Thursday 4 August 2016

An asam pedas lunch and some sorts of sate dinner

Yesterday was an exceptionally nice day for me.

A friend, who is a very prominent pro-Najib blogger invited me for lunch in the morning.

Told him I didn't feel like going out because the air conditioning of my car went kaput the previous evening.

I didn't feel like getting trapped in the afternoon traffic jam in a car without air conditioning.

But my friend offered to help by guiding me to a car accessories shop that he knows which will give me special deal to fix the problem.

After that we went for lunch and were joined by another very prominent pro-Najib blogger and a young, rich and handsome Chinese guy.

We had an asam pedas lunch.

It was all very pleasant.

Well, of course I can't tell you all exactly what we discussed but suffice to say that if a certain person knows what it was all about, she would had flipped in anger and rage of jealousy and probably died of a heart attack too :)

Eh, no need to go into that, okay.

I'm trying to be nice these days.

Anyway, I wish I can have lunch like that with my friends from the Dr Mahathir's camp too.

Honestly, I miss them.

I know that they were weary of me because I choose to be neutral rather then siding with them.

I understand why they feel that way about me and therefore I don't want to disturb them.

Whatever it is, I still consider them as my friends and hope we can hang out together again someday after all these fightings are over.

Later in the evening, I had some sorts of a nice sate dinner with another gang of friends.

Two foreign guys and a very beautiful Chinese girl.

We talked about a lot of things including politics.

My foreign friends think that BN may seems to be in trouble now, but it will pull through the next general election.

"As long as your government can keep the economy going and the people do not suffer directly from its policies, BN will win again," said one of them.

"And they are doing exactly that."

The guy actually spent some time in Sungai Besar during the recent by-election and made quite an interesting observation.

"I was at one of the Amanah ceramah in Sekinchan and there was Tony Pua (of DAP) on stage talking about the 1MDB issue. I noticed that the crowd looking bored and not understanding what he was talking about," he said.

He then went on about how and why the 1MDB issue will not have much impact among the ordinary people.

"It's too complicated and as long as the people don't directly feel that anyone is taking money out of their pocket, they will not be too concerned.

"And on top of all that, the opposition parties are tearing themselves apart. It's beyond me how they are going into the next general election with any hope of defeating BN."

My other foreign friend was of the same opinion.

But he also offered some consolation words.

"You all Malaysians complain quite a bit, but, don't you know that people in other parts of the world are complaining too?" he asked.

The guy travels a lot because of his work.

"People in Cambodia complain about things in their country, so do people in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc. People in Singapore also complain about how things are down there.

"And you know what? People in New York, London and Tokyo are also complaining about things in their country.

'So, after everyone had done complaining, where should they go to?

"It's the same everywhere.

'Actually your country is not so bad,' he said.

I nonetheless cautioned the guys that BN is still at risk and should not get too cocky.

'If they get too cocky, they will do stupid things. That happened a lot with Umno people. And once they get stupid, the people can get so angry with them up to a point where the people don't care anymore about anything except that they just want to vote Umno and BN out."

That was what happened during the runs up to last two general elections.

BN was shaken quite a lot because of that.

The key words are "cocky" and "stupid".

Then the very beautiful Chinese lady suddenly spoke,

"I think my mom is siding with Umno," she said.

"Why you say that?" I asked, quite surprised.

I always thought that she and her whole family are supporting DAP.

She gave me an answer which really made sense.

I wish I can write exactly what she said about the whole thing here but I know that she will kill me if she reads it.

Her elderly mother who mostly lives in Singapore had actually been going around telling everyone about how good is Malaysia and its government.

You all simply have to trust me on this one - not all Chinese are supporting DAP or hate BN.

If you are a Malay, please don't believe anyone who comes to you and says, "Ini Cina semua jahat mau ambik hak Melayu. Saya tau sebab saya Cina."

Those are hatemongers whom I suspect were trying to turn Malays into crazy racists so that the world will later on turn around and condemn them for that.

Malays should ignore those bad people.

Hopefully they will, okay.


  1. "You all Malaysians complain quite a bit, but, don't you know that people in other parts of the world are complaining too?" he asked.

