Tuesday 23 August 2016

There should be better ways to handle Namewee's case

Do we really need to do this?

Police to get Interpol's help to locate three singers in Namewee's video clip

Or in fact, can we actually do that?

Check out this story, okay.

Obama inks Taiwan INTERPOL bid bill 

The country is only at bidding stage to be an observer of Interpol it seems.

At least that's how I understand it.

I found that just by googling.

No fancy research.

Furthermore I don't think China will let us touch those guys.

For China, Taiwan is part of it and the people of Taiwan its citizens.

No foreign interference allowed, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, what offences are we going to pin on those Taiwanese singers to make Interpol drag them here in the first place?

These are all so weird.

Honestly, I don't like the handling of the case at all.

In fact, I don't even like those images of Namewee being handcuffed.

Just look at this BBC headline,

Malaysian singer Namewee held for 'insulting Islam'

I know it's procedures and all but I feel that it makes us look a bit extreme.

I'm sure Namewee will not try to run away and instead cooperate with the authorities in the investigation of his music video.

Okay, the guy is a bit crazy but I feel the action taken against him was a bit harsh.

He is an artist, and artists tends to be a bit crazy.

And I think, if insulting is the offence, he and his gang actually insulted other religions too and not just Islam.

Whatever it is, the one giving him the trouble was the hacked video which he himself didn't post.

I know, many will disagree with me on this but that's alright. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Freedom of expression is good.

In Namewee's case, he went a bit too far, I guess.

But still, the whole thing could be handled better.


  1. Ada pernah budak melayu nyanyi pasal tok kong, gereja dan kuil?

    Namawee ni memandai sangat tapi tak perlulah sentuh masjid dan Islam.

    Kau tunggang langgang lah dengan rap kau tapi tak perlu promo Islam dan budaya melayu!

    He is just pushing the envelope in making fun of Islam and the world label us as extreme when action is taken against him. His agenda is then being achieved!

    1. JohorMali,

      Even if Namewee did insult Islam, is it the job of humans like you and me to prosecute on behalf of Allah?

      Shouldn't any punishments come from Allah himself?


    2. gladiator.
      cakap senang la. org kutuk benda yg ko respek sangat, ko pun melpmpat macam beruk.. belum kene boleh la. nak cakap pasal tuhan.. org kutuk buat video mak bapak kau .. amacam.. ckp senang je..

    3. The government is partly at faullt. Namewee, like bah-kut-teh 'halal' promoters, Vivian and Adrian are all trained and educated at government approved SRJKC. All have definitely learned the arts from their mentors and teachers at schools.

  2. Dear Lily,
    When Namawee 'insulted ' Islam and other religions he definitely created problems for himself. The authorities feel that his actions may foster religious tensions and therefor need to investigate the matter. As part of the procedure he had to be detained and statement recorded. We have no complaint on this. However to handcuff a person who is not a violent criminal, a member of the underworld or a suspected murderer can be rather extreme, don't you think ?
    On the other hand, the policemen on duty will have to face displinary action if the detainee manage to escape under their noses. So their actions are permissable and within the ambit of police jurisdiction.
    I do wonder whether the police has abdicated their powers of investigation on all matters that concern 1MDB. Perhaps it is true that 1MDB is now a sacred topic as termed by a blogger whom I have forgotten his name.

  3. "Malaysian singer Namewee held for 'insulting Islam'

    I know it's procedures and all but I feel that it makes us look a bit extreme."

    Ermmm are you saying its otherwise all this time ? Duhhh

    is your faith that weak ? Is your penis that small ? In case nobody noticed . There was actually elements of Islam , Christianity and Buddhism ( I heard some temple gongs) in the video . What's everybody flipping over about ? Siap panggil INTERPOL ! ever wondered what the guys at Interpol are saying ?

    So how does it work .... One unknown crazy chinaman artist entertainer from a minority in the country behaves like a badut gila , the majority feels hurt ?? Really ?? Who's the real crazy here .

    Biar lah Dia buat yang bukan bukan . He is a crazy artist after all . To arrest him at airport . Remand 4 days . God knows what else he gonna kena . Aren't we supposed to be some sort of 'moderate' country ?

    Kasi saman 300 ringgit cukup la . We got bigger problems at hand man . Like how the F we are going to majukan negara than worry about Maruah org Islam . Come on lah get real .

    1. Jgn bagi muka lagi budak dajal ni. Entah berapa kali dah buat hal. Si mangkok menteri dulu siap bagi suppot kat dia lagi.. konon tlg dia berkarya.. apa dia bagi balik.. kalau melayu yg buat bukan main lagi andaian itu ini..mcm2 lah analisanya..mmg jenis tak tahu diuntung.

  4. Why give Namawee the publicity that he badly seeks? Just ignore him...Islam takkan dapat dihina oleh orang-orang sebegini .

  5. Boleh percaya ke video dia kena hacked? Itu taktik nk lepaskan diri yg dh dirancang sbb dia tau video tu memang provoking islam.

