Sunday 7 August 2016

Annie and Najib's advisers

Someone asked me the other day why I 'm being harsh towards the advisers of PM DS Najib Razak.

Apparently he read this post by my blogging captain Rocky,

"If Mahathir was my father ..."


Of all the online scribes who have tried to remain "neutral" in the protracted Mahathir-Najib fight, I think Life of Annie tried the hardest. She has been frank but fair in her commentaries on Najib Razak although she has been harsh towards the PM's so-called advisers, and she has deftly avoided any kind of personal diatribe aimed at Mahathir.

I have many reasons for not liking the Najib's advisers but one of the biggest is how they badly treated good people and prefer to hire mercenaries such as those who encourage Umno to tear itself apart from within.

"Either you are with us or against us" they preached.

These mercenaries also promote the idea of Umno being an extremist Islamic Malay party.

"Combine with Pas, throw out MCA, Gerakan, etc" they said.

"Hate the Chinese, hate the Christians, etc" they added.

And these people tried to promote individuals who never apologise for calling Umno a racist party and practicing a system of government similar to apartheid and white supremacy.

Let me tell you all a story.

Back in the run-up to the last general election, I was helping Johor Umno prepares the defence of the state.

Despite that, I was at first quite okay with then Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

That was until he came up with an article in some publication equating our civil servants as being similar to those of former apartheid regime in South Africa and Nazi Germany.

This is a reply to Dr Boo's article written by former Johor NST bureau chief Ben Tan, who is a Christian Chinese,

'Nazi' label a disservice to the civil service

By Ben Tan

MOST of the time, I am all for free speech, as long as the speaker or writer can be truthful and back up their words with facts. I even agree with the recent controversial Facebook posting by Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau on the country's civil service with regard to the lack of participation of non-Malays.

But my support ends there as I feel that his statements that our country is run along the lines of a totalitarian state akin to the Third Reich of Nazi Germany were unfair. His remarks were reported in the New Straits Times last Friday.

Dr Boo, who is also Skudai assemblyman, had on June 18, posted his article titled "Isn't a one-race civil service a form of apartheid?" on The Centre for Policy Initiatives website, which was later linked to his own Facebook page. This later caused a stir at the state assembly meeting last Thursday.

Being born and bred in this country for over 35 years, I do not see it being a police state or run militarily like how Germany was under the Nazis.

My opinion is that Dr Boo is being overly dramatic in drawing parallels between our country and "Nazi Germany" and also the civil service in promoting "racist", apartheid-like policies.

In his article, which has received widespread links in several online portals and blogs, Dr Boo alleged that Malaysia has a "huge and largely ethnic Malay civil service, completely loyal to Umno, but increasingly incompetent" and that is the biggest obstacle to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's 1Malaysia.

"Non-Malays have been gradually cleansed from the public sector with only a few remaining now in crucial and inevitable sectors such as teaching in vernacular schools."

Dr Boo then described Umno members as "ultra-nationalists" who defend majority-race dominance as justifiable, as opposed to the minority-race dominance previously in South Africa, under apartheid.

"Like other totalitarian states in history such as the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, Umno needs a large number of Malay civil servants to control the populace through racism," he added.

Interestingly, in his Easter Day message in April, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, too, had hinted at "Hitlerian" ideas and had asked Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders if it was wrong to oppose racial supremacy.

A Malay friend of mine, who is a rank and file personnel attached with the Johor police contingent, disagreed with Dr Boo and described his statement as being over-the-top, to the extent of mildly promoting racism. My friend, 25, had spent the past three years in service.

He said he would like to see the participation of more Chinese, Indians and those from other races in joinng the force as it would be an ideal platform to promote unity.

"But it's more of a choice for the non-Malays. They feel that the private sector can offer much more, thus the lack of appeal to join the civil service," he said, adding that the issue was far from just favouring a particular race.

This generally-held perception is accepted by many. You just cannot stop people who want a better life for themselves. After all, it is not like we are forced to serve our entire lives with the civil service.

Like most Chinese Malaysians, I am happy to say that I am not forced to wear shirts with a "Saya Cina" patch and interned in concentration camps, to be ethnically cleansed or gassed to death like how the Nazis did the Jews.

On the other hand, I enjoy the company of many Malay friends that I have had the opportunity to meet during the course of my work. There are some that I even consider my mentors.

Conversely, my Malay friends, some from varied backgrounds, also hold the same respect for me.

In many ways, I think Dr Boo's analogy of our country with the Third Reich and the apartheid regime is unfair.

The Nazis, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, used the race card (or rather, the claimed supreme Aryan race) to crush any opposition, but it ultimately burned itself out. The word "Nazi" is today a dirty word.

The same goes to the now-defunct apartheid regime of South Africa.

So, with Dr Boo's article, we appear to be revisiting another nasty label in an attempt to provoke society. Such reference is nothing new, but it appears to be resurrecting itself for possible political gains. The issue of non-Malay participation in our country's civil service is quite well known and have been highlighted by the media many times before.