    Pls inform your cocky friend that various people in other parts of the world complain about different other things and our present predicament in Malaysia is about a humongous embezzlement of our national treasury by our nombor 1 official!

    Hey madam,can ask one question:
    If it's not your period of the month but you're bleeding down there and oozing stinking something (while all the females around you are complaining about the GST and expensive hair-dos) won't you be worried sick and running to your doctor? Or will that be complaining quite a bit?

    1. Anon 15.27,

      "If it's not your period of the month but you're bleeding down there and oozing stinking something "

      Eeerr.. not sure if you realised that if your mother was unable to bleed down there and ooze "stinking something" you would not be around to write comments on blogs.

      Just saying, lah, ok?

    2. for your mom's sake and mine too .... we better save this land baby

      Look out for the land rush, it's coming day by day.
      Said, get ready for the land rush, it's headed right your way.
      Look what you're paying, to live on your land,
      And most folks don't even have some, but I don't understand.

      Spread the news across the land, and just do the best you can,
      All we've got is just the land; take a stand, save this land.

      Sometimes I sit here thinking, but all the answers just don't appear.
      I'm calling to my brothers and sisters, let's get together and kill this fear.
      There ain't really gonna' be much to it. we can control the thing if we try.
      With just a little more understanding, the whole world will get by.

    3. Never ever oozing stink like a Wolf on Wall Street using citizen's hard-earned blood sweat tears!

  2. Sorry, I tak baca habis Annie's rambeling about UMNO/BN
    akan menang dalam PRU14 dan Najib akan terus jadi PM
    walaupuna da party baru dalam geng pembangkang. This is
    normal way when people are being defensive on certain thing. No need to ramblelah Annie, just leave it to nature - untung sabut timbul. Untung batu tenggelam.
    Just want to ask U one question.
    Kalau suntik HORMON -PENUAAN, boleh ke halang IZRAIL
    datang memanggil............??????
    Hope this tipic was discussed too while U people enjoy
    the ikan masak asam pedas & later on, sate in the evening.


  3. OK latest from yr friends(?) Lil Ms Annie
    in the Dr Mahathir's camp/ TS Muhyiddin-led Bumi-only party:

    " After what very prolonged and heated debate, YAB Tun told DS Khairuddin to appoint DSP Mukhriz as .. err Timbalan"

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. ko nih lebih suka dedak itik atau dedak babi, wahai Mangkuk Zina?........nah pi mintak kak ros ler.......palui


    2. Oh what was all that from you Sdr ANON(?) 16:59
      if its anything more to add on Newparty ada?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Hina Mukhriz pulak? Penyakit hasad dengki ye?

      Bertaubatlah, Saudara M Zin.

      Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda :

      ‏أربع من كن فيه كان منافقا خالصا ومن كانت فيه ‏ ‏خلة ‏ ‏منهن كانت فيه ‏ ‏خلة ‏ ‏من نفاق حتى يدعها إذا حدث كذب وإذا عاهد غدر وإذا وعد أخلف وإذا خاصم ‏ ‏فجر

      "Ada empat perkara bahwa sesiapa yang mempunyai empat perkara tersebut, maka dia merupakan seorang Munafik. Sesiapa yang bersifat dengan salah satu daripadanya bererti dia telah bersifat kemunafikan, sehinggalah dia meninggalkannya. Empat perkara itu adalah:

      1)apabila bercakap dia berbohong,

      2)apabila membuat persetujuan dia mengkhianati,

      3)apabila berjanji dia menyalahi dan

      4) apabila berlaku pertikaian dia melampaui batas (pada tindakannya)"



    4. Hina siapa menghina DSP Mukhriz(?) Sdr ANON 20:46
      kerana beliau memang layak, nanti ganti bakal President TS Muhyiddin pun layak

      Ya saya in-sya-Allah bertaubat setiap hari. Why pick on me(?) tak tegur pulak nauzubi 'Llah bahasa cukup menghina terhadap LoA dan bahasa Sdr ANON 16:59?

      ( bukan No 4?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. Tolong berhenti menyebarkan khabar angin tu, saudara.