  6. Whateverlah..but i think orang islam sendiri lebih menghina islam..


    bercakap bohong,
    menggunakan agama utk meraih keuntungan

    Manusia ini lebih menghina islam.

    1. Alo mangkuk ayun!!
      Rasuah, mencuri , bercakap bohong, menggunakan agama ...... bukan monopoly orang Islam saja !!

    2. Ye le...pasal itu orang Islam atau Kerajaan yang diterajui orang-orang Islam MESTI tunjuk teladan yang lebih baik dari orang kapir.
      Jangan amalkan Rasuah, mencuri & berbohong.
      Baru kapir akan respect kita. Bila mereka respect pada Islam, kita tak perlu lagi berdakwah.....mereka sendiri akan masuk Islam.

    3. Yg bagi tu bagus sgt ke? Sendiri yg buat salah atau nak untung banyak langgar undang2, yg terima saja disalahkan. Dua2 sama salah. Patut SPRM focus lbh kpd pemberi rasuah..

  7. Boddhisattwa Dalai Lama attends interview with Lady Gaga


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Zack. I think you got confused between Namewee and Alvin. Not fair to Namewee if I let your comment trough. Thank you.

  9. "Freedom of expression is good."

    Yea, just be sure you have something worth listening to.


    Man, know thyself!

  10. Annie,

    Arresting Namewee is simply grandstanding by some Muslims in this country to show how pious they are.

    Strangely, those very same Muslims seem to do nothing about the corruption, the abuse of power, the cronyism which abound in our country.

    It is almost as though those Muslims are telling non-Muslims that Islam condones corruption, abuse of power, cronyism BUT will arrest anybody who is even perceived to be insulting Islam.

    I have noticed that artists in oppressive regimes tend to suffer harassment by their governments.

    Broadminded, permissive societies usually give their artists carte blanc and those societies invariably have the best lifestyles and the most advanced technologies.

    Coincidence? Maybe.

    And no, I am no artist myself - can't paint for nuts, can't play any musical instrument, can't do nuffing artistically clever.


    1. why are you trying to change the subject. everytime stupid people like namewee talk bad thing about religion, you assume that it has double meaning. if i were to assume (making an ass of u and me).. you are actually race haters and trying to support namewee actions to show that you also hate muslim and malay and blaming all muslim and malays stupid eventhough only one or small fractions is doing it. and since namewee is chinese you also supporting that all chinese hate all muslim and malay and chinese have done something to save malaysia by badmouthing the muslim and malays eventhough only a fraction of it are responsible.


    2. Well said about many here with quite devious Hate agendas, Sdr ANON 06:46

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Anonymous 24 August 2016 at 06:46

      //why are you trying to change the subject.//

      Huh? I thought I was still on topic by pointing out the hypocritical behaviour of some Muslims.

      //you assume that it has double meaning//

      What "double meaning"?

      //if i were to assume (making an ass of u and me).. you are actually race haters and trying to support namewee actions//

      Well, you are doing the assuming.

      I did not bring up race nor did I say I supported Namewee.

      //you also hate muslim and malay and blaming all muslim and malays stupid//


      Did you not understand what I meant by "some Muslims"?

      //since namewee is chinese you also supporting that all chinese hate all muslim...//

      Where did I say or imply that?

      You are just making up a story to fit in with what you want to believe.


    4. M Zin,

      //Well said about many here with quite devious Hate agendas//

      I hope you do not mean me.

      I have no hidden agendas and you, as a regular, should know my stance.



    5. No not you Sdr Gladiator
      who share much more of your diverse experiences which are quite different from kampung folks

      We don't like one sided and non-stop same Hate Malaysian leaders plugs(?) and trolls, notice?
      ( are these the $ ProTuns?)

      M Zin, Kg Melekek
      Alor Gajah DPH

  11. muslims pray 5 times a day. we go to surau mosques, we puasa,perform haj, read quran
    this is the only religion that truly takes Allah to the highest level. the only religion that has Azan 5 times a day calling out to the believers to remind them of their duty. the only religion that has its followers visit the holy land in millions each year. so yaaaaa of course we are more sensitive when people make fun of our religion. its not a matter of x cukup iman or what but more of the disrespect that watzisname brought in his video.

  12. I agree with Annie.

    The Police should just ignore him. When I first read about the Police getting help from Interpol, the first thing that crop-up in my mind was:-
    'Apa la bangang sangat. Bagi masyarakat kapir, buat video mengenai apa pun, langsung tidak menjadi kesalahan. Yang menjadi kesalahan adalah; apabila ahli-politik guna khidmat orang-tengah kelabu-asap untuk klepet WANG Rakyat.'

    I'm really astonish as to why there is a lot of stupid people propping-up Najib. Sometimes I wonder if they're sabotaging by creating more problem for the government of Cash-is-King.

