Wednesday 31 August 2016

A message on Hari Merdeka

A Chinese lady sent me this via Wassap earlier this evening,

She said it's for former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman and another person.

She probably read this posting of mine,

Thanks Miss.

Since it's Merdeka Day and it's a quote of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the "Bapa Kemerdekaan" of Malaysia, I decided to share it with you all.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.


  1. To our dearest Bapa Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman - may his soul rest in peace among heavenly assemblies.

  2. Dear Annie.

    I bet that "another person" must be Dr.M.

    1. Sorry RD. That "another person" is not Dr M.

    2. Of course not Dr M.

      The most crook is Najib, why pick Dr M? Hello

    3. The most crook is Najib, ya.

      Bila lah agaknya rakyat kita akn Merdeka dari pemimpin2 Umno ni yg bergelumang dgn najis rasuah dan menyamun duit rakyat.

      Kaum mereka kaya raya tp rakyat menderita.

  3. In the spirit of Merdeka the quote must be expanded to cover BM. It goes simething like this - if you think your BM is sufficiently good, then there are many Baglas or Burmese who speak better Malay then you.

    Salam merdek

    1. Cuba lihat di KLCC, Kompleks Kotaraya, Chow Kit. Bangsa apa kah paling ramai hari ini..? Mungkin pagi tadi yang dinamakan bangsa Malaysia ramai di dataran, tetapi di waktu ini bangsa asing menguasai seluruh kawasan yang saya sebutkan tadi. Merdekakah kita dengan kebanjiran bangea asing ini...

      Merdekakah kita jika kita tidak berapa selesa berada di KLCC, Kotaraya,Chow Kit di waktu ini. Seperti berada di negara asing. Bukan di Kuala Lumpur, ibu negara Malaysia.

    2. Strangely some of them speak better Malay than the 3rd or 4th generation arrivals. The latter are still struggling to differentiate "terburu-buru" from "terbulu-bulu". Can they understand what "merdeka" means?

    3. Anon 17:19

      I prefer them anytime over the Chinese yang bodoh sombong. Less than 3 months here, they can already master BM. Orang Cina duduk berkurun-kurun masih tak masih BM. This means the arrogant Chinese refuse to assimilate with orang Melayu because they always think they are better than the Malays. Better in what way? Kaki pengotor, kaki penipu ada lah.

  4. Also from Tunku:

    "We must each always think first of Malaysia, of the national need and least of ourselves…everyone must try to help and see that the people are one-minded, with loyalty and one aim, to make Malaysia – the land we love – a happy abode for all of us. If we all do this then we can guarantee liberty, security, prosperity and happiness for the future."

    And then you have the sixth PM stealing money so her boiboi can make soft porn movies with OUR public cash.

    Cantik tu.

    Yes, we have fallen a long way since the time of our founding fathers.

    1. you know lah who is our 6th PM.....pakai baju kurung XXXXXXXXL, betul tak?

    2. pakai baju kurung XXXXXXXXL, chinese, fat, female, always repeat blog post........sape nih? Cuba teka.......hmmmmm

  5. Meanwhile, PAS Vice-President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Attorney-General to reopen the 1MDB case and the money that was deposited into Najib’s personal bank account.

    “This is to avoid any foreign investigation into domestic matters.”

    He also asked if Rahman had sought confirmation from the Cabinet and the Prime Minister before confirming MO1 was Najib.

    “Does it mean there is some basis to DoJ’s lawsuits?” he asked in a statement.

    Tuan Ibrahim asked Rahman to provide clarification about the money deposited into Najib’s personal account.

    “Since Rahman has confirmed that Najib is MO1, he should also clarify on the donations from the Middle East. Was that a fairy tale?”

    1. Wow, I think ARD has buried his boss. SEE BBC. REPORT

      "Abdul Rahman was quoted by the BBC today confirming that the MO1 mentioned 36 times in the DOJ civil suit is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak."

      I think this moron don't understand that DOJ document prove that MO1 got the money from 1MDB bond. From UAE deal. (aabar & IPIC) So the donation,,is confirmed FAKE!!!! So funny, Biggest kaki bodek in cabinet become confirmer that NAJIB STOLE FROM 1MDB!!!!

