Thursday 18 August 2016

So what, if their BM is not perfect

So, Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon managed to win silver medals instead of gold.

Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong also won silver.

Azizulhasni Awang won bronze.

Not so bad, okay.

It's already the best Olympic outing for the country, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, Malaysia can still hope for gold from Goh V.Shem and Tan Wee Kiong.

Then, there's Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

It's good to be able to celebrate their achievements.

By the way, I don't think most of us really care about our athletes' race or religion.

I also don't think most of us really care whether they speak perfect Bahasa Malaysia or being "proper Malaysians yang mempunyai ciri-ciri rakyat Malaysia sejati"....whatever the hell that is.

I know that I don't care about that.

Those guys are out there battling it out and giving it all for the country.

For me that makes them good enough Malaysians.

In fact, for me they are better Malaysians than some of us who can speak perfect Bahasa Malaysia and oh so patriotic lah kununnya.

I'm saying all these because of these comments from my last post,

Lets hope they are not only cute in the court but speak fluent BM. No point winning the medals but speak the language which is understood by those in the mainland only.

Anonymous18 August 2016 at 11:37
Blue, you are hoping for a miracle. They are not patriotic like the Indonesians, Thais to name a few. Malaysia is just a land of opportunity for them

Tuan Blue18 August 2016 at 14:15
As long as they carry the Jalur Gemilang, then the people hope that they are equally good in BM as much as they do with mandarin. This is the least that they can do as the citizen on this country.

Anonymous18 August 2016 at 14:45
i agree with 11:37
malaysia is a land of opportunity for chinese and indian
no matter what they said with their mouth
theyll be need to be the same level of patriotism like indonesia, minus their gloomy economic situations
ill vote for single stream school, once that established, then things will be progress more positively
There are a few more but I think those are sufficient as samples.

Seriously guys, what's wrong with you all?

So what if some of us, our athletes included, can't speak proper BM.

For me, that doesn't make them any less patriotic than myself or any of you.

My mother can't speak perfect BM even after all these years married to my father, but I know for a fact that she really loves this country.

When Malaysia was savaged in the Chinese web forums after MH370 went missing, she went in there and battled it out in defense of this country.

And she even defended the BN government despite herself (from what i know) being a supporter of DAP.

She told me that she did so because when foreigners and even some Malaysians attacked our government in a time of crisis, it's the same as attacking our country itself.

Myself and most of you all can't do that and probably won't even be bothered.

My mother was educated in a Chinese school and a university in Taiwan.

So, she can do what she did.

And she did it for her love of this country.

Nobody paid her to do it, okay.

By the way, do you think all Englishmen can speak perfect English?

Or Chinesemen, can they all speak perfect Mandarin or Cantonese, or Hokkien or whatever?

No, right.

Does that makes them lesser Englishmen or Chinese?

I don't think so.

If we want to talk about being like the Indonesians for example, do we really want our country to be like Indonesia?

Or Thailand?

Or the Philippines?

I don't think so.

Why can't we just appreciate the way we are and just get along with minimum prejudices?

We are unique and we are like that because this country is designed to be so.

Read the constitution and you will realise that what we are now is how it was intended by the founding fathers when they set-up this country called Malaysia.

Let's not destroy it because we think we are more Malaysian than the next person because we can speak BM better, or we think our racial background is more Malaysian, or our religion is more Malaysian.

Guys, let's pray that our Olympic athletes (and all of us for that matter) will never end up like in this

That's just the trailer.

The movie is also in Youtube at


  1. A good one Annie. These people has nothing to do and good at nothing except condenming. Shame.


    1. Is it too much to ask them to speak decently in the language of Jalur Gemilang? Afterall this is also the language of the anthem that they will sing and the same flag they will raise in the event of winning the gold.