      “Wahai orang beriman, jika datang kepada kamu seorang fasik membawa sesuatu berita, maka selidik (untuk menentukan) kebenarannya, supaya kamu tidak menimpakan sesuatu kaum dengan perkara yang tidak diingini dengan sebab kejahilan kamu (mengenainya) sehingga menyebabkan kamu menyesali perkara yang kamu lakukan.”

      (Surah al-Hujurat, ayat 6)


    6. Alaa fitnah disini jauh lebih dahsyat kan(?) Sdr ANON 23:50
      berbanding ramalan " " saya berkenaan parti baru tu, yang kita akan maklum in-sya-Allah tak lama lagi siapa Timbalan-nya
      ( happy to be proven wrong)

      Sudahlah, just quit the hypocritical just because it concerns pemimpin kesayangan kita YAB Tun?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Tuan Haji Md. Zin,

      Dia orang yang pro-Mahathir ni tak ubah macam RBA DAP. Tapi kita tak heran pun kerana ketua masing-masing iaitu Mahathir dan Lim Kit Siang yang dulu musuh ketat sekarang sudah tidur sebantal. Nak tengok samada Mahathir akan menyertai Bersih, hahaha, amat lucu sekali!


    8. Mereka tak segan silu menghina Melayu, Sdr ANON 04:23
      macam cuba melemahkan semangat orang Melayu dan pemimpin Melayu. Orang biasa kalau marah pun bahasanya tak sebegitu tetatur kan?

      Rasanya mereka lebih lebih $ professional drp RBA, ada?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    9. Sape yg "hypocritical" tu, saudara? Sy kurang paham maksud saudara, minta maaf.

      Sekiranya Najib masih PM, saya tidak akan menyokong Parti Najib (sebelum ini dikenali Umno yang sememangnya saya sokong dulu)....InsyaAllah jika parti baru ini menjadi kenyataan,s aya akan menyokong parti baru ini demi masa depan generasi akan datang serta mengembalikan semula maruah /nama baik negara yang dirosakkan teruk oleh Najib.

      Terima kasih.


  4. fat soh punya commenter kicks her in the face........

    "Quote,” One populist Melayu blogger has allowed his airhead blog to become the vehicle of opposition black propaganda.

    His Malay readers – who are hardcore Protuns – are being brainwashed into becoming parrots who mindlessly repeat pro-Chinese soundbites and pro-Christian talking points.” unquote.

    Ya right (fat soh). Malay readers are bodoh people, like what you incline to believe. Malay readers are easily duped by bloggers. Malays are gullible, easily manipulated by DAP. Malays need orang Cina macam you to caution them not to be stupid. You are the one who can help Malays to not be fooled by peoples/bloggers you don’t like. You are Malay savior. Yeeehaaa!

    But your Malay readers mostly pro-Jib are smarter than the proTuns Malays? Arrogant thinking.

    You just showed your true colors. You look down on Malays, You are just like the DAPricks though. Jijik laaa..."

    kih kih kih.........RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

    why malay need fat chinaman like fat soh to advice us?.........

    'You are Malay savior. Yeeehaaa!'



    1. Fat soh who(?) Muslims follow that Malaysian Chinese, Sdr ANON 16:57
      Dr Ridhuan on weekly TV Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. leeluan tee sama geng dgn fat soh ler.....bodek for dedak.......sound familiar to you I guees?


    3. Whatever you call him(?) Sdr ANON 31:43
      Dr Tees prime-time media reach to Muslims beats any blog a 1000 X
      and he covers much more than your what politicals

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. that Ah Soh DAP think tank pretending to be Umno supporter, despise MCA, hates Hannah Yeoh bla bla in order to create havoc from within Umno. She's succeeding btw. She's now Umno saviour . No wonder she thinks all Malays are stupid when a person like her can infiltrate Umno

    5. Ridhuan Tee is infested with islamist politics...Singapore didn't allow him entry also


  5. ~ World Economic Forum (WEF) Switzerland ~

    Debateable but fair comments fr yr foreign friends Lil sis Ms Annie
    and this is the latest report on Malaysia by WEF Economist, Sdr Gemma
    ( May 31st 2016)

    " A comparatively low level of corruption is among the country’s strengths, with Malaysia ranking top among the 26 countries in the upper-middle-income range for indicators such as ethical behaviour of companies and public trust in politicians

    Relatedly, it scores top on a measure of avoiding market dominance by incumbents"

    Hmmm but OK-lah to hear quite the opposite comments earlier
    but alaa why so insulting expletives from Sdr ANON 16:59?

