In this case they can insert crypted signal into the microchips, allowing them to sinisterly gather information about the country.

  6. They call Tun M mamakutty and all kinds of names because he opposes Najib. But they have conveniently forgotten about the mamaks who are in government. Please look closely at who control Datasonic, not the Board of Directors but the shareholders. Then perhaps you'll understand the role of the mamak cartel in government.

    IRIS is trhe better choice because everything's in-country but we are still unsure about Datasonic and the China connection. What then would be everybody's rational choice? It's really surprising that Najib/Rosmah who have their fingers in every pie, don't seem to know about such an important deal. Surprising ya? RM1.6 billion right?

  7. PM doesn't know? So what does he know? Guess he is too busy with his own survival to even care what is happening to the country. Plus I would not be surprise if these Datasonics guys being proxy to someone close to the PM. Come on...can make money...who controls all the gomen contracts in this country?

    Anyway the Malay Gomen is already selling off the country piece by piece to the PRCs. So what is the big deal with this? Biarlah cucu cicit merana asalkan generasi sekarang boleh makan dedak dan percaya donggeng ularmak.

    Does the Malay care about security? If yes, the Immigration would not allow such large number of Nigerian criminals into the country. That is another story all together Annie.

    To the nons, please migrate out. Or if you can't, at least help your kids to. Let your generation be the last in this country. The country is breaking down and the Malays are helping their beloved UMNO with it. Who by the way probably have PRs or citizenships in some mat salleh countries.

    Good luck.

  8. Annie,

    Given the delays in getting a passport, I should really get my passport renewed otherwise I would be in serious trouble as I travel quite a bit :(

    As for Malaysian passports and microchips being made in China, I am not particularly worried as we know how benevolent and kind Beijing are about sharing their technology and know-how with 3rd world countries like Malaysia, right?

    Eventually, Malaysia will be raised to a level acceptable by Beijing and we can all enjoy the same benefits as any mainland Chinese.

    I mean, most mainland Chinese will soon be able to own Malaysian passports because they would be able to buy a Malaysian passport at any pasar malam anywhere in Shanghai for RM10.

    BTW, as far as valuable passports are concerned, I don't see many refugees clamouring for Malaysian passports.

    Strangely, most refugees only use Malaysia as a transit point enroute to elsewhere, eg Australia, US, UK, Europe.

    Refugees in Europe are not exactly dying to come to Malaysia despite the fact that many of those refugees are Muslims and Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country.

    So, let us not kid ourselves that Malaysian passports are as valuable as we think.

    Don't get me wrong, we can be nationalistic about being Malaysian but we should not be stupid and blindly follow whatever someone tells us.

    The truth is that Malaysia has quite a long way to go before we can be anywhere close to US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, etc etc.

    Yes, yes, I know, so come on, all those who are going to tell me to give up my Malaysian passport and go get a different passport.

    If that is the best response someone can come up with, I suggest that such a person doesn't really understand politics and what it takes politicians to make change for the better.

    But then, I am sorry to say that most Malaysians are not exactly known for critical thinking given the standard of education they have received.


    1. Gladiator
      I'm not really talking about foreigners getting Malaysian passports to come here. I'm concerned about them using Malaysian passports to move around the world doing not so nice things which later on get our country and its citizens into trouble. Thank you.

    2. Annie,

      //I'm not really talking about foreigners getting Malaysian passports to come here.//

      Hm, sounds like you have an even more suspicious mind than I do.

      OK, fair enough.

      BTW, if international misuse of Malaysian passports concerns you, let me suggest that not too many criminals seem to like using Malaysian passports.

      After many years on the run, the following guy was recently arrested in Bangkok and Thai police found French, Israeli, New Zealand, Iranian and Syrian passports and microchips but no mention of Malaysian passports.

      Of course, I could not say for sure if Malaysian passports are popular with forgers and criminals because I am not a passport forger nor am I a criminal.

      Having said all the above, the fact remains that a proven and secure method of producing Malaysian passports locally appears now to be shifted off-shore for what appears to be very little additional advantage to the average Malaysian.

