Wednesday 17 August 2016

Hoping for cute Chinese to bring home gold

Noticed that someone was trying to be cute just now.

Okay lah. Better than being angry and hateful all the time.

Whatever it is, I think in order to be cute after so much hating, there should be some build up first.

A sudden jump from being hateful to cuteness doesn't really work, okay.

It's just unnatural.

Let's say the objects of cuteness are Chinese, but you have been running down the race for quite a while. You should tone down the hating first before using them to show people that you are cute.

That would be better, isn't it?

This should apply to crazy ultra-Malays who want to throw the Chinese into the sea or self-hating Chinese with a grudge against member/members of his/her own race.

You can't say today "Umat Islam Melayu mesti bersatu bagi menentang Cina dajjal yang mahu merampas kuasa dinegara ini. Percaya lah saya kerana saya pun Cina," and the next day says "Ohhhh...seronoknya. Empat orang Cina Malaysia seperti saya bakal membawa pulang pingat emas untuk negara. Saya bangga pencapaian mereka. Satuuuu Malaysia!!!"

Really. It just doesn't work that way.

Sounds fake, isn't it?

Well, the best is still not to hate our fellow Malaysians just because of their race or religion.

We may disagree on a lot of things but always bear in mind that at the end of the days, we still need to share this country.

It's not so bad to share, okay.

And when something great happens, we can share the joy together.

Genuinely, that is.

All the best to our mixed and male doubles at the Rio Olympics badminton finals.

p.s There was a request for me to put up the picture of our lady shuttler who is among them.

The very pretty Goh Liu Ying. Try not to be jealous of her.
Okay, I'm putting up the pictures of the guys too for good measure.

Chan Peng Soon, who is Goh's partner. Quite handsome too.
Goh V. Shem and Tan Wee Kiong. Very energetic and bersemangat guys. 


  1. kudos to all 4 of them.. when they play badminton, they dont think of them as chinese malaysians, but as malaysians; they wear t-shirts with jalur gemilang prominently displayed; so what r all these politicians bickering about race, red tshirt la, yellow tshirt la; its all hipokrit la so does speak.. when it come to chearing them, all malaysians, malay la, chinese la, indian la, etc etc will be glued to the tv screen... way to go guys; u all have made our country famous

  2. Annie,

    Call me racist if you like when I say that I don't like Chinese men.

    I looove Chinese women and Goh Liu Ying has my double thumbs-up.


    1. Yah, she's pretty hot...

      I think Fat Soh gonna pick on her whether won or lose in Olympic...she cannot stand to see cute chinese woman...mental problem lah you Fat Soh! *facepalm*

  3. Annie,

    Ustazah Blobby has made a belated and very fake attempt to sound human by "supporting" the Chinese Malaysians to win.

    I guess flip-flops and belly flops come natural to her.

    Zero principles.

    Someone dug up her past archive as a M'kini communist:

    "From (Blobby)'s article “Enforcing NEP on minority Religions”, dated 4/8/2010:

    “Why do you think that more than 90 percent of Chinese parents see no choice but to shield their children from the sekolah kebangsaan system? If I were a mother, I would never wish to subject my vulnerable child to a bellicose environment where my race, and the traditions and faith beliefs I’ve imparted to my son or daughter are disparaged.”

    You sure did change your tune quick fast. Hope the bank balance has improved.

    “In national school, even should my offspring be lucky enough to dodge any active proselytization, there is not escaping the Islamized climate that favours one party and discriminates against the other.”

    Hmnnn, is this even the same person?

    “Circulars issued by the Education Departments and directives interpreted (if not further extended in scope) by Little Napoleons result in the alienation of non-Muslim pupils. Were the controversies in the Klang High School, and other schools in other states merely isolated episodes? I’m more inclined to see a determined NEP pattern arising from the powerful institutional forces of Islam at work.”

    Wonder what happened!