Dr Boo, or even those that tend to agree with the issue of non-Malay participation in the civil service, should instead come out with solutions instead of making a comparison on how similar we are to failed totalitarian regimes that run along racial lines.

I am not against constructive criticism. I do it all the time myself as I am doing it now.

But pulling out the racial card, such as Nazi-labelling, is a cheap trick that desensitise with a profound meaning that should be reserved only for its historical significance and the horrors that they were known for.

Ben Tan was then heavily condemned by a lackey of Dr Boo.

I wrote about the scum in this post,

Meroyan bottom of wok

I'm not even going to dirty this blog page with the link to that rant against Ben Tan.

And you know what, now one of those hired mercenaries is attacking me for what I wrote about that buntut kuali.

As for Ben Tan, he was the one who led the Johor NST team during the GE13.

I know him around that time and think he did a decent job in support of the establishment.

However , NST, which was supposed to be pro-establishment and led by supporters of Najib forced Ben Tan to quit his job last year over some petty issues.

And what Najib's advisers do about these sorts of things?


Instead they hired those mercenaries.

And this Ben Tan's story is not the only one.

Yup, that's one of my main issues with Najib's advisers.


  1. Good day, I have always enjoyed your articles. I think Dr Boo was too harsh and used wrongly worded language. As a loyal johorean of Indian origin, I would like to know if there are ANY non Malays in the Johor Civil Service (I don't mean the Federal Civil Service)? I sincerely hope that our beloved Sultan who is fondly respected by all the races especially in Johor with his Bangsa Johor concept will look into this as during his great-great grandfather's time (Al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim), there were a handful of non-malays but since then zero........many johorean that I spoke too were surprised when I pointed out this fact considering that we are in the year 2016.......

  2. Well.. I don't think anybody can do anything to stop the rot of UMNO-Najib.
    After-all, its the President himself who preferred stupid but loyal handlers. any establishment, these kind of people are usually kaki-bodek. Most often than not, they are mediocre worker too. Therefore they suck-up their superior by hijacking other people's accomplishment to get credit and attention. Some even badmouth co-workers to be in the good books of the boss.
    Worst still if they are of a supervisory or managerial level.....their subordinates would be toiled needlessly if big-boss is around.

    That was why 'good worker' like Ben Tan are sideline and forced to quit.

  3. Now Ah Soh is Blue, Sotong Kurita, Surrhead. No more Rina, Dina, Minah, Tebing Tinggi? Bila Cina guna nama palsu esp nama Melayu memang senang dikesan kerana memang nampak kejanggalan penggunaan perkataan Melayu itu. Ah Soh ni memang syok sendirilah nampaknya

  4. Annie,

    Two days after whacking the Chinese for complaining about a Malay party, they prove their selfishness all over again:

    "PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new bumiputra-based party will do nothing but further split up the country, says MCA.

    Its Religious Harmony Bureau secretary Chris Daniel Wong recognised the former premier’s contributions to Malaysia’s economic growth in the past but added that Dr Mahathir tended to use “divide and conquer” strategies to achieve his goals.

    “Precisely now the Chinese community should have seen enough,” said Wong in a statement on Monday.

    “The intention and thoughts of forming a new single race-based political party is only seen to tear this nation apart further in an age where race-based politics do not appeal to the majority of the electorate, especially the Gen-Y,” he said."

    Hello lancau,

    Your own party ONLY admits Cinapek, lah!

    (Not many, I guess, if you only have 7 seats).

    Whst a hypocrite.

    These MCA morons don't even whisper when Umngok plays racial politics against the Cinapek, because they fundamentally only exist so the Chinese towkays can get a slice of Umno corruption via Ali-Baba arrangements (Genting is knee-deep in 1MDB.)

    I give up.

    The Chinese are very confused.

    Some are confused, fat and blobby too.

    1. Yeah, quite bizarre MCA craps......they are 100% one race, but they can criticize others for setting up 100% bumi party? Logic tarak langsung.....kalo MCA mampus terus, umno peduli ape pulak? Xde kesan pon! Bodoh kayu MCA nih......

  5. MCA pun harapkan ikhsan undi Melayu. Mana ada Cina undi MCA. Keahlian MCA pun agaknya cukup makan untuk berdrama dlm BN. Tu pun nak mengata orang lain. Cina mana ada confuse. Diorang memang pandai main politik, asalkan mereka sentiasa untung

    1. Annie,

      Alamak, Gelakan jumps on the bandwagon......

      "KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — Existing race-based political parties were formed under different circumstances, Gerakan president Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong said when joining criticism of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s proposed Bumiputera-only party.

      Expressing disappointment at the former prime minister, he said that new parties no longer have to contend with the historical factors that previously necessitated political parties to be communal.

      Umno, MIC, and MCA all restrict their membership according to race.