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Melayu kena beware of overweight chinese individuals freely offering advice.

    Look at jho low.

    Look at Fei Poh aka Fat Soh aka self-appointed umno founder and defender of the ummah.

    I hope you enjoyed your lunch, annie. Tell us lah what you guys said about we-all-know-who. Share share, don't be a spoil sport.

    I think her days are numbered. She's so extreme like donald trump that her rantings have become a joke.

    Good comedic relief.

    1. "her rantings have become a joke." Yah...but just as repetitive as ever la. Dunno why the few morons (or rather her fake user names???) don't die of boredom. Ugly woman calling other womans ugly, then this fat DAP operative calling Annie a DAP operative??? Better puts fat soh in mental ward. She can talk to herself 24 hours. Ha ha!

  7. "If you are a Malay, please don't believe anyone who comes to you and says, "Ini Cina semua jahat mau ambik hak Melayu. Saya tau sebab saya Cina."


    Do we really need to care about what the Chinese think?

    They are becoming an extinct species.

    The Malaysian Chinese are declining in number by 2.5% a year. Due to low birth rate plus migration. They will soon become quite irrelevant.

    (I'm guessing Ustazah Blobby Khinzir is just sucking up in advance. Though I think most Malays can see through the sudden flip-flop of this cellulite-infested Malaysiakini and DAP reject.)

    The real battle is to get rid of the disease called Parti Najib. It's truly puke-worthy to hear today some Umno mangkuk saying that Allah will not support a party built on revenge.

    What "revenge?"

    The DOJ evidence shows 100% that TSMY and Tun were 100% right about 1MDB. All along.

    The liar and thief was always the Boogeese pirate.

    He must go.

    I guess some lumps of lard might get their PMO funds cut off. Hey, too bad. You can maybe get a job as an Islamic academic, whoops unless people can remember what you used to say about Islam.

    So much hypocrisy, so much flab.

    Sad case.

    1. "......cellulite-infested Malaysiakini and DAP reject"

      HA HA HA HA!

      Yah, that's fat soh alright.

    2. "The DOJ evidence shows 100% that TSMY and Tun were 100% right about 1MDB. All along." This is true, and also it proves why Najib is not suing the WSJ after one year plus. All the facts laid out by WSJ are being confirmed in the DOJ 136 pages.


      a) Najib was lying from Day 1.

      b) The "donation" WAS from 1MDB.

      c) The guy is a thief.

      Simple kan?

    3. that evidence u say doj got is from tun m n khairuddin lah ngokkkkkk. tsmy??? dia kan ckp tak tau apa2 psl 1 mdb...parrot jer ...angguk n repeat what tun m the mamak kutty ckp.
      doj still investigating...skrg just allegations saja lahhhh....u faham ke tak pc aritu? kalau x faham diam jer.....skrg kita tunggu jer final report and action from doj....meanwhile jho low n reza still free as u and x payah nak finger pointing sape2...FAHAM???


    4. Sini rasanya ada hadir seorang dua mercenary editors DS Khairuddin, Sdr ANON 22:27
      recognisable by their dismisal of others level of English ability, ada?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. "recognisable by their dismisal of others level of English ability, ada?"...........WOIIIIIIII, Mangkuk Zina, apebende tu 'DISMISAL', beruk sial? 'DISMISSAL', lah........ko sekolah kat longkong mana tu? Goblok betui engko nie

    6. LOL, so Mangkuk Zin's English is DISMAL : )


    7. Many readers are already dismisal of foul-mouthed trolls, Sdr ANONs 01:17, 07:39 and others here

      Dialogue wish:
      Many disagree and convince us with best non-personal reasoned arguments

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  8. Dalam sejarah UMNO, bisnes mesti bankrap, baru boleh buat untung. Namakan apa saja institusi yg untung semasa UMNO memerintah, tak banyak. 98% rugi. Tapi masih mewah beroperasi dan berbelanja. MAS, BIMB, 1MDB?? namakan saja.. lagi rugi, lagi UMNO buat duit dan pemimpin yg linked dgn syarikat gomen tu bertambah kayos gilos secara exponential!!!.