  13. In UK, racial slur can lead you to jail. Why no one complain about that? Religion is even more sensitive. He should be stopped for causing religious tension. In the end, if there is a religious bloodshed, who will pay for it? You think Namawee will? He may be hiding in Taiwan. It is people like us who will pay for it.


    1. He is an idol of 'O00s FB likes, Sdr GM
      for many Chinese(?) Islam haters which is worse

      ( OK many not from Malaysia)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPh

  14. Ramai jugak yg masih tak faham topik artikel. Topiknya org malaysia kapir hina Islam. Yg peliknya mereka2 ni asiklah citer psl politik. Ini citer psl agama di hina lah Samdol!


    1. Bukan tak faham Sdr ANON 04:33
      cuma Agenda politik spin(?) rekod, lagu lama diulang-ulang dan ulang lagi

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Samdol...Agama orang kapir pun, lebih teruk lagi dihina ...tapi mereka buat don't know je...langsung mereka tak peduli pun. Pasal ape ye, hanya kita orang Melayu je yang kecoh. Lemah sangat ke Agama Islam sehingga kita terpaksa bela.
      Kapir hina agama kita atau pun kita sendiri yang rasa terhina?
      Kalau kita buat tak tahu je...tak boleh ke?

      Pada saya, kalau sebuah Negara Kapir kata Kerajaan Islam Malaysia mengamalkan kleptocracy, lagi saya malu dan marah pada mereka yang dituduh mencuri WANG Rakyat.
      Mereka kata MO1, anak-tiri dan orang-tengah beliau, Jho Low, terlibat. Bayangkan... kita diperintah oleh pencuri-pencuri, ketuanya beragama Islam. Patut pun Agama, Bangsa & Negara di hina. Rule by thieves... itulah hakikatnya, maksud kleptocracy.


    3. Alaa huhu ulang lagi, walau betul(?) semua orang kampung dah bosan dengar

      M Zin, Kg Melekek
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Jangan hanya tahu bosan , buat sesuatu utk perbaiki keadaan. Atau apakah kita mudah mengalah dan reda dgn kepincngan depan mata ?


    5. What choice, pilih YAB Tun ke(?) Sdr ANON 17:34
      yang songlap $'00 billion secara diam dgn Tun Daim kepada proxi UMNO

      Banyak Datin duduk di London kaya raya bila Dato proxi meninggal ..
      Orang kampung lebih yakin Kewangan UMNO dibawah nama Presiden atau Bendahari

      ( atau undi PAS jauh kurang $ politik betnanding UMNO dan DAP)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. Cakap kalau nak menang tak ada akhirnya..
      Betulke kita tak ada choice?? Terima je walaupun kita tau benda yg berlaku depan mata salah?


    7. Choice(?) saya pilih PAS PRU-13 Sdr ANON 21:36
      yang huhu juga kurang wibawa ke Putrajaya. Ya sampai masa tahulah orang kampung bagaimana mengundi PRU-14

      Cukuplah cakap politik memanjang keluar topic bebenang boring diulang ulang, ulang dan ulang lagi.
      ( just a suggestion)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Adakah perkara ini hanya berkaitan politik? Ini masalah intergriti dan maruah terutamanya org islam.
      Bukankah topik ini pasal memperjuangkan dan memelihara kesucian islam?
      Jangan kita menyempitkannya kpd politik saja. Ugama islam adalah tentang pesan memesan kpd melakukan kebaikan dan mencegah kemungkaran.


    9. Bukan orang Islam aja dalam dunia ini, Sdr ANON 12:38
      dan tak perlu sempitkan ibadat, kan?

      NB. Just do it, a suggestion for Muslims:
      Kita lebih memerlukan usaha NGO membantu muallaf eg PERKIM
      ( 200+ new per yr in Melaka alone)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. Alhamdulillah, semoga kita terus beramal.

  15. Annie,

    You have to be real here.

    Tak kan he didn't know he would get into trouble?

    It's a deliberate & cynical marketing ploy.

    I remember when Madonna, decades ago, used to do this very same thing.

    No talent (e.g. Namewee & Madonna) = have to get attention from extraneous factors.

    It's boring.

    It's even boring as satire.

    Sorry lah, this is an epic miss.

    Big yawn.

    Namewee, you are a hack without talent or ideas.

    Truth hurts, bro.

    1. Actually, the real issue I'm trying to highlight here is the handling of Namewee's case and not so much his music video. Thank you.

    2. Hi Annie,

      Yes, you are right - the handling of Namewee's case was quite heavy-handed. No doubt. But then, I would argue that he KNEW this. Hey, we're a country that arrests people for dropping yellow balloons : )

      He was quite aware of the possible overreaction, and wanted a photo to be taken of himself in handcuffs.

      "No publicity is bad publicity".

      Just my 2 sen (excluding GST) worth.


  16. Annie,

    This is the type of Chinese we should prefer:


    Honest in admitting weaknesses.

    Way better than fake, flip-flopping flabby Malaysiakini blobs of fat pretending to be holy, or publicity-craving rappers.