    “It will be the same for religion. NEP yielded Ketuanan Melayu; NEP phase II yields Ketuanan Islam. For its poster boy, Ridhuan Tee is the face. But look too at the state sanctioned structures and processes that facilitate the creation of such a convert.”

    No friend friend with Ridhuan ah?

    “Converts are even paid money by the state when they embrace Islam. When a ‘victory’ or human souls are won by NEP-like means, how honorable is that?”

    You go girl!"


    And she wonders why the world sees her as a laughable fraud?

    I seriously cannot think of a worse hypocrite, ever.

    1. Leeluan Tee (Ustaz palsu) nih tengah melobi untuk jadi YB.

      Dia tengah mengharap adalah mana2 parti politik yang "terkesan dengan cerita hiba tapi lawaok" yang sedang dia persembahkan tu. Dah 20 tahun duduk dalam MCA langsung takde "chance" untuk dapat jadi calon maka sekarang ni keluar MCA dan dicanang2kan sebagai protes kerana MCA menolak hudud. Bukankah MCA dari dahulu lagi iaitu tahun 70an, 80an dan 90an memang menolak hudud dengan jelas? Mengapa baru sekarang nak keluar? Mengapa masuk juga menjadi ahli parti yang telah sekian lama mengihstiharkan penentangan mereka kepada hudud?

      20 tahun duduk senyap tak cakap apa2 pun tentang penolakan MCA kepada hudud tetiba je baru sedar yang parti yang dia menjadi ahli adalah penentang hudud? Mamat ni memang bengonglah! UMNO pun tentang hudud la wei! BN secara keseluruhannya menentang hudud. Kenapa pada tahun 2000 tu dulu ko nak jadi ahli MCA sebuah parti perkauman dan kenapa tidak masuk parti pembangkang seperti PKR dan PAS? Adakah sebabnya ko tak boleh masuk UMNO (sebab ko bukan melayu) maka ko jadi ahli parti sekutu UMNO yang sudah jelas dari dulu menentang hudud? Maknanya ko masuk parti politk bukan lah untuk Islam tapi untuk kepentingan diri sendiri lah tu! Itu sahaja alasan yang logik yang membuatkan mamat tu masuk MCA dan bukan parti pembangkang (sebab BN samada UMNO ataupun MCA ataupun Gerakan, kesemuanya menentang hudud).

      Tak payah tipu dan berlakonlah wei! Rakyat boleh baca cara pemikiran dan tindak tanduk kamu selama ini. Kami nampak yang kamu hanyalah seorang pelakon yang sedang bermain wayang. Dan kami tak perlukan orang2 seperti kamu menjadi ahli politik ataupun wakil rakyat! Sudah terlalu ramai ahli politik yang sedang berlakon dan berpura2 dan kami tak perlukan seorang lagi yang lagi teruk lakonan dan kepura-puraannya.

    2. Ayuh PAS!

      Berilah peluang kepada Ustaz Ridhuan Tee atau Ustazah Malaysiakini H**** A** untuk bertanding di kawasan bukan Islam dalam PRU akan datang......tunjukkan kepada dunia bahawa Islam bukan perkauman! Go go go Ridhuan Tee & Pompuan M'kini......kih kih kih........

    3. But one thing for sure lah, at least the Fat Soh & Ah Tee Chye have the same 'cut & paste' habits???

      'PETALING JAYA: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s civil engineering senior lecturer, Airil Yasreen Yassin, is seeking legal advice from his university’s legal team over a plagiarised work.

      Airil’s work which was uploaded on his blog was plagiarised by National Defence University associate professor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

      “I have forwarded a copy of Ridhuan Tee’s research paper (with the plagiarised sub-topics) to UTM’s legal unit and am awaiting its advice on the matter,” said Airil via e-mail.

      Airil has also forwarded the copy of the e-mail to UTM’s civil engineering faculty dean Professor Shahrin Mohammad and UTM senior legal officer, Abdul Karim Abdul Aziz.'