      Maybe Datasonic, the new contractor, can explain why it is better for the average Malaysian to have his/her passport made in China.

      Hopefully, your article will be read by the powers that be and there will be press releases made shortly.


  9. In the plan is "Project Passport". This project will issue 10 million passport to PRC to come in as Pendatang.
    This will increase national average IQ by a few points.
    Plus to support the take over of South China Sea.
    In return, pehak tertentu will donate US$ 1 trillion to 1MDB for next general election.

    Not happy? Fucking move back to Indonesia.


  10. Annie,

    You think Najib cares about selling the country to China?

    He's already done it.

    Let me tell you something very scary: the Chinese company at the heart of the East Coast Rail scandal - CCCC - was given the contract without tender.



    "HARARE, June 6 (The Source) – The company that won a lucrative $2 billion contract for the construction of Zimbabwe’s most important highway is under a World Bank ban for tender rigging and fraud.

    Zimbabwe recently named Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as the main contractor of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation project. An Austrian firm based in China, Geiger International, was named as the financier of the project.

    However, according to a World Bank listing of firms that are ineligible for contracts that it finances, state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Limited, CHEC’s parent company, is banned until 2017. According to the World Bank, companies that it places on its blacklist would have been found in violation of its “fraud and corruption policy”.

    That's right.

    These Cinapeks make a living by working hand in glove with corrupt regimes, making under the table payments, marking up, and splitting the difference.

    Their next "partner"? Malaysia.

    The Malaysian government planned to double the cost of the East Coast Rail Project from 30 billion ringgit to 60 billion ringgit, a difference of about $9.8bn. A company nominated by CCCC would then assume $US5.6bn of 1MDB’s debt in return for assets held on the sovereign fund’s books at the same amount.

    I guess our Bugis pirate gonna ruv them rong time.

    Do IPIC know?

    They should be told, ASAP.

    You think Najib cares about selling the country to China?

    Why do you think the Chinese can count on Malaysian support to take over the South China Sea?

    It's easy to see Najib as just an incompetent thief who stole public money and got caught very stupidly.

    He's far more dangerous than that.

    What deals will he do with other countries to save his own skin?

    1. Freaking Jibby is a megalomaniac liberal riding on the back of twisted religion. Who says bogeys can't outdo the zionists in choking Malaysia to its knees?

  11. Annie,

    Yesterday Nanyang Siang Pau at page B3 had an exclusive report that: any Malaysian applying for China Visa must enclose the old passports, if their current passports were issued prior to year 2014.

    The order was given by China Embassy, and when Nanyang reporter asked the consular for their reason to impose such a requirement, the Consular was reported as given a very short answer: "NO REASON".

    That's arrogant to say the least.

    Previously the China government had empowered some local Malaysian Chinese chieftains the privilege to issue letters of recommendation to any applicants of China Visa, whose recommendation would carry certain weight to allow for longer multiple entry visa. Without such recommendation one could only get a single entry visa which must be supported by flight tickets, proof of accommodation arrangements etc..

    Therefore when the South China Sea issue cropped up, some of these shameless Malaysian Chinese chieftains without referring to facts had quickly stood up to assert territorial claims for the Mainland China. Having no regard to Malaysia's interest.

    During the Xi Jin Ping state visit to Malaysia couple of years ago, a banquet was held at Shangri-La KL, apparently only local chinese towkays and chieftains were invited. There was one UMNO big guy brought in by a Chinese Tycoon but was denied entry by the organiser, citing reason that it's for Chinese only.

    This is no longer money issue. It has been said many times that some ketuanan would be making a big mistake if they think all Chinese are the same and are pushovers like Namewee.

  12. " See what happen to Jho Loh. From a new year party in Manhattan that caught the attention of New York Post, it attracts nosy investigators. A problem one do not need, wrongly or rightly, guilty or innocent."

    I agree with you Sir.