    Nak modal, sumer tersedia. Duit tak bertuntut TH ada 27 billion. KWSP, KWAP, LHDN, Imegresen.. berbillion!! ini sumer perolehan modal tanpa buat kerja. Tahan bubu ja siang dan malam.

    Petronas adalah tabung petty cash. Trillion beb!! Anak bini kaum kerabat nak pakai modal berniaga, meh sini!! Kalo untung, hak kita. Kalo rugi, bleh amik modal percuma lagi. Bayar balik boley... jual aset, masuk akaun sendiri lagi. Modal mcm air laut. Isi borang sekeping A4 jer, sejam lulus!!

  9. "It's too complicated and as long as the people don't directly feel that anyone is taking money out of their pocket, they will not be too concerned.

    tambah skit ye...

    org kpg…as long as dia org besar n dia org pandai …we ve nothing to be worried about.

    org umno…as long as we missed nothing… its not a good hing to worry about.

    org pas….as long as tok ketua says nothing….we shall not too

    org agama….as long as we didnt forfeit d 5 cornerstones……. selamat

    1. Manusia munafik tak ada rasa malu dengan Allah dan RasulNya. Mereka boleh menyebut nama Allah untuk tujuan kepentingan duniawi dengan tanpa rasa takut.
      Namun segala kata-kata dan sumpah sudah pun dicatit oleh malaikat disimpan sehingga sampai masanya akan dibacakan di hadapan Allah, Hakim yang maha adil lagi maha bijaksana.

      Maka di akhirat nanti jadilah manusia munafik itu manusia yang penuh dengan kesalan kerana amanah tidak ditunaikan secara hak.

      Malah menanggung siksa atas dosa bersubahat.

    2. Disarankan semua pemimpin BN/UMNO khasnya Najib Razak sebagai boss no satu dalam BN/UMNO  jangan cuba bermain api isu kaum dan ugama. Rakyat sedar hampir 99.5 peratus pemimpin UMNO/BN penipu dan pengkhianat dan bersifat munafik.

      Jagalah segala maruah diri dan bangsa. Rakyat sudah tertipu dengan idea dan saranan serta “transformasi” ekonomi dan politik yang dilaungkan oleh Najib Razak.

      Wahai Najib Razak dan UMNO rakyat Malaysia sekarang cukup tertekan dengan isu harga barang yang naik, isu kaum melayu yang bunuh diri, isu moral pemimpin UMNO dan isu moral kaum remaja melayu, isu kaum melayu puluhan ribu yang tercicir dalam pelajaran, isu kaum belia melayu yang hanyut dan tidak ada pekerajaan sekadar tamat tingkatan lima sahaja.

    3. Umno = Parti Najib; dan pembodek2 dia spt Keruak, Rahman, mat Azalina, Nazri, Nan Mansor, Mail, Sabery, Jamal Ikan dan lain2 yg disumbat dedak. Lain2 ahli yg masih tinggal adalah melayu 2 bodoh saje...

  10. That beautiful chinese women is a bimbo and stupid because she just made that statement to get laid with foreigner. These days mainland china women is always chasing white prince foreigner to lick and have sex with his blessed white wood

    1. That beautiful Chinese woman is not a bimbo and she is not interested to get laid by foreigner or local.

    2. The only thing that is straight about a Chinese is their hair, a mat saleh once told me. And till now it holds true. In front of you, they said nice things and support govt but at the poll booth they become ABU

  11. That white degenerates said that
    "Your country isnt too bad"
    I said
    Kepala hotak kau bangsat
    Malay people arent stupid as you because we always seek ways to improve economy
    Not trying to bring it down, you living white garbage
    And few days ago rosmah was reported to use public money of 1 million for her anti aging regimen and rejuvenation?
    Use your own god damn money rosmah moron
    Why should we pay for her god damn disgusting face?
    She better keep her filthy hands off 1mdb/public money
    We malaysians wont be sitting ducks being robbed while the corrupt live like kings
    Your country isnt too bad? Excuse me??
    Listen to me you moron, the osa must be retracted and najib must sue wall street journal once and for all
    Stop pussy footing around and acts like god in front of tv3 stage

    1. My foreign friends are not whites.

    2. Thats ok if thats true
      But the most important things is that najib must out
      His money politics is clearly illegal
      Im sure that your little dinner of asam pedas and satay will not change the general opinion of urban voters


    3. Not overfond of the lady DS, Sdr ANON 20:38
      1 million for anti-aging .. tanda terang munafik No 1) berbohong tak ada?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Ko nih munafik no 1 & mangkuk no 1, pi mampuih ler Si Mangkuk Zina tolol sial.......