    2. Tuan Blue, gunalah Bahasa Melayu untuk berhujah. Kenapa guna bahasa penjajah untuk berbahas? Kalau kamu rasa meluat tu, tutup je la TV. Mak bapak saya duduk kat kampung tumpang rasa bangga, tak timbul pun isu pasal ahli-ahli sukan negara tidak pandai berbahasa Melayu. Kalau cam tu...suruh je la Mat Rempit Minah Rempit wakil negara kat Olimpik. Atau lebih baik lagi, Tuan Blue pergilah jadi wakil. Tengok boleh bawak balik pingat ke tidak.

      Mereka dah beri sumbangan harumkan nama negara di dunia. Apa sumbangan kamu Tuan Blue kepada negara?

    3. There is a famous saying - when in Rome do as the the Romans. Similarly the proverb in malay says - masuk kandang kambing mengembik, masuk kandang kerbau menguak. This blog operator posted her texts in English and my response would be in the same language. Can't you write in English?

  2. Setuju betul dengan pendapat Annie. Yang key warrior dua ekor tu, nak atlet Tionghua kita orang fasih berbahasa Melayu tapi dua ekor tu pulak guna bahasa Mat Salleh apahal?

  3. Annie,

    The national language has always been a problem with various countries.

    In Malaysia, some Malaysians think that Bahasa Melayu should reign supreme.

    In China, Mandarin is it.

    I believe that France has the same problem with French (which French? Basque French? Parisian French?) and undoubtedly, Italy has difficulties with Italian (Romano Italian of course).

    Personally, I know that Croatia used to have a national program to convert every single foreign word to a Croatian word to force its citizens to speak Croatian and nothing but Croatian.

    God only knows the number of Croatian dialects so that presented the first problem.

    Then there were ideas and concepts, like punk rocker, which have never existed in Croatian culture but somehow Croatian equivalents were found, albeit, these were very strange Croatian equivalents.

    Computers became more and more used worldwide and Croatians had to think of a Croatian name for "computers" but they managed - somehow.

    And then, some "idiot" "invented" the "Internet", and it began to look silly trying to think of a Croatian word for "Internet".

    Needless to say, I was told that the national program to standardise the Croatian language for all Croatians is still ongoing after god know how many years, 40-50-60 years(?), but most of its champions are now housed in some dark dusty corner of Zagreb University, forgotten by most people except for weirdos like me and my Croatian friend :)

    Croatians just speak whatever Croatians they felt like speaking, mixed with whatever words they felt like mixing in.

    I think the French have had a similar experience as well.

    So, for those Malaysians who think that speaking Bahasa Melayu denotes nationalism, I suggest that it is false nationalism.

    Being nationalistic means a lot more than merely speaking Bahasa Melayu, eg

    - do you care when your fellow citizens are tearing into each other?

    - do you care when you see your fellow citizens call for hate against other citizens who hold religions you do not like?

    - do you care when you see politicians and public servants living beyond their means when there are your fellow citizens who do not even have decent access to basics like water and electricity?

    There are just some questions I could ask those who insist that speaking perfect Bahasa Melayu will unite us as a nation.

    Pakai lu punya akal sikit lah. :)


  4. I dont know la...i mean watch melayu drama also they dont speak proper BM. Like saya become I. Kamu become you. They love to pepper sentences with English. Mind you this is drama Melayu. So what is the beef? I know Malays who cant speak proper BM because they attend private and international school. Dont just focus on Cinabeng la.

    1. Annie,

      Let's learn from the Chinese how to speak perfect BM.

      Here is a selection from the recent khutbah of Ustazah Blobby binti Emmkini:

      "I advocate perpaduan between orang PAS and orang Umno to combine strength for the purpose of defeating dajjal DAP. Personally I have more confidence in PAS for the task. Protuns are willing to berpadu dengan DAP for the purpose of toppling Najib. Better my nawaitu than yours, I say."


      Perpaduan, dajjal, berpadu, nawaitu, and one smelly unwashed baju kurung.

      That's all you need!

      After that, you can pose as Founder of Umno and Adviser to PAS.

      PS: Much as I would like to see LCW win the gold, he has a mental block against Lin Dan. Poor guy. If he can make it past the semis. then yes. But that Lin Dan is his nemesis. Anyway. We need to bring up a younger player to his standard. 33 is getting old for top-level badminton. Good luck anyway Datuk. Malaysia boleh!