    Jho Low mega-booze party with Paris Hilton was the 'smoking-gun' that led to New York Post's investigative report on 1MDB.

    If there is any 'campur-tangan asing' to kill the Malays, as Melaka CM had said, it must be Najib who open that floodgates. Using the enemy's banking system must have gave them that opportunity and justification to do so.

    Therefore, nobody should be branded as 'pengkhianat Negara' to bring-down DS Najib or the Government. It was Najib's own middleman Jho Low, who sort-of betrayed him, just like Razak Baginda who was seduce into an affair with a jet-setting 'pisau-cukur'.

    1. Alamak...sorry Annie.

      That comment above was intended for ABITW's. I don't how I got it mixed-up.

    2. RD,

      //I don't how I got it mixed-up.//

      Perfectly understandable when one makes lot of posts and many blogs.

      LoA and ABITW are different only by a character or two here and there.



  13. I believe Najib don't know anything about this passport deal similarly he do not know about RM42 million from SRC that goes inside his personal bank account. He also don't know about any wrong doing by 1MDB. I also don't know what he actually know. Is there anyone willing to buy this bullshit ?

    1. these days the son of Razak don't know whether to eat or to shit, to spend or to save, ...die don't want live also like dead man

  14. If you think local Chinese is bad, wait till the arrival of millions of PRCs.
    They will fucking eat your cat for lunch.
    Your Ketuanan Melayu can go fuck spider.
    Can't say I am too upset about the prospect.

    Melayu arrogance needs a tight slap from PRC.
    Thank you Mr. Najib.
    We pendatang support you 1000%!!!

    1. I support China South China Sea conflict....that is. Its only practical. And I don't think they had any intention is to interfere into its neighbours internal affairs. Their have much problem of their own too. Uighur, Tibet, Taiwan, dissident in Hong Kong and those born-again evangelist (as infested in DAP) in major coastal cities.
      Tiennanmen was a manifestation to the fact that the West had a hand with their gospel mission.
      MCA would be more acceptable to PRC, especially after that participation of DAP's superman in Hong Kong's demonstration.

      Anyway, if you care to notice, anywhere China had disputes with its neighbors over anything, it must be with staunch allies of the US. Most hosting US Military/Naval bases.

      "We pendatang support you 1000%!!!"

      Unless your parent is rich, please don't be too arrogant. Many poor people will die needlessly, just like what happen in Indonesia 1997/98, before PRC even decide, whether to or not to lend a hand to you, 'pendatang'.
      And after that.. PRC come.....we will be just like Mindanao, Southern Thailand or Palestine, forever.

    2. My parents are dead.
      But I AM rich, so fuck you and the camels you rode in on.
      You want to be another Palestine?
      Clap clap clap.

    3. Anonymous @ 14 August 2016 at 17:49,

      //They will fucking eat your cat for lunch.//


      Hey, can you send them over to my kampung, please?

      I have lots of problems with stray cats and I need some help getting rid of them.


    4. RD @ 14 August 2016 at 23:10,

      //I support China South China Sea conflict//

      Good god!! Why?

      //Uighur, Tibet, Taiwan, dissident in Hong Kong and those born-again evangelist (as infested in DAP) in major coastal cities.//

      This is what happens when you read Fat Soh's blog. :)

      Beijing does not have a problem with the Uighurs, the Tibetans, the Honkees and definitely not with evangelicals.

      The Uighurs and Tibetans have been beaten into submission and those who do not submit are just killed outright - problem solved.

      The Honkees? Well, you have read about what is being done to them, right? Problem about to be solved.



      Haven't you worked out Fat Soh's personal hatred for all things Christian?

      Beijing crushes any religious activity which is not state-sanctioned.

      So, it is not just evangelicals, but Catholics, Falun Gong and anybody who does not get permission from Beijing to setup shop.

      All those crosses and horrible evil evangelicals in China which Fat Soh tells you about?

      They are from illegal churches which do not have Beijing's permission to set up.

      But please don't just blindly believe me, go look for yourself.

      Here's a little help - does that picture look familiar to you?