      To Fat Soh's 'credit' haha, she just 'cut & paste' her old blog posts over n' over, hey but still...

    4. If ridhuan tee contest, he will lose I think......not 100% accept by malay. His programe also shallow of thinking. Gelaran 'Ustaz' tu kurang sesuai - sori la to say, I speak frankly.

    5. Fatso Ah Soh became a turncoat trying to convince Umno that she is on their side, in order to destroy Umno from within. Look at wahat had happened! Umno prominent member were sacked and it further created pepecahan iin Umno and the Malays. Well, looks like she succeeded with flying colours. How nice to be paid by both sides!

    6. mdzfrs,

      //Ustazah Blobby has made a belated and very fake attempt to sound human by "supporting" the Chinese Malaysians to win.//

      I wonder how the Ustazah knows whether they are evangelical Christians or not.


  4. Annie, another moment of pure comedy gold from Jabba the Butt:

    This was Jabba's whacking of Ridhuan Tee in her M'kini days:

    “For its poster boy, Ridhuan Tee is the face. But look too at the state sanctioned structures and processes that facilitate the creation of such a convert.”

    Jabba's current views (I am not making this up):

    "He’s a highly observant/practising Muslim. You can see the marks (from kneeling in prayer) on his forehead."


    You can't make this stuff up.

    Whichever DAP macai with no taste in women who dumped Blobby has done the world a huge favour.

    You, sir, have given the world a comedy goldmine.

    Thank you.

    1. "He’s a highly observant/practising Muslim. You can see the marks (from kneeling in prayer) on his forehead."..........jadi ah so tu mmg 'highly observant/practising eater?', kan? bole nampak buktinya kat dagu gemok si ah so tu......kih kih kih.......

  5. That's because Fat Soh is two-faced, as we know from reading her previous anti-Malay/Islam articles in malaysiakini.

    Suddenly the Chinese are welcome to her. Wonder if she's going to stalk the badminton players to see if they're pro-DAP or pro-Tun. Or comment on their Bahasa.

    Nothing creepier than Fat Soh trying to be kawaii. What next? She'll send saranghae hearts and finger kisses, giyomi and shy-shy-shy?

    Eeeeee! Excuse me while I run to scrub myself with Dettol and Clorox!

    1. two face & 3 chins......ewww yukk!

  6. "We may disagree on a lot of things but always bear in mind that at the end of days, we still need to share this country."

    Homemade ....... percayalah!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. Can't let that one through. That name had been banned from this blog since the start of this year. Thank you.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. If you want to instigate Malays and Chinese to fight, please go to blogs which promote such things. Thank you.

    2. 'please go to blogs which promote such things'.......ha ha yes, please find that fat old dedak-eating cinapek woman from anti-islam malaysiakini........bye bye!

    3. 'If you want to instigate Malays and Chinese to fight'.......

      Daripada Abu Abdullah al-Nu'man ibn Basyer r.a. beliau berkata: Aku telah mendengar Rasulullah S.A.W. bersabda:

      "Sesungguhnya perkara yang halal itu terang dan jelas, dan sesungguhnya perkara yang haram itu terang dan jelas; dan di antara kedua perkara tersebut ada perkara-perkara syubahat yang berkesamaran yang tidak diketahui kebanyakan orang. Daripada itu, maka barangsiapa yang menjaga dari melakukan perkara syubhat sesungguhnya dia telah membersihkan agamanya dan maruah dirinya. Dan barangsiapa yang terjatuh dalam perkara syubahat, maka dia telah jatuh ke dalam perkara2 haram, umpama seorang pengembala yang mengembala di sekeliling kawasan larangan, dibimbanginya akan menceroboh masuk ke dalamnya.