      “I’m a bit disappointed because it is now 2016. For a leader who always talked about ‘Vision 2020’ and a united Malaysia, this is very disappointing."

      Mah, lu punyak multilacial parti semuaaaa cina Mah. Sama itu DAP Mah. So talak beza jugak, Mah.

      How lah Mah?

      Thank god your party is as relevant as a mosquito.

    2. more MCA craps........

      "Lua also urged PAS to explain whether the amputation would be carried out immediately after judgement is delivered, and if they were considering “re-attaching” the limb of the accused if the Court of Appeals or the Federal Court overturns the decision of the lower courts.

      Lua said that PAS is not “saving society by sacrificing the offender” as it exhorts.

      “On the contrary, PAS is creating a blood-thirsty society hungry for gory savagery and graphic images,” he said."

      Eh eh eh, Ah Beng.

      Ko pi tanya Pokjib 2.6 Beliyon & Jamil Khir al-Golfing & Shopping YAPEIM. Ko pi tanys Kak Lina Lesbo. Sape sokong Hadi punya private member hudud bill tu?

      Sape main politik dgn hudud, if not Umno, doh?

      MCA & Umngok satu parti, kan?

      So?..........korang semua mabuk ketum, rupanya........

    3. What about Mahathir's war chest of RM5.0 Billion? Mana dapat duit kalau bukan curi duit rakyat? Anak-anak Mahathir semua billionaire, tak kan menabung dari kecil pulak?


    4. While you are at it, 05.44, why not increase the figure to RM50 billion?

      After all, RM5 billion is just chicken feed to Jibby.

      And why just limit to "anak-anak Mahathir"?

      Why not all his siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, the whole lot?

      That would be more fun.

  6. years ago, Gerakan conducted the meetings in Chinese , I don't know about it now. Can somebody enlighten me? Been out of touch for quite some time

  7. Mabuk ketum ke mabuk politik samaje. Dua2 mabuk dan cinta dunia.

  8. Laaa..I know this Ben Tan la..In my mind I thought you Annie(at least in my opinion) suits him kalau become his couple..I never knew u but from your blog u gave away yr character..ThisBen guy is bujang terlajak for so long..I even know same girl he tried to hitch before..
    Tak tau pulak u hate him..


  9. Najib kata dia dianiayai kerana enggan di bosskan oleh Mahathir. alasan tak siuman apa ini? Bukan Mahathir yang suruh Najib bantai berbilion billion. jangan salahkan orang lain, kalau kita sendiri melakukan kejahatan.Sehingga kita USD7-8 billion tidak dapat dikesan. Kita melihat dalam akaun2 yang salah agak nya? Kalau Najib dan Idris haron hendak jadi bodoh, tidak mengapa. jangan seret bangsa Melayu jadi bangsa yang bodoh dan tidak bermoral.

    Bila Dato Najib kata kepada ahli UMNO, ianya benar- jangan lindungi dia, lindungi UMNO daripada orang seperti nya. Jika UMNO itu terdiri dari orang Melayu dan agama mereka Islam, mereka tidak boleh menyokong pencuri, tidak boleh mempertahankan pemimpin yang sentiasa berbohong, yang pecah amanah, yang rasuah dan pemimpin yang jahat dan buruk. Parti seperti ini tidak boleh mewakili bangsa Melayu. Kerana bangsa Melayu bukan bangsa yang mencuri, tidak amanah, sentiasa berbohong dan seumpanaya.

    Orang2 yang mengaitkan musibah yang melanda negara kita ini dengan Dr Mahathir, apa kena otak mereka? bukankah antara Najib dengan Mahathir sudah berlaku dua kali pertukaran- Pak Lah dan Najib sendiri? dan mengaitkan musibah yang kita lalui sekarang dengan Mahathir, adakah ianya menyelesaikan musibah itu? Atau mengurangkan salah laku Najib TUn Razak? pelaku dan penyebab musibah hari ini ialah Najib, BUKAN Mahathir.

  10. The latest exposure by SR that PAS received RM90m from the money stolen from poor rakyat via 1MDB aka the den of thieves has caught PAS with their pants down.Anyway, it is easy to predict what will be their counter-measure the lembu way;

    1) One person has shouted will sue SR.They will then come out with reasons for not suing.
    2) PAS lodged a police report in Kota Bahru-for what? SR is in UK. Thats what we call Lembu.
    3) Finally the chief crook of PAS-Hadi Awang will come out with his stereotype statement- SR must produce 4 witnesses. Kertas tak boleh bercakap. Case closed.

    The most dangerous people are people who manipulates religion for political benefit-like PAS. Remember Mustafa Ali in a hotel room having a go? CCTV besi tak boleh bercakap and case closed.

    But in the case of 1MDB, Jho Low, Riza Aziz and the BOD of 1MDB boleh bercakap,why Hadi is not interested to ask them? Because RM 90m is already in the pocket.

  11. A little surprised you haven't mentioned DSN Visit to Dr M in hospital shown in Sinar Harian ?