      Of cos, Fat Soh does not tell you that those crosses are removed from illegal churches.

      She just gives you the impression that Beijing is specifically cracking down on evangelicals Christians because Beijing hates evangelical Christians just like she hates evangelical Christians.

      If those churches get permission from Beijing, then no problem.

      BTW, Christianity is one of the fastest growing religions in China, the state-sanctioned ones, of course :)

      Incidentally, Uighur Muslims do get it especially tough from Beijing, in case you don't know.

      Just google "persecution of muslims in china".


      You learn things in Annie's blog because you are forced to go look for knowledge yourself and read things for yourself instead of being told to accept what Fat Soh tells you :)

      Fat Soh is a very clever person, isn't she?

      And we are all dumb compared to her, right?



      Disclaimer : I have several religions myself - I belong to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with affiliations to The Temple of the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

      I am also exploring the beliefs of the Church of the SubGenius because I just found out about it while checking out the Invisible Pink Unicorn (praise be to Her! I think it is an omen from Her. )

  15. National security is at stake. Even now we're having problems with the chinese visitor...having our passport in the hands of day Malaysia will be called Chinesia....

  16. only the passport and the microchips because it is cheaper...n need to cut costs. but the system still owns by jpn n our government.

    1. Keep repeating that to yourself and those who support UMNO-Najib.

    2. dina you sound like a pathetic wimp by now, you realize that o machai?

    3. dina @ 14 August 2016 at 20:48,

      //only the passport and the microchips because it is cheaper//

      But that is the point.

      Criminals only need the passport with the embedded chip.

      Criminals already have their own "system" to produce a near-perfect forgery.

      The current local production appears to be very secure.

      What assurances do we have that the overseas manufacturer can offer the same?


  17. The next GE is critical.
    Non-bumi voters need to make a strategic shift.
    We must switch our votes to UMNO/BN.

    You say I must be crazy. Why should pendatang go and support UMNO??
    Let me explain.
    Important Fact: Pendatang will never have enough votes to take Putrajaya. That is a given. Don't even waste your time on DAP/Pakatan Harapan/Mahathir.

    We must then think outside of the box to secure our position in this racist and hostile environment.

    If Najib win a landslide in the next GE.
    UMNO will continue to steal and throw away money to enrich themselves. They may need even more money to bribe the mufti and camel fuckers in PAS.

    UMNO will need more money. There is no doubt about that.
    Heck, they are already selling strategic assets and LAND to PRC.
    What we need to see is for them to sell even more companies and LAND to PRC.

    The more investment PRC has in this country, the more Chinese Malaysian is going to be vital to their economic and political positioning. Once we pendatang become integral to PRC's strategic positioning, then we are safe from Ketuanan Melayu once and for all. Jamal Ikan Bakar can go fuck himself.

    The best part of this development is going to be more business opportunities from the motherland.

    We are at a turning point in our history because Melayu are at their weakest. We need to push them over the cliff.

    This is our only chance to get out from the thumb of Ketuanan.
    Please don't fuck it up.

    1. You seem to think all pendatang are chinese? Sure or not? PRC gonna support serani and Indians ka? Nope.

  18. Is this a way of bringing more Chinese into the country? What is happening? Are the country being sold out of greed or is it fear? Oh my, the govt has lost my vote and also my whole clan if our passport are made in China. How can our govt be so blinded?

  19. thegreatteadrinkerdownsouth15 August 2016 at 06:33

    I believe that the Singapore passport is more "valuable" because it allows visa-free travel to the US. Which Malaysia is still negotiating for....

    The Singapore government maintains very tight control over the production of Singapore Passports and ID cards, including all the associated biometric features.

    We don't seem to be able to learn from the best practises in the world. Why is anybody's guess....

  20. Really Ah Soh should stop coming here using fake names. Go and concentrate on propping your own blog, rather than menyemak here. Right Dina?

    1. 'Go and concentrate on propping your own blog'......or, is it porking up your own blob? Kih kih kih.......