    5. Wow what a language, Anon 1:19! I hope you're not a Malay and Muslim!

    6. Ahem---hem---hem, 04:32, I would bet that Mangkuk Zin(as he's been called)would claim to be both of these,yet he goes round calling other people 'fart" and "superfart'. So your point is, ummmm what actually? That we should all be hypocrates like Zinny Boy?


    7. TQ wal hamduli 'Llah for your concern Sdr ANON 04:32
      about such waste of opportunity to in-sya-Allah celebrate differences with greater adab here at LoA

      Have a great day and the best weekend!

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Q. What do you get when you cross-breed a witch with a daylight robber?
      a FLOM with an XXXL-sized ego ...hehehe


    9. I called Hew not superwhat(?) but superfart Sdr ANON 07:43
      once because he promised on video that the Sarawak Malay DAP candidate will screw the Malays.

      What did I do you(?) you can continue to give people worse names thats your choice

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. It is so true, not all chinese support DAP. BN has been running this country quite well,though there are some problems here and there, which are all manageable, and many chinese businessmen are quite happy for being able to do business and earn money. But things turn ugly and unbearable when a new leader takes over and start to steal the country's money for his family and buddies benefit, creating many problems for the rakyat when prices of essential goods started to skyrocket because of the financial impact from the financial scandal.

    The work of this one man is going to ruin the country and the rakyat is going to suffer even more. Now instead of asking this man to resign and be replaced by someone else, the party people continue supporting him and indirectly supporting his action that can lead to the destruction of the country.

    Actually there are other capable leader in the ruling party that can lead this country. The faster they ask the current leader to step down the better as the financial scandal has become global and the whole world knows about it and the financial impact will get worse not to mention the reputation of the country is going downhill,and this scandal is bringing much shame to people of this country, especially those who has to travel to other parts of the world and being ask about this scandal.
    As for the next GE, I also believe BN will win, but the problem will persist if the same people lead this country.

    1. Chinese supports BN? Maybe 5% la, no big deal. Don't be delusional! Even the Umno loving Ah Soh hates MCA and Gerakan, and you think Chinese support the govt? As always Chinese will lull the govt into thinking so, and will drop their bombshell during GE

    2. ah soh is founder of DAP......flip flop.....founder of umno! Wallah!


  13. Hi Annie,

    Just want to make a passing comment on the narrow-mindedness of some urban Chinese.

    Tun's new party is Bumi-based (as it should be.) But this apparently is not good enough for some of the Chinese.

    Let me quote from comments posted on Ustazah Blobby's former employer, Malaysiakini:

    "Already very thick Umno DNA in this new party, now want to restrict its membership to Malay/Bumni only? Do we need another Umno?"


    "So another racist party in the making. What is wrong with the Malays that you need to fight for them? We need to fight against corruption and racism and uphold the rights of all Malaysians. As long as the it's another racist party, we are doomed."


    "If this new party is populated by UMNO's rejects they'll operate just like their 'mother' party. "There's little hope of progress if all they achieve is replace UMNO with a replica bearing a new name. Real progress would be made if the new party was non-race based and captures the sentiments of all who are like minded for the advancement of Malaysia."

    Wake up, please, Chinese.

    The DAP is also a one-race party.

    Yes, deal with it.

    So why criticise a party for being Malay-only?

    No logic.

    These DAP folks cannot tell the difference between "RACE-BASED" and "RACIST".

    The MCA and MIC are both "RACE-BASED" (and currently dying), so if Chinese and Indians are dumb enough to vote for them, then are they racist?

    The Chinese cannot say to the rest of Malaysia, "we have two Chinamen parties (actually 3, but Gerakan are a joke) but the Malays are not allowed to."