    2. mdzfrs,

      //Let's learn from the Chinese how to speak perfect BM.//


      I was having afternoon with a high-powered UMNO lady some time ago. She's an old friend and our families have been friends for a long long time.

      Anyway, she had to excuse herself as she had to ring her PA to remind her PA about something and she started jabbering away in some pidgin barely recognisable version of Malay - maybe Javanese(?) cos she is of Javanese descent.

      On completion of her conversation, I told her that I did not understand anything she said except for a word here and there.

      She gave me a big grin and said to the effect, "Of course, you would not have understood me. We expect only the non-Malays to speak perfect Malay".

      We both had a giggle and continued our chat about nothing important.


    3. eh, lin dan dah tua jugak o - 32 tahun

  5. if u love ur country u will definitely make the effort to speak at least a proper level of is the national language lahh. every malaysian citizen in this country should have that realisation. else winning the medal whatever color is meaningless and a turn off for true malaysians who watched them being interviewed.

    1. Lanchiao.
      Fuck you BM.
      My country does love me so why the fuck should I speak BM.
      Besides your fucking BM is such a primitive language you have to borrow wholesale from English.
      Just look around at all the billboards in town.

      Don't be a fucking stupid nazi.

    2. Eh what is your contribution the country besides busy asslicking your Anugerah dari Allah? Yang siap pandai berbahasa Melayu tu la yang jual bangsa, agama dan negara. Jho Low fasih berbahasa ke? Bet he speaks 'a proper level of BM' kan. That is why Anugerah dari Allah loves him so much. Why don't you go ask him since he is back in KL? True Malaysian? Kalau makan dedak tu jangan la bertopeng patriotic. Kalau sayang negara jangalah makan dedak sebab tu rasuah. Sembahyang 5 waktu pun tak guna. Allah is fair. Tunggu je la bala dari Allah.

    3. Turn off?

      Then switch off or watch your RTM1 / TV3. Better still watch youtube and see how ISIS or Abu Sayf beh*ad their hostages.
      and victims.

      A bunch of brainwashed sicko species good at nothing except screwing and producing useless and low quality offsprings.


  6. Well said, dina!

    The chinese don't seem to have a problem losing their chinese language and identity by the Second generation when their parents migrate to Australia or US/Canada. In fact, their mat salleh slang is more pekat than the locals!!!!

    There really is NO EXCUSE for not being able to speak YOUR national language.

    And what's with that one Malaysian supporter in the crowd wearing a Harimau Malaya orange/black everyday holding up signs written in Chinese language? WTF?

    Kurang ajar dan biadap is now a lesson taught in chinese-run badminton halls too??

    1. don't know hot to read Chinese? so ancient la you.

      Perhaps you should F*ck Malaysia Airports Berhad too for having Chinese signages at KLIA and KK and Penang.

      Perhaps you should f*ck the Tourism Ministry spending millions for wooing Chinese tourists into this country, even making their entry into this country easier by relaxing visa rules.

      Go to Tun Razak Exchange, and you can see big Chinese words there!

      Go to any construction site in KL, you can see big Chinese words there!

      Bandar Malaysia own by Chinese company, sold by Najib.

      hahaha, apa lagi Najib mau jual ??

      Who cares about BM anyway.....


    2. Jangan WTF. PM sekarang perlu duit China. Baik korang terutamanya Melayu belajarlah sikit-sikit Bahasa Cina. Negara sekarang dah jadi extension kepada China. Kalau korang marah lagi, nanti China potong elektrik kita orang cam mana? Bising lah lagi.

