Saturday 6 August 2016

A birthday and remembering a beautiful place

I'm now at a resort somewhere in Pahang.

Almost the whole of my mother's side of the family is here.

We are celebrating my grandfather's birthday.

My mother's family is very particular about  these sorts of things.

They put a lot of importance in respecting their elders.

It's part of the Chinese culture and my mother's family is still a very traditional one at that.

Back then, when my great-grandmother was still alive, everyone, including those from Singapore would do their best to go back to Kluang to celebrate her birthday.

It was like a mini family reunion.

And when my great-grandmother passed away at the age of 108 seven years ago, we all mourned and at the same time celebrated her life.

As for my grandfather, he is still very healthy and active for his advanced age.

The guy is quite grumpy, but I love him anyway.

Old men tend to be like that lah.

We just tolerate them.

One day, we will be old like them too (that is if we don't die prematurely), and I believe we also want our young ones to treat us the same.

That's why we must take care of our elders and not hurt their feelings too much.

We wouldn't know how much longer they will be on this earth.

If we treat them badly, we may regret it when they are no longer around.

Just because they said or do things that hurt our feelings, we should not be harsh on them.

Try to remember the good things they had done for us when we were young.

Please be patient with them when they are grumpy or throw tantrums.

I'm quite sure you all will not regret it later on.

Keep that in mind, okay.

Anyway, this resort is not so bad.

Very nice and peaceful.

We are having quite a fun time here.

I wish I can post some pictures, but of course I can't.

Instead, I'm putting here a video of a place that I love so much.

It's a very nice half hour documentary by NHK,

I had posted another video of the place here,


  1. That straw craft is very beautiful.

  2. "Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to your parents. If one or both of them reaches old age, never say against them words of disrespect, or ever scold them, but speak honorably with them. And behave humbly saying, ‘My Lord, have mercy on them, even as they cared for me when I was little.”
    (Quran 17: 23-24).

  3. Fat fugly ah soh mentioned you like to tell grandmother stories Annie. And she is obviously right. Quite apparent your blog has no chart and graph. A bit disappointing. but at better than the fugly ah soh's spoilt vinyl record. Keep repeating same shit over and over again.

    1. My blog hardly have any fancy chart or graph because I'm not paid to go through the trouble and I'm not backed by a research team hired by a paymaster. So what if I always like to tell grandmother stories. I love my grandmother. I never force anyone to read them or claim that I'm the best blogger. I'm blogging for fun and it's more fun writing grandmother stories than let's say inciting racial and religious hatred.

  4. Annie,

    Ustazah Blobby should follow your example and chill a little bit.

    She's just a congealed blob of pork fat, jealousy, bitterness, bile and cellulite. (She could have a horror movie made about her!)

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    1. Sour pork....LOLOL...ewwwwww yukky Fat Soh.

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    This will make you laugh...

    Blobby is now whining that it's "fitnah" that people say she worked for M'Kini. She wails, "I was only a columnist, I was only a columnist!" (Or Communist?)


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    1. blobby clinton......can be her new name?

    2. I agree. It's a weak excuse. Whether you columnist or communist, fact remains you wrote those words. (Wasn't Fat Soh investigated by the cops for Sedition? Maybe she whimpered for mercy and promised to switch sides?) My theory n' 2 cents...she's so spineless she decided to make a deal.

    3. if she don't have full time job then clear lah........fed on gomen dedak.

  6. 108 years?! Wow Annie, that's a record! My grandma lived almost to be a 100 while my tok 103. These old people had such long lives despite surviving wars, food shortages and migrations on some parts.
    But I remember they all ate organic, homegrown food, worked hard, slept early and got up early and never ate junk food --at most kfc one or twice.

    As for we all...habis lah.

  7. Ah Soh never worked for Malaysiakini? Never worked for Lim Guan Eng? I dare Ah Soh HA to deny both facts! Of course being two faced or maybe multiple faces definitely has its advantages. I hope Umno wake up to that fact and not throwing good money on somebody who's inciting hatred and destroying Umno from within by encouraging drastic actions amongst Umno members so as to celan up Umno, kononnya la...

    Today Zahid has called on Umno members to settle differences within Umno internally and not further tear Umno from within. The sacking of Muhyiddin and Mukhriz should not have happened. Umno should have try to resolve and close ranks instead of listening to mercenaries like Ah Soh, inciting hate all the time

    1. Here's the thing - wasn't Muhyiddin right all along about 1MDB? So why Najis not man enough to admit it? Because he & the bini will be off to jail. Dat's why. So money don't really make you happy. They are the new MARCOS...

    2. betina sial tu pernah buat kerje utk LGE? biar betul.......!

    3. Ah Soh's well kept secret? Bashing DAP are all part of the game to convince her enemies, and camouflage her real intentions? how ingenius!

    4. muhydin is a joke....since when he become expert in 1mdb?...duduk sebelah najib tapi muhydin tidur kut.
      no one really wants him to be president of any party.

  8. Wow.. yr gr8 grandma lived to 108.. she must b one happy person who hv no hatred, anger, malice, etc. I hope u too hv d same gene to live long....