    It's quite silly.

    Hope you catch my overall drift - not being racist but just working from a logical basis.

    The urban Chinese are not thinking with clarity.

    1. Yes. I agree with mdzfrs.
      Wonder why 'someone' said you're a RBA and LoA is infested with them. I don't see any hatred at all in what you wrote.

    2. agree whole-heartedly. And Ah Soh is showing her true DAP colour, anti Malay as we all know, though Umno is blinded. Having friends like Ah Soh HA, who needs enemy!!! Musuh dalam selimut itu Ah Soh. Wake up la Umno and Malays who are duped by her baju kurung and kononnya anti DAP sentiments...

    3. mdzfrs,

      "The DAP is also a one-race party.

      Yes, deal with it."

      Actually, the DAP was never a one-race party.

      It is just that over the years, the Malays and the Indians have been seduced by UMNO and MIC, while the Chinese were split between MCA and DAP.

      DAP has probably realised that the dominance of the Chinese within DAP has not been good for it and hence we see the likes of Gobind Singh, his younger brother(?), Dyana whats-her-name, etc stepping up to present a more multi-ethnic face to DAP.

      Will the multi-ethnic tactic work?

      I believe the tactic can work and hence the reason why UMNO, MCA and MIC are really bashing the hell out of DAP in the hope that the DAP multi-ethnic strategy will not work.

      Has the tactic worked?

      I dunno.

      Ring Lim Kit Siang and ask him :)

  14. Anon 1825 said:-

    "Melayu kena beware of overweight chinese individuals freely offering advice."

    That's totally untrue.

    The fact is, Najib have a penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen and wasting billions of Rakyat's money. He even admitted in Parliament, spending RM7.2 Billion on Advisers and Consultants, just 5 years into his tenure.

    Remember Razak Baginda who went on a jet-setting lifestyle in kafir-countries, after receiving 'consultation fees' from us, the taxpayers?
    It had been 14 years since, but still haunting UMNO and BN at every GE.

    Not to mention Deepak Carpet who got RM30 million, interest-free loan from Bank Rakyat.

    But Jho Low went even further. He held a mega-booze wild-party with Hollywood's infamous sexy celebrity, Paris Hilton. Or it was Reza's idea, to start the ball rolling on his film-making venture, The Wolf of Wall-Street. The publicity sting worked. California and the US went abuzz with news of the wealthy Chinaman, after Paparazzi took pictures of Paris Hilton partying with him, then sold them to media outlets.

    Obviously, Jho Low's mega-party raised a lot of eyebrows in Hollywood and the US. This itself is sort of, a betrayal to Najib and his band of thieves. In-fact, its the smoking-gun that led SR, WSJ and New Times investigative report on 1MDB. Hence the precursor to that so called, 'conspiracy' to overthrow Najib alone or maybe, the legitimate government of Malaysia.

    Therefore, if there exist foreign interference or aggression against Malaysia, it was Najib's 1MDB that gave the enemy the opportunity to do so.

  15. TV3 suku news earlier showing Najib being interviewed by a pre-arranged reporter in Indonesia. He started off by critizing Mahathir, which is a very childish and unbecoming behaviour of a so-called Prime Minister. Now I know where Annie learn this childish behaviour like writing about armpit, cium tangan,now Asam Pedas and god knows whats next –maybe Gunting Rambut or Ikan Bakar Sekinchan. And Annie will get very personal if anyone exposes about UMNO wrongdoings.

    When asked about 1MDB, he replied that 1MDB has nothing got to do with the government or him. So is he saying that 1MDB is a private entity maybe owned by Ananda Krishna or YTL? And Riza Aziz is the stepson of Anwar or Guan Eng?Such a liar and we can clearly see his face which is full of lies, apart from shit of course. We do not know what kind of person he is- Is he a compulsive liar ;a pathological liar ;a chronic liar ;or a habitual liar? Maybe none or all of those.

  16. You are sounding just like that 'babe' among the pro-Najib bloggers. Writing about what and where you are eating everyday...and what a nice day it is..
    Guess the temptation is just too get to write just about those stuffs and not bitching about being proJib or Protun...:)