      Ketahuilah bahawa setiap raja ada sempadan dan sesungguhnya sempadan Allah itu ialah perkara-perkara yang diharamkanNya. Lagipun ketahuilah bahawa dalam setiap jasad itu ada seketul daging yang apabila baik keadaannya maka baiklah seluruh jasad dan apabila ia rosak, maka rosaklah keseluruhan jasad.
      Ketahuilah benda itu adalah hati."

      (Hadith riwayat Imam al-Bukhari dan Imam Muslim)

    4. “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

      Nabi sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam, Khutbah al-Wada`(Perpisahan)

      Racism is un-Islamic.


  9. Lets hope they are not only cute in the court but speak fluent BM. No point winning the medals but speak the language which is understood by those in the mainland only.

    1. Blue, you are hoping for a miracle. They are not patriotic like the Indonesians, Thais to name a few. Malaysia is just a land of opportunity for them

    2. As long as they carry the Jalur Gemilang, then the people hope that they are equally good in BM as much as they do with mandarin. This is the least that they can do as the citizen on this country.

    3. i agree with 11:37
      malaysia is a land of opportunity for chinese and indian
      no matter what they said with their mouth
      theyll be need to be the same level of patriotism like indonesia, minus their gloomy economic situations
      ill vote for single stream school, once that established, then things will be progress more positively

    4. i will vote for any party that dare to promote single stream school as a step towards unity

  10. Don't forget my darling Pandelela had delivered the Bronze in London Aug 9th 2012. In Rio 9th Aug 2016 a Silver. At 2 am .... I dont want to wait until Aug 9th 2020 in Tokyo. Pray for this cute darling from Sarawak, Malaysian!

  11. I was very impressed and touched when I saw the prize giving ceremony whereby the Indonesian winners were very patriotic, speaking fluent Indonesian and having Indonesian names, standing straight and saluting while singing their national anthem. Sangat2 berbeza dengan atlit Msia yang imej dan penampilan tidak unggul sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

    1. Anon 9:46,

      When the world cried out against terrorism, and thus labelling Islamists to be terrorists, the Muslims called for a definition of terrorism, so that there's a clear meaning to it and a guidance to see who really is a terrorist.

      But hitherto there's none. So the word terrorist can mean different thing to different people of different perspectives.

      So when you speak of patriotism and being Malaysian, can you define the notion of being a true Malaysian?

      Please enlighten us with a definition of the notion of being "true Malaysian".

      With that, perhaps we can also find out who amongst the so called bumiputera are even less of a true Malaysian.

    2. I say blader, cut your ketuanan crap, if you don't have any substance forever stay in your own make believe world, the rest of us have to reinvent the wheel, god only help those who help themselves, he can only pity your miserable existence

    3. Nobody mentioned ketuanan or whatever you may think. Just that it's so easy to see why Indonesians are united. Can't we just take the positive from them, so that we are not negative all the time. I wonder whether the indonesian Chinese ever put down their own country like we see here all the time. complaining is a very bad Malaysian trait

    4. surely you know the difference between the gomen of the day and the love for country, you call representing your own country putting down your country? how did you come to that conclusion? get a grip of yourself, criticizing the gomen is the right of every citizen in a democracy, pls show proof that others are putting down their own country

    5. live in denial if you want to.

    6. huh? representing your ctry putting down your country? what rubbish are you talking about anon 15.50? you don't understand english?

  12. I'm not talking about the Malays but the country we live in and supposed to belong to. Btw how do you differentiate a Malaysian Chinese from the Mainland Chinese? Any difference?

    1. no different la. speak same language, same culture, same name etc

  13. Emulating the Indonesians is perhaps too much. The least for them is to be fluent in the language in which Negaraku is sung.

  14. Congrats to both Goh and Chan on their achievement. Hopefully they are efforts do make more champions from Malaysia. Entering quarter, semi and final is already a win for any team.
    I am a Malaysian, proud with all our sportsmen that achive their victory. Way to go....I salute all of you.

    You people made us Malaysian proud.