    3. Agree with 01:29. The Chinese have no problem losing their Chinese language when they are in white countries. BM to them is low class or no class even though they have made their fortune in this country. And you still wonder why they are told to balik Tongsan? I bet you that if they are proud to embrace the language and culture of their adopted land, they would be very welcome with open arms and no more snide remarks. But they choose to isolate themselves and looked down on the locals. So like they say, You reap what you sow

  7. what is the big deal with winning any of these shits...? other than to shiok sendiri..know that the real world dont give a fuck about any these winners or the whole lanjiou Olympic itself

    1. Very well said!

      A true reflection of yourself, shiok sendiri and knowing the fact that the real world dont give a fuck about what you do or say.

      typifying the character of a successful person.
      Carry on, syiok sendiri.

      May I suggest for you to use some Optrex to sooth your eyes if they too RED. It normally help, fyi.


    2. Sour Grapes.

    3. Fiack U back and do get a workout Ah Lan!

  8. Knowing that becoming like indonesians are beyond them in response to some who had asked the question earlier, the least they can do is to speak decent BM. If respected politicians like Liow Tiong Lai, Lim Guan Eng, Ong Ka Chuan, etc can do it, why can't the athletes.

  9. those who see faults in others are nothing but envious sore losers who can't accept others achievement

    the next time any of our so called leaders who speaks in international forums in English, they should register their displeasure, protest and admonish their leaders otherwise you are just hypocritical bigots

  10. nama Cina, cakap Cina, tulis Cina...awak dari Cina ka Malaysia? kena tanya sebab memang tak ada beza pun

    1. Buat dia nyanyi dulu lah .... mari ah chan mari!

    2. Nama cam Melayu, cakap guna banyak perkataan Arab, pakai cam Arab...awak dari Saudi Arabia ka Malaysia? Kena tanya sebab memang tak ada beza pun.

    3. Melayu for sure don't look like Arab and don't converse in Arabic when they meet another Malay. Unlike the Chinese who will immediately speak their lingo the minute they meet their own kind, Anyway Malays don't look like Arab while Chinese, well are Chinese looking. So there are a lot of differences

  11. no Malaysian identity or losing malaysian identity?

    1. Masalah umumnya is because our politicians play politics and dont have the drive to forge one nationally integrated curriculum for all our children.....itu masalahnya. Thats why so many "identity problems" in our adulthoods

  12. This is the hajj season.

    Towards the end of a hajj season, there's this ritual called 'Qurban', or sacrifice. In Malaysia, the Melayu Islam would purchase cows, lambs and sometimes camels to be slaughtered to please their God.

    It's widely believed amongst the Melayu Islam that sacrificing some animals like that would bring good rezeki for the coming year.

    Incidentally, the Chinese Hokkiens sacrificing suckling pigs during the Ninth day of Chinese New Year to bring good fortune too.

    True or not, that's for God to determine. But the important thing is about sacrifice.

    An athlete before he or she could get to compete in an Olympic arena, the sacrifice is tremendous. And that's before you talk about winning. For winning a medal in such a competition, there's this extra challenge on your mental strength, your focus.

    It'd be a mental challenge to those who knew only making payment for 'satu bahagian lembu ' as the only sacrifice available to mankind, to understand the sacrifice of an athlete. When it's too hard for them to perceive the notion of sacrifice they would start to talk nonsense, bringing in immaterial things to vague and to divert the unavoidable attention about the failure of their kind to produce the equivalents.

    The only consolation, eventually, is the soothing thought that the bahagian lembu that they bought, some found their way into their own stomach and others inside the imam's, would come to them at the Padang Masyar with grateful tears to carry them around to the paradise.

  13. lahir di "Chinese Maternity hospital", belajar di sekolah china, makan restoran china, pergi sembahyang " Chinese Methodist Church", mati tanam di "Chinese Buddist/Christian/??? cemeteries".....buat apa cakap melayu?

  14. Macam ini....better ask KJ to include "ability to speak BM" as another key criteria for all athletes besides beating the qualifying target to represent the nation.Those who talk about stupid language proficiency during such joyous moments should be driven to the shooting ranges of Rio and shot to death.Bodoh bin Bodoh.