    2. Sebenarnya semua menteri2 dan ahli umno memang tahu yang MO1 itu adalah Najib tetapi mereka sengaja memembodohkan diri untuk menjaga hati najib dan Rosmah sebab takut hilang jawatan dan lain2 kemudahan seperti projek dan tenderyang berkaitan dengan kerajaan.

      Dalam situasi begini Mereka lebih mengutamakan periuk nasi masing2 dan melupakan rakyat yang telah memilih mereka.

      Dan akhirnya rakyat yang menjadi mangsa membayar hutang selain kenaikan subsidi dan perlaksanaan GST yang amat membebankan rakyat.

    3. Comfort us o Lord! the Chief Deceiver is shoving us down into Hateful Madness

    4. No doubt about it, Rahman Dahlan has implicitly named him the Prime Minister Najib is the Malaysian Official 1. Was he caught in his own stupid acts?

      Likewise we are not really sure how to measure his foolishness and stupidity. Can you believe it, a senior inept Minister of Najib's administration proudly wants to portray himself being brawny. Debunked; Rahman is lacking of good sense and exhibit a zero in intelligence.

      Apparently, he carries the soulless eyes of Ummo. What do we expect from those who joined Umno by certification 25 years ago. Because of many of these certified hypocrites in Umno, influx of Umno's members are saying Sayonara to rotten Najib's Umno.

  6. najib is Malaysia official 1
    macai: mana bukti? mana bukti? tak betul fitnah!
    bersyukur lah sikit
    bersyukur lah sikit
    bersyukur lah sikit
    thats good to hear, i hope hell spend his luxury life in jail
    however we need to be cautious in capturing him
    because najib, rosmah and his machinery tend to make the impossible possible
    impossible shit
    shit like...
    like he will be pardoned for his billion ringgit crime
    like resurrecting the dead
    or something along those lines

    im waiting for the response, good or bad, positive or negative
    either way its going to be super amusing, to the level of hindustan drama story
    and you know what
    pemakan dedak or le`dedakquequntutte will try their very best to prevent najib and their asses to be rot in jail
    i suppose their asses is too holy for that
    is billionaire asses is holy?

    a statement from US Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    Unfortunately, sadly, tragically, a number of corrupt officials treated this public trust as a personal bank account

    1. Di hari itu orang-orang kafir dan orang-orang yang mendurhakai rasul, ingin supaya mereka disama-ratakan dengan tanah, dan mereka tidak dapat menyembunyikan (dari Allah) sesuatu kejadian pun........

      montori montori amno yang beragama Islam bial bercakap suka bohong......tak pernah fikirkah akan setiap kali bohong berdosa.........tak takutkah balasan di akhirat nanti atau pun mereka fikir bial mati habeh cerita jadi tanah
      saja macam mana org kami fikir........

      bahaya hidup lalai dgn ajaran Islam.

    2. '“Stop playing this game. When they failed to mention the name of this MO1, it allowed people to speculate,” added Tajuddin.

      “And that is not wise. But perhaps he (Rahman) has his own reasons for believing that the prime minister is MO1.

      “He has to think if what he did was right or wrong because he’s not a nobody. He’s a minister, a leader. His voice carries weight.”

      The DoJ, in its report in July, claimed that the unnamed MO1 had received USD731 million of allegedly embezzled 1MDB funds.'

      So.......saudi donor, yilek lah.

      Pondan Boogees tu tipu all along, lah.

  7. Sorry, off topic... Zika is already here in Msia. How come there is no media blitz about the dangers of zika? Zika is worst than dengue & the already poor will be worst affected by it. Info Minister & Health Minister, do your job. We have failed with dengue, we cannot afford to fail with zika.

  8. Malaysian politicians and bigwigs need to understand that very shortly indeed they will find themselves treated like North Korean or Zimbabwean madmen when they travel anywhere abroad.

    Najib already dares not travel outside of South East Asia (maybe they might greet him in Turkey, China, Russia or Turkmenistan – or places in the Middle East that want to put Malaysian soldiers offered by Najib in the front of their battle lines).

    The rest of the world knows Malaysia is a place that tolerates their Prime Minister orchestrating the theft of $7 billion US dollars of BORROWED money, then spending it on fixing an election he would have lost and blowing the rest on diamonds, botox, movies, champagne, yachts, mansions and artwork in the West.