  15. Malaysia err OK. Singapore's sole 2016 Olympic gold medalist swimmer has alhamduli 'Llah a Chinese Malaysian mother

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Can't let this one through. A bit too vulgar and seditious. You want to make Malays fight with Chinese, pls go to other blogs which promote such things. Thank you.

  17. I don't see why our government should give chances to non Malay proficient athletes to compete in international competitions like the Olympics.

    To take the matter further, I suggest the government uses the quota system which are commonly used in determining our government dept staff intake to decide on who get sent to the Olympics.

    The current medal situation is definitely nothing to be happy about. I would rather see Malaysia get only 1 bronze medal and nothing else in this Olympic. The silvers that we already won and God forbid, maybe even a Gold that we may win, will definitely make true Malaysians feel bad.

    1. Anonymous 19 August 2016 at 22:48

      //I don't see why our government should give chances to non Malay proficient athletes to compete in international competitions like the Olympics//


      This is so funny :)

      What next?

      All Malaysian athletes should cover their aurat?

      I am not sure if some Malaysians understand what the Olympics and/or the sporting spirit means.

      At the Olympics, it is about how good you are versus others in the same sport under the same conditions.

      Events like the Olympics are probably the purest forms of MERITOCRACY.

      To select a sportsperson on the basis of how well they speak Bahasa Melayu is to be sombong bodoh.

      "..Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.." - from "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley

      Hm, that bronze?

      I think you are happy with the bronze by Azizulhasni Awang because he speaks Bahasa Melayu.

      Now, I don't know Azizulhasni Awang's views on the selection of Malaysian athletes on the basis of their Bahasa Melayu but I know one thing for certainty.

      You see, Azizulhasni Awang has been a world champion and he will understand what it took for him to be a world champion - MERIT.

      He was the VERY BEST on the day that he became a world champion and EVERYBODY knew he deserved the victory, the medals, the accolades and the rewards.

      Azizulhasni Awang knows he will NEVER EVER be selected to be a world champion just because he speaks Bahasa Melayu. :)


    2. Anonymous 19 August 2016 at 22:48,

      //The silvers that we already won and God forbid, maybe even a Gold that we may win, will definitely make true Malaysians feel bad.//

      BTW, you are no "true Malaysian".

      You are nothing but a small-minded person afraid of your own shadow and jealous of others who can succeed on their own merit.

      Your mind has been enslaved by others without your knowledge.

      Only you can set yourself free.

      As someone once said, "Change occurs within a heartbeat".


    3. 22:48, if you have nothing more intelligent to say, then better to shut up - that way no one could gauge your stupidity.

    4. 22.48,

      Come on, show us how much more lower can you go. For your level of stupidity, your definitely can dive
      even lower than this. Share with us how much more stupid can you get.


  18. Good strategy 22.48. - reverse psychology . And they took your bait. Mmm...

  19. Its like asking kelantanese to speak proper english.


    Dok eh.. Kawe gemuk sikit. Mu dok napak ke??
    (No offence to kelantanese)

    1. Haha

      Prof kangkung

    2. Hey u. I know a few kelantanese who speak fluent English.

    3. Yup anon 1801. It was a facebook jokes. Anyway, as long kita semua faham apa yang nak disampaikan sudah memadai.

      Tiada istilah proper language kot. Bukannya nak jawab exam pun sampai kena speak properly, write properly.

      Asal tak kutuk kutuk orang dengan kutukan yang melampau sudah.. Seperti saranan Annie.


  20. theres a lot of problem here, especially with identity issues
    all of these arguments is invalid
    malaysians currently have identity issues even when reaching adulthood

    we need nationally integrated curriculum to to make malaysians more identified with malaysians
    i have nothing against chong wei and im proud of him
    but we need a higher volume amount of fluent national speaking malaysians
    foreigners would ask, if chong wei is representing mainland china?
    of course you would say, look at the television who against what! its written on the tv screen
    but theres always people who will question that
    if malaysia introduce single stream education, then the number of people who will be confused when see olympics will be reduced
    single stream school is a good solution to get rid of these identity crisis
    the question is which party would do a better job to achieve that?
    which ministers have to go?